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    Pathfinder, D&D, minis, cooking, gardening, reef aquariums (hence my user name), anime, science fiction, and woodworking.

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  1. CorallineAlgae

    Happy Birthday SisterMaryNapalm

    Happy Birthday!! Hey, it turns out, December is a pretty good month for universal conquest!
  2. CorallineAlgae

    Happy Birthday Lostbug

    Happy Birthday!
  3. CorallineAlgae

    Happy Birthday starwarsgeek

    Happy Birthday!
  4. CorallineAlgae

    Happy Birthday CAVBOSS

    Happy Birthday!
  5. CorallineAlgae

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I bought mine used on eBay. Some of the used mixers listed at the time came with the cup, some with the 3" platform, and some had no topper at all. If you're shopping for one used it should show which one you get in the image. If you're buying new it should also show in the product image, and say (or not say) what accessories it has in the description.
  6. CorallineAlgae

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Actually, it just wasn't in the budget this year. After ordering a Badger airbrush my hobby budget is running on fumes. lol
  7. CorallineAlgae

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Try adding it to your cart. I'm seeing 4 in stock right now.
  8. CorallineAlgae

    12 Days of Reaper...Get ready for the madness?

    Placed my holiday order late last night after watching Reaper Live. 02551: Monique Denoir $5.49 x1 60061: Shazathared, Marid $6.99 x1 03913: Cailleach Deargh, River Widow $8.29 x1 03139: Shaelin, Female Bard $4.99 x1 09444: Scholar Flesh $3.69 x1 01633: Johan Rumbleguts, Dwarf Hero $9.99 x1 29849: HD Umber Brown $0.99 x1 Your order has received 1x Dungeon Dwellers: Caerindra Thistlemoor Merry Christmas! Your order has received 1x Winter Elf!
  9. CorallineAlgae

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    100% agreed! It definitely can be messy, but every bottle gets one. When you have a lot of paint to shake, cutting the shake time on each bottle with a hematite bead adds up.
  10. CorallineAlgae

    1621 Winter Elf

    Thank you for posting this. I just placed an order and will soon get one. These pics, along with your blog, will help get her painted up nicely. I love how the white looks like it has warm and cold tones. Beautiful!
  11. CorallineAlgae


    Ordered one as well. I wasn't sure I'd be able to budget in a holiday order this year but it's to help Jason. Hats off to everyone involved in making this happen.
  12. CorallineAlgae

    [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    I went ahead and ordered the 3" platform for the Genie mixer on Amazon so I can mix some larger paint bottles.
  13. I have 2 of these from the first kickstarter. I also ordered two different grip handles from their web store a few months ago. I really like one of the handles. It's shaped just like the one in this project, only it isn't in two pieces. My holders and handles had to be screwed together. I highly recommend adding a handle to the base. It really is comfortable in the hand. Between the Rathcore holder, the Rathcore grip, the Citadel holder, and the Hobby Holder with grip handle, the Rathcore grip is still my favorite, but the Hobby Holder with the handle is a close second. I do prefer how much easier it is to pop the bar off and on with the Hobby Holder.
  14. CorallineAlgae

    Fire Giant 2

    Those molten flail heads are sweet! Never seen that before. Gonna so steal that idea for something!
  15. CorallineAlgae

    Fire Giant 1

    Nicely done! That lava sword looks terrifying. I feel sorry for the PCs.