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  1. Gloss up the eyeball and check it out. Looks good, Loth
  2. The white acrylic craft paint stops it from yellowing. Loth
  3. Woodlands Scenic PVA glue Baking soda white acrylic craft paint mix it into paste, slightly viscous, it'll settle down, pour woodlands scenic over top again for extra flakiness Loth Love the work you're doing!
  4. Need slow clap emoji, love the details ! Loth
  5. This site needs a slow clap emoji! Amazing boards!
  6. I like what you did with this mini - I bought and painted this for my father-in-law. Your modifications are great! This looks like a really fun project! Loth
  7. Very creative on Guen! Loth
  8. Looks good!!
  9. Looks good; getting a GW classic vibe. Loth
  10. OMFG that is freaking hilarious...imma dance, lol!!! great conversion and paint Loth
  11. Clay shapers with the soft rubber tips help out immensely. Fun mini Loth

    Are the new Dreadmere villager minis going to be in this KS? I want a bunch of them! Loth
  13. Looks good, blonde looks like he's queuing the music to a sick beat!!
  14. Good luck and hope your back cooperates!!!
  15. Great work on the leather, like the colors you chose. Loth