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  1. Almost to me! Funny how we are both in the same circuits for this BOGW and the normal one. I already sent you a bunch of bases but I am planning on putting some of the plinths I got from that WAMP raffle in this box. For the other normal BOGW you will be a couple behind me so hopefully can enjoy some of the winnings I will be sharing.
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    We saw where they got you last year. :P
  3. Just happened to be there Sat looking for a gift when we noticed a few things still available and picked them up. Some flowers we have used before and some kind of desert sand gravel.
  4. I don't mind. Not sure I have ever done it in the past and even if I don't get a chance this time I can always let the little one add some color to it. She would probably get a kick out of that now that she does more painting than I do. :) Not much needed for the group paints though. Just grab it and find a spot to add a little color then pass it on.
  5. We keep it at the Medium sized box for "cheaper" postal costs. Some ask the group what they would like...others just toss in stuff they don't want but think others would like.
  6. Was out sick at the end of last week so got behind. I usually pass up on any boxes I get that are full of lead figures. No interest with the little one doing most of the painting these days. So if I can not be on the one with a ton of lead that would be nice. No biggie if it works out better to have me on that route...i will just not dig through it much.
  7. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    THINK POSITIVE! (or do you already know the answer?)
  8. I was going to pass on the next one BUT got all those goodies from the Wamp raffle I need to share. Well missing a bunch of stuff still but got a few that no one showed interest in yet. Soooo. I'm In! Dallas No international this time and no starting box.
  9. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    ::big texas hugs::
  10. I will do it again. Always fun to see what things pass through and try to put something back in. Dallas, TX...still.
  11. Siri could use thoughts/prayers

    ::hugs:: Talking to him could be all it takes to help him move on. When my dad took a turn for the worse during his fight with cancer we were all at the hospital. Told him that night he did not have to fight any longer and we all said our byes. I headed out that evening and was told by my aunt later that night he had passed as I was walking to the car. (Did not own a cell at the time so they could not reach me until later). It was just very interesting how it all played out but I think all of us telling him it was OK to go and we would be alright helped him leave with peace of mind.
  12. ReaperCon 2018 Hotel Booking Link

    Thanks for the info. I was going to book a room and sublease it cheap just to get any special minis. :P I got problems.
  13. 50235: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady (in the eyes of a 7 year old)

    Thanks for the great comments. A few of you know she has been doing this since I got into Bones 1 KS and she wanted to join in. She has really improved and I love seeing her do the smaller minis more than just dragons. She actually has 2 dragons she started but never finished and the clockwork dragon I got her last year and it has sat in the blister untouched. My guess is she now likes the smaller minis because they take less time to complete. :)
  14. I wanted to share this here for those of you not on the social media outlets. My daughter's latest project was the Crazy Cat Lady that I got her for Christmas. She painted the cats first which just amazed me because some of the detail she put on them was awesome. Once she was done and I could not get her to touch up anything else she wanted to base. I decided she would do it all except the super glue. So away she went with craft glue and basing materials. She has a few more things I got her for Christmas and then birthday is in less than two weeks and I have a couple more minis for then too. Should be a busy year if actually sit down and paint.