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  1. Soon to acquire a portion of the aforementioned prize pool. I say portion because I am not greedy and do not mind sharing with another one or 2 people. When i win there will be a big party and my Reaper family is invited! :) Oh did I mention the new computer I had to buy last week? I don't remember. Video card acted weird so I bought a new one. That night as I was installing and updating drivers for it...the entire machine shutdown and would not come on so I ran out to Best Buy and picked up the same iBuyPower machine my wife got a couple months ago. I have only been playing Minecraft on it but got those settings cranked up now and it runs great. I need to try playing something else and see how it runs.
  2. Hoping Thes is OK. Have not seen her for over a month now. Got plenty of stuff for a new box?
  3. hungerfan

    New Bones Dungeon Dwellers Colors: How to Use

    heh I can hear Anne in my head saying this. " Seriously, folks, this stuff is awesome."
  4. Got my stuff yesterday. Decided to give the Sophie in cat costume as a Christmas gift to my daughter and left the Christmas Sophie out for her to paint up for the holiday. I may try my hand at the pirate Sophie. So nervous because the only stuff I have really painted are from the LTPKs!
  5. As you may have seen on my facebooks update last night. That video card upgrade turned into a new PC. Sigh. Got it all working with my two drives added to it but could not get my windows install to boot up so I am using the SSD that came with new PC and have my 480G SSD and 1TB drive added for backup. Now I get to reinstall stuff. Was up until 2AM messing with it but the last 30 min was me getting Minecraft installed and my directory from old drive moved over so I had all my stuff available. Next I guess is World of Warcraft even though we have not played it since getting hooked on Minecraft again.
  6. Just acquired a new video card since mine died this morning as I was in Minecraft before going to work. Could not get it to do anything so I pronounced it dead and stopped by Fry's today on the way back to office from a doc visit. Now I want to get home and see this baby run. The other card was 6 years old BUT it was an older card at that time. I think a friend laughed at me earlier saying it was 6 generations behind in the graphic card world.
  7. Ahh you took them all? Oh well I have enough chips for card protectors when I go play poker in my collection. That will keep me from adding another. :)
  8. Trigger pulled. A few Sophies and paints on the way with the freebies added in for fun.
  9. I think he was just mentioning it was a must for something to have in Oct to paint. She would love it just because of the cat Sophie and would not care when she got to paint it. Maybe I will do it and give it as a Christmas gift. Just trying to push the paypal payment button now. I made some changed and switched out the Christmas sophie for a different one (The one with her at the chimney) and some paints to complete my Rosy skin triad. My brain is saying "DO IT" but my gut is saying "Do we really need more minis and paints?!" :)
  10. That is a thought. I did scrape together some Sophies and have them in cart so trying to decide if I should get those or ask her if she wants to do something like you mentioned. 01416: Sophie in Cat Costume 01420: Pirate Sophie 01417: 2006 Christmas Sophie 74056: Single 1inch Plastic Square Base Subtotal: $40.39
  11. I wanted to try and grab this figure and the ghoulie bag but all the past RCon Sophie figures that I thought about getting are no longer available. Hmm... not sure what else we need but may just sit with daughter and have her pic out things she might like to paint.
  12. @Talae::poke poke:: Everything OK?
  13. hungerfan

    Paint Track Apps?

    Ahh so they are a metallic paint. I was just adding the paints we got from Rcon via a text file entry i did the other day. As I was adding Skeleton Key my daughter is looking at the screen and yelling at me that it is a shiny one. I just assumed she thought it looked shiny since we had not actually painted with it yet. So now I need to tell her she was right. :)
  14. hungerfan

    Paint Track Apps?

    Yeah! Going to grab update if it has not auto updated already! Thanks!