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  1. It's the same for me. I'm okay with it, seeing as it's still going to the same peeps. Plus I love metal minis for human sized figures. The swag bag always has the goodies my addiction needs. That said, the Fan Favorites expansion will get added. There's no escape!
  2. Just so we know... because it looks like it could be either.
  3. So glad you mentioned that. High heels on fantasy figures make me gag. (~_~メ)
  4. Right there with you on the Heavy Gear paint. I strongly recommend anybody there to snatch up a bottle of Hazard Yellow and R.A.M. Black. Both are excellent. I also like Drillbit Metal, Grel Flesh & Mekong Moss. My oh my! The one picture that can trigger me more than the kitty cat. That bin would trigger an instant Charm effect on me. No save, and only removable by examining every label in both bins. Incidentally, cats have a similar charm effect, but that one is more or less permanent. I get a will save... unless it's purring.
  5. Just ordered a Bag of Swag! ☜(*ヮ*)☞ ♪ ♫♪ hallelujah ♪ ♫♪ Also added a glorious, must have, can't live without, best bones primer ever, backup bottle of Sepia Liner and 02910 Cheetah Girl.
  6. Awe man, now I want to be there more than ever! ~(=^‥^)
  7. I added a set of face bases also. I want the starting survivors on face bases for the same reason as @Evilhalfling. In the end the extra bases won't get to us quickly enough to help with the core figures. No big deal though. Plain bases have their own lonely charm. I was wondering, does anybody have a recommendation for a putty tool to help with gap filling? I just use whatever I have lying around, often just my fingers or the backs of paintbrushes. I have loads of abrasives for smoothing, but no proper tool for applying putty to cracks. I remember somebody mentioning a rubber tipped sculpting tool being useful but I'm not sure which ones work well for miniature gap filling.
  8. That's probably as good a call as any. I always pin figures to bases whenever possible. It's mostly a habit at this point. With metal & resin figures, super glue alone has let me down once to often. I honestly don't know if it's necessary with plastic minis. Plastic cement makes such a solid bond. I might skip the base pins on these also. I never even considered not pinning feet before as it's just second nature and so important with resin figures. Please let us know how it works out.
  9. The Christmas colors were available last December. I jumped on them. Some of the colors are pretty banging, but I'm not sure they will be offered this year. Would be great for the people that missed them. I'm actually hoping to see a couple of other hard to get colors offered this Christmas. Either way, Reaper always has something I can't live without every December during the 12 Days of Reaper.
  10. Same here. I added her to the cart just in case though. ( ♡‿♡)
  11. Maybe they were worried that some hobbits would be attending? ~_~
  12. For pinning really tiny parts I use the "Formula P3 Pinning Expansion .50mm" set. The drill bits are not good enough for metal figures, but they do work fine for plastic models. I used that kit to pin the Sunstalker Dancer's feet (among others). Fair warning, 0.50mm brass rods are not rigid. You can carefully use them to hold a figure in cork for painting, but it will work better pinned to a base, and the feet will need to be glued to the base. The rods will hold and not break, but the figure will wobble on such thin soft rods unless the feet are also glued down. I also have the P3 .85mm Pinning Expansion and it works about the same, just firmer. They're my go-to sets for really tiny pin jobs. I use the .85mm when I can't use a paperclip and the ,50mm when I have a crazy tiny parts to join, or just want to be extra careful around thin pieces.
  13. Oh man, this picture is so sexy. My jealousy gland is swelling. Great score pcktint! Amazing! I'm not even sure how those combos are possible!
  14. Thank you for posting that. Looks completely normal to me. Nothing a little Milliput can't take care of. Standard operating procedure.
  15. Looking good Talae! I was wondering, someone in the KS comments said that there were a lot of gaps with the lion model at some of the seams. Did you find that to be true of your lion? Sure doesn't look like it by that lovely image, but the guy said the bad ones were in the back.
  16. As someone who can't travel, I love getting the swag bags online. I understand if they can't be offered this year if they sell out to real attendees, but it would be a little heartbreaking. I hope they can offer the swag paint triad the day after the con if they can't offer the whole bag. I can't resist ordering special event or holiday paints. MSP addiction is real folks. It's even stronger than Sophie addiction.
  17. Funded

    Hum, I've never actually painting samurai armor. You and somebody in the KS comments said the same thing. Gotta admit, it's making me a little hesitant. Is it especially difficult or tedious to paint, or something else?
  18. Funded

    The pledge manager was opened a week or so ago. It took a while but I managed to get an order in. Didn't get as many figures as I wanted though. There have been a lot of good KSs lately so I went down to: 1x Legertha, the Shieldmaiden 28mm 1x Rebecca, the Red Coat 28mm 1x Ksenia, the Cossack girl 28mm I really wanted to get Rebecca in 54mm but decided to save that cash for the "Kev White does Matt Dixon" PM. Oh! They also revealed the Samurai figure in the last update. Her face doesn't look very Asian but I LOVE her armor, hair and especially her footwear. Wish she had a normal Samurai breastplate though. Still very tempted to add her. I'll throw the pics in the spoiler:
  19. Fulfilling

    Got my notice and shipping label. Super stoked. There's no tracking yet but the FedEx delivery estimate says Saturday.
  20. Live

    That's understandable. Ninja Division's growing bad reputation and Prodos' existing bad reputation make this one toxic for me too. Pawns & proxies will do for now.
  21. Live

    Yes . They have also stated that backers will be able to up their pledges in the PM here as well.
  22. Fulfilling

    Another tracking recipient just confirmed it's FedEx. Here's the post:
  23. Fulfilling

    I don't know anything myself, but somebody in the comments mentioned FedEx for their package. I'll ask in the comments. Edit to add: Nobody has responded yet but one backer down in the comments did say his tracking number was for FedEx SmartPost. That service drops off the package to the USPS for final delivery. Here's the post: Funny. I just got a SmartPost package in today for some RO filters and aquarium carbon.
  24. Fulfilling Update just posted! Everybody can pay their shipping. Looks like US & South American backers may get their core games a little earlier than other places but it shouldn't be a long wait for anyone. ( ◕ヮ◕)/\(◕ヮ◕ ) High five! Add +2 Insanity per week until the game is in your hands! EDIT to add: Looks like Canadian backers won't get their games shipped from the main US hubs. No concrete info about when shipping there will start yet. In the KS comments Poots said: