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  1. Akito from Neko Galaxy -bust

    Thanks... I really like the lips too. He is a one-man operation selling only from FB but I will PM you Piotr email, so you can contact him. He is a very nice guy turning out interesting things, two busts now (and he hyped me about the third one!). He works through PayPal so you should have no problem getting Akito for yourself. Oh, that is a glass jam container, we eat quite a lot of jam here and these ones are perfect as water holders for me. A little bit taller than a cup, good volume; I typically strip the outside shrink wrap (the blue thing you see, and yes, it was apricot jam) and since it is all glass is very easy to clean and to see when your water is beyond dirty. And they are just a waste so I replace them quite often too... The shape is also nice and because the lid is metal, and most of my minis are magnetized, I also sometimes use them as big holders for 40mm+ based minis, specially for priming outside.
  2. Akito from Neko Galaxy -bust

    Yeah, I cross-posted this into the FB group we have from Roman Lappat's classes, and they were saying that the problem is I need to let it grow a bit (that I should also grow a pair and refine it more, don't give up on it so easily). The face is starting to grow on me after looking real hard at the pics; it is going in the right direction, something I can refine with tints and coloring, correct some details, soften the shadows, eyelids, etc. The abs are crap and I need to go back to smooth color and softer transitions, and the arms have this issue as well. But Roman was saying to stick with it for a while, and I think this is also a lesson learnt... if I dump her into cleaner I will focus on some other pieces with priority and perhaps don't come back to her in months so... Busts are hard. Soft girl skin is even harder!
  3. Akito from Neko Galaxy -bust

    I started slowly galzing the skin, and everything was going ok... Until I decided to go sketch style on her and finished with this, which I honestly hate. So she is going to the clean bath for a do over. Lesson learnt, I guess... doint smooth skin on such a large surface is haaaaard. I could keep smoothing it over but I don't like the roughness of the surface already.
  4. 01609: Lysette, Elf Wizard

    Nice piece. The face is particularly striking. As for the hair, you said it yourself, you need to push the highlights. Unfortunately for things like this you need to paint the strands, but look at it this way: it is a great opportunity to practice side-brush edge highlighting if the strands are well sculpted! Layering is not really needed much; when you push the contrast from dark to light (more shadows! more highlights!) the eye blurs the in-betweens, making smooth transitions less and less necessary. Keep it up!
  5. Hello: WORLD

    Thanks Guindyloo. I think I was retreating when you were more active, but I have read you, quite a lot. Thanks for the nice words! Really? All my badly-spelled English posts? Haha thanks. *waves back* Well, you will be reading more of me, don't complain later ;) Really? In a flattering manner I hope. Nice reading you TS, I have been following your work, amazing man! Hello there. Come closer, I don't bite. Nice seeing you Chaoswolf. Yeah, well, life. They will get better, I am sure. Glad to be back! Doggie style is fine? I can't swim, not even float... MY FRIEND!!! Missed you, forum-celebrity barbarian! Is Ube3rCon planned yet? Or you had one without me? Thanks, I hope this forum helps me get some stress off, painting is therapy for me. Sanael, thanks... insight? More like ramblings... A couple months per year, halfway through! Rest of the time is elearning... but my commute is also brutal if you want to hear about it :) Amazing thing... a class with 17 people, 16 different nationalities!! Old man, the Asylum lives in my head... in a way, I never left. Looks so modern, hip and... designed for young people *shakes a stick at the screen* malefactus, missed your cheerful posts and comments man. Home, home indeed. Sorry for the huge multiquote... the love was so much I had to reply back personally.
  6. Hello: WORLD

    Hello everybody. I have been away for a while, so I figured a re-introduction and some status update for my friends (yes, I consider many of you as friends even if I have never met you in the flesh). I don't have a very private persona, so I can tell you my name is Esteban, I live in La Plata (a city close to Buenos Aires, capital city of Argentina, a country waaaaay south in the American continent); I am an Aeronautical Engineer working for an airline, so I get to travel quite a bit and stock on hobby supplies which are scarce in my home country. I did some mini painting when in my late teens, and the picked them up again more or less when I joined the forum. This is the only online place I read (and comment from time to time) since, honestly, you guys are the good, nice ones. I love the atmosphere of the Reaper forums! I love the artistic side of the hobby and try to improve, with mixed success. I also like criticism and try to offer advice when it is within my reach, so if you think I can help with something, shoot me a PM. Nowadays I am trying to paint more; I was doing game pieces for me until recently got asked to paint something for other people, I asked for an outrageous price and they didn't even bargain so... I am doing some commissions on the side as well. It helps break the monotony of my regular minis, that is for sure! Let's see where that takes me. I have been away from the forum for some years due to personal issues, mainly a working environment I am fed up with, frustration, family issues... I have a daughter, she is 13 now so old enough to understand, and I finally decided to end my marriage this past month. I am also doing an MBA program in France, going there from time to time, to perhaps improve my visibility and ability to move to a new position. So I guess that is it... hello to all the new faces, hello to the old faces, part of the change in life is going back to the things I love, and you guys are part of it.
  7. Akito from Neko Galaxy -bust

