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  1. @Marvin, did you look at my painted minis? You've pretty much described everything I paint....
  2. This is something I have discovered is so much harder when you have a kids with extra challenges. I love my 14 year old and she's a sweetheart, but so much mental energy goes just to dealing with her. I think I need a trip to Reaper Con.
  3. LOL! Yeah, kinda did that already... Which is why I'll be dealing with teenagers for another 12 years.
  4. Teenagers are hard. Can I go back to toddlers???
  5. What mode are you playing on???
  6. So much stuff going on the past couple of days. Doctor's appointments for one kid, strings concert for another, birthday party to get the young ones to as well as extra testing the district wants to do on my Hermione clone. Grumble, grumble, I don't wanna catch up on the dishes.
  7. Time to practice those expectation management skills and push back. Remind everyone that you have vacation booked that you're not missing. Repeat often.
  8. My plan for my half finished Narthrax is to paint the underbelly and then glue him to his base.
  9. "I'm your huckleberry..."
  10. If it's Cecilia the Trickster I won't be unhappy... There's some sweet concept art with her that doesn't match the mini.
  11. Go Ary!! You deserve it! They will have back-ups. I doubt you will lose your account or anything, and the hosting servers are likely located in the EU. (Whether that will change after Brexit or not I have no idea.) And @Marvin, I don't know if you've ever looked at "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss, but everyone raves about it, almost obnoxiously. (I haven't read it so really I have no clue.)
  12. Hope you have a great birthday!!
  13. In an ironic twist, my 18 year old is painting a mini and I'm just hanging out. I suspect this is related to the fact that he's going to be actually playing D&D on Wednesday.
  14. Good thing you've got that properly taken care of. The bonus of the boot is that other people will now treat your injury with the respect and consideration it deserves. (Hopefully.) Feel better soon!
  15. Hmmm, I could look into stopping by on a weekday if people were there...