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  1. All righty, here's what I took from the box. Not in photo is a castle terrain piece.: Collector of Midnor, some orc lady I think, and some javelin dudes dandy 2-swords, St. Nicholas with revolver and sword, even dandier dandy, Wind Lord (in package), robo-armor thing, tiny goblin with glaive, and orc with barge pole and shorter stick polished shell fragments and amethyst beads, resin somewhat geometric human and 2 dwarfs Some square hydrocal(?) tiles, some 1" square bases. Container is my own and an assortment of Bones Don't worry, there was a lot of stuff left, and I packed in a bunch more too.
  2. At last, I've sent the box onward. Still missing the little journal but I'll send it on if I ever find it again. Next to photo what I pulled.
  3. The replacement Pcktlnt box has departed, en route to ParadoxicalMouse
  4. ultrasquid

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: June 2018 Projects

    I'm so happy to hear the Giff are back!
  5. You've given me an idea.
  6. Gosh darn it to heck! Somewhere along the way, just as I'm about to seal the box for shipping, I can't for the life of me locate that little journal that was in there. I'll keep looking for it for a while, and send it along later if it doesn't turn up today.
  7. ultrasquid

    Bones/Plastic only BOGW?

    A plastic-only box would be suited to a circuit where weight is a factor in shipping cost. In the US we have the flat-rate boxes, but the cost jumps dramatically when they cross borders. I've no idea how others are affected but I figure it must be a similar situation.
  8. I still have the box. I've been a bit slack packing it and getting it back out. I took it as an opportunity to reorganize my Crates of Shame, and quickly got overwhelmed. I'll try to send it along before the post office closes today. or maybe tomorrow
  9. ultrasquid

    Jungle Titan

    It's described under "Gargantua - reptilian", but this figure would represent a rather tiny one, unless you went to 10mm scale for the rest of your figures.
  10. ultrasquid

    Bones you dont like to see

    I did have fun reconstructing the leg on that frog monster that one time
  11. ultrasquid

    Bones you dont like to see

    If there is one thing I don't want to see any more of, it's figure designs that don't respect the material; in particular, those larger figures that are top-heavy but supported by narrow legs or ankles, like the Jabberwock or River Troll. These may work fine in metal, but require significant modification in Bones PVC to prevent sagging and tipping. Likewise weapons and blades that come out bent and floppy. At least cast those parts of harder material, or redesign the figures to be adequately self-supporting.
  12. ultrasquid

    Minis we would like to see

    A Mind Flayer Bathalian Elder Brain, with pool
  13. ultrasquid

    Free Monthly Mini - No Bones version?

    This is true, but the injection molds for the plastic figures are tooled from hardened steel, whereas the metal figures have typically been cast in vulcanized rubber molds. The setup for the injection molds is much more costly, due not only to the material, but the time and labor involved in the tooling. When quick-turnaround on small batches is a factor (such as bonus freebies of new releases), casting figures in metal becomes a much more practical expense.
  14. Chaoswolf's box arrived here today in replacement for Pcktlnt's, which is delayed due to circumstances. This box will continue on the remainder of the Pcktlnt circuit.
  15. ultrasquid

    Grey Bones

    The gray weapon sprues are ABS. The weapons in transparent colors are polystyrene