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  1. Loth

    Unruly's Mantic Giant WIP

    There’s no reason to put it in a bath unless you really want to; you’re airbrushing so the layer of paint on there is already thin. Plus if you go light with the next layer the shading you done can come through. Loth
  2. Silicone lubricant takes care of it. I’ve been using mine for five years and have never had an issue. Loth
  3. @Unruly - use acetone to remove caked on acrylic paint on your airbrushes, cleans it right off with a paper towel Loth
  4. Loth

    Blood Rage (smaller figures) - CMON

    Looks good and I agree,Blue crow clan is my favorite Loth
  5. Loth

    Vacaroja's 2018 Wrap-Up

    Gorgeous work! Loth
  6. Loth

    Cadian Imperial Guard

    Looks good, something that’ll make them look better is painting the edges. Great work Loth
  7. Loth

    Tiny Furniture's "Kennel with Dog"

    I’m really a fan of her stuff, thanks for posting Loth
  8. Loth

    How do you store game figures?

    Broken Token makes several MDF boxes that are designed to fit all those extra figures into a single box. Two I know of for sure is the Kingdom Death and Rising Sun that will fit all the expansions Loth
  9. Loth

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    I’ll have to look ‘’thanks for the info and I’ll get back Loth
  10. Loth

    adding iridescence to wizkids minis

    Did you think and apply as a wash? I have some golden iridescent paint that’s a little thicker so wanted to hear how you applied? Thank you, Loth
  11. Loth

    Minivember: The Last (2018)

    It reminds of the astronaut from the movie Heavy Metal looks good, Loth
  12. It’s medieval, the different sizes are perfectly in time of the setting great work! Loth
  13. Loth

    Kings of War: Undead Necromancer

    Looks good! Kings of war is still going strong, just depends on where you’re at. Your players will love it. Loth
  14. Loth

    Amazon Monster Hunter - Ral Partha conversions

    Great paint job and conversions, do agree her face is a bit derpy Loth