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  1. Now that classes are over for the semester, i have the summer free to paint and catch up on your wonderful threads! Another amazing project underway I see!
  2. vegascat

    Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust By Glitterwolf

    She's really looking wonderful~! The headband still blows me away.
  3. I too hate it when broccoli hits the fan, especially when it should be on my plate! :D
  4. I keep wanting to call the other guy Bowser! :D I really do love these snakemen.
  5. That looks absolutely wonderful! :D Love the littlebit of fiction and the painting you've accomplished.
  6. Looking good! Nice to see you've really boned up on your skeleton painting!
  7. vegascat

    Figone Miniatures - Lharm Sheod - eastern warrior

    Thanks everyone!
  8. I love the old undead stuff, its too much fun! I admit, I'm a bit jealous! They're looking good so far! Have you seen the Privateer Press Sacral Vault? Its stupidly expensive, but a really awesome model that I think would fit in here somewhere! Not to mention their giant undead gator. :)
  9. vegascat

    Figone Miniatures - Lharm Sheod - eastern warrior

    I'll have to try something else. Not sure why the pictures aren't showing. *EDIT* Pictures should be showing now. I uploaded them from my 'puter rather than online.