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  1. Just had to ask, for all you brownie makers does your recipe have real brownies in it? https://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/dungeons/images/a/a1/D%26DBrownie.JPG/revision/latest?cb=20120725232459
  2. Maybe those are female hill giants! Nothing saying they gotta match human anatomy exactly. I was reading the comic By the Book and they were discussing how to recognise kobold sexual differences and the kobold explained it as "it's complicated down there".
  3. Which leads to the give them a flash of something to distract tactic. Which is not as effective on most female adventurers as the males. Guys like to beat up on pretty boys but are more likely to avoid downright fugly?
  4. I like them. They remind me of a cross of GW orcs and goblins. Got the flatter orcy face. I mix and match a bunch of companies minis in my goblin army and these would fit right in.
  5. What? You mean I need to work at it? Come on life's supposed to be easy and we all get what we want by just laying around. Did a search for that book and a pdf was the first thing on the list. I'll give it a read. I know that my lack of trying for years is part of why I'm terrible at drawing. Some people are gifted with talents, others get by with hard work. The greats use their talents with hard work. I've worked very hard over the years to rise slightly above mediocrity.
  6. You're still looking kind of green though...
  7. Want to try that on an ice golem/elemental. Nice effect!
  8. Because you can never have enough cake. Happy birthday.
  9. Eclipse was underwhelming here. I brought an autoadjusting welder's mask to town so we could look at it. Mask didn't want to darken for more than a second so couldn't look at the sun. If I'd known I could have brought an old one. Just need to remember this in 20 years when we have the next eclipse. Did the pin hole thing and saw a bit of shadow. Wife and I had to leave when it was only about 30%. We stopped on the road when it was supposed to be at it's darkest but couldn't really tell. It was only 76% coverage max here. It was a perfectly clear day without a cloud and things were ever so slightly darker than normal. The wife still isn't sure anything happened even though the kids and I said we saw something. Glad some of you got a good show. My mom is a good example of never too old. She learned how to paint at age fifty and got to be pretty good. Maybe I'll learn how to draw in a few more years once I get there. Too busy painting minis now to practice drawing.
  10. Colour issues aside I wish I could draw anything nearly that good. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I have absolutely no talent drawing in any media.
  11. Theoretically yes. In practice it's sometimes hard to tell. A lot of my fully painted minis have mold lines somewhere but the most obvious flash is always taken care of. My methods are the same for everything but I use different tools for different materials. For metal minis I use old fingernail clippers, files and sometimes a dremel. For resin, polystyrene and pvc I use sprue cutters, exacto knife and files. Need to get some new needle files and wouldn't mind trying out sanding needles and a seam scraper.
  12. Liking that Roc. He's a big feller.
  13. Yeah, the eclipse is supposed to be at it's max around noon local time. I'm north of the total black out zone so not sure what it'll be like here. Don't feel like driving 8-9 hours to Wyoming to be in the direct line. I'll probably be on the road then anyhow.
  14. We have a female centaur in Bones now. I've always liked this genie I wouldn't mind seeing female bugbears either. Not into ettins myself. I agree with Sirithiliel about what they should look like. I went and tried to find some cave woman pics to show what I was thinking. Found a bunch of nice photos more like Raquel Welch and now I'm not thinking what I was thinking before. The closest I found was Oprah with a beard. I'm not sure if I'm loosing it or Google's getting to me. A search for neanderthal woman gave me results more like what I originally wanted. Now to go look at more cave woman photos....
  15. Happy birthday!