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  1. Heisler

    Reaper League Fantasy Football 2018

    First weekend of the fantasy league playoffs. What a strange way to start. It appears that all the underdogs will win in the first round.
  2. Heisler

    Best material for shading primer?

    It sounds like one of the issues being run into here is just thinning with straight water. This creates surface tension that keeps thinned paint from flowing where you want it. Instead of thinning with water, thin with a flow improver, this lowers the surface tension and allows the thinned paint to flow more naturally. Reaper has one in the MSP line and others, like liquitex, can be found at the big craft stores.
  3. Heisler

    What does C&C mean (to you)?

    True, but not all of us do WIP threads. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for a critique in a show off thread. Sometimes I will apply it immediately sometimes I will use it on the next mini.
  4. Heisler

    Need some help trying to match Spanish Grey

    Vallejo paints are available in almost any hobby shop that sells plastic military model kits. I probably have 4-5 sources for it right here in Denver. Google any type of model like a 1/35th scale Panther. Any of those stores are likely to sell Vallejo paints.
  5. Heisler

    Black Friday Deals

    All I can say about CMON is they were acquired by New Wave, that had to start rearing it’s ugly head at sometime.
  6. Heisler

    Bowstrings - what do you use?

    I use fine copper wire unwound from electromagnets.
  7. Heisler

    'Sleeping beauty'-esque scenic diorama

    Definitely Scenic Express. Type in climbing rose and you will get all sorts of options, including non-rose options that might work as well.
  8. Heisler

    Wild West Rules

    That does look very good, much better than Sarissa’s. Did they mention anything about rolling stock or passenger cars? What about other locomotives? A 2-6-0 Mogul and a 2-8-0 Consolidation would be very nice.
  9. Heisler

    WW1 restored footage

    After you read the book you will better understand my views on Pershing. He basicly refused to acknowledge anything the French and British had learned or even from his own troops after we helped stop German spring offensive.
  10. Heisler

    WW1 restored footage

    For a more recent American view I would recommend “Thunder in the Argonne” by Douglas Mastriano. An excellent read that completely changed a number of my views on this period. This is about the largest American offensive not just in WWI but in US history involving 1.2 million men with further support from the French. This is the offensive that pinned the German army in place and forced them to commit their reserve divisions to stop it, allowing the British and French armies to break the line in the north. I have completely lost my respect for Pershing, he may have been good at logistics, but was completely lacking as a field commander.
  11. Heisler

    Reaper HD paint label fading

    I have HD paints that are well over a year old and some date back to the beginning. I have no faded labels.
  12. Heisler

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    I think that for three days you can certain,y take classes and be social. Just don’t take classes in every slot. Say a morning class and call that good. It’s all about what you want to get out of it.
  13. Heisler

    Question about close up lens

    It will, however, significantly reduce your depth of field. If you can set the f-stop on your camera set it to the largest numeric value and be prepared to add as much light as you can or use a long exposure. The higher the f-stop number the smaller the aperture which increases the depth of field. It’s one reason many cell phones take good closeups, they essentially have a pinhole lens. See Doug Sundseth’s post on photography for lots of good information.
  14. Heisler

    Kristof65's next ReaperCon diorama WIP

    You just have to “go for it” on the truck. It’s hard to mess anything up with weathering or rust although I would probably not over do it. You can always strip it if you don’t like where it’s going. Just go slowly and let things settle a bit before moving forward.
  15. I think that was incredibly helpful Derek, thank you. When I’m judging I don’t think of it in terms of points like that but I think our mental process is very similar.