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  1. Shadows of brimstone game

    But when you’re done it’ Be cool!
  2. Terrain for 40K

    Black obviously since its so dark!!
  3. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    I ordered that eagle on the 27th and haven’t received my order yet.... Loth
  4. Infinity: Nomads up to Full

    You can see how you’ve progressed on these models, look great. Really like how you did your facing marking on the mini as well, very creative. Loth
  5. Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the Hexa model. Looking forward to this. Loth
  6. Help me fix these skeletons

    Just do the bases, it’ll make the skeletons pop just by that. Loth
  7. 77363: Deva

    Gorgeous!! Love the color combos Loth
  8. Greentide (2017 Army in Review) GW Orkz

    You did a great job especially with all the customization! Looks great Loth
  9. Clay sculptors

    ...that’s what she said...
  10. ZBrush Sculpting - Golem Hired Muscle

    Regarding kitten sculpting - the issue I see is scale, each piece has scale relative to the head. In drawing I relate everything to a human head. Each arm is two heads long, forearm is one head, upper arm is one head. Unless you’re going for cute, then go large! Loth
  11. Goblin Runner

    I like the details and idea behind the sculpt. When I look at the goblins face, it appears its sheltering behind the shield from fire (great facial expressions btw!) and he’s hunkering down. The legs look like he’s going out in a full sprint. I think the arms need to match the dynamic range of the legs, coming further back or being extended more. I think its a great sculpt! Loth
  12. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I actually found the restic horses really easy to put together. It might be I boiled them longer, five minutes. They pressed together real easy with no gaps. I put together 30 of them for my undead. Three of those ogre warbands make a 2k army Loth
  13. Those holes in the succubus bases are for other Mantic minis. Their zombies & skeletons have round integrated bases. Use them how you did, looks good. Loth
  14. Crowley's King in Yellow

    Gloss up the eyeball and check it out. Looks good, Loth
  15. 77279 Narthrax the White

    The white acrylic craft paint stops it from yellowing. Loth