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  1. Ooooh... Nice and stabby. I'm guessing, not a halfling or a cleric. Maybe an angry Russian orchestra conductor?
  2. These are all so nice. I gotta say, that first beastman came out especially beastly! Just love how dark you made him.
  3. Great eye beast! I like how it looks like it could easily camouflage itself in a cavern if it wanted to ambush something. Very menacing. Your OSL worked out great. You've got a lot of talent for creating a scene from a single figure. I'm a little jealous.
  4. The two aren't the same. For instance, painters often add Reaper sealer to a paint that's a bit chalky. It can often help to make the paint less chalky (I've done this several times and it usually works). Reaper anti-shine additive (matte additive) will have the opposite effect. If you add too much, even a non-chalky paint will get chalky. Used properly, anti-shine additive will make a shiny paint dead flat, but only a tiny bit is needed. It's super concentrated matting agent that's WAY more powerful than anything else I've used. Honestly, I only recently got my hands on Reaper matte additive. I put a tiny drop of it into a few drops of water with a drop of flow improver (because the anti-shine additive is quite thick). I use that mix to thin any paint that's glossier than I like. Now, I have used Reaper sealer to help get a nice thin glaze with P3 Menoth White Highlight. It's a good color, but doesn't always thin well for skin highlights. The sealer helped, but it made the paint dry much quicker on the wet palette. It would get a little gummy after a while. That hasn't happened when using the anti-shine additive. They really are quite different. I've read that if you try to use anti-shine additive to seal a mini it will completely frost the mini. The only other similar product I have is Vallejo matte medium and I haven't tried using it as a sealer. I use matte medium to make paint more matte, and use matte sealer to seal minis or make chalky paints less chalky.
  5. Thankfully they don't make it all the way down to Louisiana. On the other hand, swamp monsters...
  6. Oh, and I suppose deranged mutant killer monster snow goons aren't real either, even though I read all about them in a newspaper.
  7. Holy cow! I don't paint heroes this well! Crazy good kobolds. The armor on the leader is outstanding.
  8. This is how FUN is done!!
  9. Gorilla. I've seen a pissed off gorilla in person. The unicorn wouldn't stand a chance. Gorillas are unbelievably powerful animals and they're surprisingly fast. If the unicorn attacked with it's horn it would only make the gorilla kill it quicker. If you break a single leg on a uni there's no way it could keep fighting.
  10. This guy rocks. I really like how you painted his asymmetrical armor.
  11. The whole color scheme is gorgeous! I like the large leaves. They give the impression that druids help to make the forests grow stronger due to their care. Such a beautiful paint job.
  12. Live

    A quick update here... For those that requested larger-than 2XL shirts, good news! 3XL-5XL sizes are now available. Please read the project's main page for details as the shirt itself is a little different than the ORIGINAL shirt for the project. Still sweet, same art, still black... just a little different. -------------------------------------------------------- They found a way to make these shirts in all sizes. Pretty sweet. Here's a link to the update.
  13. Thanks. I went ahead and ordered issues 44 and 42. I hadn't gotten any in a while. So far #44 is good. I liked the Marike Reimer interview. So many awesome pictures. The Scale 75 book review was pretty convincing.
  14. Reaper sells empty dropper bottles and even replacement dropper tips. I use them for P3 paints but they can't quite fit all of the paint from the P3 pots. The labels are very easy to peal off the pot and put right on the droppers. You can also find 50 packs of 15ml droppers on Amazon for about $10 if you ever need a bunch.