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  1. CorallineAlgae

    Catfolk feet?

    I appreciate you taking the time to comment on the discussion and explain a bit of your creative process. That's very cool of you. Kudos.
  2. CorallineAlgae

    GHOST Brush: A Paintbrush Set For Miniature Painters

    That's a very good way to do it. Although synthetics are very nice to have for doing bases, metallics, washes, brush on primers, sealers alcohol based paints, Tamiya clears, etc.. Anything you don't want to stress a nice brush to do. I generally use Blick Masterstroke red sable brushes for base coats then switch to W&N 7s for the quality work, and synthetics for the abusive stuff. I'm really looking forward to switching out my Blick red sable brushes for some similar priced Rosemary kolinsky brushes. Gotta kill the old ones first. Mouahaha!
  3. CorallineAlgae

    GHOST Brush: A Paintbrush Set For Miniature Painters

    I fell into that rabbit hole a bit. I envy your strength of will. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
  4. CorallineAlgae

    Brass paint?

    Dragon silver might be nice if it had a warm darker undertone. The other silver colors could highlight. Maybe?
  5. That's what happens when a thread gets the hiccups.
  6. CorallineAlgae

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Whoa, you painted this rough dwarf up beautifully. That helm and cloak are outstanding.
  7. CorallineAlgae

    Catfolk feet?

    The barbarian really does look nice. I'll probably have to jump on that one. Just saw him in the preview gallery and noticed he has 2 images with different heads and slightly different tail positions.
  8. CorallineAlgae

    03792: Krass Omenthrall, Evil Warrior

    He looks nice and intimidating.
  9. CorallineAlgae

    The Psycho Chicken of The Woods

    Oh man, what a gumbo he'd make!
  10. CorallineAlgae

    Wizkids Owlbear

    Nice work! I like the camouflage look you gave your owlbear. Gives it an ambush predator feel. Roll for surprise!
  11. CorallineAlgae

    Catfolk feet?

    I hate to agree on this. I'm a huge fan of catfolk minis, but I'm not feeling the love for these Glenn Harris sculpts either. The bird feet, the odd heads, the Captain Picard like smoothness to the clothes and armor, uninspired poses, the unfinished look of Steelclaw. I ordered Julie Guthrie's recent catfolk minis right away and bought her fantastic 02910 Cheetah Girl long ago. I'd love to see more catfolk figures in Julie's style. I'm one of the people who asked Reaper for more catfolk for years, but these aren't up to snuff. The devil really is in the details.
  12. CorallineAlgae

    Talae's Feeble Attempt at Airbrushing

    Wish I knew how to lightly dust with an airbrush. I base coat terrain a couple layers, then switch to a lighter color and spray from a heavy side angle to get rough highlights. Then put the airbrush away and drybrush, hit it with different washes to give the stones variety and darken the cracks, and finally do the touch ups. You may want to do a couple passes with the base colors. The first layer often looks solid, but another pass will generally make it look much better. If you try it on one piece and compare it to one that only has one coat it can be quite noticeable. A bit of airbrush thinner or flow improver will help keep the needle from gunking up as quickly. They usually have a touch of retarder in them. You probably know that, but just in case. I haven't used Pokorny paints. Please let us know how they work with your airbrush.
  13. CorallineAlgae

    Talae's Feeble Attempt at Airbrushing

    No reason you couldn't at least base coat it. Terrain is ideal for practicing with an airbrush. No skin or weapons in the way. Was your needle gunked up after all that priming?
  14. CorallineAlgae

    Talae's Feeble Attempt at Airbrushing

    How did the Silly Putty work out?
  15. CorallineAlgae

    Obligitory Beholder

    Nice job! I like the fleshy tentacles and veins in it's eyes. Also like the tiny spot highlights on each tentacle eye.