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  1. Yes. But it comes and goes. Yes. I generally prefer leggings for my girls because they are warmer and more durable for school. CanuckOtter, a friend recommended fleece lined tights for the winter she was in Montreal.
  2. Okay, tomorrow I'll be wearing my Hermione inspired t-shirt. I'll be with a shortish gentleman wearing an Indiana Jones hat.
  3. Same! We snuck in this evening, checked in, ate and left. Tomorrow hopefully I'll find people, OneBoot is the only person I've met before. I have a few bars of my brain bleach soap for anyone who finds me...
  4. Last year it was also a bit up in the air, and Reaper did ask that only actual attendees register. They will make every effort to make swag bags available, they just don't want to commit to it until they're more sure of their numbers.
  5. Last year there was Con stuff available for a few days after the weekend too. Keep calm and check the store daily. It's like a treasure hunt!
  6. We are slow pokes at getting to the con, but early at the airport. Hubby has switched from "I'm glad we didn't have to panic" to "why did we leave so early, now we have to wait!".
  7. Just hanging at the orthodontist, waiting for my teenager. We're almost done with braces and I can't wait!!
  8. For some reason there is a tentative bus schedule under the "Metal Trade" section. Not sure why...
  9. I'm getting a serious case of imposter syndrome. May need a Boot to the head. Feeling very glad that I brought a travel buddy.
  10. A roux with some extra strong broth (beef or chicken or whatever) makes decent gravy in a pinch. Knorr makes little gel packs of broth concentrate if you can find it, "Better than Bullion" is what I've been using lately. I find a little hit of broth concentrate improves my traditional gravy too when the drippings don't cut it. I was more worried about the tired. You've been doing a lot of extra work helping your dad, make sure you take some time to look after yourself. <hugs> I don't disagree, but I have to get up at 6am most days to get high school kid on her bus. @Aryanun, I hope you feel better ASAP. I'm starting to feel like you need a care package...
  11. Yeah, but the 2+ hours waiting for the plane, the hour getting off and picking up luggage, it all adds up. Hopefully he won't be acting like a grumpy teen and have the headphones on during the con! I was going to wish you luck, but it looks like I'm a little late. Enjoy getting away from the smoke, that was the best part of our camping vacation this summer. Today is finishing all the packing and cleaning and buying groceries for the household while we're away..... Aaaaaaaaah!!
  12. I kind of like to know that construction guys are there, the noise publicly announces their presence. Some sort of stealth, ninja construction guys repaired the fence between us and our neighbor the other day. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they fixed it (especially since the kid in that house smashed the fence up with his lacrosse practice) but it makes me nervous to have random strange guys sneaking around my yard.
  13. My parents are apparently going to arrive after we leave, in time to pick the kids up from school. They're then going to leave Sunday morning, before we get home. Kinda weird to know they're going to be here and I won't even see them, but since my Dad had cataract surgery today he doesn't want to leave tomorrow. (He also doesn't want to stay home. He's a touch stubborn.) I'm not at all stressed about the idea of my kids getting stranded somewhere. I mean, I've got alternate babysitters in reserve, but it still feels wrong.
  14. Does anyone know if we'll be able to get into the Thursday dinner if we're arriving after registration closes? I'm not expecting it to be heavily guarded, but I don't want to cause a problem.
  15. Can't like that, it's a killer double major to get.