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  1. Decided to make this into a WIP. I've never done one so why not. Started here. Work is taking long lately and not much energy to paint but hopefully more soon. Pedicting 35 C temperatures in a couple days so I might be hiding in the basement more than working then. Any suggestions and comment welcome.
  2. Wanted to grumble about my last couple of days then I read Xherman's post. I'm healthy, work is proceeding even if slowly and the family is good. No time for broccoliing here. Hope the guy who fell makes out ok. Had a friend working construction that got blown off a 3 story roof about 10 years ago. He was lucky in that he hit a balcony on the way down. A bunch of broken bones and a lost kidney but he's still going strong now. Perspective people. I always say life is about your perspective. Shake off the small stuff and remember the people dealing with the big stuff.
  3. I've read some of the debates about roman equipment. Nobody's even sure what style of armour and shields were most common let alone colours. But I'm always loved the look of lorica segmentata and the typical EIR style. I originally painted mine a white/khaki for the cloth and was thinking of doing different shields. I wanted something other than the typical red. After some tests I found I liked the look of the reds and I already had those shield decals. I did do the white and khaki on my auxiliaries but once you give them a big red shield it's not that noticable.
  4. Here's a couple of pictures of my romans. I'll confess that they weren't done with Reaper paints because I didn't own any then. I have since switched over so that my Reaper paints now out number my others. I can also tell you the Reaper equivalents to what I used. The armour was Vallejo chainmail silver but you could use either Reaper tarnished steel or honed steel. Skin was originally Citadel dwarf flesh, then P3 Khardic flesh. That might be close to Reaper sunburn flesh. The centurion and some select front rankers got a highlight of Vallejo elf skintone which is close to Reaper youthful flesh or Caucasian flesh. Red cloth was Vallejo gory red highlighted with Coat d Arms blood red. Reaper gory red and blood red are close. Bronze bits were Vallejo bright bronze which is close to Reaper ancient bronze. Leather is Citadel Doombull brown which is similar to Reaper blackened brown or russet brown. Then I did a light wash with a black ink on the armour and brown on the skin. Any other colours should be easy enough to figure out. Hope that helps some. 2011 date stamp... 6 years and I'm still not finished painting this army. On the plus side they are close to finished and are the only army I regularly use that usually fields all painted minis in our games.
  5. I'm thinking the way the scales are sculpted on the flanks could work fairly well with the crappie style pattern too.
  6. I just made myself a wet pallette too. So far my biggest problem is remembering to shut it when I quit painting. I've been using it for a week and twice I've come back a day or two later to find it dried out.
  7. Thought I'd mention that the first pic is the closest to what I want for my starting point/base colours. Still a lot to paint on the other side and wings to get to that stage.
  8. We've been there a few times. I used to have relatives in St Catherine's less than 15 minutes from the falls. We'd stay with them and tour the area. The last time we were there 4 years ago we went to goat island and the american side. Canadian side gets the better view but the US side is still pretty nice.
  9. Here's a few quick shots of where it's at now. I'm liking what I did on the under wings and the spinal ridge. I'm still working at covering some of the various test patches and my spray paint prime coat with Black Green. That's why the left arm is still a bright green and there's several shades of green on the flanks. Wish I'd used different paint for the priming but it was my darkest green can. I painted over the orange glaze on the chest so that I can do a better job. Now I'm undecided about doing orange or sticking with the pale blue/green. Considering doing an orange tint to the wings. He's only about 50% base coated but I'm already working on some of the smaller bits trying to figure out what I'm doing. Wings are still detachable and I'll probably be green stuffing the seams after I'm done most of the painting just to add a bit more difficulty.
  10. I'm impressed at your pace and that you're managing to keep it going. If you ever start getting low on minis I have a few hundreds you could paint.
  11. The wife complains when something like that happens. I explain it this way. The powers that be like to make things tough for me. So many things work out contrary. I tell her if she expected rain and didn't water then it wouldn't rain. So because you did water, it rained. Better off to water and get rain than not and have everything die.
  12. I like the crappie pattern as an idea for the back/top side, maybe doing the darker green pattern with stripes. Not sure if I can pull it off but I'm considering trying it. Rough thought about the back and spine ridge was to start with the black green on the flanks and highlight up towards the peacock green. Then the spine would start peacock green and work up to something lighter.
  13. I really need to look at the time stamp sometime. Didn't realise it was threadomancy until you said you resurrected the thread. Oh well, it was worth the look and the like.
  14. I'm painting on the Tyrant of Halpi dragon from Dungeon Saga right now. Considering doing a WIP thread but decided to not for now. Might later because I'm thinking I'll be seeking more advice as it goes along. Anyhoo to the point, How do you prefer your dragon wings? BBQ, fried, slow roasted? Sorry it's late and I'm losing concentration. Real question is about the colours. Do you make the tops and bottoms the same colours? Wing bones and membranes the same or different? Any other ideas? I'm doing him as a green dragon just because I tend to really like painting dragons red. Trying to shake up my colour selection and expand my technique. Base shades so far are Reaper green black for the flanks, Peacock green for the spinal ridge, highland moss for the belly and a highland moss/ sky blue mix for the lower wing membrane. Planning on doing an orange glaze over the highland moss on the belly as that looked interesting in my test paint. The poor dragon had about 6 or 7 different patches of colours as I was testing things. Settled on these and almost done repainting the odd patches. I was thinking of having the under wing light sort of translucent sky colour and think I've achieved that. Do you think orange tinted belly and blue tinted wings works together? Usually I do bellies and under wings the same shades. Leaning towards having the wing tops darker green colour maybe like camouflage against a forest. Any and all ideas and advice appreciated.
  15. I have a thing for girls with nice orbs.