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  1. I do not understand how or why Total Escape keeps booking events right over the top of CMPA. I'm surprised that they are having two tournaments there on Saturday since Genghis Con is this weekend. Not that it carries that much weight as a convention anymore.
  2. Roots of the Hobby

    Their Customer service is only as good as Reapers if you have an issue with their current series of releases. If you need something for a problem with a miniature from the back catalog it can take months. It has happened to me on more than one occasion.
  3. Help with Identification

    I suspect he is from the old Heritage dungeon dwellers line.
  4. Properties of Paint

    Reaper uses, as do many of the other hobby paints, “liquid” pigment. All that really means is that Reaper does not grind or buy pigments the way you are describing.
  5. CinC miniatures pictures?

    They are not going to be close. WWII era landing craft are typically much smaller than modern era landing craft.
  6. Anyone know this guy?

    He looks so familiar. I wonder if he is from the old Wizkids metal line
  7. Lets Talk About NMM

    As a judge I would disagree with this assessment. I would never downgrade NMM because it looks "wrong" from certain angles. We evaluate how well the technique was executed, if it only looks fantastic from a single angle that's fine, as long as everything is consistent when viewed from the correct angle then that's how the miniature will be evaluated.
  8. Lets Talk About NMM

    From a judging point of view, at least for Reaper Con, we are only looking at your ability to execute the technique. We do not factor in popularity of the technique, although within the realm of competitions NMM is far more popular than shaded metallic. When a judge is looking at highlights we are certainly aware of the light (or lack there of) in the competition room and can evaluate the model based on the conditions. We do look for things that are highlighted "wrong" so if you have elected to use the NMM technique and you have painted it with multiple sources of light (i.e. the back of the mini is highlighted exactly like the front) and don't have an obvious source for the second light source you are going to get down graded. The same is true for the highlighting of gems if you have multiple light sources make sure the gems are highlighted accordingly, if there is a single light source then the gems must be highlighted that way. All of the judges at Reaper Con are experienced painters and instructors and competitors so don't worry about us not being able to tell where your light source is from.
  9. Anyone know this guy?

    In style he is definitely not an early Citadel sculpt not is he an LoTR sculpt. He looks, in style, to Ral Partha and Grenadier. He might even be from the Ral Partha AD&D line, those packs where there were three versions of the mini as he grew in "levels". Best I can do right now.
  10. Reapercon 2017 Sophie

    I know its a little late with the brick but I like a combination of Mahogany Brown as the base mixed and highlighted with Rust Brown (from the same tried). Bricks tend to vary significantly in color from one to anther and even if you just dry brush with Rust Brown right now you should get a nice contrast in colors.
  11. Can I re-Prime?

    Not all primers work well on the Bones plastic. Check this thread for additional information on Primers that work and don't work on Bones: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/48669-bones-the-first-coat-is-the-difference/&page=12&tab=comments#comment-1548504 Basically if the primer is still tacky then strip it and try again. The favorite primer amongst the bones painters is Reaper Brown Liner.
  12. No, Noooo! No lions, Michael and I will be having flashbacks to Terri and the six months she spent working on the lion best (although it did take a best in show at Genghis con I think). Still, we literally had to take it away from her.
  13. Oil washes vs. acrylic washes

    Oil washes have been used for a long time amongst army painters and it is a technique I have used on my Thirty Years war Danish Cavalry. I cheated and used the oil paints that can be thinned with water though (Winsor & Newton I believe). I used enamel as the base coat, applied the wash, waited forever for it to dry and then painted acrylics over the top of that. I haven't had any problems with those figures yet and its been about 5 years. I don't think the adage of not using acrylics on top of oils really seems to apply in the case of the wash. It is very common to apply oil washes over acrylics though, James Wappel does it on a regular basis on his vehicles and its a common technique among armor modelers.
  14. Just make darn sure the mini is well fastened to the top of the plinth no matter what route you go. If you enter it in a competition the plinth just becomes a handle for a judge to use while looking at your mini. If its not attached well then disaster may ensue. Hence the typical qualifying line in most rules for competitions: We are not responsible for damage.
  15. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Your son has school on Labor Day?