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  1. I wanted to share this here for those of you not on the social media outlets. My daughter's latest project was the Crazy Cat Lady that I got her for Christmas. She painted the cats first which just amazed me because some of the detail she put on them was awesome. Once she was done and I could not get her to touch up anything else she wanted to base. I decided she would do it all except the super glue. So away she went with craft glue and basing materials. She has a few more things I got her for Christmas and then birthday is in less than two weeks and I have a couple more minis for then too. Should be a busy year if actually sit down and paint.
  2. ReaperCon 2018 Hotel Booking Link

    Thanks for the info. I was going to book a room and sublease it cheap just to get any special minis. :P I got problems.
  3. 50235: Edna, Crazy Cat Lady (in the eyes of a 7 year old)

    Thanks for the great comments. A few of you know she has been doing this since I got into Bones 1 KS and she wanted to join in. She has really improved and I love seeing her do the smaller minis more than just dragons. She actually has 2 dragons she started but never finished and the clockwork dragon I got her last year and it has sat in the blister untouched. My guess is she now likes the smaller minis because they take less time to complete. :)
  4. ReaperCon 2018 Hotel Booking Link

    When the deal was done did you yell, "ADRIENNE!!!!"?? As for a serious question on what is mention in the first post... Two different, brand new, exclusive ReaperCon Special Edition Miniatures that will be FREE to Embassy Suites guests (two models per registered hotel guest) These are not special minis just for those getting rooms, correct?
  5. Lego single pieces

    Different folks. They are Bricks and Boards and they are in New Orleans.
  6. Lego single pieces

    We got a place here in TX called Bricks and Minifigs. They may sell individual pieces. I would say send me what you want and I could look through our many thousands of pieces but not sure that would be worth any of our time.
  7. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    The Houlihans I did with the family in Garland was pretty darn good.
  8. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    For me a RCon without Harrek is not going to be an RCon worth visiting. IF Bryan does not show...well...yeah...not sure what I would do.
  9. Reaper, the Early Years

    I had just gotten back into DnD playing around early 2001. As I was visiting the closest game store to the office with some of the guys I was gaming with we were constantly told about Reaper minis from one of the guys working there (who I run into at Reaper events now and then since we are both local and can attend most/all of them). I would buy a few if they fit what I was looking for but never became an obsessed fan until that Bones KS1 sucked me in and I decided i should start painting these things. Then the Reapercons....then the wallet draining...then the melting down unpainted minis for heat...then the eating paints because we have no food.
  10. Reaper, the Early Years

    THIS is what makes me the happiest. The time has gone by very quickly yet the product is still loved and the company is still just as awesome. Probably why I still buy stuff when I have enough to paint until I keel over.
  11. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    It was through the form on the site. I think when I heard something it had been 3 days...maybe 4. Forgot exactly what they said...think I posted it in a thread when everyone was discussing the sale and the issues were just starting to be noticed by everyone.
  12. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    Same here. That is why I wrote them asking about the order after a week of hearing nothing.
  13. Had a few more things show up during the Christmas break I was on. Fade from Mirico made it in. Some human football team. and this Battle for Zycanthus game I have no interest in but boy does it have a lot of minis and other parts. I tried to pawn it off on Kevin since he is local but there was no interest in it like he had for The Others and Blood Rage.
  14. [SPLIT] CMoN orders

    No clue if I ever got my $2 refund for the Lady Lanister that did not make it with my order. I don't remember how I paid of the order at this point.
  15. Oh...why did you not write that last week so it would already be end of the month!?! I got plenty of stuff from Base Boss and Wamp raffle to share.
  16. The Dark Crystal returns to theatres - no, really.

    Thought I saw it mentioned for Alamo draft house or some place that shows old flicks. I do know we saw it on one of the streaming services (Netflix?) and I was wondering if my daughter was old enough to enjoy it or if it would freak her out.
  17. Took a few days before I heard from them but I wrote earlier on before they were probably getting slammed with emails asking where their orders were at. Yeah that looks exactly like the one I got early this month.
  18. Multiple positions for looking? Bah...I was just expecting top and lower portion like bifocals. I guess they are called progressive for a reason though. Not ready for change. Too much going on lately to deal with more change.
  19. I spent nearly $600 last week on eye exam and new glasses/lenses. The biggest bulk of that cost was on the "old man" lenses I get to wear now. Looking forward to trying out some painting with them to see if they help or if I still need the magnification head wear. Besides that over the weekend a couple more things came in from the Wamp raffle goodies. A couple of black plynths and the mini holders from http://rathcore.com/miniature-holder/ Time to watch some videos on how to properly use them. I am sure it will be a big change to how I hold my mini but hopefully I like it. Not sure if the daughter will be able to use one or not.
  20. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    I am a tall lanky guy who hunches over more than he should. Oh and I ALWAYS look lost. It was just a funny pic because I knew that I was on the show but had not seen it yet and a friend posted to a GroupMe channel we are in with that screen grab commenting on how the poker show he was watching got photobombed. :) Unlike this screen grab from a show I worked on called Net Talk Live back in 1999-2000. There is a story behind this and why I have duct tape on my face.
  21. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Heh same thing a guy at the office said...or close enough to the same. I was staring at the monitors they have above to show the cards on table so you can follow the action. :) I do feel OLD now after the eye exam yesterday and ordering progressive lenses. Such a nice way to say "Old people glasses" now.
  22. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Best place as any for this little gem. LOOK who was spotted on the wrong side of the table. I would love to be sitting there with the big boys while they play and record Poker Night in America.
  23. Did you ever send them a note to ask for status update? We ordered on the same day and I got my package in earlier than expected. It said today but got it yesterday. A tad upset that one of the minis I wanted was out of stock by the time they put box together and I got a $2 refund for it.
  24. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Not quite the same if they do that. On that note....my order did not have coal. My daughter will get an ornament instead of the coal in her stocking. :)