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  1. millionsofRobots

    The Black Knight - Kingdom Death

    That looks really fantastic! The reds on the cloak are great!!
  2. millionsofRobots


    I'd like to stop by too - is this a no badges/wristbands required sort of thing?
  3. millionsofRobots

    Some recent CAV pieces and others. :D

    Those look great! I really like the weathering on the Tiamat.
  4. millionsofRobots

    Barrow Wardens 77346 thru -48 from Bones II

    Agreed with everyone - nice rust!
  5. millionsofRobots

    Starship from the parts bin

    That is really cool - I love the threads I've seen on kitbashed ships, usually for Battlefleet Gothic. Nice work!
  6. millionsofRobots

    GW Black Reach Ork Warboss

    Thanks for all the comments, and the suggestion for the lighting - I'll definitely take that into account. .trey
  7. millionsofRobots

    GW Isle of Blood Skaven Rat-Ogre

    Thanks! It looks like I didn't finish my sentence - I used the red glaze for inside all the scars to give them a slightly fresher appearance. Then I went back and washed and highlighted the stitches. Yeah, when we redid the ESD mats on my lab benches at work I picked up some old cast-offs and remnants for my workbench and painting bench at home. I wanted to make some stone tiles, but I wanted something stronger than the foam sheets from the craft store, The mats were perfect - I just made some squares of various sizes, nicked and shaped them, then glued and painted them. Voila! If I were redoing this today, I would pretty much do the same thing on all of it except for better blending on the skin - I'm happy with the colors. .trey
  8. millionsofRobots

    GW Black Reach Ork Warboss

    Thank you all! Definitely agreed on the blending - I'm concentrating on blending next, and I'm hoping to have a year of practice before the next painting contest! The weathering is from a pack of pastels from which I scraped a few browns and oranges with an x-acto knife - I didn't have time to go pick up some actual weathering pigments. I also used black pastel for the gun barrel soot/grime/residue (sorry - my mind is blanking now). When I get home I'll take a look at the rivets on the power claw. They all should be a dark silver highlighted with lighter silver, but with some weathering on top. I'm not sure if my phone or the pigments are causing them to look as they are. .trey
  9. millionsofRobots

    GW Isle of Blood Skaven Rat-Ogre

    Hello, One more mini from the ReaperCon 2015 painting contest, this Games Workshop Skaven Rat-Ogre from the Isle of Blood set. Again, any feedback is appreciated. I made the base out of Electro-Static Discharge bench mat remnants (the bright blue ones), and I experimented with a red glaze (of a forgotten red paint (I'm still travelling) and Liquitex Matte Medium). Thanks in advance! .trey
  10. millionsofRobots

    GW Black Reach Ork Warboss

    Hello, This is my Ork Warboss from the Games Workshop Black Reach box that I submitted to the painting contest at ReaperCon 2015. I'd love to hear any feedback. I'm not going to repaint this particular mini, as I want it to stay in its judged state, but I already know what I want to do differently in the future. Oh - I apologize in advance for the lighting setup. I hastily made a quick lightbox before leaving for business travel, and didn't get to tweak the light setup very much. No post processing has been done on the images. Thanks in advance! .trey
  11. millionsofRobots

    CAV:SO quickstart rules pdf?

  12. millionsofRobots

    CAV:SO quickstart rules pdf?

    Hello, Is the quickstart rules pdf available online anymore? I went to talon-games and there is no link to download, and I thought I heard at ReaperCon that it was available. Thanks! .trey
  13. millionsofRobots

    Mr Melon's 5th Edition D&D Bounty Hunter Game for ReaperCon 2015

    The raging anger.
  14. millionsofRobots

    Mr Melon's 5th Edition D&D Bounty Hunter Game for ReaperCon 2015

    It was A LOT of fun - I was the Raging Beserker. I'm glad I scheduled it, and thanks for running it!
  15. millionsofRobots

    Sculpting Tools

    Ha - I just answered an extremely similar question! I was using whatever I had around me (not to sculpt, but to match fur, fill gaps, etc.) and a clay shaper made it go from tedious to actually fun. I picked one up for less than $5 at a local (Austin, TX) Jerry's Artarama. Night and day difference, at least for me.