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  1. Chibi Capsule Magical Girls & Monsters

    So many tempting figures in this one. Are Mariya and the Fighting Girlfriend inspired by "Girls und Panzer", or is it a inspired from another source? Whatever the case, it's a great sculpt. Like others have mentioned, Corgberus makes this project almost impossible to skip for chibi fans like me.
  2. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    That would definitely be a cool scene! Still, I'm too much of a Maiden fan to do anything except try and steal every thing I can from Derek Riggs. I'm putting Glory on her Desolation base and going full on Trooper colors!
  3. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Still waiting on my figures here as well. I have to say, I'm still excited about taking an oval base and making a small scene where the living and the dead Ksenia fight it out face to face. I didn't even want either of those two when the project was live, but after seeing the finished sculpts, they were instant adds. Just hope I can do them justice.
  4. Redbox Games: Warbands of the Cold North V

    Got my dwarves in today! They look pretty darn good. Very different from the ones in my current collection. Very nice for variety.
  5. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I'm determined to get a DVD set this time. I can't decide between the Jen Haley/Anne Foerster set or the Marike Reimer set. I do like the idea of watching two of my favorite artists interact and offer different views, but Reimer includes animals. Anybody have some advice?
  6. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I wasn't sure about this one but it looks like it would work nicely as a gigantic plant monster. I love plant creatures and this one looks like the biggest around. Very tempting.
  7. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    Charged here too! Can't wait.
  8. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Backerkit works the same way for me. If I move the mouse pointer over the "Rewards are shipped" text, a little tooltip shows a date. Turns out it was on 2/12/18. I'll post a screencap of it in action.
  9. Ysera Dragon Bust

    I think I might recognize those eyes.
  10. Ysera Dragon Bust

    Beautimus! I love her eyes. They look very magical and mysterious.
  11. Kobolds, Gremlins, and The Doctor

    Whoa, those gremlins look much more menacing than expected when they're in a group. Sweet!
  12. Succulent Dragons - Stephanie Law Coloring Book

    I bought three of her beautiful art books for my daughter a while back, but I'll skip this one. Hope it goes well though.
  13. 77255: Bronzeheart, Minotaur Hero

    This guy came out amazing. I especially like the bone axe shaft, the reflective look to the metal plate on his shield, and battered look to his body armor. Also have to agree with everyone else about your great color choices and his beautifully painted eyes.
  14. 77604 Bonesylvanians - Jack

    You painted up Jack so well, and that base is is amazing! I hope Linus wasn't waiting for this Great Pumpkin.
  15. Warbands of the Cold North VI - Ulfhildr's Heroes

    I know what you mean. That's why I'm only down for a single mini this time around. Many gamers only need so many winter themed human male figures. I'd love to see more variety next time around. I'm a big fan of his females, as well as his villains like The Keeper and Yrsa the Accursed. A project with a mix of races in dynamic poses with good and bad guys would hit me pretty hard. Throw money at the screen hard.