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    KK. Will keep my eyes open for anything going on so we can come out and have fun and I am sure spend money on models we don't have yet. :) I got to buy not one but two of Narthrax that last time because I spoil both my daughter and the niece.

    Any news on a last day of KS party again? Had a blast bringing family out last time. It is what got the niece and brother-in-law to try painting with us. :) Aug 13 would be bad but you did say after. Poker plans for Aug 13. Can't mess up my poker plans.
  3. I will have my daughter with my so I won't be up for shooting ranges. Been once and it was a lot more fun than I expected. The thing did not take control of my brain and make me do bad things.
  4. I acquired a skinned spot on the top of my head during lunch. It was free! Did I learn my lesson about playing with dog in the house and trying to jump over the short gate into our bedroom? No...I doubt I learned much.
  5. Sounds like me...and this will be my 4th.
  6. Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville just happens to be open on Sundays.
  7. I want to see him kill her and then Arya pulls off her mask and shrinks back down to size right before our eyes. :)
  8. I should bring my set of poker chips and start up a poker tournament where buyin is 1500 reaperbucks. 10 man tournament and pay out 50% for first, 30% for second, and 20% for 3rd. :) Just like the thought of having something that I can use my Reaperbucks for. Last year we just gave them away because we didn't even have enough for the little stuff.
  9. You will always be our hairy nerd. :P
  10. We never saw her leave. Who week they show her riding off and there are a few dead guys around the campfire. I found the episode overall to be so-so for such a long wait. Hoping next week it picks up fast since we have...oh 6 episodes left.
  11. ::facepalm:: Game of Thrones!! Hi Lady! Your name looks familiar but maybe from old topics I ran across back when I came around in 2013.
  12. Paints are provided if needed for class. They will mention if you should bring a brush or anything else. There should be some classes available but the tricky part is there being something left you are interested in.
  13. I used to say that....then learned I had issues with dairy. :/ All good. Tried some lactaid for the first time before having a meal with lots of cheese and wow that was awesome. I love cheese and was getting a bit upset I had to stop eating it. So bring on the pizza! (As long as I remember to take a couple of these miracle pills with me.)
  14. Everyone send in a pic and we can just paste them all together in an image taken of and empty area in the PEC. :)
  15. Took my early Corporea class. :) Was not sure if I needed it but I like the way you teach and hope to come out with more knowledge on the subject like I usually do.