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  1. Happy Birthday!!
  2. Yeah.... 15 year old daughter has low iron and was put on supplements. She's supposed to take two per day but we've just been doing one. It was amazing how much it's helping her energy already, though. I spent my morning helping in a very busy library, then joined friends to have an ice cream lunch (their idea, but it wasn't a hard sell) came home and slapped a little bit of paint on my mounted Trista conversion. Probably need to do another coat to get it nice and smooth, but I'm just undercoating the metals anyway.
  3. Wow, that is a lot of base, but it looks good! What did you use for the water?
  4. I like them very much! There is a different feel to sable brushes, and each brand feels slightly different to use. So while not everyone has the same favorite brush, Rosemary & Co is my favorite. Where you live is likely also a factor, we have pretty consistent humidity here in the Seattle area, so I don't have to take that into account unless we're talking about aerosol products. Good luck in your quest!
  5. I had very much the same experience with the one Windsor & Newton brush I bought. Decided to try a couple of other brands (Rosemary & Co., Raphael) and they were much more to my liking. I delegated that nasty WN brush to base coating. Somehow it's gotten better over the years, but still tends to split after a little bit of use. Sorry, that's not much help but I figured it's always nice to know that you're not the only one with the problem. Like Gadgetman said, fake brushes have been a thing, it's part of the reason why I like my Rosemary & Co brushes--they come direct from the manufacturer.
  6. I'm cautious around dangerous animals (like bears) and a little bit of fear is in there but it seems reasonable to the situation. Spiders have been know to scare me if they startle me, but I've seen real phobic behavior and I don't have it. Meh, I'm not fond of pickled herring, but I wouldn't say that I refuse to eat it ever again... I'd just rather not. Same goes for caviar, actually.
  7. I suggest you counter with a request to sell and split the "profits". Or ignore them completely for a few months. Worked for her, right?
  8. Yay! Pictures will be awesome! I see the crooked grin thing, but I also see the other comments. I think the mouth looks more subtle than the cheek does, which is why people are getting confused. Either way I still look at this and go "wow!"
  9. Thanks, now I want a stroopwafel. Not liking my new routine. The one where I text hubby that it's late and I'm going to bed and he thinks that maybe it's a good time to come home from work. Then I wake up at 6am to get a kid on her school bus and we start all over again. This better not be the norm after he comes back from his trip to Orlando next week.
  10. OMG, I found the plastic bit I need to fix my shower doors!! Now it's just cleaning all the nastiness and repairing it all.
  11. I was the player who did that, once. Cleric cast Hold Person on the big bad spellcaster, who failed their save. DM hadn't included any underlings to assist, so combat was over in one round. This is why mad geniuses always need minions!!
  12. I like the way you painted the little diamonds on the chest a different color. Since this dragon doesn't have a lot of other features that stand out it adds a nice detail.
  13. I think the physics department at my university was in a freezer. Everyone had a beard and wore sweaters. This was way before beards were cool.