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  1. He's really looking great! enjoy your vacation!
  2. Such great fiction! I feel bad for the Captain in the last story though, poor guy.
  3. The Reaper Dark Elf Skin Highlight and sample paint layers *really* brought the spider to life for me as it reminds me of fine hairs some spiders have. ::shudder:: very creepy, well done!
  4. Ub3r's really just wondering if its tasty after barbequed XD
  5. I remember them~! I think the Countess is still my fav, although all of your busts are really wonderful.
  6. Your Ma'al is truly amazing. While you know I'm partial to Liberty, the other heads are all really awesome. That you finished Ma'al in such a short time limit is nothing short of wonderfully amazing! Make sure you update your signature line! :)
  7. That is really a cool idea. I could totally see a nighttime backdrop with a full moon behind Kaly, lighting the scene.
  8. Congratulations dear bootmistress! You have conquered the mighty challenge and come through in shinning metallic awesomeness!!! I am truly in awe!
  9. Really awesome work so far. I have two busts and haven't worked up the courage to work on either one so far. The orange wash on the fur is interesting, almost as though his underfur/coat is orange.
  10. Holy Cats, this is going to be amazing~!! I was thinking that it'd be cool if she were actively knocking down headstones with her tail, although that would be tons of work.
  11. I love waking up and seeing what *amazing* work you've done and Ma'al is done~! After the mighty dragon, the terrain will be a cinch!
  12. Yay! Love seeing your work! Oooh! Very nice so far.
  13. Way too awesome! I'm too jealous and need to give this a try at some point ::rolls up sleeves::
  14. I think he just volunteered to hand these out at RC! :D