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  1. Absolutely wonderful!
  2. Oh, those scales are looking really nice! The wash really gave them some nice definition....or your cleaning up of them....or both. :D
  3. I've always liked that model, even if his pose is pretty static
  4. Sorry to hear about your lost parts, I hate it when that happens
  5. What kind of wood would Chuck chuck if he were a habit wearing nunwoodchuck? do you ever think that Chuckie would have stuck to chucking wood if those snooping kids and darn dog would have just left him alone?
  6. Those are going to be stunning ! I'm really liking thie tree
  7. I did a little assembling of Lavarath and he's going into the shower with me tonight for a good scrubbing
  8. Happy Hatching Day!
  9. Those colors are really looking wonderful! I sometimes use hot glue to temporarily attach models to cork or pill bottle tops to hold while painting, though I admit to never having tried it with bones models. I'll have to experiment!
  10. They all look. Great! The nightmare is easily my favorite!
  11. D'awwwwww~! And here I thought you were just all coffee and skulls! Very cool, I'm sure they were thrilled!