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  1. I bought the dwarves but only got a quick look at them before they got hustled away as a Christmas present for me. Not sure what I'm going to assemble them as. I have a fairly good sized army of 4th ed GW dwarves with a mix of other stuff already.I got the metals too so have 37 of the Oathmark ones. That's enough for a unit of something and a nice little warband with mixed weapons. I will be ordering the goblins too. Really like the looks of them. They won't match my GW stuff as well but my goblin army already has minis from all over anyhow.
  2. Happy Birthday Aryanun !!!

    Happy birthday!
  3. Thank, now I'm hungry and it's still an hour before supper. Bigger problem is I'm not sure if I'm cooking it or not. If I'm cooking then there's an even bigger problem because I don't know what it's supposed to be.
  4. MSP 09100: Pearl White added to the paint wish list. Any other paints you'd recommend and why? Getting ready to make another order and may have money for something I wasn't planning on. Is there actually any rationality or continuity in any of the comic universes? Crossovers abound.
  5. The most I ever had in my pickup was 7 and it was only a 3 seater. That was many years ago and alcohol may have been involved. My current highway pickup actually seats 6 comfortably and legally.
  6. My mom and I were talking abut stuff like this yesterday. We've heard of people being stuck in their vehicles when there was a wiring failure and the power locks and windows wouldn't work. The older I get the more I like mechanical simplicity and dislike finicky electronics in things. Push button technology is ok when it works and if you're in a city. When you're an hour or more from the nearest garage and the stupid thinks go wonky it's an expensive pain.
  7. I have a tendency to post my orders as acquisitions. Pretty sure I mentioned this earlier but they arrived today from North Star Minis; 16 Agema roman velites 30 plastic Oathmark dwarves 7 metal Oathmark dwarves 2 boxes of Gamers Grass tufts The dwarves were immediately rounded up as a potential Christmas present for me. I have 20 minis in the line up ahead of them so I guess I can wait a month before I see them again. Dwarves are a bit down on my to do list but I really like the look of these. Wish they'd been available 10-12 years ago when I bought a bunch of older GW dwarves. I think they'll work together anyhow. When I ordered the tufts I was wiffle waffling about getting them or not. The wife said buy them to try out because we didn't know what they were like. When she saw them she asked how much they cost. About $5 cad. She started to laugh and said I hope the trees you ordered are more impressive. Which brings me too; 70 mixed trees off Ebay for $20 cad. But they are probably on a slow boat from China so I hope I get them sometime in December. 25 pink trees also off Ebay and from China for $10. And I'm still waiting on a dimmer switch, phone charger and a bit of wiring for my homemade foam cutter. I can use it as is but it's way too hot and can burn out my cutting wire if I leave it on too long. I've got a couple projects planned and I've been holding off until I get a working dimmer switch for temp control. The phone charger and wiring will also be used for a static grass applicator when I get around to doing it. And last but not least the Vallejo transparent paint set and a bottle of Vallejo Verdigris glaze. I'm hoping these will work good on the transparent Bones minis. They should arrive any day now.
  8. I wish I'd known that not upgrading was an option. I wonder if there's a way to roll it back to it's previous state. I thought I had everything set to notify me and ask for permission before updating but it seems like this computer does them all anyhow. Chances are I would have agreed anyway not knowing what was up. @Unruly, glad to read you walked away from that.
  9. It's a dual core i5 machine with 8 GB of RAM. Nothing fancy but it always worked good. Firefox is making it work like crazy and freezes continually. It's barely usable and because of all that way slower than it was. Chrome makes it use 5-10% of it's CPU compared to 35-95% with Firefox. Liked because you're a good enough friend to make the trip for her. Hope he gets what he deserves someday.
  10. OOOkay. Firefox updated this afternoon. It says it will be 2x faster than this morning. So far what I'm seeing is a flaming pile of broccoli covered in broccoli sauce. It stalls continually and is making my CPU work at 30-40% while doing nothing and has hit over 90% when it's switching to a new web page. What a lovely improvement. If it doesn't improve soon I need to transfer my bookmarks over to chrome.
  11. Jigsaw Paint Shaker

    I like it! I did something even simpler with my jig saw. I taped the blade the cover the teeth and just use a metal hose clamp to hold the bottles to it. Works great but is loud like you said.
  12. I've had 2 important things on my to do list for the last week. I keep forgetting to do them. Neither are big jobs but every time I think of them I'm already involved in something else or not home.
  13. My oldest (14) is good with a paintball gun which requires the same safety when handling but isn't that interested in real guns. By the time I was 14 I had moved up from gophers to deer. Need to correct that.
  14. I'll tell you a story. When I was about 14 my best friend and I decided that we were old enough we didn't need out plastic army men any more. He was always kind of hard on toys and destructive. I tended to be much better with mine. He talked me in to gathering up all mine and with his we set up a large battle scene in his grandpa's garden. Then we backed off and shot everything with .22s. Only a small handful survived. It was a lot of fun but later I couldn't help but wonder WTF were we thinking. I miss my toys. I used to be an excellent shot with a rifle and a good shot with a pistol. I've gotten rusty now. When I was a teenager shooting a .22 was my main hobby. I'm still better than a lot of people I know but it's a bit embarrassing when I know what I used to be able to do. Really need to get my boys trained up.