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  1. I remove the mold lines for all figures, big, small, bones, metal. I find that if I don't, there will be visible lines when I paint. Reverend Shartan
  2. I wasn't using Ms Rich specifically....her name was the first one I saw for the classes. Thanks for the reply :) Reverend Shartan
  3. I'd be down to try this after my recent house move......I have never painted and publicly displayed any of my work before, so this should be "interesting" My vote is for the following: 77405: Aeris, Female Elf Ranger by Julie Guthrie 77412: Lendil Blackroot, Wizard by Julie Guthrie 77423: Sir Malcolm, Templar Lightbringer by Bobby Jackson Reverend Shartan
  4. Does anyone know if any of the class instructors for RC have any of their own merchandise for sale? For example....would Jessica Rich have copies of her painting dvds for sale at RC? Reverend Shartan
  5. Live

    I'd be willing to take the resin pledge off your hands (if there was a way to transfer it)...... Reverend Shartan
  6. Here is the specific snake mirror mentioned above: Reverend Shartan
  7. Thank you Reverend Shartan
  8. Does the app auto update? If not, how do you update PaintRack? Reverend Shartan
  9. Thanks, CavBoss :) Reverend Shartan
  10. Really liking those paint sets. Too bad I didn't get in on this ks. Reverend Shartan
  11. Live

    kickstarter-top-secret-new-world-order.html From the man who started it all back in 1980..... Merle M. Rasmussen. An updated version of the orginal spy rpg. Reverend Shartan
  12. Cancelled

    The price point on this game pretty much GW'd me away from backing. Sad, really. Reverend Shartan
  13. Fulfilling

    I agree with this. Both my son and I had our boxes shipped to a parcel pickup service in the U.S. I do that for all my shopping from the States. Reverend Shartan
  14. Fulfilling

    For anyone who has this......can someone post the "release schedule" that was supposed to be included in the boxes? Thanks in advance. Reverend Shartan
  15. Fulfilling

    I'm not worried about it; more curious than anything. I wonder how much the core set weighs. Reverend Shartan