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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning this. I've been reading it all evening and enjoying it a lot. Goblins are one of my favourite races and I've always liked the idea of them being more than brain dead cannon fodder.
  2. Talking about warm temperatures made me think of an incident we had a few years ago in Yellowstone. It was early July and we were wandering around the Mammoth hot springs. It was about 30 C/ 85 F and my youngest son was starting to wilt. He was 7 and none of us handles the heat real well. I was comforting him and telling him that we were just about done and could get back to the vehicle and air conditioning soon. An older man heard me and started laughing. He said, "I'm from Oklahoma and came up here because it's nice and cool in the summers". I told him we're canadian and this is about the maximum we can handle. Life's all about perspective and finding what you can deal with. I can take -20 better than +30. Oddly enough right around freezing is the temp I hate the most. Too cold to wear light clothes and too hot to dress up and still be active.
  3. First choice for me at a buffet is usually to try a little bit of everything that looks good. Second choice is to go back for more of whatever was best in the first round if I'm not already about to explode.
  4. My condolences, Flamehawke. It's never fun to lose a friend, even the small furry ones. Happy Easter everybody. A special time of year when you can get together with friends and family and swap infectious diseases Stomach bug going through town here. All the people I know with kids about the same age as mine are praying to the porcelain gods. Some of the older people I know like my mom decided that wasn't the thing for them and opted for nasty colds instead. So who wants to come for a nice traditional russian meal tomorrow? Great food with a full gastro intestinal cleansing included. Glad I'm not flat out sick and hoping that I'll be up for at least some of the feast. Also hoping that the wife doesn't get it until after she's done cooking.
  5. Mini game is a tie between Frostgrave for skirmish style game and Armies of Arcana for large scale battles. Frostgrave scratches the itch I have for a Mordheim style game with a few minis per player and campaign advancement. AoA fills the void for a Warhammer style game except with practically unlimited flexibility for army and unit building, without a bunch of the things that annoyed me. In addition to the standard fantasy armies (elves, dwarves, goblins, undead) I have imperial romans and medieval russians on the table. After playing a few other games for years I find it hard to go back to GW rules because they are slower and clunky at times. Frostgrave I last played about 4 months ago. AoA was a few days ago. Board games my choice is Twilight Imperium 3. Massive honking game of conquest in space. I like empire building games and this has a lot of depth and multiple ways to earn victory points. The downside is that it's large and complex and takes a while to play so it's hard to find players. Last plyed a couple of months ago. Most played game is probably and older version of Risk with the mission cards. Relatively fast and simple and people are willing to play it. Videogames I could name lots. Lately I've been playing Xcom, Shadowrun Returns and other games that are squad based tactical battles. I also love strategy games like the Total War series, dabble in RPGs and first person shooters.
  6. Worst I was directly involved in and was partially to blame for. Was driving a loaner car while getting new tires on my vehicle. It was a small, old underpowered piece of crap but I don't remember the model. Went to make a left turn in a residential area but some kids were on the street so I stopped for a second as I was crossing the other lane. Saw a car barreling down on me and floored the gas to get out of the way. My car slowly sputtered ahead and I got hit on the rear passenger side tire. Spun us in a 270 degree arc and onto the sidewalk. Wife's head smashed out her window. The other car driven by a 16 year old kid was totaled. He flipped out on me for destroying his brand new $40,000 birthday car. I told him if he'd turned a little instead of locking on the brakes there was all kinds of room to miss me. Police showed up and fined him for reckless driving and speeding. I got fined for failure to yeild to oncoming traffic. Wife had a sore head for awhile and we both had some minor pulled muscles. Worst I saw was my best friend in high school was pitched out through the windshield of his brothers truck when he rolled it while drunk. It was my 18th birthday party and we were a couple miles away. Heard about the accident and we all went to see what happened. My friend bled to death in front of most of his closest friends. It's been 25 years and it still haunts all of us that were there. Lost a good kid and a good friend.
