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  1. Live Reverend Shartan
  2. Pre-Launch

    Thanks for the link, pcktInt :) Reverend Shartan
  3. Pre-Launch

    Any more news about this project? Reverend Shartan
  4. Good information in this thread. Now, can someone direct me, or point in a general direction, where I can pick up early 1900's-1930's era vehicles? I would like them for my Call of Cthulhu game. Thanks a bunch. Reverend Shartan
  5. Mine arrived today, two weeks after the initial order. No complaints. I'm giving the box a chance to reach room temperature before I open it and check out the paints. Will post later. Reverend Shartan
  6. Nothing has arrived here in the Great White Frozen. Hopefully tomorrow (good start to the weekend :) ) Reverend Shartan
  7. Strange, I found it via Google, though Canada Post's web page concerning it leaves to be desired. Anyway:|pdn|nr|1702 Steps: - Create free account - Use post office's delivery address (PO box number + six digit customer ID) - Get email when package arrives (they normally hold it for 15 days, with email reminders) - Go and pickup package (with valid ID) - Enjoy Reaper products for the Holidays that were kept nice and warm You can choose your own post office, but for some reason, my default "closest post office based on my address" was not physically the closest. So be wary of the default address. Ever since I got a community mailbox, my Flex Delivery address has become my default delivery address for pretty much everything not mail that I order online. And since it's conveniently in the drugstore I go to almost every week, I often have secondary business there anyway. P.S. Am I breaking commercial link rules with this? That's what I was referring to......Canada Posts site doesn't offer any of this information. I've registered with Flex Delivery, so we'll see how that goes for my next round. Thanks, Cranky Dog. Reverend Shartan
  8. Details on Flex Delivery, Cranky Dog. I also live in Canada, and am curious about this (searching the CP website didn't help) Reverend Shartan
  9. I ordered the paint set yesterday, and I also live in Canada (Manitoba to be exact). I'll be keeping an eye out for Canada Post. When they arrive, I'll let everyone know the condition of the paints. Reverend Shartan
  10. What is the difference between this line, and Reaper's other pewter miniatures? Reverend Shartan
  11. First - There is nothing wrong with the way you painted this mini. Second - Give it back to your friend and tell him to paint it himself - since he is obviously better than you. This way you can see where you went "wrong" Third - Your friend is a jerk. My .02 Reverend Shartan
  12. Fulfilling

    Delivered to Pembina, ND at 10 a.m. today. Hope he is well rested. Reverend Shartan
  13. Fulfilling

    Got my shipping notice Monday, but I guess the Big Guy wants to tour the U.S. before arriving in North Dakota. It started in Londonderry, NH, then went to Willington, CT. From that point, he flew to San Jose, CA, and is now visiting Sacramento, CA. He's certainly well traveled. *Update* Our Cimmerian is now in St Paul Minnesota, where, hopefully, he will arrive in Pembina, ND sometime tomorrow. Reverend Shartan
  14. Cancelled

    For fans of R.E.H., this is for you: Runepriest
  15. Thank you for the reply, Bryan Runepriest