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  1. Some interesting tid-bits there...
  2. In order: The Chronicles of Prydain This one is hard for me, too, for the same reasons as SparrowMarie: I started reading adult literature very early. Depends on what they like.
  3. How many cats do you have? Surely, they'd just nibble off a few toes or something?
  4. So, I basically ended up driving 3 hours(one way) for free lunch. Totally not worth it. Hydrate!! Good luck to you; don't worry, we'll keep the lights on. And I'll put a couple snowballs in the fridge, too. ***Grayfax promptly gets hit by the train being driven by Monday*** That just makes it sound soooo much worse. I think that's a better follow up to nearly anything, including sleeping in and lounging around. Good point.
  5. Thanks for the definition, Darsc. I was trying (and failing) to come up with a good way to explain that.
  6. Yep, I know them, I listen to Battlebeast and leaves Eyes every now and then, Sabaton not so much. But it sounds like a good show, How was it??? Very good show, definitely glad I went! I wasn't familiar with either of the opening bands, but I enjoyed seeing them live so much that I'll be looking into them! I was a little more familiar with Sabaton; they put on a great show! Very high energy; they were feeding off the energy of the crowd and giving it back 110%. A lot of bands say they love performing live; with these guys, it really seemed like they were having just as much fun as I was. Very cool! I should've thought ahead a little bit and taken today off, though. Due to a last minute schedule change, I am awake earlier then normal and getting ready to drive all over half of creation to go attend a training meeting. Sleeping in and lounging around doing nothing would have been a much better follow up top last nights' awesomeness.
  7. I'm going to a concert tonight; Sabaton with BattleBeast and Leaves Eyes as opening bands. They're all European bands; Xherman has probably heard of (and heard) them.
  8. @Pingo---the figures will be 28mm; the larger figures in those pictures are 3-ups.
  9. Great work on all three!
  10. That's cool!!