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  1. Funded

    I woke up and immediately went to the kickstarter and then sadly remembered the excitement is over. Well back to painting up the previous bones and waiting happily for the new ones.
  2. Bones 3

    This looks really good. The vibrant colours really make it "pop"

    So far everything seems like it is "lets just redo everything we already did." The sculpts are cool but I'm a little underwhelmed. These previews aren't really getting me excited for Bones 4. I'm not worried though, I know Reaper is just waiting to show the new awesome Bones at the Kickstarter launch.
  4. I think this is the best sculpt for an iron golem. As soon as I saw it I knew how I was going to paint it. I'm sure the inspiration is obvious. At first I had a nice fresh golem but it didn't seem right, so I needed to make it look like it was in a fight (most likely with a big green hulking creature).
  5. The colours are really vibrant on the figure. And the white looks really smooth. Great job.
  6. Amazing use of colours. I'm always inspired by your work.
  7. You did give him a great deal of character. He looks like a dragon that has been through some things. Great paint job.
  8. Fulfilling

    using those elastic bands is a great idea to have him held together on display until one is ready to paint/glue... I think I am going to have to use that
  9. Fulfilling

    The UPS truck showed up, we opened the door and he handed us the package (23lbs) and walked away. No import charges. I felt silly holding my credit card waiting for the import duties. I wasn't charged anything.
  10. Fulfilling

    My package arrived today. Glad the shipping went so well to Canada this time! It was super fast and the wife was really happy about not paying duties, as she was sure that extra fee was coming. (I'm sure there was a memo about that somewhere, but it probably was a while ago) After an almost two hour inventory/dry fit of everything, we only found one thing that needs correcting. Poor Dagon has two of the same arms. I think the quality of the bones has greatly increased. Although I'm a little confused as to why some figures were grey(again there probably was a memo about that somewhere) I'm really happy with what arrived and now we have to figure out how these are going to get painted, along with what is left over from bones 1&2.
  11. Love this! Great choice of colours, as they work so well together. What a beautiful figure.
  12. I think this is the best dragon I have ever seen. It has such a great colour scheme and I am envious I can't have that dragon as my own. Outstanding job.
  13. Delayed

    I have plastic sanding needles (white and blue ones) and they work amazing. I've never had a problem getting the mold lines off any of my SDE figs. Coarse 150 grit or Fine 320 grit? Where did you pick them up? TIA! I've also used an engraving pen, under $10 at Harbor Freight. I have the medium 240 and fine 320, and I bought them from a website because no one carries them around where I live.
  14. Delayed

    I have plastic sanding needles (white and blue ones) and they work amazing. I've never had a problem getting the mold lines off any of my SDE figs.
  15. I have had that happen to me with several reaper paints. After several suggestions, I always give my minis now a quick brush over with a dry clean brush before painting. Since I often paint parts of minis days apart. It helps remove any dust or other particles that might have stuck to the mini. And the most important part is to shake my paints really really well. I think it is mostly the paints have separated a bit, but my problem paints usually work fine if I shake them for a minute or so.