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  1. ReaperCon 2018 Admission Tickets Available Now!

    Just going to make a quick comment on the painting competition. If you buy a four day pass your entries for the competition must be entered by the Friday night entry deadline. You may only enter on Saturday if you have a Saturday only badge.
  2. A good chunk of the masters are very likely already there, in fact they are probably done with the majority of the prototyping and production has already started on the minis that are approved and ready to go. It still takes time to churn out that many minis.
  3. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    I think he is hitting the wall because of the pricing. These are definitely on the pricey side approaching $10 a mini for the troopers.
  4. Mordheim....

    That sounds very interesting. A nice twist on the standard Mordheim campaign. I would be curious to see your maps on that when you get that far.
  5. Is your fridge running ?

    Yes, we regularly vacuum under and behind the fridge. It was made in 1998 and runs like a top. Plus we have three large dogs (all Great Pyrenees) and they shed, a lot. So we do this chore at least every six months.
  6. Wargames using reaper figs

    Here is a listing from my blog with just some of the Wild West game rules that are out there. I need to update it with a few others now. I should get moving on that. Wild West Game Rules
  7. "Overrunners" SF kickstarter

    I have my eye on this one. Pricey but I might dig deep for it, or not, hard to tell right now. The renders are amazing though.
  8. Airbrush Assembly Question

    There should definitely not be a gap there. I think you have an internal sub assembly in the nose put together wrong. I would dissemble it and try again. Take a look at the badger website for exploded pictures of the assembly.
  9. A gnome knight? Yeah, I can't find one.

    I used a lot of these for Gnomes, the old Ral Partha dwarves are so small that they are a perfect stand in for Gnomes.
  10. cracks in paint appearing on models

    I have had this issue with Vallejo Model Paints on occasion. I have not had it with Reaper Masters or HDs and I have been using them since the beginning and through the various changes in the base. On plastic miniatures it is almost certainly related to a combination of surface adhesion and not letting the paint dry completely. This much has already been said. I don't think any of the paint manufacturers out there, and there are a lot of them, are going to go through the type of testing you are talking about. Cracking is typically an isolated incident due to conditions and has very little to do with the paint itself. And somewhere there is another entire thread on this topic that Anne was heavily involved with and she could never recreate the issue the painter was experiencing.
  11. Digital minis?

    They don't right now. That doesn't mean they won't have a problem with it in the future and I can certainly see it become an issue. And to Kengar's point I don't think printing of miniatures is going to put either Reaper or Warlord Games out of business, if they don't change. Adjustment perhaps, except for buildings I just don't really seeing the miniature army crowd wanting to try and print their armies one at a time. Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but I also don't think this is an issue at this point in time. I don't see any of the other miniature companies releasing the stl files for their renders yet. When that happens then perhaps a change is in order.
  12. 1 wk old primer still tacky

    I wouldn’t prime with a semi gloss or a gloss. You may have a hard time getting acrylic paint to stick to that even if it dries out all the way and isn’t tacky any more. I would just strip and get some matte primer. But they it first and if it works then nothing lost.
  13. First time to reaper con!

    For more about the painting competition take a look at these two links:
  14. Jasper takes on a PzKpfw IV H

    Westwind are good folks!
  15. ReaperCon 2018 Diorama????

    Actually if you can find some of the minis from that line there were a number of packs with winged dragons as well. I might even have some, buried in a box some where in a basement full of boxes.