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  1. No. They are worthless, and you should send them to me for proper disposal. (NOT TRUE!) Those minis are probably still fine, in terms of "can you deploy them on a battlefield" - they may look a little weird if you use a mixed force of new and old (depending on exactly what - most infantry will be about the same scale, but some of the other stuff has gotten significantly larger), but nobody should say anything along the lines of "you can't use those!" - they should still be legal, as long as the weapon loadout still is. You're more likely to get "Awww, he got the <strikethrough>Velcros</strikethrough> Old Schools" than anything else - there's a lot of players who have played through since Rogue Trader, and are still using stuff like old peanut Dreadnoughts, and the like.
  2. Tip: Inceptors are too complex - or too three-dimensional, to be more accurate - of a model to paint fully assembled. Assemble the jet-pack, paint, assemble the Marine, paint. Do not try to do this once fully assembled - there will be nooks and crannies almost impossible to access.
  3. Not yet (to my understanding - that's my KS4 pledge. It was relatively small (apparently), and so I went relatively last... Shush you... Means these things -
  4. So, on order, not actually arrived yet, but shipped - Thank you for ordering from Dwarven Forge. Shipment Confirmation. Order #: #618095 ITEM DESCRIPTION QTY 4-8X8F-U 8x8 Floors (Unpainted) 1 4-BATB-U Batter Base Large Tower (Unpainted) 1 4-BIGB-U Big Buttress Pack (Unpainted) 1 4-CASST-U Castle Stairs Pack (Unpainted) 1 4-COUF-U Courtyard Floors (Unpainted) 1 4-CUBS-U Cube Spacer Pack (Unpainted) 1 4-LARTBAL-U Large Tower Balcony & Bridge Base (Unpainted) 1 4-MOUC-U Mountain Cliff Pack (Unpainted) 1 4-SQUTB-U Square Tower Balcony & Bridge Base (Unpainted) 2 4-STOA-U Stone Advanced Builder Set (Unpainted) 1 4-STOB-U Stone Bridge Pack (Unpainted) 1 4-TOWB-U Tower Bridge (Unpainted) 1 4-WA-U Watchtower (Unpainted) 1 4-WALS-U Wall Spacers (Unpainted) 2 Your order: 51688 has been posted - From Statuesque Miniatures SKU Product Title Quantity SMA301 SMA301 Heroic Scale Female Heads 1 SMA306 SMA306 Heroic Scale Female Heads - Bionic 1 SMA351 SMA351 Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW 1 (heads for my WH40k Primaris marines) And from the Bay of Evil - 40K Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators Shoulder Pads Bits 5 pair Bitz 40K Dark Eldar Reavers Torso Front Female Bits 40K Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors Torso Female Bits 1 Random Bitz 40K Dark Eldar Wyches Torso Female Bits 1 Random Bitz 40K Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminators Sorcerers Tabard/Loincloth Bits (some for modifying my oldMarine Tartaros terminators, some for my Guardians to give them some body variety). In less minis-related news, I have also acquired a new pair of shocks for the front of my car, which puts a damper on some immediate KS, etc. plans - to an extent, anyways.
  5. Sure, I'm in. Location: Western NY International - I could conceivably carry it over the Canuck border and mail it if needed Start a box? No
  6. Well, I guess I'll give it a go - this is what I'm planning, right now, for 8th edition. Imperium of Man Space Marines <unknown chapter> A chapter secretly rebuilt on Mars, at the behest of the Lords of Terra, from Loyalist Thousand Sons remnant units/members that weren't at Prospero - mostly techmarines stranded on Mars. A "high-tech", non-Codex (swappable to Codex standards if I ever decide to tournament) Chapter, with just enough Thousand Sons iconography to make them distinct (shoulder pads, etc.). Colors - black and greys, silver, and blues. Current Force Strength - currently 5 5-man tactical squads (2 Mk III, 2 Mk IV, and a mixed), The Eternal Marine (one of the 2016 anniversary space marines, with the disintegrator combi-rifle), (most of) a squad of mixed terminators (including some old-school ones) and a squad of Tartaros terminators. Projected Force Strength - This is likely to be the core of it, without a heck of a lot of expansion, except on a whim - this is where “cool” minis will go - so, Techmarines and old-school terminators and early armors, and stuff like that. They will probably end up more of a “provide support to Custodes or Primaris” units, than a fielded army in and of themselves. At least one Sicaran, because those are awesome little speedy-tanks. Primaris Marines Shield of Artemis Cawl is a loyal servant of the Imperium of Man, but he/they doesn't/don't give two good darns about any hangups the Emperor might have about women. And by the time anyone knew about this all-women Chapter (progenitor's Seed unknown - and Cawl isn't saying) - they were already on battle barges proving their worth - and then some. Guilliman isn't really sure what to make of them... except that they fight, they