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  1. I may have to get multiple of that Sophie, just for the Lizard.
  2. I remember reading somewhere that the standard rules would be tile based as shown on the included board. And the advanced rules could be the normal skirmish game But I completely agree, the included terrain is severely lacking. These kinds of games, benefit greatly from some verticality, in their terrain and the rules to support it.
  3. Funded

    Wow that last stretch of Darkreach really is gold. As soon as it gets released, I am going to get a couple of those thrones. Could probably easily get Dragoth onto one.
  4. Funded

    My memory may be playing me a prank here, but didn't Reaper once have a range of dinosaur models? I think it was meant for museums or something along those lines. This new expansion would be a great way to not let those sculpts go to waste. Dinosaurs are almost dragons, so this seems to be a must buy for me.
  5. Funded

    Well, time to sacrifice some people to the skydragon.
  6. Funded

    Found their site but couldn't find the boat, got distracted by all the dragons. They have some good, cheap, asian dragons.
  7. Fulfilling

    I have no real interest in any of the humans, but there are a lot of nice beasties in this one. Several of the monsters I have never seen models of before and the submerged crocodile is an interesting prospect. (Think land shark but a crocodile)
  8. Funded

    I don't think we have a final on the size. On another note; Have they announced MIna Splinterheart? She would be a shoe-in for the Dreadmere expansion together since the rest of the Reapercon models are included They could add an entire crew of the river widows
  9. Funded

    The leaked crabman would fit perfectly to that theme. The tentacle summoning cultist would probably fit into the set as well.
  10. Funded

    I was going to pass on the Dreadmere expansion, but now I have a sudden need for it. As for the Tree, the question is not if I should get it, but how many. I have the lonely tree from Kingdom death and I always thought it would make a great centrepiece on a gaming table, especially in the old world. The tree of despair fits perfectly with the theme. Time to make the lonely tree less lonely
  11. Funded

    That's a great idea. Although it could probably be smaller for normal sized models. Spell effects and auras, in general could be an interesting choice for models.
  12. Funded

    The problem is that, that is the only indication. Isn't that just a bit lazy? Why not by making their scales thicker, more gnarled. Bigger, chipped, horns, scars on the body. Why show it by making the dragon crippled? General questions, not at you in particular. I take my dragons seriously and the crippling of dragon wings are one of my pet peeves. Not as bad as the consistently horrible posing of wings, but still.
  13. Funded

    The only reason they have those holes are because they always spread their wing like some kind of weird mating dance, making an easy target. (not that they are small targets in the first place) It would explain why all the dragons are standing on the ground. If they tried using their wings to fly, the holes would tear and rip their wings even more, because of the pressure.
  14. Funded

    Either that or someone have been playing Fallout It kind of looks like a mirelurk But I guess that comes with being a mutated crab
  15. Funded

    And now I'm humming this song That said, I have some treasure pile terrain pieces coming from the Mantic kickstarter. Now I will have to glue one of them onto that dire crab