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  1. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    For me it's all about the absurdity of the thing.. with a healthy dose of levity. ^_~ In reality, only Charlie Brown ever gets a rock in his Halloween bag, and nobody actually gets coal in their Christmas stocking. That's almost as much of a fantasy as gnomes or elves. Here, it's a real life possibility. That's definitely more "gotcha" humor than I'm accustomed too. I have no interest in Christmas minis or ornaments. Yes, getting a blistered lump of coal is definitely ridiculous, and it's easy to see why some people would balk at it, but it would put a huge smile on my face.
  2. Happy birthday, John Fiala!

    !!! Happy Birthday !!!
  3. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

    Same here! It took me 3 years to get a rock. It was definitely worth the effort. Hopefully I'm naughty enough to get the coal a bit sooner.
  4. December specials?

    I used that yellow to paint the lantern and a little OSL effect on the Bones 3 female wraith a while back. It worked just like any other Reaper MSP color. It's a nice paint with smooth flow and no more separation than any other color. It's the lightest yellow I have. Perfect for candles and lanterns or anywhere a light yellow is needed. Definitely worth getting it replaced if possible.
  5. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Gotta agree. Justin really does seem like a nice fellow. I also like Tablescapes, as well as the SW acrylics and washes. I hope this move means they have been growing and more good things are coming from Secret Weapon.
  6. Happy Birthday, Marineal!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. Dice of Rolling

    Got my dice. Gotta say, I'm very happy with what they delivered.
  8. Happy Birthday Adept Legacy !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  9. Happy Birthday Doug Sundseth !!!

    Happy birthday Big D.!! I hope it was a good one.
  10. Happy Birthday CorallineAlgae !!!

    Thank you all so much for the well wishes!
  11. Drill bits

    Someone recommended MicroMark as a good source for high quality hobby drill bits. I ordered a 6-pack of No. 68 drill bits (0.031" / 0.79mm) a few weeks back but haven't tried them yet. I use that size bits for paperclips. The other sizes I use to pin come in pinning kits from either P3, who have awful drill bits, or Army Painter, who have okay drill bits. MicroMark's bits are made out of high speed steel which should keep their edge much longer than other bits. They're pricey though, especially with shipping. I'm certain other sites have the same bits for a better total cost. I was ordering a Seam Scraper from them and remembered a forumite recommending their bits, so I threw a pack in the cart. That probably isn't very helpful but that's all I got.
  12. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I went ahead and added the Pathfinders and First Hero expansion in the PM. Soooo happy I was able to add the Pathfinders. Felt lots of nerd satisfaction after ordering new versions of my old iconic pals.
  13. Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Just filled out the PM. I wasn't able to get all the nice things but I was able to get my favorites. I'm especially excited about painting up the living and undead queens fighting each other! Ended up with: Winter Glory Caoimhe, Restless Spirit Ksenia the Unlawful, Accursed Queen Living Ksenia, Accursed Queen Frost Queen, Katarina Shayda Diavol, Berserker Shamanic Boudi Metal Base - Desolation
  14. [SPLIT] Vortex Shakers

    Yep. That's the same one I have, too. Also bought it used from eBay. LOVE it. I don't have any attachments for it other than the normal cup that came with it, but that little thing gets the job done. Here's mine all nestled away in the corner. Right at home surrounded by all those bottles.
  15. Kickstarter idea

    Gotta say, if Reaper ever decides to run a hard plastic mini campaign, I'd go in on it hard. I already love their metal figures and affordable Bones monsters. Still, if they ever came out with hard plastic figures I'd be over the moon! No idea if Reaper's current machine could cast them though.
  16. Paint agitators

    I looked at them a while back and read that a number of miniature painters had rust issues with them. Nail polish agitators all seem to be stainless steel balls which can definitely rust. It's safer to stick to a completely nonreactive material like glass or hematite.
  17. Eternally Clogged Paint

    ^Best answer.^ Now I see why they call you the "Questgiver".
  18. Reapercon 2017 minis online?

    Very true big guy. We all ordered the bags knowing the vendor items might not be in them, so any vendor goodies we happened to get were lagniappe. I'm not too sure it mattered how fast people ordered though. I was checking the store often until it listed and ordered one right away. Just luck of the draw. Besides, I'm very happy with my swag. I really wanted the Reapercon exclusive ♡paints♡ and minis more than anything else. The other stuff would've been great but they weren't con exclusives. I'll order the Darksword archer along with a few others and I'm already backing the X-Case kickstarter. The only Reaper swag mini that wasn't in my bag was Hotfoot, and I wasn't as into that one. Moustopheles was in there and he was the one I really wanted. As far as luck of the draw goes my bag was a nice score. Even snagged a rock in a blister.
  19. Reapercon 2017 minis online?

    My swag bag didn't have the Darksword mini, the Stynylrez primer, the X-case, the convention guide or anything from the Dreadmere setting other than the River Widows mini. I did get a package of nice looking basing foliage from Frontline games and the Happy Seppuku Clockwork pad. I guess it was luck of the draw. It was worth it even without some of the vendor extras.
  20. Paint agitators

    I ordered both 6mm & 8mm hematite beads from Amazon a couple years ago to use as agitators. They both fit fine in Reaper bottles, but I prefer the 6mm ones. They're plenty heavy and actually move easier in thicker paint than the 8mm ones. The difference is so noticeable that when I ran out of the 6mm, I ordered another pack, even though I still have plenty 8mm beads left.
  21. Eternally Clogged Paint

    I also ordered a pack of spare tips after receiving a miscast tip. Glad I did. They're definitely helpful when you find an uncooperative tip. I'll back you up on that. I did the same thing on two tips. One had a crazy tiny opening and the paint wouldn't flow out without a little too much squeezing. Another had a bit of plastic hanging onto the inside of the tip. A paperclip didn't help. A small drill bit in a pin vice cleared up both issues.
  22. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I agree. Again, as far as armor goes, the duelist is glorious. I only wish she was a suitable PC fighter mini because I like the design so much. She reminds me of the Flower Knight from Kingdom Death. Worth getting her in metal for display.
  23. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I thought raised heels were developed for securing horse riders in their stirrups? I know there were chopine shoes that raised the whole foot above the filth, but those were very distinct from high heels. I'm not trying to criticize the sculpt. She has one of the nicest armor designs I've seen in a long time. Just giving feedback on the one thing that I feel makes the figure less useful than it could be for my specific purposes (a PC or NPC fighter). If she is meant to be a noble in decorative of ceremonial armor then the shoes are completely fine. She just couldn't fight or ride a horse in those. There's nothing wrong with a beautifully dressed noble that isn't fit to fight.
  24. Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Speaking of shoes, I love everything about the duelist except her footwear. A sword fighter in high heels is pretty awful. Her armor, clothes, head, hair and weapons are all gorgeous. Those heels though... *cry*