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  1. There are plenty of incidents of lost shipments from UPS at this time of the year. Thieves will literally follow a truck and grab the packages as they are dropped off at the doors.
  2. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I think that this would have to be a separate class. The focus between critiquing painting and sculpting would be very different.
  3. Going Agile

    As the product owner though you will be responsible for the user stories and the success criteria for those stories. You will have plenty to do.
  4. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    I can always help with composition, the best book I have ever found is Shep Paine's How to Build Dioramas, that goes into a lot more composition than most of the other ones. I have another good one but its long out of print and off hand I don't remember the title.
  5. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    You mean as in diorama composition?
  6. MSP Must Haves

    I find that I typically use the Rosy Skin triad as an additive to almost all the other skin tones to keep a little red in them.
  7. MSP Must Haves

    OOps, posted in the wrong place
  8. The Rules Of Bad Film

    I have a trailer corollary: When the only scenes used to build the trailer are from the editing room floor. They never actually appear in the movie.
  9. Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

    There is a reason they are calling it the Icon faction! I do wish there was a level somewhere between $35 and $135 dollars though. Looks like I'll join in at the lower level and just pick out stuff from the add ons. I will attest to the quality of the miniatures though. I have the Faro set and the Poker Table set and they are fabulous. I now feel the need to pull these out and get some paint on them.
  10. How in the world are you cramming 20 painters into Total Escape? Getting 10 in there was quite the challenge. I'm certainly glad to see the CMPA thriving though.
  11. CMPA Three Color Challenge

    Well, that is the dilemma I don't have time to just mess around with something I don't want to put meaningful time into. Every minute really does count. Enough so that I keep plenty of stuff prepped and ready to go, if time were available I have minis I could this with right now. They just have better uses so I have to weight the pros and cons. Surgery, even minor surgery, tends to change your perspectives just a bit.
  12. CMPA Three Color Challenge

    I'll have to think about this. I like the concept a lot, painting time is just very precious these days.
  13. Siri's Guide to Painting Rust

    Shouldn't be an issue although I prefer to thin the paints further on vertical surfaces like that and let them run down.
  14. Without really knowing the meaning of the various components, you would be able to take the design on the shield and translate that directly onto one or both of the shoulder pads. I might then take the peacock feathers and add them either to the shoulder pads with the shield design similar to what you see at the top of your picture or possibly paint them surrounding the helmet.
  15. Kickstarter idea

    While not a Reaper peep, I seriously doubt that Reaper would have a kickstarter for metal miniatures. They already can produce metal miniatures at will so needing to run a kickstarter to fund that process isn't necessary.