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  1. Fulfilling

    Popped open Stoneskull Expansion with the daughter when I got home and took some pics. Had issues with a few not wanting to stay together.
  2. Fulfilling

    I did this post yesterday with him in there. Not a solo pic but you should get enough from it. If I were home I would take another of just it.
  3. Fulfilling

    Siri, I wish you had mine instead of me having it since they just sit there all day wanting to be painted.
  4. Fulfilling

    The place I work for has offices in Canada and over seas. I feel like they have at least one Monday and maybe a Friday each month off at all locations but US. Sorry a lot of you are stuck with a 3 day holiday weekend before getting your goodies.
  5. Fulfilling

    Did an early lunch but just stopped home briefly to get wife and go surprise our daughter at school. So no digging through the rest of the box and getting pics at this time. Maybe we can set some stuff up tonight when I get home. Oh and I tried to watch a DVD with her last night because she wanted to see it. We did not get far before she was pretty bored. I was pretty interested in hearing Anne talk but she would comment on things said and talk louder than Anne.
  6. Fulfilling

    I felt like the ones in that set were. I went around pushing on things like weapons and did not notice it giving in as much. Could just be me but even the thinner coffin lid did not bend very easily when i applied pressure. The wings on this one were so much smaller looking compared to that pic of yours. I can rebuild it and take closer pics if you would like.
  7. Fulfilling

    Hey @Limey72, here are 4 shots of him.
  8. Fulfilling

    Cobra in the core set? I have yet to dig through it. Getting tired so probably going to watch TV until I pass out in 30-40 min. Still got core set and stoneskull to go through. I bagged him up again but can go snap some close ups before I call it a night. Hopefully they are not too blurry from my meh phone camera.
  9. Fulfilling

    Graveyard Expansion has been set up. Going to leave it there for the night so daughter sees it when she wakes. The roof is not as easy to remove as I thought it would be. Had to loosen the corners some to be able to have a chance of popping it off to show the inside.Also did not attach "steeple" or whatever it is on the front of it and the hinge part to keep door on so it can open and close needs glue too. I can see how you may want more of the fence too.
  10. Fulfilling

    Yeah as I was building it the thing just kept getting cooler looking. The way the pieces go together was just amazing to me too.
  11. Fulfilling

    A couple dragons are barely staying together. Very loose and need glue but I got em to stay for a pic...even when the daughter comes up and bumps table right before the pic.
  12. Fulfilling

    Ok I see her arm bent. I was confused on it and where the sword went. Thanks! What do you mean by what wings come with it? I did get a pic of the other dragons I got and the froggy. I also realized I missed buying something I wanted... Shubniggurath. :/ Was wondering where he was and I went to check PM and don't see him there. Strange since he was one of the main ones I thought about getting as soon as it was added. Oh plenty. :) Happy to do any close ups of the stuff I have. Will start going through my Graveyard now because the daughter would love to see it when she wakes.
  13. Fulfilling

    Left arm. Looks like it may be missing. I have a sword but dont see it attached to any arm. She has a left arm...or the top half of one. Got another one in bag for a friend who bought it but did not want to open it up without his OK.
  14. Fulfilling

    There was a post at some point with links to them. I recently shared it on KS comments but can no longer find it and don't remember how I found it a few weeks back.
  15. Fulfilling

    Understood. I still have a while and was not even doing an actual inventory check like before. My thought was to just go through it all and get pics then maybe go over my list of things I got and see if something stands out because I never saw it.