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  1. Sorry that I haven't been able to check in often, things have...been afoot. I'm still loving your stories and the models! I'm curious to see what becomes of my favorite undead captain.
  2. Ah, the downfall of the greedy men, or so it would seem. Captain Old Nedd eh? Should be interesting. Your stories are always very coherent so I'm not surprised you have notes. Keep up the great work!
  3. Remind me never to stop and smell the roses should I ever end up in your terrain, your plants have teeth! :D Wonderful story additions! <3
  4. Those are straight up awesome! Unfortunately, I can't afford them all, but I will at least get tonatiuh, Coatl whisperer and Ehecatl, The Devourer. Though if the supreme sorcerer unlocks (and I can afford it) I may get him as well or instead of other two.
  5. Those are all the reasons I like him and am interested in him. He's quite a sympathetic character and one quite easy to empathize with. I like to think that most folks would struggle with the good vs evil conundrum, at least for a little while. There's a good B rated made for television movie called Nick Knight about a vampire who struggles with that (from what I recall). Loving all the awesome updates on the base, remind me not to ever visit that place! :D
  6. Captain Aguilera is still my favorite character :) loving the story update! Good luck with your juvinile dinos, puberty might be hard!
  7. vegascat

    Reapercon Figures for Non-Con goers?

    +1 Huzzah, thank you OneBoot!
  8. Now that classes are over for the semester, i have the summer free to paint and catch up on your wonderful threads! Another amazing project underway I see!
  9. vegascat

    Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust By Glitterwolf

    She's really looking wonderful~! The headband still blows me away.