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  1. So much sympathy on the glue incident. I've made some similar messes recently on trivial things so I need to learn how to use liquid glue. You covered up the damage well, though.
  2. I looked up the definition, because it confused me as well.
  3. Well I always thought it was a trip, but apparently it's sweetened curdled milk as well. Who knew?
  4. Live

    Well if all else fails, she'll be available at retail eventually. But I sympathize, I'm waiting to see how the core gets broken up as well. It's a nice set and all, but I found myself just underwhelmed with the core set from Bones 3. So maybe three core sets is plenty at this point. EDIT: Thought I should clarify that I was underwhelmed with it arrived. I was super excited during the campaign, but in the time since then I've fallen back in love with metal minis.
  5. Live

    I'm conflicted now... I buy more HD/Bones paint than MSP, so I might not get the paint set after all. It's not like I don't have plenty of paint. <eyes overflowing paint bins>
  6. When I'm well: coffee with cream and sugar. When I'm sick: herbal infusions with honey I used to like all the steamed milk drinks from lattes to hot chocolate but these days my stomach is disinclined to tolerate the dairy. I do love my hot drinks, though.
  7. I wish there was something I could do, Cyradis. Elfhats like that always have a way of ruining things for everyone else.
  8. My 8 year old is snoozing in bed and the kitty has curled up with her. Just like when she was little. <sniff>
  9. We got a second set of the invisible adventurers and I was going to try just doing a light wash of black ink to bring out the details, but I have to admit you've got me second-guessing myself. The wizard especially looks cool.
  10. And now you see why I warned you about that Wise Guy--I mean Kraken. He's a lot goofy and very high energy. Though mostly a sweetheart.
  11. Live

    Well they finally got me to up my pledge. I've been waiting for Baba Yaga's Hut.
  12. Pingo, your front hall sounds a lot like mine. It's great that your oldest is helping. @knarthex, while we're all here for you, you might get more specific help from a professional in your area. Some of the advice I've been given by therapists is obvious ("find a hobby!") but some of it is only obvious after the fact. Just a thought.
  13. Live

    I haven't had a problem with the ankles on my horse I'm working on, but then again part of the problem is that I've only got the two from Bones 2. Given how many other monsters have small legs relative to their size I have confidence that it's a limitation that could be overcome.
  14. One of my favorite books, despite not being a Pratchett or Gaimen fan particularly. I should dig it up, I think my teen kids might really enjoy it. Hopefully the movie adaption does it justice.
  15. Okay, made some cake layers and some lunch. My middle daughter turns 10 today, so birthday cake will be assembled this afternoon. (Don't need to have the temptation sitting around all day.)