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  1. Still no Secret Weapon KS Dungeon Mine Tiles. :/ I did get to go play poker again for father's day weekend. Turned $200 into $1460 playing at the $1/$2 table up at Choctaw Durant...so I guess that makes up for no tiles yet.
  2. hungerfan

    Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops board game

    There was a day when I was all over anything Shadowrun. I saw this but doubt it would ever get played since I don't really have a regular gaming group now. :/
  3. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    The only GrowTix emails I got were from orders placed. Here and social media sites is how I knew to jump on and grab classes at 1PM on the day they went live.
  4. That was my thought on both things you mention but wanted to verify. I usually share her work online and she has been entering them into a patreon contest so I told her I would check before we brought them to RCon. Thanks!
  5. @Heisler, my daughter has painted some things she wants to enter in the youth division. Any rules for it that keeps me from showing off her work online or entering then into other competitions online?
  6. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    Never been sure which clays she uses. Sounds like a lot of the things she has made lately were with the FIMO she got for Christmas. We learned what happens when you let her place everything on a cookie sheet as she makes them and then decide to bake it all months later after it has sat there on a counter. That plus one of the items she left on sheet had plastic jewels stuck on it!!! Amazed we did not all die from the fumes.
  7. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    This one IS Sat at 10AM. My daughter and I will be in there. I need to get her used to green stuff instead of the clay she has been using so she is ready to go. Pretty sure she will still do better than me.
  8. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    When I clicked the Purchase Add On button it took me to a page that listed all i had scheduled (so i could have scheduled every class so it showed up here) but then i had to go through and select qty for each before i continued to the payment info. Once I did that and clicked submit it told me i was done and i got the email with Schedule Registration Information QRCode...and my bank sent me an alert that a hefty purchase had been made.
  9. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    And FYI...the pricing is better than I thought it would be for some of the classes I added. Reaper U: Let's Get Stoned (M. Proctor) $25.00 Reaper U: Animal Patterns and Colors (D. Coulson) (Thursday) $25.00 Reaper U: Flesh and Faces (E. Hartwell) (Friday) $25.00 Reaper U: How to create a Spooky Tree (J. Guthrie) $25.00 Reaper U: Sculpting Nature (A. Pieper) $30.00 Reaper U: Sculpting Nature (A. Pieper) $30.00
  10. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    Done. FYI, I got to select QTY 2 during my schedule checkout. Made it easier than ordering my classes then going to my daughters pass and ordering. Quick and easy!
  11. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    Yeah and I got my second order of just the Kid Pass completed. I ended up trying some tricky stuff and it worked. Added a Sat Day pass to order and filled out billing info. Then went and removed the day pass and it removed the CC# field but my guess is info was still there and so it let me submit the $0 order for Kid Pass only. Now I see that order but I must go to it and schedule her class and go to my order and schedule my classes. My assumption is that when I go to purchase I will have to do mine first and then go to her Order and do the purchase add on for her schedule. We will see in a bit how it all turns out. :)
  12. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    This is my guess. New system they have little control over since it is through a third party.
  13. hungerfan

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Wow. Two big named suicides this week that I have seen. Not much to say because I just don't understand what is in someone's head at that point. :/ I did not watch his show all the time but now and then when flipping I would see him somewhere interesting and stop to check it out.
  14. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    Wondering how it works when you want two of a class. Right now we can not get the kid pass option to add on as an additional order. Probably because it is $0 and that is all I am trying to checkout with but hoping they figure it out before time. Just wondering what the UI looks like when you have enough passes to have more than one person take the same class. Don't want too many surprises by the time they are available to purchase.
  15. hungerfan

    Reaper classes?

    Noon? I thought it was around 1PM. Hoping it is as easy as clicking a button on the schedule that says "purchase classes".