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  1. Fulfilling

    I just got part of my order in today. The casting looks very good. They don't seem that much greasier than other resin minis I have. The only broken piece I noticed was the Daughters of the Orphanage Command cook's spoon (looks impossible to fix). They certainly do look complicated to assemble. Lots and lots of tiny fragile pieces. Probably should put together a couple of angels before attempting Ascended Sister Erzebel. I've never been very good with tiny multi-part resin models. May have bitten off more than I can chew with these bad girls. Oh well. Hopefully they can help me gain a level in my assemble skill.
  2. Live

    I ended up going in but I can't decide if I should get a couple in 28mm or try a 54mm version. These will never be used for anything more than display so it's tempting. I'm just not familiar with the company. If their casts are worth it I'll spring for the large version of Rebecca and maybe Legertha or the Cossack girl. Does anybody own some of their models and can vouch for them?
  3. Funded

    The PM is getting close. Looks like this one is going to cost me way more than expected. I'd ost some of the last update pics but they look a little to saucy for this forum. When this was live I was convinced that I would stick to the winter or frost versions of these, but some of the pinups came out so nice. Pin-Up Caoimhe and Niska for example.
  4. Live

    That would be very tempting if Ken would answer shipping cost questions and actually had a $40 pledge level. It's troubling that he's only made one comment in this KS and seems to be ignoring the questions that his few backers have been asking. These cases would be useful to me, but every time I check the KS I see more unanswered questions and think, no way.
  5. Pre-launch

    No thanks. Loud'n Raging moved all of the TTG2 updates to their own site (where they don't approve comments), and they have made a grand total of one comment in the kickstarter comments since October 2016 (to correct a link to their off site update). I'll save my cash for the upcoming Hasslefree pledge manager and more Bones... or a new computer. This one is just about dead.

    Nice to see Almaran the Gold as the starting hero. Love that guy. Looks like a fun map.
  7. Fulfilling

    I just got a shipping notice email but it doesn't have the metal figures. I didn't pay for an extra shipment. Not sure why they're shipping out the resins, unless they're trying to build up a little bit of goodwill before launching their terrain project. I'm looking forward to finally getting Erzabel, the Daughters of the Orphanage command group, and the Angels command group. Hopefully the metal figures will ship later this year.
  8. Whoa, you already have the eyes done. Nice way to start!
  9. I like it. The pattern reverse matches the lighter color of the scales. It's such a great idea. A wash should work well to soften the contrast while still keeping the look of a distinct pattern. I probably wouldn't put the pattern over all of the wing's fleshy parts. Looks cool with them concentrated close to the main wing bones. It definitely adds visual interest.
  10. This guy is all kinds of awesome! The hair might look better with a little more dark blue in the front though. Maybe just the roots?
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Live

    Do you have a realistic estimate for how much it might cost to ship 3 x-cases (X-case oddity level) to the US?
  13. Fulfilling

    Did your Hori Mizu figure not come with the umbrella top? Mine came in 4 parts: the main body, one arm and head on a bit of sprue, and the umbrella top (loose in the bag).
  14. I'm liking the blue orcs. Nice work Brawley!
  15. complete

    Ouch. My heart goes out to you. Hope it's just at the post office or a UPS center.