    Thanks ub3r, CS and Sanael. I have been painting quite a bit, just not posting here... only reading you guys. All the final highlights (last two steps, so a light grey and then the almost-white) got the yellow tint. Yes, it is hard to tell, and that is the sense, specially under the lamps and their own tinting. It is more evident in the last final almost-white yellow tinted of the triangle points. I can see a bit of the yellow on the forehead / top of the head hair, the fist, the boob, the shoulder plate, the elbow. I don't typically bother with this because the whole thing will be mostly covered, but for my own "color sense", I feel a pure black-white graduation is very artificial. A hint of color, even if barely noticeable, makes it more alive and sets the tone to follow for me. If I wanted to shift my perception to a cold scene, I would've used blue... if I wanted to make it more humid, a green-blue, etc.
  8. Hello guys! I am coming back to the forums with this piece, which is part-promise, part-"break piece" from comissions and gaming pieces at the moment. It is the first bust from Neko Galaxy, the amazing Akito. Here you can see it already primed. First black, then a bit of white, finally white with a dash of SC75 Tenere Yellow. Black and White where SC75 primers; all painting so far through my airbrush. C&C welcomed as always. As you can see, lighting focus will be from the up-left area. Special attention was paid to develop a good pair of "attention grabbing triangles", Right Fist - Head - Left Elbow and then Right Shoulder - Left Boob - Sword Hilt. The second triangle will probably be more subdued, let's see when I start applying color.
  9. Ah, so a workaround... like Gosh! Thanks Pingo.
  10. Thanks Pillpeddler! But everyone is fit to criticize, so feel free to let me know if there is something you feel it is off, or can be improved. PS: I thought "derriere" was a new English word to add to my vocabulary until I realized you were talking about "derrière" in French LOL
  11. NMM Light Reflection Theory

    Ok, here is a -very- theorical webpage about light, color and also color mixing... perhaps somebody will find it interesting. http://www.huevaluechroma.com/021.php
  12. NMM Light Reflection Theory

    I agree with you, but from the general piece I believe there is a slope that might be tricking our view. Front should piece should have its reflection lower, yes, back pieces I can believe they are sloped so the general "flat surface light to the bottom" guideline applies to the lower half only. Mind, what Doug said: those are artistic renditions to make it look contrast-y and nice. A flat surface is typically just one color in the reflection with very little variance, if you check at real life examples...
  13. NMM Light Reflection Theory

    Sure. He used a pic like the one above, sourced from the internet. Check the blade; the white section ends where a black section ends. Check the leg armor, basically the same. Check the elbow piece on the back view; where you have a pure white, there needs to be a pure black for contrast. Another tip was always, always use some color instead of black or white, tint it a bit. And the color should be of the sorroundings, to sell the illusion of reflectiveness. If you have nothing, black areas (poiting down) can use a brown or green tint, for a natural look, but blues, purples, reds, all work great too. Experimentation is key. Hope this helps! He talked quite a bit about TMM on the workshop I took, but little on NMM because "he was not an expert on it." My feelings exactly about miniature NMM. It is not 100% real, it is the illusion of real. Kinda like... painting highlights and shadows hahaha!
  14. NMM Light Reflection Theory

    Multiple light sources create interest on the piece if done correctly, but if you are trying to learn highlight placement, I highly recommend starting simple. Zenital, perhaps slighty to the left light placement, I think is the easiest for practice Unfortunately I think most of the theory you are going to find is about 2D painting of reflective surfaces. Which help, of course, but sometimes in mini painting we bend the rules for effect. The one advice Roman Lappat gave us on this topic was "always match you darkest color with your lightest color, even if it breaks the rules". As Kujo says, always reinforce maximum contrast between planes, that is a very important rule. As we also discussed on another thread shortly, I find very useful wetting the surface and looking for the strong reflection spot or line under the lamp. I then sketch my white there, if possible loaded-brush style to get some gradient going, and I go from there. I might say that my NMM is not the cleanest, but using that method most of my light situations feel "right". Grumpy, thanks for the link to Kujo's videos... I didn't know the guy and he is simply amazing, so clear, so nicely edited... love the channel. PS: I think I have a webpage on reflective surfaces tagged in my home computer, I will update this post with the link when I get home.