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    Changed it to my home address instead of work. I do not want it to be in the neighborhood on a weekend and I can not get it. @Reaperbryan, Am I correct in understanding that this change will make all KS items that use that PM go to that address now?

    Anxiety is setting in already. I should stop reading this thread. :)
  3. I hope we see shirts again. Bought one every year until last year when I bought 2 for me and one for the daughter. She is not all about having a shirt. :)
  4. More sad news. 57 is a bit too young. Now I need to go watch some of the funny Chappelle's Show episodes with him in it.
  5. Sorry but I have had to pass. Took a different blending class that did not mention spit on brush. :)

    Seen this yet?

    This is what I thought my daughter would be like but she has yet to try and paint something cute and instead keeps doing dragons or undead knights and the like. :) She is a very cutesy little girl who loves her dolls but when it comes to minis she has a darker side I guess.

    Yeah I kept Wave #1 this time around since they said no pick ups at HQ. Hopefully it takes a day to get to me from across town.
  9. Just read he passed away today at 90. It made me go watch an old Late Night with Johnny Carson episode that had him visiting and just ripping on everyone.

    With some things in life I am an optimist. So I am going to go with the 2-3 day turn around with customs. Then there is the poker player in me who knows how unlucky he gets even with the odds stacked in his yeah...we may see the 30 day turn around instead. I take full blame. Still....sooo close.
  11. Last year I ended up having a meeting right at the time the classes were going up for grabs. I had to tell the boss I would be late getting there because I was not going to miss out on picking the Reapercon classes I wanted. :)
  12. No there is not. You will be spending all that time getting your entries done. :P
  13. Was on for about 1 1/2 hours with daughter working on the LTPK Bones Orc. She has not done it yet so found me another orc in my stash and we started him up together. She wanted to get on the hangouts again while we painted and we got to say high to 3 folks this time. :)

    I will have 2 Mal's but one is for a friend so I can take em both at once. I may go with the random draw. Reach in grab something and take it home. Oh who am I kidding. I have told the wife to expect a LOT of "minis" coming home soon.

    Yeah I forgot there was not one today. I also refuse to go back to the PM and see how much over budget I was and what things I got that I am just not remembering. Hopefully by the end of the month I will have them all delivered here at the office and can cart everything home. Maybe one mini at a time so things don't get too crazy at home. :)