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  1. Live

    That's understandable. Ninja Division's growing bad reputation and Prodos' existing bad reputation make this one toxic for me too. Pawns & proxies will do for now.
  2. Live

    Yes . They have also stated that backers will be able to up their pledges in the PM here as well.
  3. Fulfilling

    Another tracking recipient just confirmed it's FedEx. Here's the post:
  4. Fulfilling

    I don't know anything myself, but somebody in the comments mentioned FedEx for their package. I'll ask in the comments. Edit to add: Nobody has responded yet but one backer down in the comments did say his tracking number was for FedEx SmartPost. That service drops off the package to the USPS for final delivery. Here's the post: Funny. I just got a SmartPost package in today for some RO filters and aquarium carbon.
  5. Fulfilling Update just posted! Everybody can pay their shipping. Looks like US & South American backers may get their core games a little earlier than other places but it shouldn't be a long wait for anyone. ( ◕ヮ◕)/\(◕ヮ◕ ) High five! Add +2 Insanity per week until the game is in your hands! EDIT to add: Looks like Canadian backers won't get their games shipped from the main US hubs. No concrete info about when shipping there will start yet. In the KS comments Poots said:
  6. Some chickens think rocks are good enough to eat. Ok, even I can see that this joke was a bit of a stretch. *shame*
  7. Live

    Thanks again for the tip. I got some Quakehold museum putty a couple days ago. It's working well so far. It's softer than UHU White Tack and seems to hold well to both the cork and the base. The UHU white tac might have a slightly firmer hold, but I prefer the softer feel of the Quakehold museum putty. I'll need to spend more time with it, but so far I'm a fan of the stuff.
  8. Surprisingly, yesterday Paizo listed some of these minis, cast in resin, on their store for pre-sale. I can't post a link but you can search the Paizo store for "Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures". Someone posted that they should ship out next week.
  9. Live

    I use UHU White Tac to attach based minis to the cork. It sticks super well. I haven't had a problem with it holding onto the holders except once when it pulled off a couple of tiny pieces of cork. I want to try that museum putty next. That stuff looks nice.
  10. Live

    Not really. When I paint, sometimes only my thumb touches the wooden base while all four of my other fingers are on the bar. If that get's tiring I cradle it in my hand with my thumb and middle finger with only my index on the bottom of the bar. Holding it upside down to get at a tricky part is super easy with the bar. That bar gives you a lot more holding options than you might expect. But you are right. The larger holder really is the Lord of Painting Comfort, hands down. I don't have a picture of mine in use, but I took a shot of my package when I first got it (and just uploaded it). It's the dark one sitting in it's little stand. I wish I had bought a 3 pack of those. ♡‿♡ If you would like a lady's opinion of these MaGie posted a great review of them here.
  11. Live

    You're spot on. That's probably the best feature of these kinds of holders. The rotating bar only took me a couple of hours to get used to and now I don't know how I lived without it. I have not had to retouch the top of a mini since I got the Rathcore holders. The version with the larger handle is my favorite. I don't have a picture of that one but here's a (bad) pic of a Bones 3 mini I painted a while back siting on the normal sized holder. Don't let the image fool you. I have average to slightly small hands and this small holder is a very comfortable fit for my hand. I actually prefer the larger one for best comfort. If anything, the plastic Hobby Holder in this KS looks a little smaller.
  12. Live

    I have some of those wooden holders with the metal bars and absolutely love using them. My favorite is the one with the larger grip handle. I'm nor sure how this design would compare. It looks okay.
  13. Thanks for posting about this. The only mirlitons I'll be getting are the ones that we stuff or pickle. Sandra Garrity
  14. Funded

    These look okay. It's a little disappointing that the decks only come with 20-30 cards. The condition deck is tempting though. I have the Pathfinder version and it's definitely helpful ($10 for 52 cards). Also just got the latest official GF9 Arcane, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, and Martial Powers & Races spellbook cards and they're amazingly useful. My kids use 9-pocket plastic pages to hold the race, power & spells needed for their characters. Looks like these are the DM's version. I'm not sure how useful the monster decks would be with so few monsters per deck, but they definitely picked useful common ones. Gonna set it on reminder and think about it.
  15. Live

    I went the other way. After spending two years defending & cheering for them I switched sides and went straight into scumbag antagonist mode. Yeah it's shameful, but we never would have gotten any meaningful response from them if Super Dungeon Explore and Rail Raiders backers hadn't swarmed the Starfinder campaign and demand they stop ignoring and lying to their current backers. They flat out admitted as much several times. Hopefully something beneficial will be learned in all this. I can take delays, especially since the long SDE delay has seemingly improved the rules, but months of ignored questions, doublespeak, and the straight up lies to RRI backers was too much. I don't like being the jerk (again) but I'm not half bad at it. C'est la vie