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  1. OMFG that is freaking hilarious...imma dance, lol!!! great conversion and paint Loth
  2. Clay shapers with the soft rubber tips help out immensely. Fun mini Loth

    Are the new Dreadmere villager minis going to be in this KS? I want a bunch of them! Loth
  4. Looks good, blonde looks like he's queuing the music to a sick beat!!
  5. Good luck and hope your back cooperates!!!
  6. Great work on the leather, like the colors you chose. Loth
  7. Well that sucks...
  8. That's great!!!
  9. Skulls as evil is a cultural statement; many places see them as neutral- like the day of the dead looks good to me. Loth
  10. Blood & Plunder

    Great painting, gyaarghh!!!
  11. Adorable!!!
  12. Love the rune, it's a nice touch. Good work on the mini! Loth
  13. Epic!
  14. Completed

    Got mine yesterday and some SWAG!! Woo-hoo Roger Mini and T. Thanks for the awesome kickstarter and minis!
  15. Like the progress, looking great! Loth