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  1. Live

    (mucks about in the pledge manager for a bit) For US folks, looks like One With Everything, with shipping, comes to about $345.
  2. Box is away! Should be there on the 10th.
  3. The notebook was there, I went through it trying to see if anything was missing (that hadn't been claimed) - if I recall correctly, it was two items - a box of robots, and a demon imp? without receipts, as Inarah says, I don't think it's possible to file a claim, sadly.
  4. Well, that was Interesting. Okay, let's try this again, without the clever, since it appears it won't let me be clever. So, when I got the box, it looked like this - I dunno what happened, but it got repacked. A couple of things were missing - cause unknown. I took this - A couple of Bones I have uses for, a spacey piratey woman that looks cool, a couple of chunks of debris/barrier terrain, a Malifaux snake-thing, and a Spess Mahreen - the first Finecast mini I've gotten, so it will be interesting to see how it goes together. I put in? Stuff.
  5. Live

    Goodness, I wish the Kickstarter comment system had the ability to mute people...
  6. Live

    I mean, you should, because occasionally I post here, and my every word is glorious... Owl better now?
  7. Live

    It was also published in Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire, although I don't remember which one, and plays a pretty important role in The Gallimaufry - The Winslow.
  8. Live

    Phil and Kaja just reposted the original cartoon! (Somewhere around here, I have a copy of the URCON convention booklet that had one of - if not the - first publications of Winslow in it - it's made its way through about a dozen moves, and probably forty years of my history, but I still have it).
  9. Live

    Yuan-Ti/"Nagendra" aren't reptiles. They're snake-people - and some of them were human people before being cursed/blessed by their snakey deity.
  10. Live

    You can do a text search on the text that's 'visible' on the page, but it only loads so much at a time. it really is a terrible interface.
  11. Received the box from Clearman.
  12. Live

    Yay Chronoscope Expansion! Bring on the Skiffy Minis! Woooooo!!!!!

    Standing adjacent to monsters is his dream job, be trained for years as a squire to the Knights of the Order of Weights of Measures and he takes pride in being our scale indicator and occasional comic relief. Yes, we will be employing Sir Forscale for another project, and we're very happy to be working with him again. and yet another example of why ReaperBryan is the best!
  14. Amazon Day let me acquisitate some things I've wanted to add to my gaming table for some time - Three tablets - to be precise, three Kindle Fire 7" 'book readers'. Currently they're partially functional - I've got ads removed, and Firechat running on them (so I can theoretically turn off wi-fi, and just use Bluetooth/NFC communications between them and my iPhone, which also has Firechat installed). Eventually, they will have locally synced files and databases for my game(s), so players don't have to reach for the print outs - and at some point, all of the character sheets will be on there as well, possibly.