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  1. Warbands of the Cold North VI - Ulfhildr's Heroes

    I know what you mean. That's why I'm only down for a single mini this time around. Many gamers only need so many winter themed human male figures. I'd love to see more variety next time around. I'm a big fan of his females, as well as his villains like The Keeper and Yrsa the Accursed. A project with a mix of races in dynamic poses with good and bad guys would hit me pretty hard. Throw money at the screen hard.
  2. Warbands of the Cold North VI - Ulfhildr's Heroes

    I'm in. Love Tre's sculpts. Unfortunately, I don't play any games that could use these figures so I'm only getting the lady. She'll look lovely painted up. Still waiting on my minis from his last KS, but they should ship out any day now.
  3. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Whoa, I really like the colors you used. That little topaz looking clasp on his cloak came out great.
  4. Sphinx - 77576

    So beautiful!
  5. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    The latest update says shipping is slated to start on March 7th. Going from that, the earliest that any backers would get wave two would be about three weeks from today.
  6. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    You bet. It's letting me edit my address right now on the KD backerkit order confirmation page. Right under shipping info section that shows your address, there's a button labeled "Edit Shipping Info".
  7. 01567, Mary the Chibi Mermaid

    Wow! You really turned this figure into something special. Her face, base and crown are amazing, but I also love how her hair actually looks wet. I'm also really digging the blue sclera of her eyes. You completely nailed the details.
  8. Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters by Gangfight Games.

    That's all kinds of awesome. So then, are the Cursed Henchmen also inspired by the Gentlemen's "Footmen" in that episode?
  9. Blackwater Gulch: Minions & Monsters by Gangfight Games.

    Holy cow, those Tall Man figures remind me so much of the Gentlemen from Buffy. So much want.
  10. Eyebeast - 77043

    Everything about this ROCKS!
  11. Damar the Mage & Damiel the Alchemist

    Oh yeah, those bottles came out great! Gotta say though, that mage is my favorite of the two minis. I love the shading and highlights on his face. It looks so natural and dynamic. All the colors you used on his clothes work and give him extra personality. Beautiful work.
  12. Release the Kraken!

    So cool! I like the way you painted the blue plates on it's back. It looks organic and battle worn.
  13. 77024 Goblins

    They came out great. Nice job! Love me some goblins.
  14. Two of my favourites Reaper Dwarfs. Thorgram and Hagar

    These are both beautiful! The skin tone and eyes on the first one.. and the beard and hair on the second model... absolutely jaw dropping.
  15. Wizard of a Different Sort: Conversion of 77068 Anirion

    So elfin cool! That hallway base adds an immersive feel to this one. I like your job on the OSL, especially the saber's shadow on her hood, but her robes are the real show stopper. Your painting technique gives them such a soft pillowy look to them. Lovely.
  16. 77043: Eyebeast

    Nicely done! I wonder if fantasy celebrities carry one of these around in their side bags like some kind of D&D chihuahua.
  17. Blightbringer

    Awesome! Your painting just keeps getting more and more amazing.
  18. Hot & Dangerous

    I also got my order a few days ago and forgot to post. >.< Just like SGHawkins09, I received three 28mm metal figures. I regret not getting one larger figure as these are quite small. Came so close to getting Rebecca in 54mm but chickened out. I have a ton of figures ahead of these in the queue so it will be a while before I know how well these paint up. I only gave them a cursory lookie-loo through the bags, but they seemed pretty nice. Glad I ordered these in metal, even if the detail turns out to be softer than the resin casts. A lot of parts are very thin and delicate. The resins would end up in pieces under my "handling".
  19. Kev!'s Wrath of Ashardalon - Rage Drake

    Fascinating. You didn't blend or shade the colors at all. As a result, the contrast absolutely explodes and makes this thing look so.. otherworldly. I've never had the courage to try painting anything like this. Bravo Kev. I wouldn't be ashamed to loose a character to a creature that looked this intimidating.
  20. Kev!'s Eyebeast Conversion

    This is insane! I love it.
  21. Reaper Bones Female Oni 77486

    Beautiful! Love this figure so much. Can't wait to order one in metal someday. I can't believe it but your paint job already made it to the store! Crazy fast. Major kudos!
  22. 77337: Giant Scorpion

    I like the two colors on this beast. Kinda looks like there's a light source or the sun is setting on one side of him. Also, did you paint those shadows on the base or is that just lighting?
  23. Istariel - Judgement

    A-MA-ZING skin and hair! Dripping with full-on fantasy feel. Those red tones with the olive green skin are gorgeous. Orion slave girls have nothing on this warrior.
  24. Treasure

    Very nice!
  25. Happy Birthday Kangaroorex !!!

    Happy Birthday Big K!!