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  1. Fulfilling

    ... but are you the Bodyguard, or the Assassin? :-D
  2. Fulfilling

    Got mine - Wave 1, locked in 9/20/2015
  3. The Primaris-Founding marines are (closer to) True scale (that is, in comparison to an Imperial Guardsman) - Space Marines are supposed to tower over normal humans (but really kind of don't, and never have until these guys). So the Primaris are longer limbed, and have different torsos - that could account for them looking a little more buff/slender than a normal Space Marine in armor does.
  4. Welp, we have an actual release date now (not linking because commerce?) Pre-order - June 3 Initial release - June 17 Core Rules - free on the website Main rulebook - 280 pages, includes all of the advanced rules like Stratagems, more missions, setting fluff, etc. Indexes - two copies each for Imperium and Xenos, one for Chaos. Should cover "every Citadel 40k model sold " - whether that includes Forgeworld is unclear. Dark Imperium - Boxed set, includes rules, dice, and codices for the two forces - Primaris Marines and Death Marines of Nurgle The box shows off some new Primaris units - I'm not sure I'm sold on the bolter pistols with the little shields, but dem jetpacks tho... and the plasma rifles are whizzer. I'm hoping the more dynamic version of the Gravis armor allows for weapon options other than a wrist bolter. (The Nurgle faction has a squad of Plague Marines, a squad of Pox Walkers, a Daemon Engine called a Bloat Drone, and three champions - Lord of Contagion, Noxious Blightbringer, and Malignant Plaguecaster). Additionally, Forgeworld has announced that they have two Imperial Armour (Adeptes Astartes and Chaos) books in the pipe for release on the 17th, covering all of their Space Marine and Chaos models in 8th edition respectively, and has additional Imperial Armour books due out for the other factions (presumably Imperium and Xenos) by the end of June.
  5. Fulfilling

    DANGIT!!! (he beat me to it!) :-D
  6. "So, D'you like Kipling, then?" "I dunno... I've never Kippled." He's sort of problematic today, but Kipling wrote some dang fine poetry - While I have quite a few favorites, my absolute favorite has to be the Hymn of Breaking Strain -
  7. "Now, I'd like that. But, Y'see, that stuff ain't the truth. The truth is that you're the delicious figgy center, and I'm the appetite of evil men. But I'm tryin' Newton. I'm trying real hard to be the wrapper."
  8. Fulfilling

    Mine arrived yesterday as well. Very nice quality, as always. Hooray for Bombshell! :-D
  9. Huh. That's right. Why did I think they were Slaanesh - that's Emperor' Children, who are far less cool. (Except for Noise Marines - at least the original sculpts - because punk rock/heavy metal marines with weaponized instruments are awesome)
  10. Currently I have Sisters of Silence and Adeptes Custodes, and a loose mix of Space Marines, Eldar, and Tau, and, like, one or two various others - a couple of Tyrannids, an Ork, some Epic-scale stuff. I figure my first armies will be Imperium - a combined-arms force under Custodes leadership - and then either Eldar (Ynnead, so I can paint all the awesome), or Tau (Stealth/Mechanized, because Giant Robots). If I ever do CSM it will almost certainly be Thousand Sons, because Slaaneshi Egyptian Space Marine Sorcerer Awesomeness.
  11. Well, if I'm going to get back into Warhammer 40k, there's one thing I'm going to need... {Orky}Moar Dakka!!{/Orky} no... well, yes, but... more specifically… BITZ!! So in the way, from two different bitsmongers, are the following- Bits list Weapons DA Term - Mace of Absolution 2x Sternguard storm bolters Grav gun Grey Knight Psilencer 2x Grey Knight Psycannon meltagun Lascannon Graviton Gun 2x combiweapon (Devastator) 4x combiweapon (Blood Angel) Sternguard Grav, Plasma, Bolt pistols Devastator arms & weapons Tac Squad missile launcher 3x Stormcast Judicator boltstorm crossbow Stormcast Judicator Thunderbolt crossbow Necron Synaptic Disintigrator 5x DEldar Shardcarbines Tau Pathfinder Ion Rifle 4 Stormtrooper hotshot volley guns Equipment & miscellany GK Strike Squad teleport module BA Sanguinary Guard shoulder pad Stormtrooper Scion voxcaster 3 Eldar Guardian heads (kitbash helmets for SoS) 2x Sanguinary Guard SM heads The Stormcast crossbows will get converted into archaeotech bolters/storm bolters for one of my Sisters of Silence squads (the other squad will be armed with swords). The combiweapons were actually bought *before* the revelations about their new awesome - I just like the way they look.
  12. I'm not sure - some time between 2nd and 6th.
  13. Orders are tools that can be used to reflect training, etc. Imperial Guard (and maybe others? I know the IG get them) officers can issue orders at the start of the Shooting phase, letting units double-fire (as shown in the article), or get extra distance on a charge, gain Precision Shot (a special trait), etc. Previously the unit had to pass a Leadership check to follow the orders - it appears that this isn't necessary in 8th edition (orders may be restricted in other ways - maybe an officer has to be within Leadership inches of a unit to issue it commands unless they both have access to a Vox Caster, or something?)
  14. Fulfilling

    Got mine last night.
  15. Yeah, but that was before the triumvirate with Sister Celestine sold out in, like, minutes, when first released, to triumphant applause and the waving of multi-colored banners.