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  1. No, Noooo! No lions, Michael and I will be having flashbacks to Terri and the six months she spent working on the lion best (although it did take a best in show at Genghis con I think). Still, we literally had to take it away from her.
  2. Oil washes vs. acrylic washes

    Oil washes have been used for a long time amongst army painters and it is a technique I have used on my Thirty Years war Danish Cavalry. I cheated and used the oil paints that can be thinned with water though (Winsor & Newton I believe). I used enamel as the base coat, applied the wash, waited forever for it to dry and then painted acrylics over the top of that. I haven't had any problems with those figures yet and its been about 5 years. I don't think the adage of not using acrylics on top of oils really seems to apply in the case of the wash. It is very common to apply oil washes over acrylics though, James Wappel does it on a regular basis on his vehicles and its a common technique among armor modelers.
  3. Just make darn sure the mini is well fastened to the top of the plinth no matter what route you go. If you enter it in a competition the plinth just becomes a handle for a judge to use while looking at your mini. If its not attached well then disaster may ensue. Hence the typical qualifying line in most rules for competitions: We are not responsible for damage.
  4. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Your son has school on Labor Day?
  5. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    The first day is a full day of classes just like Friday and Saturday. Sunday there are classes in the morning and the convention ends with the Reaper Auction using the ReaperBucks you have accumulated over the weekend.
  6. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Labor day works just fine for me, especially now that the local convention that I would normally do a Friday night auction for is being held much later. Tacticon ran on Labor Day weekend from 1989 - 2016 and we never had a problem with attendance and it was a four day event running Thursday through Sunday as well. Despite some of the responses here Reaper Con's attendance is unlikely to take a major hit and may provide other people a chance to come that might not be able to make it in October. I just have to move my painting schedule up.
  7. Reaper Kolinsky

    Good question. I don't remember which brushes came in those kits quite frankly so I can't check. Most brushes that are kolinsky sable are identified that way on the handle. I don't know if the ones that Reaper sells are marked that way or not. Nor would a newbie really know to look at the handles to confirm the brush type. Still they didn't say they sold you kolinsky brushes and like a couple people have said Reaper will replace bad order items, again not that someone not familiar with Reaper would know that.
  8. Reaper Kolinsky

    Since the outside of the LPTKs only state that two paintbrushes are included and not what kind they are then I would say no, its not deceptive. Ladystorm gave a perfectly reasonable explanation of why the brushes are packaged the way they are. As far as brush quality, Reaper does not produce their own brushes so they can't really control the quality. I have had bad brushes from just about all the major manufacturers at one time or another (DaVinci, Winsor Newton, Raphael and Rosemary). For a while there you could not pay me to buy a Winsor Newton brush they had gotten so bad. Sometimes you just get a bad batch of brushes.
  9. Keeping track of minis...

    I don't bother to track what I have or what I want. Since I'm primarily an army painter, and dabble in competition painting, I buy complete units and everything is sorted by genre and nationality into plastic shoe boxes. When I want to work on WWII Americans I just pull that box down and pull out a squad. I have way to many miniatures to go back and try to get everything in a spreadsheet (and I do work with spreadsheets on a daily basis, so that soft skill is not an issue) now.
  10. What would YOU like to see taught next year

    One issue with this type of class is that you are only getting the opinion of a single judge. ReaperCon is judged with a panel of three judges and we all tend to look at different things. Many times we are in complete agreement but in other cases we can be quite split in our opinions. A class taught by Wren will only feature Wren's opinions, of course those are excellent opinions, but you are only going to get a look at 1/3 of your potential score in the competition. Those other two opinions is why a gold medal winner will receive two 4s and a 3 (11 points) instead of every gold medal winner receiving three 4s. Or what the difference is between a low silver (8 points, typically two 3s and a 2) and a high silver (10 points, typically two 3s and a 4).
  11. Gunfighter's Ball Wild West Miniatures Game

    This kickstarter ends today. The stretch goals have made the Deputy Level very attractive with additional figures, a game mat and game accessories including two card decks.
  12. Not A-team minis

    I checked a couple of the stores that used to carry Foundry in the US and came up with zero.
  13. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Unexpected surgery for myself (now minus one gallbladder) and this past weekend my wife's father had to have an amputation. Currently trying to deal with getting him into a skilled nursing facility and renovate his condo to accommodate a wheelchair. Not to mention some family drama.
  14. I'm sure they are, Anne is very consistent with her mixes, however some colors have changed a bit because the base for the paint has changed. I would drop CourageousOctopus a PM, he very likely to actually have paint swatches for the paint track application he has developed.
  15. If you are trying to match them to the colors on the website that may be your problem. The website cannot accurately produce a representation of the color.