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  1. Thanks for the congratulations and sympathy everyone. Mom's pretty close to 100% now. We both got some sleep today and baby's doing fine. Mom got rid of all the tubes earlier today and some of the nurses are amazed how fast she recovered. We were discussing what happened and she wanted to argue with me that it wasn't that bad. I gave her a step by step commentary on exactly what I saw and did. She said I don't remember a bunch of that. I'm like, yeah, I was here, you weren't for about 10 minutes. Damn glad you came back. One dumb mistake on her part, (not leaving home sooner) me not pushing to correct it and a slight mistake by the paramedics and almost a tragedy. I know the one paramedic from karate and I know he'll feel terrible when he finds out what happened. He's a really good guy. He was the driver so not entirely his fault but he was also the senior partner so it was. I thought about being a paramedic when I was younger but decided not to because of this exact thing. I didn't want anybody's life in my hands and to suffer if I made a small mistake. I'm writing a detailed report of it all. Kind of helps me get through it but don't think I need to share here. Short version. She gave birth at the wrong hospital because she didn't think she could wait until the city. Everything seemed fine but she had some internal bleeding that wasn't easily noticeable. By the time she got to the proper hospital she had lost so much blood that she collapsed right in front of us. Thankfully it's a brand new, fully equipped hospital and the maternity ward nurses and trauma team did a good job saving her. Slightly less happy with our doctor because he didn't check her out good enough, soon enough which lead to a few extra hours of blood loss. But at least by that time she was already getting a transfusion so the risk was much lower. Sitting there helpless while this was going on was a terrible feeling. I'm a fixer and a doer but I've got enough first aid training to know to get out of the road when the professionals are working. So close. A few minutes difference and ... Trying not to think of what might have been. It's all good now.
  2. Why??? It was good. If it was looking like you wanted that's way more important than changing it to someone else's idea. You should've finished it as yours. If she didn't quite turn out you could've incorporated the advice and what you learned into the next one. That's why I'm sometimes hesitant to offer advice and opinions. I like to offer options so people can make what they want from any ideas I have. You need to do it your way and stick with it. Now we'll never know what the final product could have been.
  3. Been a rough couple of days with us. Newborn baby girl on the 21st. Couple of complications made our lives more interesting than I'd ever wanted. Baby Katelyn was fine from the start but mom tried to leave us. Got to learn about "code blue" up close and personal. Never been so scared in my life. We've been together in the hospital for the last three days. Mom's doing fine now and we'll likely be going home tomorrow. I want to write up what happened sometime but I just found out I'm still a bit too emotional over it. Need to get over that before I start facing friends and family. They don't need to know how close it was but I think I need to share it. Get the shakes and fear out of my system. It makes for an interesting story I think if I hadn't been in the middle of it. Had 3 hours of sleep the first day and a half and another 4 or 5 today. I'm on what might be the world's most uncomfortable hide a bed which hasn't helped any. Time to try for a nap while everything is quiet.
  4. Happy birthday! Know you'll love eating one of these.
  5. Here's the video where I learned about using gel medium. Some day I hope to make something that nice but for now I'm doing faster, plainer terrain for the tabletop. This is where I learned a lot about different materials for water. This year I've watched a ton of videos from these two plus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKxgdrpAXlw Something to check out when you have time.
  6. It's very good. I can only echo the others that the chin might be a bit lopsided and there's something with the cheek bones. In the left and right profile shots they look fine but in the straight on somethings not balanced. In the big middle pics it seems one side is higher than the other. Hair will change everything too. It's amazing how much hair can change the way a face looks.
