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  1. My first time DMing, sent the PCs into evil-infested cave lair. They find a treasure chest and open it. Chest (mimic) attempts to eat the party before it is destroyed, and a good laugh is had by all. Several rooms later,the party enters the big bad wizard's plush bedroom. PCs open up his armoire to search for loot. Armoire tries to eat the party before it is destroyed (mimics don't have to look like treasure chests). That party spent the rest of the campaign brutally hacking to bits any furniture they encountered.
  2. It's on to this thread:
  3. Main goal: Get back into painting. Accomplished so far: Figure out how to bullet point the forum Clean the room Locate and unpack paints and supplies, minis, etc. To do: Get a tv for the room that my blu-ray can plug into for movies/netflixes Acquire a card table or something similar and chair to paint at and in Obtain some more brushes to replace all the ones from the LTPKs that I ruined Pick out some fresh new paints I dunno, paint a mini or something?
  4. For some reason I envisioned her in blue armor as well. Looking good so far!
  5. Everything about this turned out amazing. Inspired and inspiring.
  6. Finally broke down and signed up for Netflix, been making my way through Star Trek TOS as there are a number I've never seen before. Then maybe TNG but I've definitely seen them all multiple times. It's nice to have on in the background. Also, anything where people make Gordon Ramsay eat bad food and he yells about it is always fun
  7. Absolutely loving the wizard, doubly so as he's striking the Hero Quest pose :D
  8. Funded

    *checks update *squeeees So I guess locking in the barge last night was a good idea after all. And now there's Narglauth's angry metalhead brother to ponder over...
  9. Funded

    Went ahead and locked in, likely adding on when the holidays come round. 1x each of: Core Set Darkreach Narglauth Spartan Statues Amazon Statues Tree of Despair Paint Set B Frost Giant Raiders Rulers of Hell Mossbeard Stygian Barge Talin's Art Book Out of everything, I'm most looking forward to Narglauth. It bears a strong resemblance to the gargoyle from Milton Bradley's old Hero Quest board game. The nostalgia is powerful.
  10. Funded

    I'm torn, I pledged enough for the Stygian Barge, but since the third stretch wasn't met I'm debating Fantasy Scenics or the dragons instead. Am I allowed to lock in other items in the meantime?
  11. This is absolutely amazing, can't wait to see how it all comes together.
  12. Thanks, I'll give them a shot as soon as possible!
  13. Hello everyone! So I had to move cross-country about 2 1/2 years ago and had to box up all my hobby stuff. But now, circumstances require I get back into things (and I still have all those unpainted Bones IIs). So I managed to track down all my supplies and paints, but some settling may have occurred in transit - nearly all of my paints had fallen over from their upright positions and sat that way for the entire time. I have almost 40 bottles; most have been opened and used at least once, but none leaked at least. When turned upright the paints didn't immediately run down to the bottom, but they still slosh around when shaken. I haven't tried using them yet. Would they still be good, or should I take the loss, or is there a way to save them? Most are basic colors but a few were special promos that aren't being made again, and it would be a shame to lose those ☹️ Edit: I should clarify these are all Reaper paints.
  14. Fulfilling

    This. Also, with huge bloody weapons.
  15. Completed

    My poor bank account...