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  1. She is, she finally responded to my pm this morning. Real life has been a major PITA for her.
  2. Chaoswolf

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    You say 'Heresy'. I say
  3. Chaoswolf

    60192: Salim Ghadafar

    Good work! Cleaning up the edges of his base would be a quick and easy improvement if you're interested.
  4. Chaoswolf

    Massive Darkness Chromatis The Mad Unicorn

    Very good work on him!
  5. Chaoswolf

    Ghouls D&D Nolzur's Wizkids

    Good work on them!
  6. Chaoswolf

    Female Elven Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures

    She's beautiful!
  7. Chaoswolf

    07005 Cairn Wraith

    Great job on him!
  8. Chaoswolf

    77525: Great Obelisk of C'thulhu

    Very nicely done!
  9. Chaoswolf

    77630: Sacrificial Altar

    Good work!
  10. Chaoswolf

    Mouseling Druid - 77290

    What the other wolf said!
  11. Chaoswolf

    Warhammer's Royal Couple: Ariel & Orion

    Beautiful work on both of them!!
  12. Chaoswolf

    Custom Dragonborn Cleric (Heroforge+)

    Yes, it is!
  13. Chaoswolf

    Calling all cars...

    Good looking police department you have there!
  14. Chaoswolf

    77201: Dragoth

    Very cool paint job!
  15. Chaoswolf

    77194: Cthulhu

    That's a pretty spectacular first post; welcome to the forums!