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  1. Zink

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Hah, that sounds like me last year. I'd sign on about 8:30 - 9:00 pm Sask time and catch the last 5-10 minutes before all the easterners had to go to bed. Did get a few good sessions over the year. This year it's rare that I get any time away from the baby in the evenings so I haven't been on in a long time. I can watch her and read forums but not do hobby stuff or chat very easily.
  2. Good enough for me because I was leaning that way anyhow. I think a match stick would work and I have some other stuff if it's too short. Just need to make some little brackets to hold it.
  3. You mean the big one in the background. That is a girly castle and the boys aren't allowed to play with it. My younger son has a bunch of Roblox figures and we were playing with them on the table using my wargame terrain. When we cleaned up he thought that would be a good place for them. The evil queen swept in and said he couldn't keep them there. First person to tell my wife I called her the evil queen dies slowly. She's waiting for our daughter to get old enough for it. Erifnograd has it right too, I need a castle for each of my armies because they all have their own style.... I do want to make a small roman fort and some goblin walls someday but nothing this big. Finished the portcullis. Original plan was to stick a craft/popsicle stick to it to raise and lower through the top. Undecided if I will or not but it can be added anytime. And a pic of the unpainted gates. Used this method for making the hinges. http://a28mmbrain.blogspot.com/2013/05/hinges-2-fully-working-bead-type.html Should I put a crossbar on the gate?
  4. More drizzly cold weather so I'm still spending more time in the house than I'd planned. Got a little more done. Half a dozen doors painted and another half a dozen cut out and detailed. Portcullis made and first layer of paint on it. 1 Siege ladder for the attacker made. Master of the hot glue gun I am not. It doesn't get much easier to make and I still managed to get glue everywhere and almost burn myself. Cut out a piece for the inner gates and have been trying to figure out how to hinge them. Would really like to have them open and close. Got a couple ideas to try out but if any of you have advice I'm listening. Gates are going to be made out of foamboard same as the doors. Because my mind is usually about 2-3 steps ahead of whatever I'm actually working on I'm already drawing up plans for a covered ram and mantlets for the attackers. Ladders are simple enough and if I don't manage to seriously injure myself with the hot glue gun I'll have a handful of them. I will do a siege tower as well eventually. Need to spend some time on a siege scenario because I'm really wanting to play with this now that it's almost done. Oldest son says he's up for a battle. If I give the castle a decent garrison I may have to use almost all my other armies for the attackers to make it balanced.
  5. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I'm happy that GW is turning things around but I'll never be as into them as I was in the 90s. Been playing with too many other companies stuff for too many years to go back. Thanks to Bones, Mantic and comparatively cheap historical minis my collection is probably only 50% GW now instead of over 90% like it was years ago. I have a couple of rulesets for fantasy games that I prefer over GW but never did find something that scratched the 40k itch for me. Haven't looked for a long time so there probably is options out there. I really like the whole "feel" of how it was in Rogue Trader times with all the creativity. Need to finish off a few more of my old fantasy armies and terrain before I think seriously about getting back into 40k. The speed I'm going that may be a couple years yet.
  6. Zink

