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  1. Yeah I have the book that pic is taken from! Saw the image you posted and thought "That looks very familiar."
  2. I approve this idea and would gladly throw in anything I or the family would never use.
  3. Not seeing a meme out there for mini painting. Thought I saw one a while back but my search-fu is not working if it is out there. Instead here is an updated pic I took last night after dry fitting all of our dragons together.
  4. No clue. Every time I have gone they either canceled it or I sat for an hour or so and they picked the folks they wanted before getting to me. Would like to sit with other juror's some day and give it a go. Well I say that until I get stuck in some crazy murder trial with a Dallas Cowboy that goes for weeks. I am glad they let me just request a new day to go in instead of forcing me to go on the day they gave.
  5. Got a bit more painting done with family. It is obvious the wifey and I have never done anything of this size and have no clue what we are doing. Just throwing paint down and trying things. Mine is not coming out as my brain saw it turning out. :) I told her I need to do one of those MEMEs where you have the different pics saying "What I want to paint. How I see it. How others see it. How it really looks."
  6. I wear the skull shirt like crazy from teespring. It has held up well. Not sure it was worth the price I paid for a t-shirt though. (Well 2 since I also bought a faction shirt.)
  7. Yeah I was not sure if I would see a while dragon in blister or just a wing. It was a wing tapped to an index card and in an envelope. Nice and simple and it did the trick very well.
  8. My daughter's had two left wings. They just sent me the right wing that we needed. May do the same with head since that was all you needed.
  9. This is how they got me to stick around. Got rid of it...then they call me back a few weeks later saying "but if you have all 3 you will be paying X" and X was less than they told me for the interwebs and the basic network stuff so we had local news when needed. So i said fine give it all back and give me my cheaper rate. Plus I rarely watch Netflix or any other service we have. I usually flip through some channels I like or watch stuff that got DVR'd if I watch tv instead of playing XBOX.
  10. I dig all kinds of music. Usually depends on the mood while working/driving/sitting around. My playlist is very....random and I will shuffle it and if something comes on I don't want I skip it. Will go through and see if any of these do anything for me. Today has been a Shaggy day thanks to Spotify.
  11. Man that sucks. The 4 paints we needed were ordered Wed from Reaper and I had them by Friday. Sure I am close by but they were pretty much boxed up and shipped out the next morning.
  12. 9218 is correct for lava orange and is the one i layered on many times this weekend.
  13. Saw those over the weekend but was not crazy they had a halloween theme with bats and other things on them. Would have been nice to grab a few for my daughters better pieces. They are all getting so dusty just sitting on the display shelf.
  14. We got a few hours in this weekend to get some painting done. Made a few changes to how we are doing things so I could keep both wife and daughter happy/interested. I swapped colors with my wife and the daughter re-rolled because she was not wanting her dragon to be so "dark and boring". So she went from Black, Grey, Olive Green to Heather Blue, Violet Red, Mint Green. We also chose from the pile of dragons we had and not just from the list given. So the daughter is painting up Viridius. My wife picked Marthrangul. I am doing Kyphrixis. Oh and since I was not going to keep up with a WIP is the one pic I took after we were done with our session yesterday.
  15. Deal me in! New mug for this year.