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  1. thanks! will get final pics here soon!
  2. mre WIPs on my patreon page
  3. thanks! BTW, you can find more WIPs on my patreon
  4. actually, real closeups can be found on my FB page and in CMON wip forum, as reaper forums and patreon do not allows to post a full-sized pics
  5. Second week with that orge pal. Still, keep finding flws that have to be fixed with Tamiya, and this is really slows down me a lot. Thinking about making the wool texture more accurate. Looks like my first try with body hair was rather successful, regarding the scale... i think there are a week or two to finish. And now let's go to the pics. More pics can be found at my patreon. Will be grateful for your patreon support.
  6. Yea, kind of. MFC is "Midgar Fried Chokobo"
  7. thank for this kind words. i waited for around 7-8 years for opportunity to put some paint on this chap.
  8. Well, this is NOT tomorrow. But... better late, then never, as they say. You can see more of WIP pics on my patreon page
  9. thanks!
  10. thanks for your comments, pals! this is really precious!
  11. thanks! will update this tomorrow
  12. haha, mine is hidden in the wardrobe and still can run some CDs =)
  13. i can't leave the link here, but you can find this article on my patreon. check out my signature