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  1. My only counter argument to the cost is that sometimes buying the cheapest items to get started so discourages you that you give it up all together. If you at least buy middle of the road equipment you are a lot less likely to give it up due to continual problems with the equipment. Kind of like trying to paint with craft brushes that are not meant for fine brush work.
  2. I guess I don't understand this. Judging any competition is very subjective, but it comes down to did you pull it off or didn't you. In the end the material is irrelevant. We are not comparing your work to someone else's work, it is based on what you did and how well you executed the conversion. A sloppy joint is a sloppy joint regardless of whether its a conversion of metal, plastic or resin or even a from scratch piece. I'm also not sure about what upsets you about rules changes. The basic rules for the competition as it exists now have not changed extensively at all. We have refined them over time but at the heart of them they are basically the same. Now that I think about it, perhaps your question is on complexity rather than material, in which case a more complex conversion that is well done is going to score better than a simple conversion.
  3. The swag bags definitely won't go up until after the con. Its always possible that there won't be any left.
  4. That is the messiest version I have ever seen. There are a few commercial alternatives out there. I think the best value is one called the Grasshopper, at least if its still in production. Noch makes one for the model railroad crowd but they like it a lot and I think its about 180 dollars last time I looked. If you look there are a lot of plans out there for homemade versions as well.
  5. I think the Badger version are their Ghost Tints
  6. Somehow I managed to read this as Gordie Howe. It is hockey season after all and I saw a Gordie Howe hat trick the other night. a Gordie Howe hat trick is a goal, an assist and a fight.
  7. Because of certain factors we really need someone other than a stranger even from a reliable service to handle the dogs. One 12 year old Pyrenees curmudgeon with bad hips, one Pyr/Anatolian Shepherd mix at 100#, one Pyr Puppy (8 mths and 80#) and a hyper flat coat retriever/border collie mix. I won't leave them with anyone I don't already have a relationship with. Then there are the cats, that's a different story.
  8. Question for Tuesday, October 17th: Are you excited for ReaperCon? Are you Ready for ReaperCon? If you're going, what are you most looking forward to? If you're not, do you have any ReaperCon adjacent activities planned? I will only be there on Sunday. We are flying in from Denver Sunday morning and will leave later that night. We had our pet sitter flack out on us and there wasn't time to get another. I have an old dog with bad hips that I'm afraid to even try and transport anymore let alone leave him in a kennel. I'll run the auction, and make sure my vendors had a good show.
  9. Wait,did I read this right, Buglips is coming to ReaperCon? I think its a good thing that I'll only be there one day this year.
  10. Okay, it might work, but no guarantees. I'm not going to be at the convention until Sunday at this point so you will have to clear it with Debbie at the painting competition registration desk.
  11. In this scale it would be difficult at best to buy a single miniature. You are pretty much going to be restricted to buying packs of at least 4. Lines you can look at are: Empress, The Assault Group, Black Scorpion and Hasslefree. I would hit Hasslefree first as they are your best option for being able to buy a single miniatures.
  12. That could be difficult. Entries have to be in by 5pm on Friday night, and judging takes place that night except for Saturday only attendees. So it depends on when the CAV tournament is. If its on Saturday and you have a full weekend badge we might be able to accommodate you. If you are only attending on Saturday, the models have to be in the competition by Noon and you won't be able to use them during the day. So the answer is, it depends.
  13. Holy cow down to the bottom of page 3! Time to bump this up.
  14. I'm sure there is probably something equivalent from Vallejo but with out a sample to match against I wouldn't be sure what is really close. I suppose that if you need 5 gallons you might be able to talk Anne into making you a batch.
  15. I asked Anne for you, just because she is busy and is unlikely to answer emails right now. Try a 50/50 mix of Blonde Hair and Blonde Shadow with a tiny touch (emphasize the tiny) of black or purple. She said the formula is a weird one and this adds a slight muting factor to it.