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  1. I was just looking at this earlier. I was gifted with two hardcovers at Christmas (volume 1 & 2 of the "new beginning") so now I feel sort of obligated to buy the hardcovers as they come out... (Before I was a photon-only person because they've got a lot of older volumes.)
  2. My sympathies... (And to Zink, too.) I'm glad you're getting a little more time but I know that it doesn't make it easier. <hugs> I keep trying to convince my hubby to go see his dad, who is in declining health, but he's just not into the idea. I mean, we all went at Christmas, but the kids don't have the same relationship with their grandfather.
  3. "Resigned" seems so formal. More like he's abandoned his post? There's no point in my applying, I'd insist on the cave being swept and the axe being stowed safely when not in use. Plus I'd probably wash things.
  4. Spoken like someone who's never experienced the joy of having family members who sleep-walk. My dreams are pretty boring most of the time, though--there's the "we've got a new house and it's filled with some hoarder's junk" and then there's "my children aren't here and I can't find them". Not particularly fond of either of them. I'm grateful the weather is co-operating and being mild, makes it so I can hopefully sleep better and kick this cold before it settles in and mutates. I think I'm going to take it very easy today and drink lots of fluids. I want to be well enough to enjoy my summer, dangit!
  5. I managed to see it on the big screen when it first came out... Not sure why the theater in my small town showed it, though. And since it's Monday and my kids last day of school before summer break, I'm definitely sick with my daughter's cold. Blech. At least it cooled down outside.
  6. This I've done. Thes is right that it's a bit late for berries. The strawberries I planted last summer didn't give us any berries then, but they were great at growing back this spring. You can get a few different container friendly berries now, even blueberries and raspberries. Most of them will be a "for next spring" type of investment unless you're lucky. Lots of people here put tomatoes in pots, and fresh herbs like chives, mint, rosemary and thyme grow great too. (Not basil, though, it won't grow for me.) PM me if you have specific questions, since I'm at least in the same general climate. Also, thanks for all the camping suggestions! I was thinking I would just bring the French press we've already got along with some sort of kettle we can use to boil water for those who would prefer tea or instant oatmeal or whatever, sounds like that's the appropriate coffee snob thing to do. The camp stove is probably also a good idea since rain has a way of showing up on the Olympic peninsula no matter the season. I mean, we'll be staying at a KOA so it's not exactly "roughing it", but you need to start somewhere.
  7. I'm not a brush-licker, but I've realized that I am a brush rinser. Probably also comes from the same painting origin of starting with enamel paints. It's such a pain to clean dried enamel paint off your brush that I became very aggressive at rinsing it out. Seriously, I think I rinse my brush before reloading it with the same color. Every time. Like OneBoot, I don't even realize I'm doing it. Does help keep the brushes nice, though!
  8. Wow, two hours and nothing?? I hope nobody out there melted from the heatwave going on. I am trying to figure out how I want to go about cooking when we go camping, so lots of web surfing. So far I've got as far as deciding to get a Lodge cast iron Dutch oven/skillet combo (the skillet is the lid to the Dutch oven), mainly because I can also use it when we're not camping. Need to decide on a way to make coffee, too. Anyone have any tried and true suggestions? There's six of us and we'll have the minivan, so I'm skipping all the "needs to be light enough to carry it in my backpack" requirements. Haven't decided whether we'll get a camp stove or just make a lot of campfires.
  9. This guy would be great in Frostgrave... I love seeing fun conversions and this one is a great example!
  10. I too was worried when I started basing. Some kind person said that you can basically just mash some putty up with some bits of cork or aquarium gravel and paint it up and it looks fine. Now I've got stamps and sculpting tools and whatnot, but it's actually amazing the results you can get with some cork, putty and maybe a toothpick to push the putty around and texture it a bit. If all else fails, you can always cover mistakes with flocking. If you want to get into fancier stuff then James Wappel has some good tutorials on YouTube as well. Have fun!!
  11. To be fair, no one remembered what his specialty was!
  12. She's looking good! The blue dress does look a lot better and her hair could be done now (or not) depending on how much you want to move on. Black is a really tricky color to highlight, and sometimes it helps to think about what type of material it is. Black leather is going to have much stronger reflective properties than black wool, and her gloves could be either. Looking forward to finding out what color her hat is!
  13. Her hair is really, really, really well done. An example of how you don't have to have all kinds of fancy freehand and lots of different colors to have a dramatic effect.
  14. Live

    The problem with humour is that it is highly subjective. I can imagine that a lot of people might have been put off by the Base Boss video as well. <shrug>
  15. Live

    I kind of agree with etherial. The video made me... well in the interests of politeness let's just say 'irritable'. I mean, the models are nice, but I'm not sure I want to back a project run by someone who thinks that's clever marketing. I will poke around and see if they do retail and perhaps I'll get Lagertha that way.