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  1. Reaper DHL 02235 Vanessa Redstorm (mounted)

    I look forward to seeing your technique on how to paint horses. The horse in your pic has pretty close to perfect hooves. After looking at a bunch of photos I may need to rethink the shades I use on hooves. I tend to make them darker than the leg itself. That's not really how most of them are though. The best I can say is it varies. Only advice I can come up with is that usually dark legs have black to brown hooves and white legs have white to flesh coloured hooves and not as shiny as the hair. But not always. Don't get me started on what I think of the abomination that is GW elf bird/horses. I hate those things. Not sure if they still make them or if they've switched since I was buying GW.
  2. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    It's white. For the most part it doesn't bother me but it can get extreme at times then I don't like it. Give me a foot or so that I don't have to shovel/clear every day and it's fine. I was looking at some photos from a few years ago when we had nasty snow thinking I should post them here. One was me shovelling the shoulder deep trench to my front door and another was head high drift on the side of the road. Those were not fun winters.
  3. Mid month update just because I've been accomplishing some stuff. Romans are finished. My first ever 100% finished army. Except that I'm pretty sure I'll be buying at least one unit more of cavalry and maybe 2. But not soon. Round hilltop finished. 2 more clumps of 3 trees made for scatter terrain. These are fast only taking only about 20 minutes max from start to finish. 1 bonus mini painted and paint applied to a couple others. 4 pathfinder goblins partially painted. So goblins now become my main focus but that doesn't mean I won't be doing a dozen other things at the same time. Just that there will always be some goblins on the painting table all the time.
  4. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHfE682mm3c Why? Because I love that music. And everybody will be wondering what the bleep is coming when they hear it. And then disappointed when it's a tall but otherwise ordinary looking guy shows up.
  5. Reaper DHL 02235 Vanessa Redstorm (mounted)

    It's something my dad taught me and I've seen it to be true. It's not a 100% indicator but it's one thing to look for when buying a horse. So my fancy horses for generals and heroes usually only get 0-1 white hoof while others might get more. What Mckenna35 said is true too. Usually the hoof will be the same as the hair about it. So white sock and white hoof. Minor details I pay more attention too than most just because I know horses. Part of why I like painting for fantasy is that you don't need to worry about little things like that.
  6. Mid life crisis

    I always thought, "You wanna see my lizard?" was more of an old man thing than old woman.
  7. Song of Blades and Heroes?

    I love Xcom and other turn based computer games too. Maybe because they give me the type of experience I want in the tabletop games I play. I've had experience with trying to many games at once too. Now that I play so rarely it's easy to get rules crossed up between games. Both Frostgrave and SOBH are pretty simple games but that doesn't mean I can't mess them up somehow.
  8. Reaper DHL 02235 Vanessa Redstorm (mounted)

    Very nicely done. Horses are a pain to paint. I've spent a life around horses and only recently started to paint them satisfactorily myself. Part of it is the models are often a bit off and part of it is trying to get the shading right to show the muscles properly and not splotchy. I've enjoyed your other threads so a horse WIP would be interesting. One little tip, white hooves on a horse is generally a bad thing. They're softer, crack easier and have a much higher chance of going lame than dark hooves.
  9. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Umm, No, I don't remember. My mind is a fire and forget missile nowadays without much of the firing part. Luckily through the magic of technology I found this; First part, sort of. I did get out of bed and do some work. And I was right it was a trick. I was so happy to be relatively healthy for a bit that I caught another cold 2 days later. Not terribly sick but I can't seem to shut off the tap that's running in my nose. In the last 6 weeks I've been close to healthy for two days twice. Getting frustrated with this but what can I do? On hobby stuff I've done well. The model turned out very nice and was painted if not quite perfect very, very close to the maximum I'm capable of. I made a couple small mistakes that I left because it would have taken a long time to correct and I'd rather move on. I also made a nice hill top with cliffs that I just want to add a couple fine details to before calling it finished, I finished 3 roman camel riders that have been annoying me for months and almost finished another 3. Not the best work but it'll do. Plus did a little bit of work on a couple other minis. I made fairly ambitious goals for January and half way through the month I'm half way through my goals which is surprising.
  10. Mid life crisis

    What age is it supposed to hit at? I'm 43, almost 44 at the moment. I noticed with my dad, brother and brother in law that at bout 49-50 they all went kind of wierd but mostly cranky. Dad and BIL got over it in a year or two. Brother hasn't yet but he kind of burnt some bridges that'll be very hard to rebuild. In my case: 1. I've had the same job for all my life. I suppose my career peak was 5 years ago when I became the @hole in charge instead of #2. 2. Had a motorbike and don't want another one. What counts as vintage? Some of the old junk I work with has to be vintage age so covered there. Not that any of it is very sexy. 3. This sounds like fun but it would have to be very low maintenance and low cost. I don't have money or energy enough for a lot of drama. 4. My wardrobe has been mostly jeans and t shirts for all my life. I'm not likely to change now. Or am I supposed to buy jeans that are falling off my broccoli? Never liked that style.
  11. Me too and a lot of my minis just have dark shading where their eyes are. I'm trying to do it better but... I think out of the hundreds of minis I've painted a handful or so have ok eyes.
  12. I'm the same as Pegazus. I use the same Krylon varnish or sometimes Krylon's UV resistant varnish on things that have decals or flags that I've printed myself. Rarely had troubles with frosting but it has happened. I only use brush on sealer a little bit on my fanciest minis.
  13. 77163 Male Storm Giant

    I have straightened a couple of already painted minis. For me it worked as well as before painting but I can't say for sure if it's 100% safe on the paint job. I did it on not fancily paints swords so wasn't to worried if it had gone badly.
  14. Getting to Know You, Jan 2018

    Between the wife and I we've got a long list of places to visit. Her #1 is Paris even though she's been there twice. For myself I'm not sure. I like nature better than cities but don't mind visiting cities. Probably Edinburgh or York. Heard they've both got lots of history from the vikings and middle ages.
  15. Looks real good.