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  1. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    The experiment Slotin was conducting with the screwdriver was known as “tickling the dragon’s tail.” You can probably figure out why. Slotin rolled a 1 and woke the dragon. Though the Slotin incident occurred after World War II had ended, a fictionalized version was written into the 1989 drama Fat Man and Little Boy, about the Manhattan Project. The same thing happens to John Cusack’s (fictional) character: Not sure how scientifically accurate the effects are, but blue light is apparently a common effect of supercriticality.
  2. 77134: Hajad the Pirate (LTPK part 3)

    The third and final mini from the Layer Up! LTPK, Julie Guthrie’s Hajad the Pirate: Not gonna try for any better images, because then you would see how badly I messed up the eyes... Mostly by the book, but I skipped the lining as my little brush was becoming temperamental. Of the three minis in this kit, this is the one I was most looking forward to, as it has the most exposed skin of the three (one of my problem areas). Think I oversold the abs a bit too much though. Based on issues with the previous minis, I elected to basecoat both weapon blades with Ebony Flesh before applying the metallic. The Filigree Silver included in the kit was too watery to play nice with bare Bonesium, and in any case it was difficult for me to see where the paint actually stuck. Plus, it makes lighter metallics pop. It was nice to see darker flesh tones included in this kit. The darkest (non-dark elf) skin tone I had available before was Tanned Skin, but my attempts to mix in darker paints always resulted in a weird shade of sadness. All in all, this kit was a good learning experience. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and it was neat seeing the colors build up with each layer. The cartoons were cute too. I just hope that my technique improves moving forward. And that painting eyes gets easier.
  3. Bonus points to whoever leaves his weapon curved like that and paints it up as a banana!
  4. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Just this one, it appears.
  5. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    Update! The Blick store is about to go out of business. They don’t have the brushes I want. Even the W&Ns are all splayed out
  6. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    There is a Blick store in town, never knew that. Checking it out shortly, hoping for real brushes!
  7. Basilisk

    Technically, you’ll win...
  8. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    My brother had this game on his Atari 2600.
  9. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    I may have self-control issues. Another chunk of birthday funds went to my first Reaper order of the year, been too long on that front.
  10. Reaper layer up learn to paint kit?

    What @WhiteWulfesaid! I’d add that it has a nice selection of starter paints and the directions are informative and easy to follow. But as said above, the brushes can be hit or miss. I’ve done all the LTPKs since the previous five (now OOP) and the brushes don’t always last the length of the two or three included minis. On the other hand, the brushes from the last kit have seen several months of regular use and are still going strong. As a beginner/returning to the hobby after a long absence, it was definitely a worthwhile purchase for me.
  11. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Full list of AD&D blisters: That. Only more torn up, and possibly with busted plastic. Might actually be cheaper on the evilBay for that condition. Thats it for D&D apart from the recent Nolzur’s line. I’d have to go back to inventory the Generic RP/Grenadier/Warhammer/other brands I’ve never heard of. ...which seems like a good excuse for more acquisitions. Thread title doesn’t lie.
  12. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Ok good, everything definitely looked like @knarthex‘s pictures and not a metal tumor. Some of those old, unloved minis may need to be rescued this weekend. If if I can bring myself to remove them from the blisters thanks, guys
  13. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    Acquisitions II: Aquire Harder! Turns out the comic book shop here now carries a selection of minis, paints (MSP HD case, GW, Army Pints), and etceteras. A (pitiful, honestly) assortment of Bones, but a pretty good selection of Knight Models Marvel and DC stuff, plus some...old...things? A few Grenadier blisters and one or two AD&D/Ral Parthas from way back. The heart wanted, but the wallet said “not today”. I did walk out with a Friar from something called 100 Kingdoms. It was marked down to about $3.50 for some reason so I hope it’s not missing large chunks of little metal person. And Squirrel Girl volume 7, because that book is unbeatable. I did want to ask, since somebody here probably knows, these older pewter minis contain lead, and some of them are in various stages of turning a shiny rusty brown. Is this the dreaded lead rot or just normal tarnish?
  14. Department of Acquisitions and Enablement, the Second

    So after looking over my pile of unopened blisters I noticed quite a few youthful magic-users (and one magic-user-adjacent), and got an Idea. That is not the acquisition. Wanted to put them all on 25mm bases, but one of them has a wide stance and won’t fit, so I went out for tin snips to cut his base down to size. Can’t have three normal sized minis and then have Karahl Farstep manspreading all over a 50mm circle. I can’t find snips anywhere in town. At all. So. Plan B. Went down to the FLGS and picked out a replacement, 03433: Corim the Gnome. Chosen for two reasons: 1) pretty sure a gnome is smaller than 25mm and 2) that was literally the only male wizard they carried in metal. Also picked up 02830: Wolf Pack. Because wolves.
  15. 77167: Ingrid, Gnome Thief (LTPK part 2)

    If you use green or purple, can you still use yellow to highlight or would it look weird?