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  1. Heisler

    Reaper MSP HD... washes?

    Agreed, Umber Brown might be the worst in the line for coverage, but it makes a wonderful wash.
  2. Heisler

    Mouse Paints for Reapercon (Kind of)

    And actually taking a black & White picture or converting to one is a great way to check your contrasts and see if things are getting muddy.
  3. Heisler

    Mouse Paints for Reapercon (Kind of)

    But if you go all the way to white, again not a bad thing, those highlights need to be very small and very precise. Using a glaze to help re-establish the midtone is always a useful tool. You can even glaze with your shadow color which will help blend the transitional layers together. You are at the might were precision is the key. Again you need higher contrast, in your shadow areas, pick the deepest portion and darken it up more, especially if you take your highlights to white.
  4. Heisler

    Mouse Paints for Reapercon (Kind of)

    My 2 cents for what its worth. These are solid efforts but you need to heighten the contrasts a lot more to make the miniatures pop. More definition between the different types of materials; leather, cloth, armor etc will help keep everything blending together so much. There is a lot of detail in the straps on the gnome that are just getting lost. Deepen your shadows more, more than you are comfortable doing, the same is true with the hair on both pieces. You really need more shadows and probably still need to bring the highlights up on everything.
  5. I have added the HMGS awards for Best Historical Single Figure and Best Historical Machines of War. At this point I do not know what types of prizes are being offered. I will elaborate on the details if/when I receive them.
  6. Heisler

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    If it helps the hotel opened in either late December or January so there shouldn’t be a problem but better safe than sorry.
  7. Heisler

    Reaper League Fantasy Football 2018

    I suppose we could always drop to an eight team league if we really needed to.
  8. Heisler

    THE FANTASY TRIP is back...

    And my encounter with Harlan Ellison was really good!
  9. Heisler

    THE FANTASY TRIP is back...

    The early days of Steve Jackson Games and the interactions with Thompson are quite interesting. Shades of Palladium!
  10. Heisler

    THE FANTASY TRIP is back...

    Jackson didn't buy the rights to Ogre, GEV and One Page Bulge (actually not sure about this one) when he bought Space Gamer. Those all fell to him as part of the first lawsuit between him and Thompson. He tried to get TFT at the same time but there was something around the copyright that allowed Thompson to hang on to those properties. I was at the Origins in San Francisco which took place at the Dunfey Hotel the first year that Jackson attended as Steve Jackson games. That's were Thompson released A Fistful of Turkeys. I was on the shuttle bus with Jackson trying to figure out how to get my vendor badge as I was working for Dimension Six at the time (volunteer) and Mark Simmons had mis-communicated where I should meet him. Jackson offered to sneak me in. He loaded me up with boxes of product and got me into the vendors room. That was my last good contact with him. The next time I saw him he had been brought in by a competing convention in Denver trying to go up against Genghis Con when I was running it. He left their show (ICON I think) and came over to ours and pretty much acted like a jerk and expected us to kowtow to him, pretty much lost all respect for him at that point. However, I have multiple copies of all the TFT stuff because I really enjoyed it although it never came close to replacing D&D for my group. I'm on the fence with this one.
  11. You know me from such forum posts as: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/60626-so-you-are-thinking-of-entering-the-painting-competition-at-reapercon/ http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/71583-msp-open-judging-what-you-were-afraid-to-ask/ and http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68535-some-thoughts-on-dioramas/ As the convention approaches like a steamroller, the eyes glaze over and the hands begin to shake, there is no way you can possibly finish all the entries you have planned for the competition. You come to the immediate conclusion that you cannot possibly finish any of your entries in time. You have entered the competition version of painter’s block! I see posts in the forums every year about people not being able to finish their entries for one reason or another. But I tell you there are options! 1) Reduce the number entries you are working on. Seriously look at the entries you are working on and immediately reduce the number by half. That will make things look more doable. Here are a few suggestions to help you make those decisions. a. As much as you love that diorama idea, if the base isn’t ready then it’s the first thing you drop. Dioramas are serious time sinks. b. If the conversion work isn’t ready or your super nifty basework isn’t done, then drop your Open entry. This is another example of a serious time sink, cross this one off the list. c. If you are not “feeling” one of your painter or ordnance entries it is time to set it aside and concentrate on the one(s) you like. You paint work is invariably better on a piece that you enjoy working on. 2) Instead of working on a new piece look at other miniatures you have completed in the last six months. Chances are there is something you really like there and instead of working on the new piece work on improving one you have already finished (who knows maybe it doesn’t even need extra work). 3) Instead of working on an entry for each of the manufacturer awards make the hard decision and pick one or maybe none at all. [This is a corollary of #1]. Note that if you are painting a Reaper mini you are always in consideration for a Sophie Trophy. 4) Not entering means not getting feedback from the judges on your work. If you really want to improve then critical feedback is what you need. Seriously in the end just enter something even if it is not the piece you originally intended on entering. While the Reaper forums are a nice place to show off, it is a notoriously bad place to get real, make me cry, feedback on things you can improve. It’s a friendly supportive community and sometimes that’s not what you need when you are trying to break that gold medal barrier.
  12. Heisler

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    If you are working on multiple entries drop everything and work on the one that is closest to being finished. Concentrate on that piece and you should be able to finish. Most of us get distracted by working on to many entries and end up right where you are now. The other option is to go back and look at pieces you have finished in the past six months and enter one or more of those. You could even take some time and improve the work on one or more of those as well. There are always options. The competition is really there to get feedback, real honest feedback, so that you can improve.
  13. That is correct, all competition entries must be entered by the artist, no exceptions.
  14. Heisler

    Getting To Know You July

    One of my first computer games used audio tape.
  15. Heisler

    Getting To Know You July

    Sigh, I actually used the 8" Floppy Disks.