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  1. hungerfan

    Dungeons & Doggies Kickstarter

    Got in on this day one....showed my daughter the teaser pics a week ago and that was a mistake. I did not tell her how long it would be before we see them though.
  2. Last week of Aug. You have plenty of time. :)
  3. Nothing mini related acquired but of course that means it must be poker related. :) I just got a green sun visor to wear Sunday while I deal at our home game and a new card protector to use while playing. This one spins in the middle and the donkey's tale points to a random action for me to do. :) I love random havoc!
  4. hungerfan

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    I got my bridge set but was missing the Troll Hole set.
  5. hungerfan

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    Got mine on Friday. Went through it with my daughter on Monday evening and she had fun placing tiles and making her own areas. I only opened up one of the starter boxes but assumed the other would be just like the one we dug through.
  6. hungerfan

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I showed her the new Sophie pic that Izzy colored and she was all ready to do that. I told her it might be a little late for planning something that extravagant. :)
  7. hungerfan

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Forgot it was at the end of Aug this year. I don't do much and live nearby so preparing is easy. I just need to make sure my little one has the entries she wants to enter ready. Oh and she keeps asking what the theme is this year but I have no clue.
  8. Yeah! I got my Secret Weapon KS Tiles on Friday!!! More paints in the mix too! Of course, that night I lost $200 in a home game I went to...after being up to $300 in the first few hours. I never leave when I am ahead.
  9. Think she has been one of you for a while now. Once she started entering her stuff at Reapercon it was a done deal. :)
  10. So 4 years ago some of you may remember this little gem. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54758-cthulhu-through-the-eyes-of-a-4-year-old-girl Well last year at Reapercon she wanted to use the $25 gift certificate to buy another one and see how much better she was at painting it. So I had her go at it and this is what she came up with this time.
  11. hungerfan

    Happy Birthday hungerfan!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes last week! Took off work Thurs and Friday and have not been on the forums since. Got a new chair that night and headed up to Choctaw on Sat but had the opposite happen from 2 weeks ago and I left most of my poker winnings there. :/ Still had fun as I always do while playing the game.
  12. As tempting as it was I spent less on a Helix which is an exclusive I guess at Staples. Sat in it there at store and liked it. Since I got mine home and built it has a few things that bother me but may just be me needing to get use to a chair that is sturdy and does not lean to the side. :)
  13. Have not acquired much yet for birthday but will be picking up a gaming chair to use at desk and something to roll into living room so i can use it when playing on XBOX. No clue yet what I want but have found a few here at local retail stores that I may just grab to get it right away. Anyone have a gaming chair they like? So far I have been interested in AKGaming and Cougar. Staples has one called the Helix that is pretty nice and on my radar too. Will decide tonight or early tomorrow so I can get it built ASAP.
  14. Still no Secret Weapon KS Dungeon Mine Tiles. :/ I did get to go play poker again for father's day weekend. Turned $200 into $1460 playing at the $1/$2 table up at Choctaw Durant...so I guess that makes up for no tiles yet.
  15. hungerfan

    Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops board game

    There was a day when I was all over anything Shadowrun. I saw this but doubt it would ever get played since I don't really have a regular gaming group now. :/