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    My wish list would include Lady Devona, just so that there's one side-saddle option. But yes, pretty much that. I might not buy 10 sets, but I'd buy at least a couple. I'm also using that horse for my paladin conversion. It's a great little horse! Back in Bones 2 there was a lot of talk about how you could convert the riders by removing the top half of them and then replacing it with the top half of a different mini. But it rather requires that you have a few different variants on armor for the bottom half. It really, really sucks that Sir Danel never made it to retail like the other defective Bones models. His only issue was that he had a wonky hand--his right hand is a left hand and it looks bizarre--it was totally fixable. Heck, I'd buy him even as he is and either fix the hand or chop off his whole upper half again. This is really why I want more cavalry. I've been waiting since Bones 2. .
  2. Live

    Looks like underground stuff has drummed up some excitement... Now I just need to wait for them to realize that they need an add-on of a squad of cavalry. I don't care if they're Anhurian, Mongolian or heavily armored knights. A mix of all three would be great!
  3. Are you going to leave the wings unglued until closer to the deadline, or glue everything and then upgrade the painting? You're making great progress, by the way!
  4. I decided to try and plan ahead on my Savage Tide campaign since the next chapter requires more than just a bunch of random thugs. I feel like I'm late to the party, though, because a lot of blogs and whatnot have links that go strange places. Like a link that was supposed to go to instructions on building a pirate ship went to a book on making bath bombs... While I'm sure that would be an interesting addition to the miniature situation, I'm not sure I want to get my minis wet. The next question is, will I actually have time to paint all these minis???
  5. This is why I love my Nexus card. All the background check stuff means we can take the short line through security. EDIT: And the page break makes this confusing. Was in response to Knarthex's airport security comment.
  6. It is also possible (though not likely) that it's your water that's got something odd in it. From time to time municipal water supplies require cleaning of the equipment and that can mess with your water a bit. Or even a bit of brush soap that's gotten into your water cup could be the culprit. I imagine adding surfactants anywhere in the process would make it easier to pull paint up. If your bottles of sealer are nearly empty or old, I have heard of people having issues. Especially if you didn't shake the bottle enough in the beginning, the ratio of different components (binder, matting agent, acrylic medium) can get thrown off.
  7. The brown and bronze look really great together! I need to paint more dragons instead of putting them off.
  8. Future has a lot of additives these days, you would be better off just using sealer or matte medium instead. Liquitex makes a decent sized bottle if you're wanting to buy in bulk.
  9. Bones I pretty much just use the x-acto. If it's got bigger problems than that, whatever, it's just Bones. Metal I use mostly just files and clippers. My junior high actually had a metal working shop and everyone had a few months of it as part of our elective sampler. So I'm pretty comfortable filing metal and it usually looks just fine under primer. I hate the thought of dulling the x-acto blade on the metal, so that is used very rarely.
  10. For the Reaper sealer, how well did you shake it? I've noticed Vallejo gloss tends to stay tacky so I've stopped using it. With Reaper's brush-on sometimes it settles and weird things happen if you don't shake it enough.
  11. Live

    Is it cute? I mean, it's got to be cute, too. I'm super curious who the last hidden chibi character is. It kinda looks like it might be another elf, so I'm thinking possibly a male elf ranger?
  12. Okay. Not-really-that-evil plan is in place. My motion-sensor sprinkler system is now activated. Now we wait for the neighbor to try and let their obnoxious dog poop in my yard. So very sick of cleaning up other people's poo.
  13. Live

    I was just sitting here, mulling over mouseling enemies and realized that owls are also an excellent candidate. Hmmm.... Well either way I still think the mouselings need a nemesis. Even if it's not part of this KS, eventually there should be something.
  14. We had just over 90%... (93%, I think?) Anyway, joined up with friends who had glasses and played with pinhole cameras and making shadows with our fingers and whatnot. Shared some glasses so we could peek at it. Got downright chilly for a few minutes around the maximum. It was perfect weather, which was really not a guarantee since we've had a lot of cloudy mornings lately. I kinda feel that northern lights are cooler. But that might be a northern Canadian bias.
  15. Oooooo! Pretty!
  16. Live

    I could say something witty and/or snarky but I think the answer is probably more simple and related to time zones.
  17. Someone else already posted pics, but I've been having issues with the KS constantly reloading on my phone. Need to remember to reboot my devices more often. Yay!! We've been seeing butterflies here, but I'm not sure that we're really on the monarch migration route. Probably not, actually. I console myself with the knowledge that bumblebees love my raspberry patch.
  18. Our work here is done.
  19. Live

    I was wondering if we were going to get a bunch of elves this time, just to balance out the karma. Still hoping...
  20. Woohoo!! Finally booked plane tickets! We're not flying out until Thursday, but we're staying until fairly late on Sunday. It will be pretty tiring, but the flight times aren't too crazy.
  21. Our apples are also delicious fresh. So far the winner in the "bake something with the apples" category has been crisp. Pie will come later, but honestly these aren't the best pie apples.
  22. We have so... many... apples. My fridge is full of apples (1 crisper full and two large bowls full) plus I gave some to the neighbors plus I have two paper grocery bags that are each half full. I've broken down, the kitchen aid apple peeler/corer/slicer attachment is now on my wish list because we somehow just keep getting more every year. The kicker is that I'm not allowed to transport them very far, because I live in a quarantine area. I might have to start making apple sauce.
  23. Live

    I need to practice painting dragons... Should maybe dig out that half-painted Narthrax I've got in a box.
  24. Live

    Dance of Death made the snake look pretty run of the mill... If they have more stuff that awesome it's going to be a very expensive Kickstarter for me... Wow, that pair of dragons looked amazing. .
  25. Those rules apply to my children. For me to not be mom-ing I pretty much need to be having surgery or out of town. Doesn't happen often.