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  1. I figured they would be doing it again. :) My daughter picked up a few of their minis last con. If she paints some and enters them do we need to mention anything or does Bombshell go through all entries and finds those that are from them?
  2. Ahh. I have not had a chance to watch the latest video so no clue what they discussed. Just going by a snapshot of some color swatches shown on a certain patreon. Come join us on Anne's awesome patreon and get some great videos/pdfs to things YOU can ask her to discuss. :) EDIT: hey @WhiteWulfe, this was in the video description when I watched it. http://www.reapermini.com/pdf/2019MSPPFPaints.pdf
  3. Looks like it may be getting worked on. I can not confirm or deny if I have seen a pic of swatches of those colors somewhere on the internet.
  4. My daughter has her pug mage painted but wants to base it. I think she has plenty of time for that.
  5. hungerfan

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    It was THE PLACE to eat when they got a couple here in DFW area. Now...it is just another place with some yummy food. I rarely visit the place but when i do enjoy my monster breakfast tacos that I usually get. The Hipster is a good one if you like tuna and avocado.
  6. hungerfan

    Reapercon website

    With the changes they have done the only thing you can really do is a google image search for: MSP Open www.reapercon.com
  7. hungerfan

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I need to find a real breakfast diner over that way. Took the family to IHOP last year and it had been a while since we visited one. We were not impressed and I kind of remember why I stopped going. Pancakes are a bit special to me and I have gotten real picky as of late when it comes to having good pancakes. :) Who am i kidding. If it requires me getting in the car and going to a place then I will probably just stick to Fish n Chips.
  8. hungerfan

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Nope. I usually have to ask for it at places. Been to some that had it on the table if that was one of their main items on menu.
  9. hungerfan

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I had the Houlihan's fish n chips every day and loved it. On Sat I took my daughter for dinner there and she too got the fish n chips and is not hooked on the dish. :)
  10. hungerfan

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Torchy's is not bad. I would go to the one here in Allen weekly or twice weekly. Management changed and the feel and quality changed a bit so don't go as much now. When I visited the other day I got a couple breakfast tacos and they pack the good in them. One thing that I would get and have a hard time finishing is an item they don't have listed. The Ace of Spades. OMG it was so huge they must use a large tortilla or 2 of the normal sized ones. ACE OF SPADES — A jalapeno sausage link, grilled brisket, a fried egg, green chile queso, cilantro, cotija cheese, sour cream, and diablo. Served on a flour tortilla.
  11. Yeah she replied quick to me after I signed up at the "AMA/Roundtable Knights!" level.
  12. An impromptu trip up to the Choctaw casino with a friend yesterday acquired me $275 after 5 1/2 hours or so of poker playing. Other than that I can't think of much else I have gotten for myself lately. Taking the daughter to the zoo today so I am sure we will come back with something from the gift shop like all of our trips there. :)
  13. Ahh didn't think they had that many since some people sounded like they had two questions being answered. Not a biggie if it never gets answered but thought it was a good topic.
  14. Liked the episode because of all the questions being answered. There was just one missing. Mine that I sent in early Jan. I just knew it would be on there but by the end I was all sad.
  15. TX here too. Allen to be exact and yeah depending on the day we paint my daughter and I can have paint dry very fast or at times we feel like it has sat there for 20 min and is still not ready for another coat or to do anything else with the mini. We use just Reaper paints at this time because they are near and I have been a fan. The Vallejo I got from Madness when we started years ago has rarely been used and the GW paints I had were given to Aaron Lovejoy a few Reapercons ago because I had not enjoyed using them. As we have seen from this thread it is all just different strokes for different folks. I never plan on being awesome and just like to have a hobby I share with my now 9 year old (as of yesterday). Hopefully we see you out at Reapercon this year!