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  1. Fulfilling

    Watch out! The addiction is real. I've made quite a few holiday orders just to pick up a few favorite versions of Sophie.
  2. Everybody is getting such cool shirts lately! I just ordered three yesterday. Got the cat one for my daughter, but I also wanted to find one for my boy. He's been planning out a Chaotic Good paladin and I ran across the perfect shirt for him. Ended up ordering one for each of us. We'll match! lol It says "The right thing ☆ The wrong Way" across the top. ♡‿♡
  3. Fulfilling

    My package already made it to my home state. Looks like a Friday delivery is almost guaranteed!! \(◠ヮ◠)/
  4. Fulfilling

    I'm also sticking with the metal minis. They're the only things holding up my order but I'm not about to switch them out for resin.
  5. You can get a 25 pack of those on Amazon for $12. Just search for "510 Central 15mL LDPE Plastic Thin Tip Dropper Bottles (25 Pack, Black Caps)". I haven't tried using such a fine tip bottle for paint though. No idea if they would clog more or not.
  6. Pre-launch

    If you're talking about the Undying Lords they were actually the most popular add-on in the kickstarter, 2% of the total figures ordered according to Update 86! I regret not getting 2 sets of those bad boys. If Reaper comes out with a female "Undying Ladies" set in Bones IV I'd be in heaven.
  7. Pre-launch

    I kind of feel you on that one. I don't have a single human figure coming in my Bones III shipment. I love getting Bones for monsters and terrain, and get metal for most humans, elves halflings and gnomes. I got in on Bones III in the first minute it started and still have a pretty long list of Bones III minis to pick up at retail. If there's a 5 figure set and you only really want one of them, it isn't a crime to wait for retail. Reaper has a couple really sweet promotions they run every year for Halloween and Christmas. I like to hold off buying a few figures to pad out orders when they come around.
  8. That would happen all the time if I hadn't learned long ago to never count on my memory. I keep lists for nearly everything. With gaming stuff I keep a list of every bottle of paint, mini, game, expansion, accessory, you name it (along with the date that it came in). The only game related stuff that I have more than one of (except for stuff that I wanted extra copies of) would be RMS Grey Primer (got an extra from CAV I) and RMS Blue Flame (got an free sample bottle before the Bones II colors came in). For non-hobby stuff I keep a shopping checklist on my phone categorized by dry goods, frozen, fresh, canned, cleaning, medicine, clothes, aquarium, hardware, etc... I like that one because I can un-check the little box when I'm out or running low on something and re-check the box when I drop it in my basket while out shopping. It's a life saver. I still end up buying some stuff that I already have enough of, but it's usually stuff like soap, cleaners and canned tomatoes.
  9. Fulfilling

    Google search your tracking number to track it and it will show the weight. I got my tracking email this morning and had to Google it also. Easy peasy!
  10. Delayed

    Have any of you been following this in the Soda Pop forums? I'm trying to catch up but things have only gotten more confusing. First off, they decided to reduce the 8 core box heroes to 6, so they took the Hexcast Sorcerer out of the 2.0 core game and moved her to The Midnight Tower box. They also took the Druid out of the core box and nobody (including the guy writing the rules) seems sure where he will end up. They also split all of the Arcade cards for all monsters to The Midnight Tower and all Classic cards for all monsters to the core 2.0 box. This is baffling. So, retail shoppers who get the core game box will only have cards for Classic mode. They get all the Classic mode cards for the monsters in both the Core game plus The Midnight Tower. In other words, they get Classic mode cards for monsters they don't get, but none of the Arcade mode cards for the monsters they do get. It's a similar, but reverse situation for people with The Midnight Tower but not the 2.0 Core box. They get all of the Arcade cards for all the monsters, even the ones they don't have, but none of the Classic cards for the monsters they do get in The Midnight Tower. Soda Pop did say that backers will be getting all the cards and models that they were promised in the campaign, but pulling that off seems complicated. For Core game only backers, Soda will have to add back 2 heroes, plus the Arcade rulebook and Arcade cards for the core game monsters that were removed from the Core game and moved to TMT. Midnight Tower backers who didn't get the core game will need all the Classic cards for their monsters that were moved to the 2.0 box added back. There's also confusion about game tiles, which were also switched around. I don't know what's going on with them. I haven't even mentioned Legends. Two years in and Ninja Division is just starting to figure out what the basic concept will be.
  11. Different paints could need different answers. Honestly, for most paints you should be fine using plain water, wash medium, a mix of both, or the mixture from the article. I've used all of them (made the craft mixture years ago) and generally only use the wash medium when I'm making a very thin glaze and water alone might make the paint "break". Wash medium works fine straight, but I tend to use it with paint that's already partially thinned with water and haven't had a problem. I personally would not use the Craft mix for a wash. It slows down drying quite a bit. It's useful for wet blending though. For washes I like to use water with a bit of flow aid (no retarder) more than the wash medium. I can't explain why, but I tend to use the RMS Wash Medium more for glazes (tinting smooth areas instead of shading cracks) and I always use it with a little water. Take that with a grain of salt. Every painter uses what works for them and their painting style.
  12. Fulfilling

    If it's a gaming Con, those friends will probably understand. If they don't, just show them a picture of Mal.
  13. Live

    They do, but from what I've heard they usually deliver late backers months (sometimes many months) after normal backers.
  14. Fulfilling

    Ah, sorry if I gave you extra work.
  15. Fulfilling

    That was my thinking too, but it looks like it was deleted. Maybe it created more work for the mods? Looks like mine will be tomorrow also. It should still make it to Louisiana by the weekend. Going to be a fun weekend!