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  1. I have a lot of paints. The other new lines (Scale75, Kimera, Creature Caster, ...) I can probably skip (after admiring the videos). But 50+ new Reaper colors? That's a done deal.
  2. willmontgomery

    Black Caps for Reaper Dropper Bottles

    Unfortunately, the cost of a solution like this goes up when it would necessitate acquiring an appliance -- heat gun or iron -- to implement. Nevertheless, it bears thinking about.
  3. willmontgomery

    Black Caps for Reaper Dropper Bottles

    That's very interesting. One shrinks it to fit using a hair dryer (or something like that)?
  4. willmontgomery

    Black Caps for Reaper Dropper Bottles

    Thanks for the answer, even if (apparently) I now need to dread the turmoil to be introduced in the future by a third cap color (gray).
  5. willmontgomery

    Black Caps for Reaper Dropper Bottles

    Understood. And it would help me, except that I have some HD paints that came with white caps. And that's not helping me -- in fact it's threatening to drive me a little (more) crazy every time I think about it. That's what I'm trying to rectify -- the unnatural union of HD paints with white caps.
  6. I have some Reaper-produced HD paints that came with white caps. I would like to obtain some black caps, in order to avoid the psychic pain of having paints that aren't configured properly. But the only caps that I could find in the Reaper store were white caps. Is there any hope for me? By which I mean, is there any hope that I could obtain black caps (for Reaper dropper bottles) from the webstore?
  7. willmontgomery

    Questions about New CAV Paints

    1) Will these 12 new paints (73400-73411) be available for normal retail sale at some point? 2) They claim to be HD paints, but they have white caps. What's up with that? 3) Is there any chance of being able to purchase black caps for Reaper paint bottles? I could find only white caps in the store.
  8. willmontgomery

    ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    I believe that I recognize three (actually four) of those pieces. If so, that leaping horse (with no tail) has had quite a journey. I'm glad it found a home.
  9. willmontgomery

    It Came From The Pile

    If it's the one I think you mean... 77040: Satheras, Male Warlock
  10. willmontgomery

    ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    When I found that they were no longer available from Reaper, I made a point of stocking up on a few carefully selected Heavy Gear paints, and four of the five that you mention were on my list.
  11. willmontgomery

    ReaperCon 2017 pictures

    Look at all that Heavy Gear paint... And I really like that blue-grey in the unlabeled bottle toward the front left corner in the bin on the right-hand side.
  12. willmontgomery

    ReaperCon 2017 pictures

  13. willmontgomery

    Metal Trade In Approved Company List

    What about Mierce Miniatures? And also Gamezone Miniatures?
  14. willmontgomery

    Washes vs. Inks vs. Liners

    So the color comes from ink. Does the introduction of matte medium effectively cause the concoction to become a paint, or does it remain a thinned ink? For example, a bottle of SW wash settles like a paint, and needs to be remixed via shaking...
  15. willmontgomery

    Washes vs. Inks vs. Liners

    Is this really the general sense that people have? I believe that Reaper washes are paints, and Secret Weapon washes are paints, and Vallejo washes are paints. Am I mistaken about any of these? As far as I know, there are true inks out there, but they seem to be labeled as inks (specifically), not "washes". And in some cases -- such as The Army Painter -- one can find products labeled as "Inks" that aren't really inks (unless I am mistaken about this). I am fairly new to this, but I have made some effort to try to find out about these products. If I am wrong, then I'd like to know, because I'll need to re-think some things.