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  1. It doesn't take much more than contacting me and setting it up. I do regularly go out and solicit manufacturers to see if they want to sponsor awards but its not an easy pitch, mostly because its a "Reaper" convention. I'm sure I have reached out to Mithril in the past but this year I was pressed for time and only asked those that have sponsored awards in the past and I knew would be in attendance or are just happy to be able to give them out.
  2. We have to compare them someday. McGuckin's is truly an awesome hardware store. I have never not found what I needed there.
  3. She must go to McGuckins Hardward in Boulder, the mecca of hardware stores (quite seriously).
  4. As long as it was not previously entered in a Reaper painting competition she can enter it. Quite frankly with the sheer number of entries we get there is no way we could check if it had been entered in other painting competitions, online or not.
  5. Heisler

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    I do, indeed, have the resin version and she's about half painted. Need to bring her back out for finishing at some point.
  6. Heisler

    03903: The Dark Maiden

    That's the one I have. She is based on the original Warlord 14106 version. This is still my favorite version of the Dark Maiden.
  7. Heisler

    Fox Critter Rogue Camp Diorama WIP

    I like the concept. I think your base is way to big. Keeping it smaller will make it easier to view, easier to build and reduce the amount of sheer dead space that you will have to deal with. While it doesn't sound like this would be for a competition you can read this post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68535-some-thoughts-on-dioramas/&tab=comments#comment-1357297 for more ideas.
  8. Heisler

    Age of Sigmar Duel Project with OSL

    I'm not sure I agree that the placement of your OSL was bad or wrong, it introduced challenges but what I'm really seeing is that the OSL itself is to even across the entire piece. It sounds like you learned a lot, try again and bring the next one to Reaper Con!
  9. I can confirm that oils over acrylics works just fine. Most military modelers start with an acrylic base otherwise the overlaying oil washes can eat through your basic paint work. Although care must still be taken when applying them. As Wren says Wappel is an excellent resource but check out AK Interactive and Ammo by MiG, two companies that produce both acrylic and oil products for modeling. They are an excellent resources as well.
  10. Heisler

    Kristof65's new painting/gaming area

    Wow, very impressive! Looks like a fantastic space.
  11. Heisler

    Help with pinning

    While it doesn't help you now, next time cut as close to the sprue as you can and then start clipping off the remainder or shaping it with a file. Always better to go long than to cut to short. I would start with drilling into the arm at approximately the right angle to fit into the socket. Put a blob of paint on the end of the pin and stick it, as close as you can, into the socket to mark the point for drilling into the main body. Drill the hole in the main body slightly wider (if you use paperclips which are excellent fodder for this but require a good sharp cutter), you need two drill bits one that is cutting the right size hole for your metal pin and one that's a bit bigger. I think a #63 drill bit is the right size to fit the paperclip so a #61 would be the other choice. Super glue your pin into the arm, drop a bit of superglue into the hole in the body, then put a blob of greenstuff around your pin to act as both an adhesive and a filler and push the arm into place. The larger hole in the body should allow you enough wiggle room to get everything to fit correctly. It does take a little practice.
  12. Heisler

    Help with pinning

    And you clipped them off at the edge next to the sprue or flush with the arm? I'm just not familiar with that piece and I want to be sure before I give advice.
  13. Heisler

    Help with pinning

    How did you remove them from the sprue? Bending them back and forth till the metal broke, knife, clippers or perhaps even a jeweler's saw?
  14. Heisler

    Help with pinning

    Actually the thing that made me cringe is when you said copious amounts of superglue. With superglue the smaller the amount the better to get a good bond. I would have pinned these arms regardless because they are splayed out so far. Which arms did you get to stay in place the upper or the lower?
  15. I have received the Talon Games information for CAVs. The first post has been updated. At this point I believe that this will be all the manufacturers participating this year.