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  1. Live

    YES! Instant add to my pledge! ⋛⋋( ‘Θ’)⋌⋚ All my childhood dreams are coming true!
  2. Live

    Aww yeah! Lady giants charging at you all like... ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ The party fighter trying to pretend she ain't intimidated looking all... ʕ( *ˊᗜˋ)つ¤=[]:::::> Would be sweet.
  3. Funded

    I just peed a little. °o°
  4. Live

    Not even herring served on a potato slice with red onion, capers, dill and a dollop of yogurt? (Even better with a schmear of doubanjiang!) Yeah, I'll take a rain check on the shark too.
  5. Live

    +1 The current sculpt seems a little small though. A new scale resculpt would be great to fit into the latest versions of the males. It's a fair topic. We're not knocking the current batch of male or female giants. They're easily some of the best available anywhere for such an affordable price. We're just expressing a want for a fuller range. I don't think that particular ogre is the best example for what I'd like to see. I'm not looking for ugly females for the sake of being ugly. Just an equally kick elf equivalent to the male figures in the line. Also not looking for big body females for the sake of being big. The female hobgoblin is the best example I can think of. She will fight PCs and won't look out of place in the raiding party while doing it. Glorious!
  6. Live

    Couldn't agree more. Actually, I was feeling that in Bones 3. I love giant minis. They're easily one of my favorite enemies in games, and even though the giants in Bones 3 were all great sculpts and I could definitely use them, I skipped getting any because not one set had a battle ready female. So far it's the same here. I say that as someone who's favorite giant sculpt is Yephima. I love pretty giant minis. Cheesecake and relaxed pose giants are wonderful to paint. Just not every female giant. 5 to 0 for hill giants is starting to look a little inexcusable. I bought 2 set of the hill giants in Bones 2. Love the big muscly things. This isn't a SJW thing. I think most of that movement is obnoxious. I just need some fighting female enemies for gaming, and as more and more giants are rolled out the lack of females that can be used on a map to threaten my players becomes more and more inexplicable. I'm 100% not saying this to criticize Reaper. I love Reaper, love the metal line and love the Bones line. Just offering a little feedback. In for the core, wraiths, Narglauth, the Tree of Despair and plan to add much more.
  7. Live

    My son would die! But, carps have scales and catfish don't. It would be crazy impressive if somebody painted scales on smooth catfish skin. I did just get a figure of a woman riding a carp though (Dragon Empire, Hori Mizu, Koi Rider). Now I know how I'm going to paint the fish!
  8. Live

    Michael Proctor is a boss!
  9. Live

    I'm hitting fairly close to my budget already. I didn't think Reaper would throw this much awesome at us so early in the project. Definitely going to add the zombie dragon, but I'm trying to save a little room for the end. I'm determined to help with the big push near the end. I have a feeling that we may get a Roc or a Phoenix. Gotta budget for those possibilities or whatever mind blowing stuff Reaper is saving up to put a kill move on our bank accounts. The pledge manager is going to hurt... but it'll be the fun gamer hurt.
  10. Live

    Possibly the Tree of Despair. It looks easy to paint and will be a great place to show off other minis from the project as they get painted.
  11. Live

    I have to agree with you on that. I was never a fan of kobolds until they switched from the dog style to dragon. I actively buy every dragon style kobold I can find. Still, for the gamers who prefer the dog kobolds these are as nice as they come. Darn cute. I'm going to skip the Dreadmere set, but I'll definitely be picking up that pack tortoise as soon as it hits retail. Such an amazing idea. Mad props to whoever came up with the concept. Easily one of the coolest things in the campaign.
  12. Live

    Upped to add the paint. I absolutely love the desaturated colors. Like a lot of people here, I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. Already ran out of room on all 3 paint racks. The addiction is real folks.
  13. Does anybody know if this was ever finished? I'd love to see this beautiful windmill in action.
  14. Delayed

    Same here. I'm not really sure why I'm still in this, but I backed it so...
  15. Live

    I'd love to see a few more characters like Vatanis someday. This guy kinda rocks. It would be nice to get a small group add-on of Tieflings, Tobaxi or any other hard to find player races. I'm not really into villager minis but this guy definitely helps the Dreadmere set look appealing.
  16. Whoa! Very interesting choice of babes. It should be fun to see Khai, Thorga & Astrid all fighting on the same team. Those are some of my favorites from Bombshell. It would be cool if some of them had a few wounds from the wolf demon, and if wolfy had a few injuries from them. Like if they were in the middle of the battle. But that's just a random thought. I'm confident your ideas will be way cooler than anything I could paint up. Can't wait to see this one!
  17. Live

    The Tree is already in the pledge manager. I checked before I finished reading the update. Added it and upped my pledge right away. I feel unreasonably excited about that tree. *squee* ( ◕ヮ◕)/\(◕ヮ◕ )
  18. Is it that the bricks are horizontal on the left and vertical on the right? Really nice minis. I love the color choices on the normal figure.
  19. Live

    Lost my will save. A couple of the female dwarves are just too nice. It can be hard to find good ones. I picked 2 of the ladies and my son picked out 2 of the gents. Ended up with Alvahildr the White & Audrhildr the Strong for my 2. My son is getting Hemming the Strange & Wisest Auldsten. Put images of our picks in the spoiler below.
  20. Live

    Gotta say, I'd be far more interested in these if any of them had facial expressions. Seems like beastmen that are known to be passionate and fierce should have some expression.
  21. Live

    Woohoo!!! B̶a̶c̶k̶e̶r̶ ̶#̶4̶.̶. Scratch that. it said 4 on my confirmation page but 9 on my backer info page.
  22. Fulfilling

    I just got part of my order in today. The casting looks very good. They don't seem that much greasier than other resin minis I have. The only broken piece I noticed was the Daughters of the Orphanage Command cook's spoon (looks impossible to fix). They certainly do look complicated to assemble. Lots and lots of tiny fragile pieces. Probably should put together a couple of angels before attempting Ascended Sister Erzebel. I've never been very good with tiny multi-part resin models. May have bitten off more than I can chew with these bad girls. Oh well. Hopefully they can help me gain a level in my assemble skill.
  23. Live

    I ended up going in but I can't decide if I should get a couple in 28mm or try a 54mm version. These will never be used for anything more than display so it's tempting. I'm just not familiar with the company. If their casts are worth it I'll spring for the large version of Rebecca and maybe Legertha or the Cossack girl. Does anybody own some of their models and can vouch for them?
  24. Funded

    The PM is getting close. Looks like this one is going to cost me way more than expected. I'd ost some of the last update pics but they look a little to saucy for this forum. When this was live I was convinced that I would stick to the winter or frost versions of these, but some of the pinups came out so nice. Pin-Up Caoimhe and Niska for example.
  25. Live

    That would be very tempting if Ken would answer shipping cost questions and actually had a $40 pledge level. It's troubling that he's only made one comment in this KS and seems to be ignoring the questions that his few backers have been asking. These cases would be useful to me, but every time I check the KS I see more unanswered questions and think, no way.