  7. I don't generally makes concrete goals for myself with my hobby stuff. I'm more of a butterfly flitting from project to project. The last couple of years I've been a mostly dead butterfly barely doing anything. This winter I actually got a few things happening and hope that I can keep the momentum up even though I know it'll be tough with work and nice weather keeping me out of my dark hole of a hobby area. So here's my list in priority order with unrealistic finish dates added. Finish painting early roman empire army. 14 cavalry, 40 infantry and basing on a bunch of others to go. Wanting to finish in April. Lately these guys have been dying heroically in weekly battles against the goblin hordes. Finish my river pieces. So far 3 feet done, with a prototype bridge that didn't quite work out and another couple feet of straight pieces and a bunch of curve pieces partially finished. Wanting to finish in April and do a better bridge sometime after. More trees. Can never have enough trees. May never totally finish this but want to get a few more on the table soon. Take some pictures of what I've done lately to share. Lighting sucks in my new basement and I'm not real familiar with my newest camera. Could take poor quality pics any time but wanting to do something a little better soon. Finish painting goblin army. 21 infantry partially painted, 16 cavalry and 50 infantry unpainted. These guys paint fast but seem to reproduce almost as fast. No matter how many I finish there seems to be as many waiting for paint. Would like to get as many done as possible into early May. I did finish a 8'x7.5'x16" set of shelves for hobby stuff in my new house and 5 fantasy/historical armies have migrated here. I have a list of terrain to want to make and really want to put some effort into finishing my unpainted and unassembled armies. Rough list of other things to do for 2017; Cliff or mountain terrain. More buildings. Castle. Finish painting Sisters of Sigmar waband for Frostgrave/Mordheim. Finish painting Middenheim warband for Frostgrave/Mordheim. Finish painting high elf army. Finish painting medieval russian army Finish assembling and painting dwarf army. Paint various monsters for support of the various armies in the big battles and use i skirmish/dungeon crawl games. Test myself with something more than tabletop quality, speed paint minis. It's been years since I really put a lot of effort into a single mini.

    I hadn't really looked at what I ordered for a long time. Went and checked just now. My first reaction was, "I thought I ordered this and that. Should have ordered that. Oh yeah, I was broke a year ago and still spent lots." Shook my head and thought it's kind of sad that my reaction to seeing all the minis I will get was it isn't enough. Haven't done anything with most of the Bones 1 and 2 minis I have but still keep coming back for more.
  9. This times two. For scenery materials I don't know of a better place but not the cheapest.
  10. I have a ton of older GW minis as a long time Warhammer and 40k player. The aesthetic look of a lot of the AoS minis just doesn't appeal to me. I like space marines but they're not what I wanted in my fantasy games. That said I like what you've done here. The new heads and colour look much better than the originals.
  11. I'm a rancher and have always butchered my own animals. Used to brag that 90% of what I ate I killed myself but that number's way down nowadays. My grandparents used/ate absolutely every part of the animal possible. With my parents and myself we tended to throw out most of the organs just keeping the liver and meat a lot of times. I married a russian woman so tongue and heart were added back into the menu. Her heart recipes are pretty good but I'm not a huge tongue fan. Tongue when done right is almost melt in your mouth tender but I've done a lot of vet work on cattle and tongue to me always has a slight taste of cow breath that reminds me of various things I've had to do to them. Recently a lot of ukranians have immigrated to the area and the one lady asked for lungs and kidneys when I butchered. I didn't know what to expect but I knew she was an excellent cook and all of the dishes were tasty. I've had haggis but don't know how close it was to real scottish haggis. I'll eat anything once if I trust the cook.
  12. I acquired a 5'x8' chunk of green faux fur a few days ago for a battlemat for my tabletop games. Wasn't sure how it would work but it looks great and is just wide enough but a foot short to cover our ping pong table. We'll rarely use the full 8' it covers. Almost 30 years doing wargames and it's my first table cover I'm really happy with and only cost $40 CAD. I left the store asking my wife what the "bleep" would anybody be sewing out green fake fur? I'm finally assembling a respectable amount of decent looking terrain. Nothing super fancy but nice.
  13. Lots of Irish here from both sides of the family. I'm a good canadian/american mongrel with ancestry covering most of Europe especially the northwest parts.
  14. Today I received the Frostgrave Folio with Nickstarter extras, Fireforge russian infantry, infantry command, militia archers and Alexander Nevski. Took a good look at the minis and packed them away in my "will build and paint soon box" and went and read the book. Trouble with my "will build and paint soon box" is that it is after my "paint these next box" in priority and both have a good 20 minis in them.
  15. I have a couple of the Frostgrave plastic sets and like them. They are as good a quality as the GW, Fireforge, Gripping Beast and Warlord Games plastics I have. Plus all the parts between these companies are close enough to in scale that you get a huge amount of conversion opportunities between them. I did a few models mixing in some old GW bits. The GW bits are bigger and don't match as well but still ok.