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  1. Have you seen this familiar? https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Familiar/sku-down/60147 Not really "female" as in "mamal features female". It is certainly a female plant, however :)
  2. Wow he is really nice! Re:lips. I feel they are a highlight area so you can't use a darker color on them! My quick and dirty method (that you see in baldy above) is to edge in dark the inside (my darkest skin shadow plus some black, usually), this step is usually just drawing a line for a mini like this. Then I mix a bit of a soft pink in my skin highlight (I use Old Rose from Vallejo Model color) and paint the lower lip. If I feel like the area is big enough I add some white and add reflection dots and/or stripes to the lip, but this is usually overkill for tabletop or 28mm. I don't know what paints you have available, but to get something like Old Rose you need a red that is not too saturated or strong, and add white. The goal is to get a pink that is like a slightly faded pink dress
  3. You are welcomed! I call the red tint my "secret" in painting flesh because most regular painters for tabletop would stop at just using some flesh paint recipe, and the simply tint gives it so much life in my eyes. Can't wait to see what you do with the mini... it was some lovely areas to apply this coloring ideas.
  4. If you are brave enough, try mixing a tiny bit of red into your flesh color, and with a very light wash (and a very discharged brush), apply to the cheek / nose area. Basically the middle of the face. Then to knucles, elbows, basically areas where the skin is usually more stressed. Temples are good places too. Then if you are feeling braver, do the same but with purple, to the area inside of the eye/nose (that very dark area that frames the light color "T" of nose/eyebrows). And to finish it off, mix a desaturated blueish grey into the flesh color, and do the same for the lower third of the face (chin, lower cheeks). From there you can make it more subtle, or more exagerated, depending on your style. A few tints of color change a LOT the perception of the skin. I am attaching a couple of my own minis for you to see; I am no pro by any means but my flesh only feels "real" for me when I do these tints, especially the reds. Here the dwarf also has red tints on the shoulder and chest area, it makes him more alive. This guy's face is heavily tinted with red and the highlights re-captured, it is a less thought work than the dwarf (because I am in a hurry to play with that mini), and the scar is to cover a mold-line defect, but still a bit of red makes his central face area more alive and real. I could still push it further with greying the lower area of the gace and some more light yellow as highlights, however.
  5. Ouch. Be careful with that.
  6. Redder would be my suggestion for the leather strap as well. Some of the color used on the feet would help cohesion. The NMM is still a bit stone-like and not metal yet. White is not strong or defined enough, and I feel the grey aras lack some "reflection" to make it more metallic. If the are pointing upwards, a blue tint will help it a lot. If they are point downwards, it would be a more brownish one. Edit: The blacks look grey too, they need to be pushed into pure black. That is what I meant by "lacking contrast range", actually. Metal is rarely purely grey in the midtones, unless there is an overcast sky. You can always see a hint of the surrounding colors.
  7. Cancelled

    Yet again, I am not subscribed to the newsletter, thankyouverymuch. Therefore I would classify this as spam. Granted, they get a pass because Reaper is generally awesome but I certainly hope it does not start a trend.
  8. Yeah, so much nicer! I think the NMM is going the right direction, even when rough at the blendings you can still see the reflections, which is great. The helmet is very odd. I loved this mini as a render and now in hand, I can't get myself to paint it.
  9. With coins falling from a rip? Damn that is a good idea.
  10. I like what you did with the back, and the reddish tones on the skin are really nice; contrast can be improved but it is a very good skin alrady! What I don't get is what happened with the bracers, axe and helmet. You certainly have the ability to "draw small" if you freehanded that back, so adding detail there (at least shadowing and then edging) is well within your capabilities. The big axe head in particular is like a blank space now in a very good paintjob. Are trying out NMM with it? It seems it has some metallic paint on the area near the shaft? PS: Welcome, BTW! Glad you said you wanted C&C, if you want to engage in improving your painting you will find this community can do it... it is just that the default is "be nice don't critique". So now reading the above makes me feel guilty of being harsh by comparison
  11. I love this mini and like where you are going; that base is looking ace!! The blue is really good; the NMM still needs its contrast pushed waaay up but from your comment it is not complete yet, right?
  12. Cancelled

    When seeing an email from the "help" Reaper address I expected some issues with an order, not a KS add. Also the tone was strange (not really selling it, not really marketing it, what?) Really turned me off the KS even if I was slightly interested. With the huge amount of selections out there this sour taste will probably turn me somewhere else even at retail.
  13. Thanks for the comments! It is not too late LarsM, since I haven't glued the Bones pieces yet. I even have a larger barrel / crate, but it is quite a bit overpowering and makes his jump less "high". I agree he is more attacking than escaping, but the base does not allow me to place a victim. I like the "blue to warm, dark to light" approach... I could also extend the base forward a bit and do a victim on the floor tumbling back, but don't know if I have a mini for that... the idea would be cool however! A Bones figure would be ideal to keep the weight balance of the piece The escaping approach could work by reversing the OSL idea and making the archway very bright, like the interior of a lit tavern and he leaping out. I could also model strings of coins following his path like he is dropping them on the jump, the knives up would be he using them to punch out something in the way out (like a door or window!). Now that is something beyond my modelling abilities!!
  14. Thanks. The mini is impressive and the detail very crisp (something that I sometimes feel lacking in some amazing Reapers from time ago, perhaps due to molds deterioration). But this little guy has details on him that I would expect from other lines that take pride on their detailed minis. The pose, the smirk on his face, the unusual knives... the original idea was to have him jumping out of a window with broken glass flying out. But it was an execution nightmare, so I decided to just modify the base, do something quick, and paint him. I want to add something more to the story. Perhaps half a thrown spear out of the opening, like somebody is kicking him out? Flying coins (I spend the afternoon trying to make putty coins and failed)? There is a certain something missing and I don't know what.
  15. No comments? It is amazing how much it changes once primed (zenital light applied, B&W only).