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  1. Actually, just knowing that yes, it's possible and when I'm ready I need to push it really hard to get it in place - that is extremely helpful. Thank you!
  2. I see absolutely no way of attaching the Efreeti's head. Mine has both arms attached - looks to me like her right arm was molded separately and glued on at the factory. And the head and hair look like they can only be attached prior to the arm being attached? Actually, even if the arm were removed, it isn't clear to me that it would be possible to fit the pieces together. @terminalmancer were both arms already solidly attached to her body on yours?
  3. I was quite surprised by the thickness of Argent's wings. He's overall quite a bit chunkier than other dragons of his general dimensions. So if they didn't have time to redesign some parts to require less bulk, the sheer quantity of plastic required to upscale him by 50% (8 inch height vs 12 inch height) might have been a contributing factor.
  4. For smaller stuff, I invested in a few of the IKEA ALEX Drawer Unit with Casters. It also comes in white. And I got a really good deal on a yard-sale second-hand china cabinet for some of my bigger stuff.
  5. Mine delivered here to work at lunchtime. So they're safely in my hands, but I can't open the box until I get home. Which is both relief, and torture. Wants to see my Precious!
  6. Yup, mine on the truck also! Happy day for a few of us! Mine is out for delivery too! Being delivered to work, so no point in my leaving early. Le sigh...
  7. http://www.reapermini.com/bones4 Enjoy!
  8. Mine received their Arrival Scan here in Atlanta at 2:49pm! Should definitely be delivered tomorrow! SQUEEEEEE! . . (Ummmm...Sorry about the volume on that...)
  9. Yay! I'm glad they were able to find it. Give us an update when you get the box - I'm curious if it will look like it remained unopened the entire time, or if Game Stop warehouse folks went through it trying to figure out what it was. (Check the bottom tape too, not just the top...)
  10. They should be able to send you a replacement.
  11. Actually, it's 163 in the core. They're numbered in the official image/list at: http://www.reapermini.com/bones4
  12. I just watched Moana for the first time last night. So now I want to "paint" this guy's shell with glitter and bits of shiny treasure.
  13. WISHLIST Expansion Set for Bones V: The Bones IV hut minus the chicken legs. Maybe with a rickety picket fence, a scarecrow, a well, and whatever else makes sense for objects around a pleasant little cottage. But the hut should definitely be the SAME hut as Baba Yaga's.
  14. Shipped! 35.5 lbs! I locked on the 12th, and ordered all three DOOM items. (I'm so glad I surpassed the 35 lb mark - otherwise, what with my Newbie status, y'all might not take me seriously!)
  15. Maybe it's a rakshasa giant?