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  1. What are you thinking about? Obviously, the hobby stuff has to go! Agreed. >Jumps up on Pezler, obviously very happy to see him; accidentally leaving big, muddy pawprints all over< There, you're not bored anymore; you have laundry to do now. That's an excellent idea! ...Wish I'd read it yesterday....
  2. Still safer than licking your paintbrush. That depends on what the goat has rolling around in recently....
  3. You're doing one hell of a good job here, Knarthex!
  4. Excellent work so far, OneBoot!
  5. You've had quite a productive week, I see! The gobbo-faeries look very good together, as well as with their prettier cousins. I'm looking forward to seeing the winged spell-flingers get some color, and the mobile mushrooms are an interesting development. Keep up the good work, sir!
  6. Looks good! So, how about some specifics? How was the assembly? What kinda glue did you use? Are you planning on painting/staining it?
  7. Excellent paint jobs on them!!
  8. Fantastic job on him!! I've got one of these I picked up second hand for a couple of dollars 'cause his lance was broken (and missing). I haven't repaired it yet, 'cause then that means I'd have to paint it, and I'm not sure I can paint it as well as I want to...
  9. Excellent work! I wasn't too sure about the idea, either, but you pulled it off in a very convincing manner, kudos to you! I especially like how you managed the color transitions; good stuff there.
  10. Good work on them! More recruits for Rogue Stars?
  11. Very good work on him!
  12. Excellent work on them!!
  13. Good work!