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  1. CorallineAlgae

    FitzBones: 77183 Frost Wyrm

    I wonder if this technique would work for metallic dragons. The tips of your wyrm's frills look quite a bit like copper. The look of a dragon painted with metallic paint can be a little jarring, and painting one using a NMM technique is way beyond me. If a copper/gold/bronze dragon was primed black or blackish brown and highlighted with silver metallic paint before toning it with the right inks, washes or thinned paints, it might look sweet. Still metallic, just toned down with layers of transparent color. Think I'll try it out on one of the small Bones dragon hatchlings.
  2. CorallineAlgae

    Wizkids variety

    Nice work on all of these. That little boy with the bucket might be my favorite. A picture with the bar and the townsfolk together really would be nice.
  3. CorallineAlgae

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    Nice! I completely get their appeal. If I had more any energy to paint I'd get them too. He carved a boatload of character to those sculpts. The little wizard modron almost got me. Probably going to have to roll another will save for it during the PM. ( ¬‿¬)
  4. For years I used 6000-6500k CFL daylight bulbs. They were quite serviceable. I switched to 5000k LED bulbs three years ago and have been very pleased. The LEDs have good color, less heat and throw plenty of light (with 2 overhead arm lamps and one clip-on lamp that I only use occasionally).
  5. CorallineAlgae

    StoneHaven Adventurers 2018

    I wasn't going to add any of the owls, but that tiny archer might get me. Very nice concept art. Dynamic pose. I just have the crouching female thief, the dwarf ranger, the goblin archer and the kobold fighter at the moment. Can't wait to see the sculpt for this one.
  6. CorallineAlgae

    Kev!'s 77344: Ice Troll

    I dunno, this guy looks upset about something.
  7. CorallineAlgae

    Frost Giant Queen

    Beautiful paint job! I like her face, especially the way you painted her nose. Also like the way you brought out all of the different doodads on her belt by painting them as different types of leather.
  8. CorallineAlgae

    Kev!'s 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant

    My favorite giant! Nicely done!
  9. CorallineAlgae

    Overturn Rising Sands

    They sounds like passionate gamers. They don't sound like professional businessmen. That may not be a bad thing. Just makes the project risky. If the game was smaller scale I wouldn't worry too much. I'll hold on to my Rebellion pledge for a while, but if we don't find out more about the creators and get a good look at the rules I'll bow out.
  10. CorallineAlgae

    Ostarzha, Elf Cleric - 77441

    Lovely! Her dark clothes really show off her fair skin and hair. I just ordered this figure 3 weeks ago. Been wanting to paint her for a while.
  11. CorallineAlgae

    Wizkids Rusty Dragon Inn bar set

    Great set! I am feeling a tinge of jealousy.
  12. CorallineAlgae

    77269: Mudcroak, Squog Shaman

    Kawaii !!
  13. CorallineAlgae

    77448: Werebat

    Great looking werebat! The wings really are nicely painted. Only thing I would recommend is adding a bit of color to the claws. They're pretty stark white. Shading the base of the claws, or even just adding a wash might help.
  14. CorallineAlgae

    Warg - 77202

    That has to be the nicest painted wolf I've seen in forever! So natural looking. Straight up jaw dropping.
  15. CorallineAlgae

    mis heroes

    Good stuff! Welcome aboard!