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  1. It is possible that these questions would be better off in a different subforum; this just seemed to contain the most generalized advice. I am considering a project that uses a large Bones model as terrain, or a base, for smaller minis. Specifically taking Khanjira and covering him with an entire Goblin raiding party. Mostly on his shoulders, back, and head, with the oddball extra running along underneath or hanging off his tail. I was thinking of trying Neodymium magnets to secure the goblins to Khanjira, making them removable (should I want to use/display him without the horde or vise versa). I have not used them in this fashion before, though- and was hoping someone else had, and might be able to offer some suggestions or advice.. Or at least for a couple more heads to give my rough idea a once-over for any major flaws or impediments. So... tentative plan... Pre-project- Plan the positioning of the minis to be used, trim away bases, trim or file surfaces for good contact as needed. Measure and mark everything. Step 1- Use an electric drill to create small holes in the miniatures wherever I'd like them to be attracted. The magnets I picked up seem to attract one another reasonably well from a distance of about 5-6 mm, so I am anticipating shallow holes and placing the surface of the magnet about 0.5 mm to 1 mm deep (or ~1 mm to 2 mm apart when completed). Hopefully this will be strong enough to hold the small weight of the (goblin-sized) Bones sculpts in place. Some very inexact experimentation testing the attraction through broccoli bases suggests it'll be alright. Step 2- Use a dab of Superglue (other suggestions for adhesives?) and insert the magnets into the models. Step 3- Fill the exposed hole above the surface of the magnet with... more superglue? Minescule amounts of green stuff? A drop of Reaper brush-on-sealer? To create an even surface, for painting and to reduce the visibility of the magnets/drill marks when the goblins are not on Khanjira. Vitally, something that will keep the magnets where they are supposed to be without either of the plugs pulling away when one miniature is moved away from the other. Step 4- Paint and seal everything for tabletop use. I'd like to avoid destroying too many of my materials in the process; I'll be using about eighty dollars worth of minis in the attempt and would rather give it some forethought and get it right than have to buy three or four World Breakers before it works. I'm pretty sure I'm going to ruin a few goblins before I get a set I like... but I have a pretty good number of them on-hand as replacements if it goes disastrously. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice, criticism, experiences, or any other responses are all something for which I'd be very grateful. I've been chopping up Bones with an X-Acto knife and gluing them together since the first Kickstarter arrived, but the magnets are new to me and I'm pretty sure some of you exceedingly clever people have already done what I'm contemplating.