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  1. i got to visit my minis today and just to prove I do paint sometimes I decided to post some pics. Sad part was that I wasn't doing stuff with them but instead trying to fix our reverse osmosis system beside my hobby area. I did these back before Christmas. Nothing super fancy and I might do some touch ups someday. Photos turned out better than expected because my lighting is terrible in my new hole. Quite happy with the general look of the giant but need to do something for the eyes and maybe some more highlights. And better basing of course. Love this guy and think this photo doesn't do him justice. Have two more to paint and want to buy several more because 3 isn't enough for some of the games I do. The tavern is based of off one on Wyloch's Craft on youtube. If you've never heard of him and are interested in terrain do a search. Tons of good stuff. It still needs a bit of work and I've been considering doing an interior for it. Had a couple of oops moments but sll in all pretty happy with how it turned out.
  2. A lot of days I just keep grinding away at things and moving because I feel even worse when I stop. Life can be a real b1234 at times but it beats the alternative. Having good people around is the best help. Been a lot of stress and stupidity in my life the last few years and not enough fun and laughter so I sympathize with people struggling with depression. Like Aryanun and others I have people that depend on me. On the one hand it feels good to be needed. On the other hand I'd sure love for someone to fix my problems for me or at least deal with some of theirs on their own. In the old days people would just drink themselves into a stupor or get into stupid fights to deal with it. Now we read forums. Is that progress or not?
  3. You're not the only one. I wish my wasteland was closer to yours or anybody else's.
  4. Main game is Armies of Arcana. I was involved with updating the rules and producing the last rule book. So sad it died mainly due to people involved in the project not being able to get along. But I still love the rules so it's what I play. 2nd choice is Frostgrave. Dabble with Song of Blades and Heroes but it just never caught our fancy. My oldest loves to play Heroquest and Dungeon Saga until I get kind of sick of them. High on my list of what I want to play are Battletech Alpha Strike and Blitzkrieg Commander. I still have the old FASA rules for Battletech but only a handful of mechs. Often think of buying the starter set with the plastic mechs and I've heard Alpha strike makes it quicker and simpler to play. I'm interested in WW2 and would love to have some 6mm armies for larger scale battles. I would play almost anything if I had somebody willing.
  5. Very rarely with minis. I have a good memory for what toys I have and lists of haves and wants for each army/warband. For household stuff tools and spare parts occasionally. Sometimes it's a matter of I need it now but can't find it but a lot of the time it is due to disorganisation.
  6. Rough plan is to spend one day working on the farm with my oldest son and one day at the house in town doing things with the family. Reality rarely agrees with my plans. So I am adept at switching gears and directions to do what I have to. This weekend was a perfect example. Friday was my birthday and the kids had a day off school. I wanted to relax but the wife wanted to work on the garden and yard at the farm. We decided to go out for a couple hours. I rent a small pasture to a neighbour and wanted to fix a bit of fence and check the water pump. Pump was clogged with rusty sludge and I spent 5 hours tearing it apart, cleaning and reassembling. Saturday wanted to fix the fence for the neighbours cows. Wife got me to do yard work in town and plan a vacation. Sunday some people wanted to play paintball but ended up not showing up. I spent an hour getting things ready for them which wasn't a total waste because now I'm that much more prepared for the next group. Needed to clean and move some equipment around and fix that fence. Son #1 dropped me off at the equipment and went cultivating. Equipment had minor breakdowns so it didn't get cleaned and 15-20 minis of moving took me almost 3 hours. Finally started fixing the fence. Thunderstorm rolled in. I don't like hanging onto long barb wire fences on a hilltop when there's lightning. I know of a few people who've been killed doing that. So gave up and went back to town. Monday didn't sleep well so slept in and am writing complaining about things when I should be getting that fence fixed. Cows are arriving shortly. The fence is up but still needs a bunch of posts replaced. I'm a 19 or 20. So many things go wrong around me that I've learned to deal with it. I don't get angry easily but when I do I stay mad for days or longer. I can forgive minor things and don't sweat it as long as I see a real effort to work out issues. What I absolutely can't stand is deliberate rudeness, deceitfulness and dishonesty. My basic theory of life is do what you want as long as you aren't hurting other people. If someone does manage to upset me my normal reaction is to take a step back until I am sure I won't explode and then get back into trying to settle things. If it doesn't seem like I can settle it quickly I cut my losses and never deal with that person or company again. I'm not vindictive but I can hold grudges. My wife nags