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  1. hungerfan

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    Last years. Probably a page missed when they were changing up the site for this year. AND to answer the other question...found this: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/ReaperCon/sku-down/01613 Also should let @ReaperAHawk and @Reaper Ron know. They can probably get the image changed before it causes too much grief in the next couple weeks...if not too late.
  2. hungerfan

    ReaperCon Sophie Model

    I quit. Going to just save my money to pay Rhonda for commission work.
  3. hungerfan

    2018 con t-shirts?

    Shirt got in much quicker than they said. Showed up today while at lunch and boy is it pink and frilly. :)
  4. hungerfan

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Up and down. Mostly up. We had some storms come in at the end of the weekend so Monday and Tuesday were decent but got a little humid by late afternoon. I have not been outside since I got to the office but it was not bad this morning when I came in. Hoping by end of Aug we will be in the low 90s are even into the 80s....you just never know in TX.
  5. hungerfan

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I seriously doubt the hotel will feel as cold as it has felt here in the office. The last few days I walk in and have not gotten to my desk before my hands are cold and I know it will be one of those days. It was worse on Monday and Tuesday because of the clouds outside keeping it cooler...but the temp didn't change inside and was still set for 95+ degree weather outside. Bbbbrrrrrr. Is it time for Reapercon yet?! I took that entire week off just to make things easier for me. Poker events on 25th & 26th. 19th Anniversary on the 27th. Then trying to do as little as possible the rest of the week except have fun. :)
  6. hungerfan

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I should get a shirt printed up of my forum pic!! :P
  7. Such a tiny thing...but they still freak me out. I have been stung by some slightly bigger in my youth. One was crawling across my forehead when i woke up and I thought it was hair tickling me and I swiped at it...that didn't turn out well. The other got squished when I stepped on it...barefoot. That too did not turn out well for either of us.
  8. hungerfan

    2018 con t-shirts?

    Well it was the ruffle tshirt in pink with Sophie on it. (For her...not me!)
  9. hungerfan

    2018 con t-shirts?

    Hmm the shirt I got for the little one said it would be next week some time. Maybe the smaller the shirt the longer it takes to make.
  10. hungerfan

    Anyone basing?

    Not sure I want to bring all my basing stuff but since I am local it could always be tossed in a box to cart out there if it looks like I may hang out and base things during off times. Saturday would be a good time for that while I have my daughter there and we are done with classes. We will be staying until the awards and she get bored easily BUT loves basing more than painting now.
  11. hungerfan

    Anyone basing?

    Or just a big sign that reads "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO THIS TABLE!"
  12. Said by many a BOGWer. I think even I have said it after the last 2-3 times. Hopefully you can join in at another time.
  13. Hey that pic looks like my wife's setup. I never tried to see how many paints would fit in them...didn't care for the draw thing that would hide my paints. For her nail polish she went through and made this giant keymaster style key ring with swatch sticks instead of keys and each end has nail polish on it and i am guessing she labeled on the stick a name/brand for each. It took a while but I had been tempted to try that with my paints....but I end up being too lazy to start that project. :)
  14. hungerfan

    Anyone basing?

    Going off the 2 years it was at a hotel before there could possibly be a nice area in the public painting space to set up shop for people to drop by and do some basing stuff when they have nothing else going on. If others are around with more experience to offer help then it would almost be a community style @Corporea's Corner! I really am trying to get that bit of awesomeness back to the con.
  15. hungerfan

    ReaperCon Survival Kits

    Bring it to RCon with any others you may want to trade...or just hand off. I have given away a few dupes or hard to find colors that I won't use that way.