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  1. Congratulations!
  2. I'd say that's a 'yes'. I'm going to need to borrow this for a while.... >picks up skull mug, and leaves IOU in it's place<
  3. Very interesting effects you've gotten. Do you do anything special, or just use the Tamiya clears right on to the figure?
  4. Welcome to the BoGW chatter thread for round 5! The arrival/departure thread is here: I will keep that thread updated as people post in it. If there are any questions, hopefully you'll find the answer here: If not, PM your box starter and/or myself. Here are the groups: Generic Fighter Pineapple Shadowphaze Thumpernicus Matt Parody TGP Generic Fighter Pcktlnt HDClearman Izzylobo Dr.Bedlam Kate Arc724 Kangaroorex Pcktlnt Guindyloo Inarah Knarthex Froggy the Great David Brawley Haldir Horned Turtle Guindyloo Bonwirn MadJack Sylverthorne Hungerfan Keianna Buckyball Jsalyers Bonwirn Rob Dean SGHawkins09 Dogbl NomadZeke Evil Halfling Klarg1 Rob Dean Froggy The Great Pingo Dilvish the Deliverer Epimys Broonkah SparrowMarie Morihalda Chaos Wolf Chaos Wolf Chris Palmer Hiddenone32 Talae Lidless Eye Ub3r N3rd Samurai Jack Chaos Wolf Some of you may notice that I will be ending up with 2 boxes at the completion of this round; here's why: Froggy wants to transition from box starter to participant, so he is sending out the box he currently has and has been worked into a group so he can play along too. I will end up with the box that he is starting out. I may try to bring it along to Reapercon with me (if I have by then) or I may Froggcidentally combine his box with my box for the next go-round.

    Oooh, that's an interesting idea. I wouldn't mind having a bunch of extra bandits.
  6. Great job on the l'il fella!
  7. Neat conversion, and very good paint job for it!
  8. Very cool figure, and wonderful paint job on him!
  9. Good work!
  10. Excellent work.
  11. I think you did a very good job.
  12. Yes, it does!
  13. You can never have too much scenery; nice job!
  14. Fantastic work!!
  15. I went there once when i was a kid; like 9 or 10 maybe. I'd like to go back now that I can appreciate it a little more. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Good for you! That is kinda nice, isn't it? That also reminds of the time ( not too long ago, either...) that one of my sons came to tell me the vacuum cleaner was broken. He said 'it isn't picking anything up' When I asked him if he'd emptied the bag recently, he just stared at me...'Empty the bag'?
  17. No actual release date yet, but it's coming 'soon'. There's a new website that GW made for this release, but it still (eventually, after a lot of clicking) leads to their store so I won't link it. It has some neat information there if you're at all interested.