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  1. Conceptually I'm in agreement with just leaving things to the imagination. As long as the hint is there that the wall continues on I'm good with it. The one thing I can't stand, and this is common, is unfinished arches. The hint of an arch is okay but if you build it all the way to the keystone and stop it just looks bad. Unfortunately there is at least one kit out there that does this and it gets used a lot.
  2. Live

    I like how it seems to instantly make you a better painter.
  3. Effective May 2015 the CMPA is moving to the 3rd Saturday of each month. We will be meeting at Total Escape Games in Broomfield CO. The address is: 6831 120th Ave, Broomfield, CO 80020 3rd Saturday Dates: 5/16, 6/20, 7/18, 8/15, 9/19, 10/17, 11/21, 12/19 and 1/16/2016 There is an event calendar on our website: http://cominipainters.com/ and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoMiniaturePaintersAlliance
  4. The list on the website is not complete. I don't think that Bryan has had time to update it completely yet, things have been a bit busy. The list as I have it is as follows (and it is subject to change without notice) Happy Seppuku Oak Illustrations C.N. Pinckard Bricks & Boards Arcknight Dicey Ventures Studios Frontline Games Tabletop Plus Active Mind Games (Pending) Miniature Building Authority Red Republic Games Salce 75 (Hobbytown) MidKnight Heroies Bobes Hobbies Collapse Industries Bombshell Miniatures Hanger 18 MGStudios (Pending) Crow's Next of Treasure DGS Games Badger Air-Brush CO Small Press Tables Darkflame Books Courageious Octopus (Saturday only during the last communication) Material Cultured
  5. A crazy idea doesn't make it good though. Really look at the 4 figures you are adding, do they really help the story you are trying to tell? Put all the minis in roughly the configuration you want and see how well they tell the story. Is it easy to follow or are you confusing the viewer. Start removing miniatures until you lose the story put that one back and now you have the right number. Remember, that visually, humans like odd numbers.
  6. In fact don't expect to be able to plug into anything. I doubt reaper con afford to have loose cords running all over the floor. What power is available will be very dedicated to the artists, classrooms, dealers and competition area.
  7. Well if it's ACW that would make them an Infantry unit.
  8. Check James Wappel's blog. He swears by these, although I have yet to bite the bullet.
  9. Keepers selected, for better or worse. I'm going to miss the draft, I have gone in and played with the auto draft settings, hopefully it will work. My full team should be auto drafting on Saturday.
  10. Let's expand on this a little bit. If you have a full weekend badge then you must have entered your pieces into the competition by 5pm Friday afternoon. Period, end of story, no exceptions - there could be disintegrations if you annoy us about it. Especially if you are taking a class on Saturday that you are convinced will help you. If you have a Saturday only badge then your entries need to be in by Noon on Saturday. Period, end of story, no exceptions - there could be disintegrations if you annoy us about it. (I do realize that the rules posted on site say 1pm, I'll mention that to Bryan so he can correct it in his copious spare time right now. Entries do not need to be picked up until Sunday, in fact we prefer if you would leave them in the competition area until Sunday so people actually have time to come and see them. If you must pick your entry up on Saturday it cannot be done until after the awards ceremony. Please be aware that pickup on Saturday can be difficult as the judges and entrants are in the area getting critiques on their pieces and asking the inevitable "why" question (I'm convinced everyone's age is 5 after the awards ceremony). We do encourage everyone to enter the painting competition. This is not your standard top three places get an award, this competition pits you against yourself and your ability to execute your vision. A good clean paint job will score better than something you attempted a new technique on at the last minute. Just bring your best pieces with you and if you can't decide which one to enter then enter them all. (seriously though don't enter everything you painted in the last 12 months, pick say your top five and enter those). The judges will decide which piece they consider the best (and often its not the one you thought was your best).
  11. That is definitely a case of a "Not In Catalog" or NIC miniature. It was removed from the general catalog and wouldn't be ordered by distributors anymore. However, since it is a Reaper miniature a store with an account with Reaper could order it for stock if they wanted to. I think at this point you just order it from Reaper.
  12. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. They always seem "right" so it would end up odd and that is good.
