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  1. Very nice wings. I'm really liking it so far.
  2. I think it looks good as is but dry brushing it a lighter green could help it stand out if that's what you're looking for.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try. I sometimes use Loctite Liquid (runny) and I have a big bottle of GO2 gel (which is super thick) but I haven't tried it on minis. Time to get their normal gel.
  4. Nice! Those last two guys look like they belong in The Blight. They're gonna feel right at home!
  5. The scary part. Gluing up a painted figure gives me the heebie jeebies. I'm fine with hard plastic minis where you can use the cement with the little brush, but I usually put too much super glue on the PVC things. lol
  6. Awesome! I do think some of the brass armor, especially on the lower legs, would benefit from an extra black or blackened brown wash to bring out the details. Kind of like you did on the glaive where the dark lines really help the details pop.
  7. Live

    Not at all. They look really useful.
  8. Quoted for truth!
  9. Anytime! ^‿^ There are some really nice colors other than black for shading blue, but black always works in a pinch. I've had success using Nightshade Purple, Coal Black and Corporeal Shadow, but I don't have Brilliant Blue so I was was always shading other blues. You never know, someday you may need a really cool-toned brown shadow color and you'll be able to pull out a mix of Brilliant Blue and Regal Purple. It could end up in your "paint trick" arsenal!
  10. I see what you're talking about. It doesn't look all that brown in the image but if it's more brown in person than switching to a really dark blue or mixing in a little black might be worth a shot. I've used Nightshade Purple to shade blue cloth a few times and haven't had that issue, but I haven't tried it with Brilliant Blue. Sometimes a specific blue and purple combo can mix into an odd color. If you have another dark purple you may want to try mixing it with Brilliant Blue on a piece of scrap sprue and see if the mix is closer to what you're looking for. If your shadow color isn't working, a safety net for blue is generally a little black mixed into the base blue. I think adding slightly stronger highlights in a few places might get it a little closer to something like the example below. It isn't a high contrast example, but sometimes a little pushing with highlights can help show off the cloth's shape and accentuate the shadows. The highlights you have on the shoulders, breasts, hips, back and the back hem look very nice but could come up a tiny bit. Adding similar highlights along her front thighs and the bottom front hem of the dress might also help.
  11. I'd say the skull looks more like decorative metal than actual bone. It might look cool painted up as bone but I'd go with metal. The horns on that skull might look nice painted up as bone though.
  12. The sepia liner is looking good! I've completely fallen in love with it for base coating Bones and finally understand why people want giant bottles of the stuff. It's so much easier to get bright colors over sepia liner than brown or gray. It shows off the miniature's detail better also. Gonna need so many bottles.
  13. Nice speed paint! Thank you for posting the link to the Marie She-Bot. *added to cart*
  14. The legs and upper body on this guy look amazing. I also like his metal belt/junk protector, but it could maybe use a little tidying up. It's still a much nicer NMM than I can do. I'm having a hard time getting over how beautiful his skin and furry legs are. Very natural looking. This guy is dripping with harry machismo. So glad you joined the boards Flaming Tiki. You have a wonderful painting style.
  15. This challenge would make me pee my pants, but I hope you knock it out of the park OneBoot! I'll definitely cheer you on... (and privately judge your sanity).
  16. Loving the wings so far. Great pastel colors.
  17. So true. I have all the liner colors and sepia my favorite one for priming bones. It's wonderful thinned with a little Folk Art glaze and tile medium. It lines the crevices but doesn't make the whole mini nearly as dark as the brown or grey. It's my new go-to liner.
  18. It came out great! The green, yellow and orange parts compliment each other so well. Personally, I'd leave the mouth glossy. It works. It came out great! The green, yellow and orange parts compliment each other so well. Personally, I'd leave the mouth glossy. It works.
  19. This is easily one of my favorite minis from Bones II. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Gotta admit, this guy is kinda intimidating for me. There's a lot going on with him.
  20. Maybe she's a frost giant necromancer? Definitely looks like she has a more interesting story than a normal frost giant from the monster manual. Could be a priestess for some evil god. Either way I'm loving this one.
  21. That's a great bunch of giants. I like the frost giants a lot more that I thought I would during the campaign. The Inuit style are still my favorite but these look terrific all painted up. I especially like how you painted up the horns.
  22. Very nice. You even snuck in a twig blight!
  23. Gotta admit, that red had me confused for a bit, but this guy is looking amazing! The tans and dark reddish browns are lovely.
  24. Love the shading on the sides of his head. That verdigris on his armor turned out great. Very nice. Wouldn't mess with that dwarf!