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  1. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Melted by the heat is partly right for me. I'm having a terrible week between the heat, breakdowns and my own stupidity doubling the work load. Yesterday I had 10 hours of very tiring work to accomplish what would normally have taken an hour or so. That was the worst day but almost all the last 5 days have been similar. Between me and the oldest kid we've done about $10,000 damage to various equipment. Hoping that insurance will cover the worst and stupidest of it. Broccoli happens but I'm getting really, really ticked off that my own idiocy was a major cause of the problems. Thinking of going away for a few days before I wreck more than I can fix. I'm practically brain dead and tired of it.
  2. Zink

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    I've got no time and energy right now to paint but I'll still be happy when I get my hands on them.
  3. Zink

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    That's good to know. Krylon is my go to spry paint.
  4. Zink

    Mantic Terrain Crate

    Never received a shipping notice but the latest update says they've mailed everything now. Here's hoping I'll get it soon.
  5. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Yeah, it is. Browsing last night turned up a few pics and videos of the storm and this was my favourite out of them.
  6. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Wild weather here the last few days. Plentywood, Montana which is 90 miles south east from here got hit by a combo tornado and 100+ mph winds for major damage. North of there on the Canadian side of the border heavy rains washed out some roads. Last night a tornado took a tour through my back yard. Did a bunch of damage to a farm 15 km from mine, narrowly missed mine and some of my closest neighbour's. It died out a few km northwest of the town where we live after going about 60 km. A professional photographer/storm chaser took this photo about 7 km from my farm. Luckily for us we just got a nice rain and no damage. Some days I wonder if the farm's gonna be there when I go out to work. edit: Forget to mention a wide swath of baseball sized hail about 20 km north of my farm and town. Luckily we missed that too.
  7. Zink

    Life comes at you fast.

    Wow, Buglips. That don't look like the best way to get your house cooler for the summer. Glad nobody was hurt and hope you can recover something.
  8. Zink

    Getting To Know You July

    Doing as little as possible while wearing as little as possible. Another vote for this. Sadly I now live in town and with my mother in law so the little as possible part is more than I'd prefer. On the plus side the house in town has an air conditioner if I can talk the wife into turning it on. She has the bizarre opinion that over 25 C isn't that bad. Swimming is also good. You know it's been to hot for too long when yesterday it was 29 C and I was doing physical work outside and thinking it felt ok.
  9. Zink

    Happy Birthday Cyradis

    Happy birthday to my favourite ghoul queen, rock hound and wannabe canadian! Hope you have a good one.
  10. Zink

    Happy Birthday Rat13 !

    Happy birthday!
  11. Zink

    Getting To Know You July

    What they said. I'll often throw in a movie or another show for some variety but once I start a series I'll try to finish it as soon as I can. Rarely watch more than 2-3 hours a day because that's my limit where things start to blur and I don't remember what I've been watching.
  12. Zink

    Happy Birthday Darsc Zacal

    Happy birthday!
  13. Zink

    Getting To Know You July

    Goblins and orcs - green due to GW influences although I very rarely try something different. Bugbears - medium to dark brown. I have yet to paint any but have a rough idea of what I want when I do the ones from Bones. Had a bugbear toy as a kid that was dark brown. Gnolls - light yellowish brown like hyenas. IIRC that was the D&D description. Same as the bugbears I have an idea of how I wan them to look but haven't painted any yet. Kobolds - rusty orangish red. I think that was the D&D colours. Still haven't painted any of these guys but they're in my queue for this year. Hobgoblins - I don't know. I'm thinking maybe some shade of dark orange just for variety.