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  1. Rocksalt

    WyrmGear missing leg

    cool, thanks guys, I'll finish inventory and compile. I thought I saw something on the invoice, but of course do not have that with me here at work.
  2. Hyrekia should have been in her own bag. Mine was taped to the packing invoice, along with my Mr. Bones. Other people have found her just laying in the main shipping box on her own. I actually got 2, so yay me :-)
  3. I agree, very disapointed in the size of the cut outs, I'm thankful I still have multiple cases that have larger cut outs, but not happy about not being able to keep them 'together' in one case.
  4. So, went to put WyrmGear together this morning and he's got 2 left hind legs, just trying to confirm who I might contact to get the correct hind leg.... questions@reaper? Rob