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  1. Woohoo, I also actually painted! Not a huge amount, but I did a fair bit of the base coating of a quick-ish Bones NPC. I will be honest and admit that if someone else hadn't been playing Breath of the Wild that's probably what I would have been doing. But it felt good to get some painting done.
  2. It's a bit of a trip down to the south side, but theoretically I might be interested given more warning... Did they check to see if it was asthma? Because shortness of breath and coughing is textbook for that, and pollen season was when I first started having problems. Sometimes standard docs don't catch it, especially if it presents more as coughing with less wheezing. (I once went to see a doctor about chest pain thinking I was having heart problems, only to realize later that my asthma had flared up. That was the impetus for getting a proper evaluation by a specialist, which helped a lot with prevention and management.).
  3. You have to do the math yourself and manually increase your pledge to cover what you want. Which I just did, because The Lovers has been on my wish list for a while. Managed to resist the muses because I liked one so much I'd already bought it. I think Bones IV will suffer for this, but I've got Bones I through III sitting in my house and I don't need a ton more Bones. (I'm actually serious.)
  4. So far I'm safe from the add-ons, we've got one of the DVDs coming with Bones 3 and I don't want all of the "paint along" minis. Now if they added a Stephanie Law bundle that might be harder to resist...
  5. My Dad has his Masters in Divinity. He will gladly talk religion for hours, but you'd better have something very insightful to say if you expect him to change his opinions.
  6. Blearg! That feeling of spending over 3 hours hand-sewing a quilt binding that you could have done in under 20 minutes if you'd remembered to get the sewing machine serviced so that it worked without making massive thread knots..... Really looking forward to being done, done, DONE with this little wall-hanging. It's sucked up most of my week.
  7. I'm glad you got it checked!
  8. I keep hearing that headaches are more common for women in their 40s & 50s, with some people developing migraines. I've been getting more headaches but I'm hoping to dodge the migraines. I'm glad it's nothing serious and I hope that you don't get another one for a good long while.
  9. I love the green as well, I think it fits better with the idea that she's a spellcaster who got distracted versus some sort of femme fatale. Like Xherman alluded to, the color of the clothing bits does a lot to set the mood and personality of the piece.
  10. Those are some nice looking beds..... I'm sure I'd say that even if I wasn't ready to climb into one for the night.
  11. <sigh> Yeah. I've tried everything. Except transfusions for my crappy immune system, but I'm not going to bore everyone with the details. It's just been a rough spring and the worst part of pollen season arrived. And sympathies to Ub3r about the artistic struggles, I don't mind nudity per se, but some people can be exceptionally uptight about it.
  12. The stockings are looking a lot better now! For reference, on the outer side of the ankle there is a little bone that protrudes--this tends to cause a distinctive shadow/highlight on sheer stockings. It's one of those intuitive things that you absorb by wearing them. (I'm not suggesting you try wearing them, by the way.) Have you decided whether you want the shoes to be a bright color or a more subdued color? It looks like they are one of the more prominent items of clothing.
  13. Stockings are looking better, but I agree with Corporea that the highlights are a bit sharp. There's also a spot on the outside of the left ankle that's a little too dark, I think. Defintely a lot better in general color tone, before they were so dark that they didn't look sheer.
  14. We tend to get sucked into Magic around this time every year, mainly because there's usually a new set coming out right around my son's birthday. He likes to go do a pre-release draft with Dad as his fun party-type outing. Generally interest fades away after a while. Going to a draft is a fun way to both get some cards and get a bunch of play time with them, costs about as much as a movie ticket or dinner out, and is a lot healthier than many other habits. Somehow it feels less like gouging when you think of it like that.
  15. Between pollen and the daily camp fire my neighbor is building I'm really not enjoying this spring so far. It's so hard to be productive when your head's all inflamed.