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  1. ...and a wild lunch has been spotted, the hunt is on!!
  2. I'm starting to feel hungry; it's going to be time to hunt down some lunch soon...I wonder what's roaming nearby...
  3. No, not necessarily phobic, but I have a healthy amount of respect/dislike for stinging bugs, (particularly in swarms). Spiders are alright, as long as they're outside or way up in that corner over there, and I like snakes just fine. Clowns don't phase me, unless they're Killer Clowns From Outer Space; ain't nobody got time tor that!
  4. @redambrosia---I'm so very sorry to hear about douche-bag brother. You're right, that's literally the last thing you need to deal with right now. >offers strength and support< Alright Wednesday, your brother Tuesday caught me off guard; that ain't gonna happen again. Don't make me kick your elf.
  5. Welcome to the BoGW chatter thread for round 5! The arrival/departure thread is here: I will keep that thread updated as people post in it. If there are any questions, hopefully you'll find the answer here: If not, PM your box starter and/or myself. Here are the groups: Generic Fighter Pineapple Shadowphaze Thumpernicus Matt Parody TGP Generic Fighter Pcktlnt HDClearman Izzylobo Dr.Bedlam Kate Arc724 Kangaroorex Pcktlnt Guindyloo Inarah Knarthex Froggy the Great David Brawley Haldir Horned Turtle Guindyloo Bonwirn MadJack Sylverthorne Hungerfan Keianna Buckyball Jsalyers Bonwirn Rob Dean SGHawkins09 Dogbl NomadZeke Evil Halfling Klarg1 Rob Dean Froggy The Great Pingo Dilvish the Deliverer Epimys Broonkah SparrowMarie Morihalda Chaos Wolf Chaos Wolf Chris Palmer Hiddenone32 Talae Lidless Eye Ub3r N3rd Samurai Jack Chaos Wolf Some of you may notice that I will be ending up with 2 boxes at the completion of this round; here's why: Froggy wants to transition from box starter to participant, so he is sending out the box he currently has and has been worked into a group so he can play along too. I will end up with the box that he is starting out. I may try to bring it along to Reapercon with me (if I have by then) or I may Froggcidentally combine his box with my box for the next go-round.
  6. No. I have shows I enjoy watching, but nothing I 'must watch'.
  7. I'm sorry, man. The weasels got to me so bad today I'm trying to convince myself that breathing is a good idea. Hopefully tomorrow'll be better.
  8. You're not the only one.....
  9. Nothing concrete like a date, but here it is:
  10. That sounds good! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, though.
  11. I'll be on in a minute or three...
  12. @Reaperbryan, Sorry to call you guys out, but I'm not certain of the proper person to address this to. I was just at my FLGS this afternoon, and the owner told me the same thing that the OP mentioned 4 pages ago (Bones is replacing metal, metal is being discontinued). I tried to explain that this wasn't the case, but he wasn't hearing it (his distributor was more likely to know about this stuff than a mere customer...) Anyway, I figured you may want to know this and try to fire up the PR machine to stop this rumor from spreading.
  13. It might be cool to get some of the old P-65 figures again...
  14. They both look suitably icky; good job!
  15. Here's the official arrival/departure thread for round 5 of the Box of Goodwill. Remember, no chatter here, please. Do it here instead: Generic Fighter---sent 19 July Pineapple---received 21 July, Sent 27 July Shadowphaze---received 29 July, Sent 07 August Thumpernicus---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August Matt Parody---arrived 18 August, sent 12 September TGP---arrived 14 September Generic Fighter Pcktlnt---sent 27 July HDClearman---received 29 July Izzylobo---received 02 August, Sent 08 August Dr.Bedlam---received 14 August, Sent 18 August Kate---received 21 August, Sent 24 August Arc724---received 26 August, Sent September 8 Kangaroorex---arrived 12 September, Pcktlnt Guindyloo---sent 11 September Inarah---received 13 September Knarthex Froggy the Great David Brawley Haldir Horned Turtle Guindyloo Bonwirn---sent 07 August MadJack---arrived 10 August, Sent 22 August Sylverthorne---arrived 24 August, Sent august 25 Hungerfan---arrived 28 August, Sent 08 September Keianna---arrived 11 September, Buckyball Jsalyers Bonwirn Rob Dean---sent 14 July SGHawkins09--arrived 18 July, Sent 28 July Dogbl---arrived 31 July, sent 03 August NomadZeke---arrived and sent on approx 12-13 September Evil Halfling Klarg1 Rob Dean Froggy The Great---sent 02 August Pingo---arrived 05 August, Sent 14 August Dilvish the Deliverer---arrived 17 august, Sent 21 August Epimys---arrived 23 August, Sent 25 August Broonkah---received 29 August, Sent 31 August SparrowMarie---received 02 September, Sent 07 September Morihalda---received 10 September, sent 13 September Chaos Wolf---received 16 September Chaos Wolf---sent 07 August Chris Palmer---arrived 09 August, Sent 14 August Hiddenone32---arrived 16 August,Sent 30 august Talae Lidless Eye Ub3r N3rd Samurai Jack Chaos Wolf
  16. Good work.
  17. I 'v got a couple of those guys; great paint job on yours!
  18. I agree; great paint job on him!
  19. Cool! I look forward to seeing how this progresses.
  20. She's beautiful!
  21. That's a pretty good improvement in just a few months; keep up the good work!