win a lot more than they lose, and he needs every ma... every soldier... he can get in these dark times (besides, he was never really hip to the whole "nobody but the mans" thing either). Colors uncertain (I think green and silver, with red, white, and turquoise as accent/unit colors), but I already have some heads from Statuesque on the way for them. Current Force Strength - 4 Intercessor squads, 2 Hellblasters, 2 Inceptors, 4 Lieutenants, 2 Ancients, Captain, Force-commander (another Captain - two Primaris teams from the Dark Millennium box) Projected Force Strength - Depends on releases. I’d like to get one of the grav-tanks - beyond that, unknown. There’s a lot of rumors about Gravis-armor festooned with heavy weapons, scout-Primaris armed with power-falchions, and the like. Inquisitors/Mechanicus Eye of the Watchful Guard You don’t rebuild using a Traitor Legion’s geneseed without putting some guards in place - in this case, an Inquisitor and her battle team, permanently assigned to the <Chapter> to “aid and assist” - fortunately, the current Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus assigned to them is good-natured about it all - she’s aware they’re aware she’s looking over them, and she looks for actual signs of Heresy and betrayal, not minor bullelf. Her personal retinue includes some Skitarii in it - a sign of Mars’ ever-vigilant eye over their creations - they ones they make, and the ones who carry them. Current Force Strength - currently a Genestealer Hybrid that will be getting a head transplant, a pair of Skitarii Rangers, and an old school Arbites with a shotgun (grenade launcher). Projected Force Strength - Inquisitor, Skitarii rangers, Arbites (“counts as” a Stormtrooper commander w grenade launcher), Vindicare and Calidus assassins (probably kitbash/stand-ins), a unit of Stormtroopers, and a retinue. This is the "that's a cool Imperium figure - I'd like to paint it. So I guess it goes with the Inquisitor somehow." unit. Talons of the Emperor Those Who Ward The Postern Gate (Adeptes Custodes) Like most Custodes, although eternally trained and drilled, the Postern had seen little action until the last century and a half - but their first action (against the Khornate Legions in the Sol system itself) - certainly proved their mettle - and their metal. Current Force Strength - 1 squad - 2 swords, 2 spears, Axilia. Contemptor Dreadnought (rotary cannon). Land Raider Projected Force Strength - depends on what, if anything, gets rules for 8th edition from Forgeworld. I love the Custodes dreadnoughts, and the various vehicles, but they’re durned expensive, and 30k to 40k is not always a direct conversion. Likely not much more than an extra squad - these guys are points-wise pretty expensive. We Watch the Northern Walls (Sisters of Silence) - These sisters, abandoned during the Horus Heresy, went independent, and fought against Chaos in the ‘northern reaches’ - where they quietly picked up habits and imagery from their Aeldari counterparts, creating a not-so-friendly (but not always hostile) rivalry that stood the millennia. Nearly wiped out time and again, each time the chapter regrouped and renewed, working in the shadows to defend an Imperium that didn’t know they existed, and refusing to fall like so many of their sisters had. Guiliman’s call brought them out of the darkness, and now they serve at the left hand of Those who Guard the Postern Gate, defending them from psychic assault, and lending their flames, their bolters, and their faith to the war. Current Force Strength - 1 squad - bolters. Null-Rhino Projected Force Strength - probably two squads, two Null-Rhinos. Maybe three, with one being flamers, one swords, and one bolters. This is, of course, assuming there’s no amazing amazingness released for 8th ed. from Forgeworld or something. Grey Knights Knight Team Six Maybe - if I do, they will be GK Terminators, and exclusively old school ones - or new school mostly using leftover Custodes glaives and blades (because bolter-glaives are cooler than wrist-bolters). Projected Force Strength - currently none - likely just a couple-three squads of GKTs Aeldari Yvraine’s Guard I love the backstory for the Ynnari - and the Yvraine sculpt is awesome. So, real simple - Yvraine and her normal detachment of killers/bodyguards sweep up to do something that will advance Ynnead’s cause (and that of the Eldar… and maybe everyone else too. Maybe not). Current Force Strength - Yvraine, a handful of Guardians, a single Harlequin, Maughan Ra Projected Force Strength - the Visarch, an Autarch with swooping hawk wings (because I’ve already got the wings…), Irillyth and some Shadow Spectres, some Harlequins (… a Solitaire, a Shadowseer and a couple of Death Jesters at the very least), some Dark Eldar (Succubi, possibly Lelith Hesperax, some Wyches, maybe some Hellions), some jetbikes (exactly which to be determined), eventually