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  1. There are some acrylics that are soluble in ammonia, and that would be a likely component in floor polish, which would cause the colors to run. Alcohol softens even more acrylic formulations, but usually not so quickly.
  2. That's what watercolor does. The binder is usually gum arabic, which is water soluble even when dry.
  3. Here I've base coated my Bones 3 Goremaw with the Behr Premium Plus flat, from a sample pot of pale yellow, which I suspect to be an off-white but mixed wrong. Lighting is with an LED lamp and camera flash. The photo looks much darker on screen than the model does, probably because the flash boosted contrast
  4. While not entirely relevant to your project, here is some hot tank action commanded by cute anime girls, Girls und Panzer der Film, theatrical trailer If you were to search for Strike Witches anime, you'd find a bunch of girls with airplanes for legs.
  5. I said I'd report back with some results, so here we go. First I asked myself, what is house paint for? The obvious response is that it's for painting houses, but what does that mean? It's meant to form a durable coating, resistant to exposure to the elements and direct damage. It's meant to coat and protect a variety of possible surfaces, including wood, metal, stone, concrete, brick, paper, plaster, and (importantly in this instance) vinyl siding. The coating is meant to be thick enough to protect the substrate, but also be smooth and attractive. This means it has self-leveling properties to reduce the visibility of brush strokes, but may obscure fine details. I've not yet painted on top of it, but the Behr Premium Plus Flat Interior paint forms an extremely matte coating on Bones vinyl figures. It remains sufficiently flexible in that it does not crack when the figures are flexed , and it is difficult but not impossible to scratch off with a fingernail. It does chip and scratch readily when struck with metal knives and dental tools, but it does require a bit of force even then. Fears about the paint obscuring fine details are proven to be well founded but exaggerated. Careful application technique to prevent pooling mitigates this problem quite well. I'll come back and edit this post to add photos, but it's too late for that tonight.
  6. A friend of mine built a small paint shaker using a broken computer fan mounted on some foam blocks. The motor was fine, but some of the blades were broken, and he drilled some screws into the remaining ones to offset the center of gravity. It gives a much gentler shake than a jigsaw would, but it's not bad for something made of garbage. edit: it's almost just like @Willen's device, but a little different.
  7. I've had very good results with Golden "Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Matte)". Just a drop or two goes a long way.
  8. The performance priorities for house paint are understandably different than for hobby, craft, or artists paints. That said, what I've seen so far suggests this oops batch performs better than gesso for this purpose, but it's too soon to say with 100% certainty.
  9. From the manufacturer's website:
  10. The Pathfinder Jabberwock makes a decently tabletop-sized dragon. I put mine on a 2" base but it would still look comfortable on a 3". The legs on the Bones version are notorious for sagging, but that can be remedied with surgery.
  11. At my friendly national chain home improvement store I found they sell mismixed paint colors at deep discounts. There I bought a 8 oz.(237 ml) sample pot of premium interior/exterior flat "paint and primer in one" for 50 cents. So I'm experimenting with using it as a primer for Bones. I will report on how it goes. In the meantime, feel free to discuss your budget alternatives.
  12. Since the non-human figures are by their nature "fantastic beasts/beings", their scale is arguably arbitrary. So long as they look right to you, go right ahead putting them alongside slightly larger humans.
  13. While it is somewhat more rigid than most Bones pieces, WizKids material is still quite pliable. It will not shatter and is unlikely to chip. It is not a hard material like most cast resin or injection molded styrene or ABS plastics, nor will impacts cause permanent bends or deformations as would happen with metal castings.. Oh yeah, and that creaking you felt when bending the Rallidium? That's a natural property of the lead-free pewter alloys in use nowadays, having a large proportion tin content. Tin just does that.
  14. WizKids has the retail price point advantage right now, 2 character figures or 1 medium monster for $4 vs Reaper's 1 character for $3-ish. If you bought Bones during the Kickstarters, though, you made out a lot better. It's not a big difference, but it's enough competition that Reaper will need to step up their casting quality if WizKids expands their selection in any significant way.
  15. In the case of clay golems, it's rabbis. According to traditional legend anyway. You do whatever you want in your game.