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  1. And that's what's important!
  2. I Certainly do.
  3. .....and Mission:Passport has failed. The local post office only does the application until 2pm. Grumble,grumble,woof,complain.

    i think people would snap up any preview teaser image you share =P even if it's a isolated corner of the picture and we have to sit there guessing what it could be Yes, this. ^^^^

  6. Good idea! I'm still in the middle of my Monday, but I've already had to deal with stupid government bureaucracy, so tomorrow will be Tuesday. Got my car registered; that wasn't TOO painful, but I still decided to come back home and take a break before going out to deal with more government nonsense when I see about the passport.
  7. Yeah, the magic smoke inside of military electronics doesn't like getting wet.
  8. See, now I'm torn. On one hand, I really want to see MM kick some serious butt with this piece. (And I'm sure you will, BTW) On the other hand, you eating a hat... I think that purple looks awesome, MissMelons!
  9. I hope you have a great day!
  10. No, I have not. I'm sorta curious, but not enough to actually try it. Not yet, anyway. Also, I'm kinda picky about getting fresh produce, I don't know if the person picking my order would do a good enough job of picking the 'best' fruits and veggies.
  11. Good work on all of them!
  12. Good job!
  13. That's a very cool paint scheme you went with; great work!
  14. Good work on the...'cute' couple!