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    One Graveyard (and one for a friend), but I got three of the fences collection (since they don't have to be used for the Graveyard - and that also lets me set up a nice large collection of mausoleums and such for spoooooky adventures)
  2. Given the previous performance of Darksword Kickstarters, the really short length of this one (even the previous Stephanie Law KS was 11 days or so - and that seemed short), and its kind of poor launch timing, I can definitely see wanting to scrap and start over - Darksword has enough of a cachet, and trust built up, that it's not like this is likely to impact the performance of the re-launch, I suspect.
  3. Acquired - Tickets to the Flogging Molly show at the Rochester Dome Arena, on April 1st. Because celtic punk bands are best punk bands... except for all the other punk bands that are best punk bands. (Sorry, Simcon - I'll be there Friday, and Sunday, but between training and this, Saturday is a bust). Oh. Yeah. Training. I also acquired bright and shiny new jerb at URMC a couple of weeks ago. Contractor for now, but let's see what I can do in the next ten months or so to turn that around...
  4. Snow acquisition seems to be going around...
  5. The Hunt for Sir Forscale
  6. Dank sneakers?
  7. Acquired - an ex-job (last week, but whatever) Acquired - a little bit of shopping therapy (since I had credit with Bombshell from the last KS, and with Paizo from the last couple of Reapercon bags...), So, ordered - Directly from Bombshell - 1 x 36020 - Science Officer Helen Salinger 1 x 36005 - MaC Bot 1 x 10056 - Jenn Hadley 1 x 10057 - Officer Chase 1 x 10058 - Operative Haley 1 x 10059 - Elizabeth Beckford - Assassin with Daggers 1 x 10065 - Ellie and Bz-R 1 x 10066 - Anvalla the Forgemaiden 1 x 36014 - Counterblast Particle Beam Weapon Sprue 1 x 36012 - Counterblast Pulsar Weapon Sprue 1 x Sidekick Pick Six Combo60008 - Eye Slug 60005 - Tazjh Raptor Hatchling 60026 - Friskers 60002 - HLpR Bot 60011 - GhNT Spybot 60011 - GhNT Spybot) 1 x Sidekick Pick Six Combo60002 - HLpR Bot 60011 - GhNT Spybot 60018 - Warfare Wombat 60012 - Doom Bunny 60015 - Rottweiler 60004 - Squidman And from Paizo - 2x HS38 Rocket BikeBecause I like it better than the new one from Bombshell, and they're almost impossible to find - let alone find at retail. This one concerns me a little bit, because it says expected shipping 17-51 business days...
  8. Just randomly out of idle curiosity, and not for nefarious reasons, but what's your exact street address, and do you have any sort of home security system? I live on the house right ff the river of Denile.. LOL Do you guys think I did alright pricewise? You did much better than 'all right' - you made out like a bandit. All of those Ral Partha boxed sets are long, long long OOP, and routinely go for a lot more per box than you paid for all three..... I'm not saying those, alone could pay for a Gencon trip, or anything (although some of the prices I've seen on on the Bay of Evil would suggest it)... but it would be a really good start.
  9. <noisily walks up behind Pingo> PINGO BACK! <walks around Pingo> PINGO SIDE! <walks around Pingo> PINGO FRONT! <walks around Pingo> PINGO OTHER SIDE! HI PINGO!
  10. ... huh. I might actually be attending. Maybe. If I can get my plan for a Tramp not-quite Royale* to work out so I can be in the DFW area at the same time as Reapercon. Which seems simple, but involves train schedules, so is *not*. *cross-country, not around world
  11. So, I wasn't going to get the holiday paint set... (because ZOMG so many paints... it's just... so many paints, I have. SO MANY!) but then I was reading the descriptions again. and I Got Ideas. (this is never a good thing...). And I wanted the 25th anniversary Death anyways. sooo.... 09973: Reaper MSP Holiday Colors Paint Set x1 03767: Nemesra, Dancing Girl x1 50283: Evie, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine x1 50132: Jessica Blaze, Smuggler x1 Happy 25th Anniversary! Your order has received 1x 25th Anniversary Grim Reaper

    You're having a lot of fun making these, aren't you?

    Pledge locked in - 74032 x2 74033 x1 74034 x1 74035 x1 74041 x2 74046 x1 74048 x2 74049 x1 74050 x1 74071 x1
  14. While I know of no such invention, I've been using Delicious Library on the Mac to inventory at least some of my minis (mostly the current ones that are in the Amazon database - you can add custom entries, but it's a bunch of typing, and I'm still catching up on inventorying stuff...). Because it ties into the Amazon databases, the current stuff - or stuff that's likely to be available from third-party associates, is pretty easy - punch in the name, or an inventory number and company, and bingo-bango-bongo, options come up.

    This is pretty much how I work with Kickstarters. I evaluate "is this likely to ever ship?" - I'm apparently pretty good at that, because I've only got a couple on my "yeah, never seeing return on that money" list, so far. Then, I evaluate how much I can afford to spend/lose (depending on the risk margin), I back, I follow along, and I basically forget it. If an update comes through, I'll probably take a look at it, go "huh, that's cool." and then forget the Kickstarter again - I have, in fact, been surprised when something I backed shows up at the office! And, especially with Really Big Kickstarters, from companies that have proven themselves in the past? Huh, okay, a delay. That's fine, whatever. Sucks for <company dude(tte)s - that's gotta be a royal pain.