  7. Last winter I did a bunch of research on this and have experimented a bit with different things. I'll give you the full rundown even if it can't be used on a small base. Years ago I had a bottle of Vallejo still water effects. Pros it didn't need to be mixed and it dried nice and clear. Cons it's runny so you need to have a non leaking "pocket" for it to dry in and it dried out in the bottle before I could use it all, also needed to special order. Right now I have some Smooth On clear resin. Pros it makes really nice crystal clear water and can be poured in thick layers. Cons Bit expensive, runny the same as the Vallejo but it hasn't dried out yet, 2 part resin needing mixing and very runny. Gloss modge podge. Heard about this from Lukesapps (great youtube channel for terrain). Pros Cheap, easy to find, easy to paint on, only runs a bit and easy to clean up. Cons takes a lot of thin layers to build any depth and not as good looking as the resins. May use this to paint on other terrain that I want a damp look to. Varnish Pros available everywhere, easy to paint on. Cons tough to get perfectly clear and needs multiple thin layers for best effect. Gel medium Pros shapeable (somewhat), not runny, stays where you put it. Cons bit expensive, not as shiny as the resin. I've done some little things with all of these. For final effect I love the look of the Smooth On resin but it's the most work and I have 2 liter cans of it to use up before it goes bad. I'm seeing lakes and swamps in my near future. I've done 4+ feet of rivers using modge podge with some of the heavy gel medium for wave effects. Not as shiny as I would have liked but fast and good. I didn't try for depth just a layer on top of a quick paint job. I've got plans for more rivers and waterfalls and other stuff where the gel should work good. I went with Gloss Heavy Gel Medium because I wanted it to hold shape. It does. It's a little softer than some caulking I've used around the house. Hope this helps.
  8. I've thought about trying out pens but have never seen one in person and didn't want to order it blind.
  9. There's a difference between something like me feeling clowns are creepy (not really a phobia, I'm just not fond of them and like to play it up) and healthy respect for something that is dangerous. Fear is our bodies way of keeping us alive but we need to be in control of it. There's actually a lot of things I hated as a kid that I'm ok with now. Won't say I really like them, just that I can eat them. Head cheese is one. My wife does a dish that's similar but made from chicken. So you get the jelly but the meat is just shredded chicken breast. Like that.
  10. Don't know about what other people think but it doesn't bother me. My life the last 4 years has been a cycle of anger, depression and determination. Before that it was a lot of anger but not much depression. I much prefer anger over depression. Lately partly because of the forum (real life has gotten better too) and getting back to my toys I've shrunk the depression down a huge amount, got the anger in control and added a bit of happiness and laughter to the determination. It's always helpful to know there's other people out there going through the same crap. Even if we can't do much to physically help each other at least we can share our thoughts and feelings. Glad for some reason to find out I'm not the only one that thought the BMI stuff was way out of whack. I don't really worry much about actual weight, more about fat and energy levels. A year and a half ago I was up to 235, the gut was starting to get on my nerves and it was an effort to do things. Now I'm 220 with a little extra in the middle but able to do what needs to be done. If this is obese I'm ok with it. Good luck, Crowley. I've got no advice for you but I'm hoping you get something worked out. When I wrote "out of whack" something popped into my head. My nephew once asked me if anything was ever "in whack" and what did that mean. I told him things can certainly be in whack. It's why my favourite tool is a 16 lb hammer. Things get out of whack and a couple whacks and all's good. It's just sad that I'm not allowed to use it on the people that need straightening out as well as my machinery and fences.
  11. Not really. Mom wasn't a spectacular cook but at worst things were a bit bland not bad. Miracle Whip is about the only thing I never eat anymore, It was our go to mayonnaise then and now I prefer Hellmans. There's stuff I don't like so much but I'll still eat it once in awhile. The only thing I refuse to eat now is fish head soup my MIL makes. I'm not a huge fish fan and fish flavoured water with dead eyeballs is not on my menu.
  12. Boobs should always be taken into account. They're one of the treasures of the world. Sorry to hear you had a trying day, Thes.
  13. So did I. My wife and I had discussions about whether or not it would happen over my parents. I got a nasty I told you so when I found out what my brother really thought. On the upside I got to give her a pleasant I told you so when my sister helped me out. It had better be a big chicken breast if I'm only allowed one. Now that I'm over 40 I'm eating much less than I used to and slightly over weight but I don't try to starve myself. I was fooling around with BMI calculators not long ago because we were curious how the boys measured up. The oldest is like I was at that age. Skinny but a bit above average wieght and way above average height. The younger is average height but on the edge of underweight. It told me I was obese! I guess I was a little upset because the wife had to tell me to calm down when I called BS. I agree I've got a few extra pounds but that's not obese. That calculator said that the ideal weight for 6' 3" was 175 lbs. That's what I was 20 years ago when I wasn't much more than skin and bones. Got more meat on me nowadays.
  14. Panties, candy and squids. Not sure I want to know what the theme is.
  15. Making terrain out of tofu sounds like a better idea than eating it to me! Like how the first set of hills turned out and look forward to seeing the next ones. I need more hills so it's nice to see what others are doing.