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  1. The paint room is one of the busiest places in the building. My understanding is that paints are mixed in 5 gallon batches and sent through the bottling process. Mixing the paint is the easy part, the bottling is the bottleneck.
  2. We have had this situation happen before. Usually what's going on is they have managed to hit the group at just the wrong moment when everyone just happens to be working at the same time and the conversation has dropped off to zero. Expressions are mis-interpreted as glares and unfriendliness when its simply a case of everyone concentrating on their miniature.
  3. Live

    I think that the real point here is you can do better right now and by the time this delivers tech will have advanced and prices will have dropped again.
  4. Actually Wizkids, as lead by Jordan at the time, purchased both FASA and Ral Parthia. Both companies were on the ropes at the time and Jordan was a fan (he actually may have been a partner in FASA at one point I'm not sure about that). They actually purchased RP to get into the metal casting business. However, a couple of bad decisions at Wizkids allowed Michael Noe and crew to reacquire most of the RP molds and start up Iron Wind and Wizkids got out of the metal casting business.
  5. Try Eureka miniatures, be sure to hit the US site not the Australian one.
  6. I have to say that after hearing about difficulties folks are having using this primer in the various types of airbrushes I'm glad that I have switched over to Badger. I do have a cheap harbor freight airbrush that I intended to use for priming but I don't like how it handles so I ended up priming with the Velocity instead.
  7. I'm not aware of any connection between Reaper and Heritage other than Reaper at one point owned the Dungeon Dwellers molds which I believe were sold off to GFI and have since disappeared into the depths of a storage unit. Heritage shut down in 1983 nine years before Reaper came on the scene, if there is a connection its pretty much influence only.
  8. As a side note I have taught both at ReaperCon and Genghis Con. While the idea has merit its also a huge drain on rather limited instructor pool. It will definitely take some thought to implement and I'm not convinced that there is any real value here. You are essentially removing 2-3 classes from the program with this.
  9. I think that tends to happen more by accident than design right now. The instructors are available when not teaching and I have seen many impropt sessions happen over years.
  10. I use a Badger Renegade Velocity with the .3 ultra fine needle.
  11. Depends on the manufacturer. You are not mistaken about the three brands you mentioned. GW washes were definitely ink at one time, although that might have changed I haven't bought any of their washes in a long time. You just have to experiment with different brands. The other potential issue with inks is that after they dry it is possible to actually re-activate them on the miniature if you are flooding the area again. Inks are typically my go to product for making a wash, I try to stick to actual inks for this like Liquitex Acrylic Inks.
  12. I'll see if I can dig up my old metal Sir Forscale for you. There is a lot of stuff that is still packed away in moving boxes at this point.
  13. Have used both Vallejo's enamel primer and acrylic brush on primers. I love the spray on primer, its the closest I have ever found to the old Floquil grey primers. Unfortunately it is hideously expensive and somewhat hard to find on top of that. I have a number of their acrylic primers (grey, dark yellow and a reddish brown) which are really designed to be shot through an airbrush and don't brush on very well. These behave like any other acrylic primer that I have ever used. I have no idea if these miniatures are primed with one of these primers or something else entirely.
  14. Perhaps, I'll talk to Gene about that. I'm sure he has sources. And horror is the theme again for this year!