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  1. Funded

    Definitely. I have most of the SW washes but only a few of their paints, which are great. I would've been all over a set or two of their paints.
  2. Funded

    Locked in for some of my favorite things but there's still so much I want to add, especially the expansions. So far I have: Core Set add-ons: Monsters Dire Beasts Snake Cultists Pathfinder Iconics Goblins Small World Heroes Gargoyle Toppers Brazier Toppers Skull Toppers Mystic Orb Toppers Ghost Pirates Sophie & Friends Wraiths Narglauth Paint Set B Tree of Despair We Will Roc You! Frost Giant Raiders Thunderfoot Behemoth Dance of Death Art Book These are on my short list to add when I can: Darkreach Expansion Fan Favorites Expansion Blacksting Wyvern Might add if possible: Paint Set A (already own 3) Living Statues Amazons Rulers of Hell Lost Valley Expansion
  3. Looks great! I like the idea of adding lighter highlights to the extremities. Might pay to use light touch (just a bit) and see from there. I'd also add some highlights to the very base of the water where it's splashing out from the well.
  4. Funded

    I've been off for a while and had to skip a few dozen pages but holy cow those giants are amazing!!! I have to give Izzy a big thanks for making such a fantastic design on these females. Awesome armor, cool weapons, sweet caribou, no cleavage, and no huge knockers. These are my dream giant minis. Reaper is the bomb diggity! I do hope the sculptor doesn't add D-cups. Here's a scale reference:
  5. Funded

    This. All the time. Drives me crazy. The worst is when you really need to call someone about something and by the time you get them on the phone you don't remember what you wanted to say. (╯︵╰,)
  6. Funded

    YES! Instant add to my pledge! ⋛⋋( ‘Θ’)⋌⋚ All my childhood dreams are coming true!
  7. Funded

    Aww yeah! Lady giants charging at you all like... ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ The party fighter trying to pretend she ain't intimidated looking all... ʕ( *ˊᗜˋ)つ¤=[]:::::> Would be sweet.
  8. Funded

    I just peed a little. °o°
  9. Funded

    Not even herring served on a potato slice with red onion, capers, dill and a dollop of yogurt? (Even better with a schmear of doubanjiang!) Yeah, I'll take a rain check on the shark too.
  10. Funded

    +1 The current sculpt seems a little small though. A new scale resculpt would be great to fit into the latest versions of the males. It's a fair topic. We're not knocking the current batch of male or female giants. They're easily some of the best available anywhere for such an affordable price. We're just expressing a want for a fuller range. I don't think that particular ogre is the best example for what I'd like to see. I'm not looking for ugly females for the sake of being ugly. Just an equally kick elf equivalent to the male figures in the line. Also not looking for big body females for the sake of being big. The female hobgoblin is the best example I can think of. She will fight PCs and won't look out of place in the raiding party while doing it. Glorious!
  11. Funded

    Couldn't agree more. Actually, I was feeling that in Bones 3. I love giant minis. They're easily one of my favorite enemies in games, and even though the giants in Bones 3 were all great sculpts and I could definitely use them, I skipped getting any because not one set had a battle ready female. So far it's the same here. I say that as someone who's favorite giant sculpt is Yephima. I love pretty giant minis. Cheesecake and relaxed pose giants are wonderful to paint. Just not every female giant. 5 to 0 for hill giants is starting to look a little inexcusable. I bought 2 set of the hill giants in Bones 2. Love the big muscly things. This isn't a SJW thing. I think most of that movement is obnoxious. I just need some fighting female enemies for gaming, and as more and more giants are rolled out the lack of females that can be used on a map to threaten my players becomes more and more inexplicable. I'm 100% not saying this to criticize Reaper. I love Reaper, love the metal line and love the Bones line. Just offering a little feedback. In for the core, wraiths, Narglauth, the Tree of Despair and plan to add much more.
  12. Funded

    My son would die! But, carps have scales and catfish don't. It would be crazy impressive if somebody painted scales on smooth catfish skin. I did just get a figure of a woman riding a carp though (Dragon Empire, Hori Mizu, Koi Rider). Now I know how I'm going to paint the fish!
  13. Funded

    Michael Proctor is a boss!
  14. Funded

    I'm hitting fairly close to my budget already. I didn't think Reaper would throw this much awesome at us so early in the project. Definitely going to add the zombie dragon, but I'm trying to save a little room for the end. I'm determined to help with the big push near the end. I have a feeling that we may get a Roc or a Phoenix. Gotta budget for those possibilities or whatever mind blowing stuff Reaper is saving up to put a kill move on our bank accounts. The pledge manager is going to hurt... but it'll be the fun gamer hurt.
  15. Funded

    Possibly the Tree of Despair. It looks easy to paint and will be a great place to show off other minis from the project as they get painted.