  13. I think you need to re-evaluate how many minis are in the diorama. Remove one and see if it changes your story. Continue removing minis till the story falls apart. Then check that against your current size. I like the pillars continuing up through the second floor but I still feel they need to be more slender and less obtrusive. Removing all the decorative elements was a good idea!
  14. Plus the colors you have mentioned are a bit on the translucent side anyway so coverage is weak and takes several coats.
  15. This happens to all of us. We have a number of projects that we want to enter and as time gets closer you often have to make decisions on what to continue with. Its hard but it happens just continue on with the projects you feel you have the best chance to be completed or concentrate on the one you are truly excited about. The end goal is to get something into the competition. If you planned on 4 and end up with just 1 there is nothing wrong with that. Just put your best effort into what ever you decide to bring.
  16. The stairs help make it come together a lot more for me. Unlike everyone else I actually don't like the columns, they feel to chunky to me. But that's a decision best left to you. The Barbarian coming jumping off the railing is going to be tough to pull off and I might be tempted to do the final assembly in TX if you go that route. A shot with figure placement might be helpful again at this stage. I may need to bow out from further comment at this point, we haven't made judging assignments yet and I would hate to have to withdraw from judging a very interesting piece.
  17. I need to see it with the stairs, at least mocked up. Right now it looks crowded and I don't feel a flow to the piece. Unfortunately I can't see it the way you do, so I'm missing the vision. The story I can see, it's the flow of action that is not coming together for me.
  18. I'm concerned with the size of the base, but its had to tell till I see the minis on it. Remember to keep it compact, don't spread things out to much. But then i have told you that before.
  19. Keeper rules are actually on the first page of this thread and its three years not two.
  20. You still run into the issue that small manufacturers, and there are many in this hobby, don't have the time or even the desire to deal directly with retailers. Reaper makes it easy, some one like MMP does not (in fact MMP makes it very difficult to order direct). I'm not going to belabor the point, but there is a lot of product and someone like Alliance has dozens of sales reps that handle the accounts. Human error is inevitable. Game stores, as Doug point out and which I have personally experienced as well, get it wrong far more often because they don't bother to make an effort. More stores fail, not because of internet sales stealing their business, but being to lazy to bother getting the right information and then make up an answer and blame it on their distributor. If you have an FLGS willing to do the ordering that way, that's fantastic and the sign of successful store but that he is the exception not the rule. It is certainly not in the best interest of a distributor to give out bad information it affects their bottom line as they could potentially have pallets of product sitting in one or more warehouses across the country. Alliance is the current big boy out there, its a division of Diamond Comics, they do everything they can to move product off their floor and on to the shelves of the stores.
  21. A Distributor makes it easy for a store owner to get what he needs, a one stop shop. Even in this day of the internet it takes time and effort to order direct from the manufacturer for a retailer and the manufacturer may not even be willing to deal with retailers. The big store in this area was able to pull it off because at times they were ordering almost like a small distributor (and the reason they aren't open now is because a partner wiped out the bank account, which was his right, he just didn't tell the other partner what he was doing).
  22. The metal molds for BONES and plastics in general are fairly expensive although costs seem to have come down somewhat. I believe that they are starting to use aluminum as well as steel. But, yes the upfront costs on the molds is huge, hence the kickstarters to create the BONES line. The mold for a pewter miniature runs about $100 so pretty inexpensive and allows the small miniature companies out there to be profitable.
  23. You could always suggest that they at least start carrying the Reaper BONES paint line, that's certainly tied to the BONES Kickstarters. Then expand that into the full line of Reaper Paints. If they have space I would suggest setting up a painting Saturday like we have here in Colorado and Reaper has in their facility in Denton. If you are there painting its very likely that you will at least browse the store and odds are good you will need supplies while you are there. Its been a pretty successful formula here. You can search for the CMPA here in the forum, that's the Colorado group.
  24. Many of the old Ral Partha miniatures would scale quite nicely to the LoTR miniatures. Tom Meier's work in particular (which is the bulk of the old line anyway). Check Iron Wind's website and see what you can find.
  25. And the answer to this question is yes. Complex basing does make a miniature eligible for the Open Category and you can find such examples in the competition galleries (Corporea and Jessica Rich's work in particular come to mind)