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  1. ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    Going to ask again since things may have changed from last year. I will get myself a 4 day pass but for my daughter do I not need to worry about any pass since she is under 10? If I need to get her one for Saturday so she can take a class again and do the entry into paint contest then I will grab one for her and do an extra swag once I have gotten our tickets set up.
  2. Tools of the Trade

    Once you have something down maybe guest appearances by people who can help out with content on the things you can not do. There may be someone who is able to do it and loves to help share info to the community.
  3. Brush Cases / Rolls

    I really like the bamboo roll case I got from Wamp BUT have an issue with what you mentioned here. If I don't make it tight enough when I tie it closed and it gets turned upside down then I have a mess on my hands.
  4. Paint brushes

    I forgot how to tell if a brush is synthetic or sable...besides knowing from when I bought it and paid $12+ for it. :)
  5. How to organize my paints

    Yeah my wife was tired of mini stuff just sitting around the window ledge near kitchen table and piling up at my computer desk. Still have a bunch of stuff that does not fit but I got it a bit more organized. Next to that shelving is another one just like it full of my daughter's crafting stuff. It was such a mess I did not want it in my pic until they get it better organized. Both are in the kitchen next to the table because that was the only place we have fore them and because the table is used for our painting and crafts. I could just imagine the space I would need if I had 3 more kids.
  6. Hmm. Maybe I will grab those and have them here and ready for her to try painting. She mentioned that she liked the 'Fade' bust I got but not sure I want her trying it out as her first bust. Thanks for the info. Now back to our on topic discussions. :)
  7. Yeah the Alice in Wonderland busts were something that caught my eye. Only because of all the Alice stuff we have collected for my daughter over the years and she paints with me so maybe one day she will want to try painting busts. I have no clue what "transition busts" are but assuming they are smaller for people going from minis to normal sized busts? I have so many brushes right now since I won a complete set from Wamp and have a few others I bought from different brands since we started painting. The other things they have in store I may get are extra corks for my Rathcore mini holders. I am liking the one that I started to use and she has been using the grip that we got. If I start using he cork part correctly I am sure it will chew them up and some replacements would be needed.
  8. I am looking to spend my £50 gift card I won from them and see this along with some other nice things. I doubt I would ever paint a bust so not sure what to get. So many pretty things there! Any suggestions on anything there that is a must get item?!
  9. What did I step into?! You are all nuts for having things like this run through your heads!! Looking forward to the Kraken attacking undead pirate ship conversion you do. :P
  10. I had a couple that I would have happily put into my box if there had been room.
  11. Bones Super Glue - status?

    Bummer to hear. I don't go through glue quick enough but liking my bottle of Bones glue I finally opened up and started to use once the Loctite bottle got so gunked up and is hard to use.
  12. What other vendors?

    I am guessing this is still the list from last year. https://reapercon.com/vendors A lot of those are from the year before too but I have slept since then and only remember some of the bigger places that have been at all the cons I attended since 2014.
  13. What does the black cap mean?

    Yeah the color of the caps is what made sorting paints a pain because having white and black caps mixed was bothering my wife when she looked at them. A small thing to worry about but I had to make her happy and we came up with a solution. Anything with a black cap is off on the far right after I sort all the others by color...and then metallic properties. Put a pic up in this thread if interested in how it turned out.
  14. Great! Now I need to go find the song on Spotify...which means I will be listening to a lot of oldies today. :) Once you start that trip down the rabbit hole you just keep falling until you hit the bottom.
  15. Did you check under the bomp bah bomp bah bomp in case they could not fit it inside?