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  1. Funded

    Well, economics precluded much in the way of an order this time - 2x Double Doors - Unpainted 1x Ancient Pillars - Unpainted 1x Large Curved Daises - Unpainted 1x Straight Daises - Unpainted 1x Epic Stairs - Unpainted 1x Vaulted Diagonal Walls - Unpainted 2x Large Curved Walls - Unpainted 1x Ancient Pillars - Jade Limited Edition No Troves, no levels or rooms... just nothing in the budget for this year (too many other large expenses), and unlike Bones kickstarters, where I can build up over time, this was just too short of a cycle for me to budget in over the long haul. So I got some stuff that would be most useful with my existing collection, I think, and went with unpainted despite really not wanting to (my original plan was for all-painted, this time around, since I have such a backlog). Ah well.
  2. Funded

    Also the Fire Giant jailor, the Statue of Dagon, the town extras, and I *think* a couple of others (on top of the various translucent/transparent weapon sets, and the invisible Kyphrixis).
  3. Funded

    Honestly? It was on the screen of one of the sculptors at last ReaperCon, someone grabbed a photo of it, and people (including me) were all like "Whut dat?!? I want wunna dose! Gimme pleeze!" since ReaperCon... (also good with clarified butter, or in a roll with some mayo and lemon juice)
  4. Funded

    I mean, it's sort of like dogs - there are (almost) no bad dogs. There are, however, better dogs.
  5. Initial impressions are not positive - you have to create an account and sign into it (no offline access?), and of the dozen or so pots I tried (Reaper, Army Painter and Games Workshop) exactly none of them actually scanned successfully - several of them scanned, but resulted in no paint hit (when I then went in and manually found them), and about half or so simply refused to scan at all.
  6. Funded

    (mucks about in the pledge manager for a bit) For US folks, looks like One With Everything, with shipping, comes to about $345.
  7. Box is away! Should be there on the 10th.
  8. The notebook was there, I went through it trying to see if anything was missing (that hadn't been claimed) - if I recall correctly, it was two items - a box of robots, and a demon imp? without receipts, as Inarah says, I don't think it's possible to file a claim, sadly.
  9. Well, that was Interesting. Okay, let's try this again, without the clever, since it appears it won't let me be clever. So, when I got the box, it looked like this - I dunno what happened, but it got repacked. A couple of things were missing - cause unknown. I took this - A couple of Bones I have uses for, a spacey piratey woman that looks cool, a couple of chunks of debris/barrier terrain, a Malifaux snake-thing, and a Spess Mahreen - the first Finecast mini I've gotten, so it will be interesting to see how it goes together. I put in? Stuff.
  10. Funded

    Goodness, I wish the Kickstarter comment system had the ability to mute people...
  11. Funded

    I mean, you should, because occasionally I post here, and my every word is glorious... Owl better now?
  12. Funded

    It was also published in Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire, although I don't remember which one, and plays a pretty important role in The Gallimaufry - The Winslow.
  13. Funded

    Phil and Kaja just reposted the original cartoon! (Somewhere around here, I have a copy of the URCON convention booklet that had one of - if not the - first publications of Winslow in it - it's made its way through about a dozen moves, and probably forty years of my history, but I still have it).
  14. Funded

    Yuan-Ti/"Nagendra" aren't reptiles. They're snake-people - and some of them were human people before being cursed/blessed by their snakey deity.