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  1. Oh that is a great question... I didn't know about this and was about to send my picture!! Actually, the "one" pic rule is very difficult to satisfy since the mini has several good photo angles...
  2. Hey Ghool, I really loved yesterday's live streaming "session". It was really nice to actually "see" you pushing paint around and I believe the angle, the zoom level, everything was perfect, almost like I was painting it myself (except for the magic blending, of course). Hope this sparks new and re-newed interested into your Painting Tips.
  3. TMP was my original source of knowledge about Future, and then I found a page listing other countries' alternatives, so I found the Argentinian version to use. One day... one day, I should try to do a resistance test with this. Basecoating a few pieces, sealing with Future or Vallejo, and scratching the surface with my fingernail. I would be very surprised if either resisted anyway but it would be interesting. The second test would be vigorously rubbing my finger over the paint patch to see if it peels off or erodes.
  4. To make matters more complicated I don't even use Future, but the local brand produced by Johnson & Johnson, so... And I think the experience was with "mixing" future into Reaper paints. Which would be understandably bad; I wouldn't mix tamiya acrylics into a reaper pot either for example. Dry layer over dry layer? Unless it reactivates or degrades de previous one... which it hasn't in my own experience, I can show pics of that (also the bottle composition label if you want). So this is not hearsay, it is a first-hand answer from me for this case.
  5. I don't, it is very thin actually. In fact, I know this is anatema for a lot of people here, but when I am experiencing issues with my airbrushed paint drying too quickly before reaching the model, or consistency for different kind of paints (like RMS mixed with Vallejo, I have developed a thinning method for each individually but sometimes the combination throws me off), I typically add a drop of Future into the cup like thinner. It basically decreases surface tension and "wets" the paint; I figure it works similar to what alcohol is supposed to work but I would never atomize alcohol.
  6. For display, only a dusting of Vallejo Matte Varnish dilluted with Les' thinning recipe (basically half water, half matte medium and a teaspoon of flow aid). For the table / gaming, I have been spraying several good layers of Future floor polish*, then after it cures I kill the shine with Vallejo Matte Varnish as before. So far... I have had parts like arms breaking off due to handling, but no chipping. I don't handle my minis very heavily anyway, so YMMV. * Funny, story, the thing was I needed to seal something and had no varnish around, so I tried this (because I had been using it on acrylic parts to restore the "crystal look"). So I took a plunge and tried it. And I was very, very happy with the result. It should dry so hard as to sustain people walking on it for a while so I assumed it would work good as a sealer. My oldest pieces with this method are several years old now and so far, so good... no discoloration, no reaction with the acrylic paint, or the vallejo varnish.
  7. Did this, it worked when I experienced frosting. I have up on sprays after that one disgusting experience and only seal by airbrush now.
  8. I am always in favor of ingenuity, who knows what might came out of it! I moved to a vortex which was stronger than the fan one, but still not strong enough to do some paints... or cater to my lazyness. So I might just try this if I find a jiwsaw cheap enough
  9. You can basically do that with the color tool and the "equivalencies" at the bottom; which will also show if you have the paint or not (full/empty circle). Sure, it is not in the actual paint description "page", but that would be adding clutter IMHO.
  10. How is people doing? Mine is done and waiting for good pics.
  11. Guilty of not being around more, rest assured I still appreciate all the good wishes and warm friendship guys and gals. Thanks. Unfortunately the world has decided I need to work HARD today, since like every little thing that has been cooking around the office is reaching boiling point... today. So I have been non-stop dedicated to what keeps me fed, warm and buying minis
  12. 2 hrs later... did you find it? Are you batch scanning 20 paints? :)
  13. The Rapid Scan option in the Menu is just for that, batch scanning of paints... have you tried it?
  14. 1.- Try first with no aditives unless you live in a very dry place and your paint dries too fast, which brings me to number 2... 2.- Test it by NOT thinning your paint, or just a bit. Thicker paint takes more to dry and can be mixed on the mini, which is what you want. Also, thin layers of watery paint cannot be mixed, there is very little pigment left! Best approach I have seen so far: solid layer color A. One biggish brush color A, another brush color B. Apply color A, then B, then use the two brushes with color to go back and forth on the transition.
  15. Primers and varnishes are not in the app. It is pretty great to catalogue the paints and avoid double or triple buying. I have tried to get used to saving sets too but with little success so far... but I neither keep a log so perhaps it is me (it most surely is me).