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  1. CorallineAlgae

    ReaperCon '18 swag bag *online version*

    Aww, missed it. I went out today with my Dad to try and cheer him up. He's been so down. Gotta say, it was really cool of Ron to put the old swag up in the shop. I've managed to get three Swag Bags so far, so I've been pretty lucky. Other than the sweet con paints and miniatures, I really like the Reaper notebooks. Been using them for a few years to record the colors I use when painting. They're super handy. The notes saved my tuchus a few times after taking a long painting break, then trying to go back and finish a figure that was half painted. I had always wanted to keep a painting journal, but never started one until getting the ReaperU notepad in the Swag.
  2. CorallineAlgae


    I have the Imperial and Plaguelands pads from the second kickstarter. They're all kinds of great, but you really need to base a boatload of figures to justify the cost. The pressed bases don't usually come out as nice as premade or normal DIY bases. They are good. It just takes more effort to get a good result than you might expect. The base edges and deep detail areas on the pads are tricky. They're also kind of a pain to clean up, at least for me. That said, I do like my two Basius pads. If you have money to throw at them they're really versatile. For variety, Basius pads are pretty much king. Because of the cost, I don't know that I would recommend them over the Green Stuff World rollers or Happy Seppuku stamps. The rollers are fast & easy to use. You can knock out loads of simple decent looking bases with very little cleanup. The Happy Seppuku pads are also pretty straight forward. They all take a little work and practice to get the base edges looking nice though. Just know that none of these base stamp systems are all that suited for making high quality display bases. These are all useful for basing groups of monsters, NPCs, townsfolk and armies. Anywhere you want a related group of figures, biggish and small, on square, round, oval, or rectangle bases to be on similar style terrain.
  3. CorallineAlgae

    Axolotl Playing Cards

    I'm in.
  4. CorallineAlgae

    Trends with Kickstarter Exclusives

    I would very much like to see that. Extras could be thrown into a kickstarter for free, but still be available to order directly from the company or another ordering source later. It does seem that some games have so many KS exclusives, or even non-exclusive add ons, that retail distribution becomes an obstacle. If game companies put the base games and expansions in shops and threw the bonus KS items that weren't suitable for distribution for sale online, it might be a nice middle ground. Some companies sell leftover KS exclusives at conventions already.
  5. CorallineAlgae

    Painting Water Gone Bad?

    If they were line shaped they could be freshly hatched mosquito larvae. Most online pictures show larger "about to fly" or enlarged images of them. I used to collect them to feed finicky aquarium fish. There are a whole assortment of little creatures it could be, but if they were alive, all I know much about are daphnia (water fleas) and mosquito larvae. Live yummy fish treats are kinda cool.
  6. CorallineAlgae

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    You have to hold the bottle to mix, at least with the cup or platform top mixers. Mine is a Vortex Genie 2 mixer with the little cup. It has a "touch" setting. You put the paint bottle in the cup and lightly press down and it starts mixing. Super easy touch activation. It's a fantastic feature. You can buy different style tops for this vortex mixer but they are quite spendy. A 3" platform with a rubber cover is around $40+, while the cup is $25+. If you want a top that has a foam bottle holder to mix the paints without holding the bottles, I've seen them for sale for around $150. I've also also seen clip style bottle holders for about $90, but I don't know if they fit common paint bottles. I'll post a pics of the different mixer top options I mentioned in the spoiler. They all simply pop on and off the top of the machine. I kind of regret not getting one with the 3" platform on top. The little cup is ideal for dropper bottles, but it doesn't fit larger paint containers like P3 or Citadel pots. You can still mix them if you hold them at an angle though. Like others have said, it's the best paint related purchase I've ever made. I recommend getting a model with a platform if most of your paints come in anything larger than dropper bottles. The cup version is a great choice for those of us who stick to dropper paints. Note: I'm only talking about options for my Vortex Genie 2 mixer. I don't know anything about other models.
  7. CorallineAlgae

    77323: Blightfang

    Nicely done! It has a bit of a swamp dragon look to it. Great job on the eyes.
  8. CorallineAlgae

    Arkham's Finest (and 50056, Mob Hitman)

    This set rocks so hard! I don't know why, but I find it so cool that one of the cops is holding a clipboard. Nice job painting text on the paper. The striped tie on the detective is also nicely done. Without a doubt, this is a detective squad. I imagine, at most, one will survive. These coppers aren't ready to take down that mobster. Batman will have to avenge them. Also, nice crates!
  9. CorallineAlgae

    Infinity Druze Hacker

    Gorgeous figure! Really diggin' all the colors. Can I ask what metallic paint you used on the metal grate? It's insanely shiny.
  10. CorallineAlgae

    Sunshine Figures

    I ended up going in for Altea. I like the sculpt enough to take a gamble on a new company. If the material and cast are nice I'll get Izzy at retail.
  11. CorallineAlgae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Yeah, I think they are fungi. Athlete's foot, hum... might explain why ents tend to be so cranky. I wouldn't eat the mushrooms though. I watched a documentary that had those when I was a kid. When you ate one side it made you shrink, the other made you grow. Caused a lot of trouble for the little girl experimenting with them in the show. Poor thing. ^_~
  12. CorallineAlgae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Same here! I already have half a dozen Bones twig bights. Gonna need a few sets of these upcoming bad boys. The treant looks super sweet as well. ~squee~
  13. CorallineAlgae

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    I'm still waiting on my last preorder. I was going to order only October releases, but the September Gelatinous Cube, Grey Maidens, Monodrone & Duodrone snuck in. Wish I would've added the frost giant. I can not wait for the blights and treants in January. Those are some of my favorite creatures, and the sculpts look outstanding.
  14. CorallineAlgae

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I don't think most Reaper paints need an agitator, other than the tiny glass ones they usually come with, but I've had a number of thicker Vallejo paints that didn't mix up well without an agitator, even on my vortex mixer. They would eventually mix after two minutes or so. After adding a hematite bead they mixed up thoroughly much quicker. After noticing that, I put a bead into every slightly thickish paint I had (mostly P3, Vallejo, Andrea, Secret Weapon, craft paints, and some Reaper paints). Just about every paint will mix well on a vortex mixer. The beads are worth adding mostly to shorten the mixing time. I also add a bead to every metallic paint. Every brand gets one. The shiny particles sometimes settle and compact hard at the bottom. Beads are a big help for metallic paints. Most mix in seconds with a 6 or 8mm hematite bead. Occasionally, a troublesome paint really settles and the bead will get a bit stuck at the bottom. I just smack the bottle in my hand a couple times before throwing them on the mixer. A hematite bead will usually make noise when you shake the paint it your hand, but some Vallejo paints are so thick that I never hear it.
  15. CorallineAlgae

    Secret Weapon - Tablescapes Dungeons: Mines

    The Dwarven Forge cavern method of painting looks fast, easy and convincing. I don't see a downside. Very tempted to order some of their paints to give it a go. It's been a rough summer, so my tiles have also been sitting unattended. The few I painted up earlier using craft paints and washes look nice so I'll probably paint the rest the way I started. It certainly isn't as simple as the Dwarven Forge method, although it is nice practice.