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  1. Loth

    Barbarian Sculpt

    That guys’ arms are bigger than his thighs, he must skip leg day... I'm assuming the legs are just unsculpted and will catch up. Great musculature Loth
  2. Loth

    Butterbug - Malafaux Shadow Effigy for D&D

    At first I thought that was a stylized butt...then I saw the truth Loth
  3. Loth

    03880: Phineas Greybone, Necromancer

    Looks great! Loth
  4. Loth

    Rogue Raccoon

    Great work and thanks for the explanations Loth
  5. Loth

    Bio-Craft alien terrain

    I like the look
  6. Loth

    Infinity: Panoceana to Full

    I love Your take on Bipandra! Loth
  7. Loth

    Commando Ninja

    So funny! Loth
  8. Loth

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I never got official notice my stuff sent; had to find it on Backerit. Then I saw it was sitting in NY International office for a month, and still read that when I received my shipment. Hope you get your stuff Mike! Loth
  9. Loth

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Got my stuff and its all gorgeous! I NEED MORE PAINTING TIME! I’m sure this would have been smoother as well without getting sick and casts getting lost/broke. Thanks for the great deals and minis Loth
  10. Pick one highlight color for each order. It really looks best and is easy to duplicate. Looks good for the hyperpower!!! Loth
  11. Loth

    Aversion to returning to 40K?

    Here’s what I find funny Lars - I am using mini’s for KoW that I bought ages ago that I could never use in WHFB, and they’re useful. My question is what your modeling to playing time ratio? I discovered that I get more time to model then to play...and I normally play a tournament every six weeks. KoW lets me use the toys I bought, keeps changing up the meta and letting me decide how my mini’s look and what gets to be used. Maybe its my gaming scene in the SE but the people I know and play with are a lot of fun, friendly and always looking out for each other, which is something I barely saw with WHFB
  12. Loth

    CMON Rising Sun

    This is some really gorgeous stuff I got a tracking message but it came from a different source, geek source or something like that. It was in my junk file, so check there and see if they sent something you didn’t recognize Loth
  13. Loth

    Kings of War: Vanguard

    I did some math on these if you play KoW; its cheaper to just buy the $45 booster pledge four times total (like one giant and three boosters). But if you wanted to get multiples of three armies, its just better to buy multiples of the giant pledge... So i’m considering adding three more giant pledges... Loth
  14. Loth

    Who out there is a Veteran?

    Former Navy Diver - 4 Years Former Army Pilot - 8 Years Hoo-Yah!