    Getting to Know You: Sept 2018

    My wife. I'm not allowed or even care to decorate. At the farm a lot of the decoration belonged to my parents first. So I have a set of 7' wide long horns in the living room and a couple western paintings my aunt did. The rest is all my wife. In town I don't think there's a single thing that was my choice on display. I am occasionally asked my advice about larger things.
  7. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    My brother in law is blind but loves to cook. My sister can but won't except for a few dishes unless she absolutely has to. A friend of mine was visiting us at supper time when their kids were about 4-5 years old. The smoke detector went off and the kids were running around screaming, "Supper's ready! Supper's ready!" The friend still laughs about it now almost 30 years later. You guys are tempting me to grab the kill team rules. I haven't played 40k since 3rd ed but have fairly large imperial guard, imperial armoured company, eldar, space wolf and squat (yeah, I've been playing since then) armies along with a scattering of others. My focus for many years has been more on the fantasy side but futuristic skirmish could be fun too.
  8. Then I was explaining to the wife why I wanted to do it modular and threw out a couple quick shapes. I had no idea that it fit the width of the ping pong table so perfectly when designing it. Had thoughts of adding a bunch of other optional wall pieces when I started. Now that I see how big it turned out I'm not sure I want much more. Would still like to do a gate with a drawbridge and a couple 45 degree wall sections. Might wimp out and just do a couple little 45 degree blocks instead of whole walls. Will definitely do a couple breached wall sections and another section with the short D tower like to the right of the gates in the last pic. Need to finish up the doors and then do something else for a bit. Not the prettiest thing I've ever done but I like it.
  9. A pile of photos showing off the nearly finished castle. Not the best quality but they give you an idea of it all. First up the four sides. Next some dwarves guarding the open gates. Probably because the portcullis and gates aren't built yet. Sorceress fighting a dragon on the gate tower and dragon in front of the castle.
  10. That would be dead simple. I had thought of doing it that way but decided to make it harder on myself by having it more modular. May still do it that way. I could stick them in the spots where the doors will cover them when a wall is attached. Sort of like I was already doing with swappable doors and arrow slits. Need to take a look at how it would work.
  11. Got a bunch done today. Amazing how much you can do when you skip work and ignore the wife. All of the walls and towers are done except I'm waiting for paint to dry on the main gate so I can work on the portcullis and gates. I was worried that I'd run out of paint before finishing but I just made it. I've been playing around with doors for the towers and am satisfied with what I'm doing for them. Not as happy with the arrow slits and was thinking of a different option. I've been trying out options for attaching the doors and arrow slits to the towers so that they can be added when and where we want them. For as often as I'd want different configurations it might just be easier to make more towers with the doors on other sides. Little magnets on the doors and windows and pins in the walls seems to work ok and not difficult to do. A pic with the tower on it's side just showing how the arrow slits would look and my final door design. Main thing bugging me about the arrow slits is how thick they are. Thought about using different material like this. Probably just fussing over nothing. It's not like the castle is a great work of art. It's built to be rugged and playable. If I can make the paint on the arrow slits match the walls better it'll probably do. More pics of the whole thing once the paint dries on the last 2 pieces.
  12. Zink


    This is basically me as well. Mostly I'm doing units painted 4 minis at a time. But every so often I do individual minis and want to try a certain technique or colour that I normally wouldn't. Never bought a mini specially to try something out on but have hundreds because of Bones and other Kickstarters and leftovers that I can pick from.
  13. Really like how the metal turned out. The couple of times I tried something like that I totally hated the effect I got.
  14. Got some more done today. Only 2 pieces left to finish. One of the big gatehouse towers and the gate itself. Couldn't find little magnets when I was in the city but bought some magnetic strips instead. I used a leather punch to cut some little buttons out and glued those to the back of my door and arrow slit test pieces. I stuck a pin into the tower where I wanted the doors or windows to go. Seems to hold good enough for my purposes. May experiment a bit more with this. Need to make 10 doors and twice that many windows. Also need to finish the portcullis and main gates. Almost forgot that I'll want trap doors for all the towers too. Also had an interesting accident. I could feel the tip on my versa tool was coming loose. I only had a tiny bit to finish then and my pliers were upstairs so I just kept working. The tip feel off and landed on my wall. I tried to pull it quick with some tweezers but all I did was shove it deeper. It ended up sinking about an inch into the wall sliding sideways making a big hole. I had to cut a big chunk out of the wall to get my tip back. Glued the chunk back on and stuffed it full of crack filler and painted it. Almost done the basic castle. Then I think I'll work on something else for a bit before doing some alternate accessories. Need to get some siege equipment made to help destroy this big boy.
  15. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Well it sounds like they're being truthful in their labeling. You know like gluten free beef and cholesterol free lettuce. 3% less is reduced. One of my pet peeves is food labeling and the claims on it.