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  1. KacyCrawford

    [Suggestion] The Reaper Store / Figure Finder

    That's a great idea.
  2. KacyCrawford

    halloween special figures?

    I too guess so.
  3. KacyCrawford

    Happy birthday daveismyhero

    Belated happy birthday.
  4. KacyCrawford

    Art Search

    Wow! it is the best link I have found.
  5. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. KacyCrawford

    New minimums! Oh no!

  7. KacyCrawford

    Re-Released. Manufactured-by-Reaper Doom figures

    Pricing looks reasonable.
  8. KacyCrawford

    Done with Big Metal Miniatures?

    P65 was so much better for detail, I'm sad it's gone. Oh,really.It's so sad.
  9. KacyCrawford

    Is there a complete list of all Sophies?

    Thanks for sharing.This link was very much helpful to me as well.
  10. KacyCrawford

    Local store dropping reaper

    Where did you order?
  11. KacyCrawford

    What's the story behind Sophie?

    I would also like to know more about Sophie.
  12. KacyCrawford

    Is Dragon Blue Smurfy?

    Ohh,you made a very large smurf. Lol
  13. KacyCrawford

    Where to post this topic?

    I would go with Doug Sundeth comment.