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  1. its Sakatsu ( and very close to the train station (maybe a 8 minute walk). Its a small store with a lot of great stuff in it.
  2. The only bonus to having a slipped disk is that I'm forced to do things on my phone, like taking pictures and trying to update threads :) Here's the things that I got back in February in my trip to Japan. The two small tubes are epoxy, feel free to ask about any of the other things.
  3. I really love all the colors on your Ma'al, as well as the pattern as it feels like something I would really see out in the wild.
  4. It was a lot of fun following along with you~ <3 I'm looking forward to painting my Ma'al sometime this year. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration~
  5. I see. I'm considering doing my basecoats with my airbrush, the only thing I've managed to learn how to do with it so far. I remember seeing Rhonda Bender's Ma'al on bookface and its really stunning, but I honestly don't recall if she shaded/highlighted the whole thing.
  6. I really want to disagree with you, but (a) sadly, I've never been able to go to RC, and (b) I expect a lot of Ma'al's this year and the next due to how popular the model is. However, I think your colors and wonderful painting of her will really stand out nonetheless.
  7. Okay, thanks! I'm going to dryfit it and then decide.
  8. *love* all the colors! My Ma'al arrived today~! <3 The wings on mine look much more curled in. Did you straighten yours out? Also, T'razkul is also GINORMUS! Also, Also, Dagon is gorgeous!
  9. Yes, you seem to have found the magic formula! They really do look wonderful
  10. I saw some of your pics on bookface and am beyond thrilled to finally sneak in a minute to follow you here as well. I absolutely adore your painting on Ma'al so far. I've been wondering what kind of fun snake scale patterns could be painted on Ma'al, thanks to you. Thank you!
  11. I really hope you feel better soon, dear lady of our favorite head, seaweed. I sliced open my left thumb once and that's the hand I hold models in to paint, so I was either constantly bleeding or my thumb was throbbing in pain because, as you all know, I'm an idiot, and kept painting anyways. But I can see you're much smarter (not to mention a much better painter) than I, and you will rest your betwitched thumb. Seaweed. Looks. Amazing~! That color reminds me of Privateer Press has for painting their elves magic glowey bits. IIRC, its Arcane Blue, carnal pink, and necrotite green (so bright blue, bright pink, and bright green) in a 1-1-1 ratio. As my Ma'al is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Your wonderful thread and Siri's thread on bookface have both gotten my Creative Brain Juicestm flowing and I'm going to go and look at some fun snake scale patterns and see what I can dream up for my Ma'al. Thank you both wonderful peeps!
  12. I'm digging the bottoms of the wings, I think it looks really good!
  13. You know me so well~! ::wub:: :) I have to say that its really coming together rather well. I'm probably in the minority here, but I rather like Bloofus' tongue. Will mini-ma'al be getting a fun base?
  14. HOLY CATS! That. Is. Amazing! Now, if I can only convince my wife how much I *need* them. I'm really looking forward to see how your painting profits from using the lights.
  15. Oh! An update! ::happy dance:: Nice update, shame about the teeth and eyes