me that I'm too easy going and need to broccoli more when things aren't right. Or maybe just scared. I reply that I worry more about what I'll do if I lose my temper than what the other person could do to me. I'm 6' 3" tall and weigh 220 pounds. It's rare anybody risks pissing me off while I'm standing in front of them. There have been a couple of cases where people have pushed me to the edge. One guy was a cattle buyer that I dealt with over the phone. He yelled and swore at me about a minor error in my paperwork when I shipped a load of cows to his company. I got in the vehicle and drove to his office. He took one look at me and we had a nice friendly conversation about how to correct the problem. The worst I've been upset lately was by my kids one hockey coach. My oldest isn't very athletic but he played hockey for years and was one of the poorer players on the team. We had to miss a game and a couple of practices do to real life interfering. Hockey in Canada with the wrong coach can be sort of like being in the military. It is supposed to be the one and only thing in your life. You drive hundreds of miles in dangerous weather, when you're sick and there are no excuses for being late or missing a game. We were 5 minutes late for a game because I had a flat tire. We walk into the dressing room and the coach starts yelling at my son who was 11 about how he should have been on time. I calmly told the coach it wasn't the kids fault and I had a bad day so back off. He starts telling me he's the coach and what he says goes and he doesn't have to listen to me. The kid has to learn responsibility. So arrogant and condescending. It was the last in a long series of rude and annoying comments from him. I almost drop him right there but don't want to throw the first punch in a locker room full 10-11 year old kids. Game was about to start so he leaves and I help my kid get ready. The kid's benched for the entire game for being late. After the first period my wife wants me to go talk to the second coach because I've known him all my life and he always seemed decent. I'm still shaking mad and don't go with her. The supposedly ok coach screams and swears at my wife about our responsibilities to the team. The whole rink hears it and I just go over and take her away. She's still mad at me 2 years later because I didn't beat the !@#$ out of the two of them right there. I said this isn't Russia (the wife is russian) where you can beat somebody up with no consequences. I'm not going to jail because my hockey coach is an broccoli. The almost ok coach sort of apologised a year later for being like that. I've only seen the other one a couple of times since that season and he avoids looking at me. I haven't had a public explosion in over 20 years but the heavy punching bag in my basement gets some good usage after things like this. I'm very much the bottle it and take it somewhere else and let it blow type of person. No screaming hissy fits in other people's faces.
  7. Instead of going to farm and doing some work I ended up spending 4 hours planning a family trip with the wife. Getting late enough there's no point starting work now. We plan on driving straight west of home to Waterton National park and while there take a day to go south to Glacier National Park. On the way home we'll hit Writing-on-stone Provincial park. Anybody ever been in that area and have any must see tips? Now comes the hard decision, do something with my minis, take a nap or play with my kids. Nap wants to win but that usually messes up my night's sleep.
  8. Happy birthday! My kids were very good about wishing me a happy birthday. Mainly because their mom was standing behind them going, come on do it, say it already.
  9. It's a good day for birthdays. Happy Birthday!
  10. Got my notification. Only 11 pounds. I feel somehow inadequate after seeing how big other people's are.
  11. I've often wondered if the pronunciation of naval terms was because of the quantity and quality of the rum the sailors used to have. I know I start slurring and mumbling after enough alcohol. I live about as far from the sea as possible so sailing isn't one of my specialties.
  12. A man after my own heart. Not so many unassembled minis here but hundreds with no paint or just a primer job. I've been waiting for Rothfuss' book for so long I forget about it often. I'm also waiting for continuations of the Dresden Files and Destroyermen series. I'm waiting for Xcom 2 to get cheaper so I feel less guilty when I buy it.
  13. Thanks everybody. Planned on having a lazy day because this time of year means my birthday is usually working hard. Isn't going to work out quite like I wanted but I slept in for an hour. I just finished seeding which means an end to 12-14 hour days in the field. Need to do a few hours of work on fences and a bunch of phone calls. But supper is already planned. Shashlik (russian shishkabob), fried calamari, black forest cake and some other good stuff.
  14. Ah, to be new to it all and think that 35 minis is a lot. I've been collecting for 30 years and the unpainted numbers have slowly grown in proportion to painted every year. The speed I paint I have at least 10 years of minis ahead of me even if I don't buy more. But looking at and buying minis seems to be the biggest part of my hobby.
  15. Thanks. I'd looked at that before but didn't pay attention to the dates. It says Completed on: 05-18-16. Wow, exactly 1 year to the day.