maybe a Wraithlord or Wraithknight. I imagine this is going to be a pretty slow-growing army, since I’m planning on grabbing things a couple at a time off eBay in bits, rather than whole units at once. Tau Stealth Brigade One-Eight-Seven Pretty simple - sneak in, set up ambushes, blow the heck out of anything with fire power from Giant Flipping Robots. Current Force Strength - a squad of stealth suits, a Broadside Projected Force Strength - likely another Broadside, at least one Ghostkeel, two more XV-25 squads, a couple of squads of Pathfinders (Markerlights! Rail Rifles!), eventually a couple of the cool Forgeworld battlesuits, and plenty of drones to soak up wounds. Necrons Maybe? I dunno. They’re kind of cool, but I’m already looking at, what, 8 or 9 detachments/armies? Seems excessive, at least for now. Maybe if I stumbled upon some for cheap. Chaos Unlikely. If I do, it will most likely be Thousand Sons - their look is awesome, they’ve got a great backstory, and a cool play style. I’d be tempted by a Slaanesh-based army (Emperor’s Children, bring on the old-school Noise Marines!) but Slaanesh has some… unfortunate connotations… such that I’d rather not make people uncomfortable dropping them on the battlefield. Others I’m intrigued by the idea of building small (~500 point) units of various forces as training units - here’s what 500 points of Imperial Guard fights like, here’s 500 points of Orks, etc. - more so friends can get a feel for the game and the different play styles than anything else. I sort of like Sisters of Battle, but until they get some plastics… well, spamming multiple Celestines on the battlefield is technically legal, but super-cheesy.
  7. Oh, the minis are amazing - all of the plastics in this box are super-nice. But I'm not likely to play Chaos, like, ever, and if I do, it's probably going to be Thousand Sons (because the minis are sweet, and the backstory pretty durn tragic).
  8. Picked up my copy of Dark Millennium a couple of hours ago, walked into the back of my FLGS where a couple of dudes were working on their boxes, and almost immediately was able to do a straight-up trade - my Death Guard (which I don't want) for a dude's Primaris Marines (which he wanted Nurgly Goodness more than). So now my Shield of Artemis chapter stands at 4 squads of Intercessors, 2 Hellblasters, 2 Inceptors, 4 Lieutenants, 2 Ancients, a Captain, and a Really-Truly Captain ( ) for a nice round total of 100 points. Also got two of the Indices - Astartes and Xenos I, and as noted, they are amazing deals. This might be because they will relatively shortly be at least partially invalidated by Codices as they come out, but I'm pretty okay with this - they're still going to have at least some use, and in the mean time, they're pretty awesome.
  9. Fulfilling

    Pretty sure that's actually the bottom. Not sure it was designed that way to make magnetization easier, but it seems like it would work out that way...
  10. oh yeahhhhh....
  11. Fulfilling

    ... but are you the Bodyguard, or the Assassin? :-D
  12. Fulfilling

    Got mine - Wave 1, locked in 9/20/2015
  13. The Primaris-Founding marines are (closer to) True scale (that is, in comparison to an Imperial Guardsman) - Space Marines are supposed to tower over normal humans (but really kind of don't, and never have until these guys). So the Primaris are longer limbed, and have different torsos - that could account for them looking a little more buff/slender than a normal Space Marine in armor does.
  14. Welp, we have an actual release date now (not linking because commerce?) Pre-order - June 3 Initial release - June 17 Core Rules - free on the website Main rulebook - 280 pages, includes all of the advanced rules like Stratagems, more missions, setting fluff, etc. Indexes - two copies each for Imperium and Xenos, one for Chaos. Should cover "every Citadel 40k model sold " - whether that includes Forgeworld is unclear. Dark Imperium - Boxed set, includes rules, dice, and codices for the two forces - Primaris Marines and Death Marines of Nurgle The box shows off some new Primaris units - I'm not sure I'm sold on the bolter pistols with the little shields, but dem jetpacks tho... and the plasma rifles are whizzer. I'm hoping the more dynamic version of the Gravis armor allows for weapon options other than a wrist bolter. (The Nurgle faction has a squad of Plague Marines, a squad of Pox Walkers, a Daemon Engine called a Bloat Drone, and three champions - Lord of Contagion, Noxious Blightbringer, and Malignant Plaguecaster). Additionally, Forgeworld has announced that they have two Imperial Armour (Adeptes Astartes and Chaos) books in the pipe for release on the 17th, covering all of their Space Marine and Chaos models in 8th edition respectively, and has additional Imperial Armour books due out for the other factions (presumably Imperium and Xenos) by the end of June.