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  1. Skulls as evil is a cultural statement; many places see them as neutral- like the day of the dead looks good to me. Loth
  2. Blood & Plunder

    Great painting, gyaarghh!!!
  3. Adorable!!!
  4. Love the rune, it's a nice touch. Good work on the mini! Loth
  5. Epic!
  6. Completed

    Got mine yesterday and some SWAG!! Woo-hoo Roger Mini and T. Thanks for the awesome kickstarter and minis!
  7. Like the progress, looking great! Loth
  8. I really like that second wash application, really makes it pop! Loth
  9. Looks good, might I suggest pirate pants.... Loth
  10. Pretty mini, like the color. Loth
  11. I like the look but if you were going for 'realistic' flesh, I agree the skin needs more shading. Age spots have a tendency to darken the surrounding skin. If he's going to be young or a ginger, then the spots read as freckles. Beautiful work regardless, I don't think anything you do currently goes through the ugly stage! Loth
  12. Really like the bases too, great look! Loth
  13. I like the scar!
  14. Gorgeous work, love the colors. Loth
  15. Great project; really like where this is going. Only thing I can say is that your torches need black smudges going up the wall from the carbon. Loth