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    Pathfinder, D&D, minis, cooking, gardening, reef aquariums (hence my user name), anime, science fiction, and woodworking.

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I started playing D&D with the red box when I was 11 years old. Played through all of the basic D&D boxes then switched to AD&D 1st edition and later 2nd edition. Found some wonderful people who painted miniatures around 1992 who kindly taught me the basics. Started collecting and painting Mithril LotR miniatures and and a few 40K orks (I never played 40K even though my friends did. I just loved painting the minis). They also introduced me to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, Call of Cthulhu and others. I moved and stopped role playing for many years.

Then, after having a family, I decided to teach the kids how to role play. Discovered Pathfinder and heard about the Bones 1 KS (too late to join). I decided to order some Reaper MSPs, metal minis and then a few Bones and fell in love with painting minis all over again.

Now, after not playing my first RPG for over 20 years, my daughter convinced me to get D&D 5e in May 2017. Hoping it will be a nice reunion. ::D: