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  1. Advantage for flank would be very powerful. I would suggest starting with a +1 to hit at most and adjust slowly to the powerlevel you would like. My understanding of rogue sneak attack is as BT said, advantage or ally within 5' threatening an enemy,
  2. I'm back in the land of the living.... until tomorrow at 4am, I'm sorry for dropping off without notice, I needed to go out of town with no notice for work. I'm leaving tomorrow to go back to the same location, but I expect it to be only Monday return Tuesday. Khim leveled to 3. https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=537893
  3. Perception 20+4=24 Initiative 2+4=6 Rolen would not carry a torch unless absolutely necessary. (Bow, stealthy, ect)
  4. How are our funds holding up? Is there funds/convertible weapons for everyone to get a +1 item? I believe at level 4 I have the ability to attack as with a magic weapons.... We could take a chance that we don't run into incorporeal enemies....
  5. Fine by me. Let me know when we need scouting.
  6. I'm sorry, I've had unannounced company this week. I should be able to level up tonight.
  7. "I too want to search out whoever set that dead abomination on the world!" Ooc I'm interested in a magical nunchuku.
  8. I'll check on my parents if I have the time. Make sure they have everything they need and let them know their work places were fine, though I hadn't gotten to see if the house was still standing. When I'm done, I'll check in with the party. "Would you like me to scout the tunnel? I should be able to do it quietly..." Ooc. If I'm not scouting, I will go second to last, normally I have my bow out. Could I replenish my arrows before we leave?
  9. Happy birthday Flamehawk#
  10. I'll smile at Daton, keep a draw on the raider and keep moving. "Ok, let's go, and see if we can be helpful at the keep." Are we near either of my parents work places? (Father is a blacksmith's helper, mother works at an inn/tavern)
  11. Yes, I try to stop him. I draw my bow, "let's not let him alert any one!" Init 12+4=16 Which way is he running? Do I think I can yell at him to 'hold it' without alerting any other raiding parties?
  12. Is that mini Caramon? I go for what's fun. If you picture him as a sword and board, go sword and board. The difference between d8 and d10 or d12 shouldn't make much difference. I'm planning on staying mainly ranged, BT's Bard is going Warlock (I think) so that's more ranged. I think we should do ok with the composition we have.
  13. Mmmmm bacon
  14. Stealth 16+6=22
  15. Thanks, will do.