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  1. Not really into puns. I enjoy a good one but mostly my brain doesn;t work that way. Witty word play is not my forte. It's gotten worse since my family is bilingual. Takes too long and sucks all the humour out of it when you have to explain the various aspects of why it was supposed to be funny. I'm a very funny guy. Here's a long winded and dull explanation of why! I'm not a total slob, although my wife the neat freak might disagree. I neither enjoy nor dread chores but do have a tendency to leave them as long as possible and do as quickly as possible.
  2. I'm not sure I've ever actually finished a project. I guess it depends on what you consider a project. When I get going good on one it leads to ideas of how to do something else. Lately I've been trying to focus more on smaller things that are close to completion. I'm forcing myself to do a few things on my hobby goals list in between working on whatever my butterfly attention span wants to do at the moment.
  3. I was thinking something similar. I know enough about the legal system to know I'm not getting a criminal record over the phone. Police need to be involved somewhere and they tend to do things face to face. The wife couldn't remember most of the call back number but it didn't match the number that had called which is usually a red flag too. Still a little curious about what the details might have been. My mother's 72 and she got a similar call a couple months ago saying the bank was going to foreclose on her debts and it upset her pretty bad. I got her calmed down and she talked to the local bank and found out it was BS. I kept telling her official business isn't usually done over the phone. Official letters need to be involved somewhere.
  4. In the morning I get a call from the bank about suspicious purchases on my credit card. Yet again someone is using my credit card. 5th time this year. WTF? Yet another new card on it's way to me. In the afternoon the wife got an automated call about naming me and saying I need to call a number she didn't catch or I'll have criminal charges laid against me. Tracing the call places the number in Ottawa but I can't find out more than that. Not terribly worried but I'm curious what I've supposedly done. Went to the local gas/hardware store to pay off fuel bill I had delivered to the farm and none of my bank cards would work to pay my bill. Had just enough cash with me to pay my purchase but need to get the big bill paid before Christmas. Hadn't been at the farm for quite a few days because of being sick. Last time I was there the cows were in a small area with a gate open to the east where they had a large area with tons of grazing. When I get there they are scattered everywhere except in the pasture I left open. Either hunters left a gate open or the cows knocked it down. Some of them walked 2.5 miles to the southwest out an open gate, another 2 miles back to the east and crapped on my doorstep. None of them went 200 yards to the east to eat the feed I'd left for them beside the open gate. Spent several hours gathering them up and checking fence. Hopefully the next time I'm there they'll have found the open gate because when I left half of them were standing beside it. So much fun for a Friday.
  5. This reminded me of a saying, "I'd rather have smart and lazy than dumb and enthusiastic for help".
  6. Another one here. I'm just not really into drinking hot drinks very often. Sugary drinks seem to make me thirsty and a lot of caffeine makes me shaky. Nothing better than cool, clear water.
  7. My wife and other eastern europeans I know seem to be nuts for cow tongue. Most people here don't care for it. Now the local butcher is saving them from every cow he does where he used to throw most of them away. I eat it once in awhile but to me there's always a slight touch of cow breath in the taste. I've done enough vet work on both ends of cows that it's a bit unappetising for me. So if the ladies want it they can have all the tongue they want. I can live without.
  8. I can agree with this totally. I'm a rancher and a hunter. I work with large dangerous animals and equipment that will kill you if you're stupid. I'm not one for yelling but at times it's necessary. Especially with some people that don't seem to understand unless yelled at. When you're near the bottom of the food chain you learn to be polite!
  9. I rarely ask for feedback and advice myself not because I know it all (not even close) but because I'm generally working towards a "good enough" level. I like to believe I know where my shortcomings are (there are so few) and I do work on them at times. When I do ask for advice it's usually because I'm stuck and totally floundering. I know I'm not the best at giving criticism because I'm always trying to encourage and maintain interest above all. I live with 2 people who are from the russian "shoot them if they aren't good enough" school of training. That attitude drives me up the wall when applied to non life threatening things. I'm about gentle encouragement and correcting mistakes not severe punishment over every little thing. It's a hobby. Very few of us will ever reach or even strive for the pinnacle. It's good for people to strive to improve but it's more important that they are enjoying what they're doing. Life's too short to be stressed over what's supposed to be a fun time. We can get enough stress and flack in the real world.
  10. What if your method is really "THE ONE TRUE WAY!!!!" and it's everybody else that's messed up?
  11. Ookay, this one kind of surprised me. I picked red as my colour and threatened the neighbour so I'm a homicidal loony. bulk2.destructoid.com Congratulations, you are a Chaos worshipper! You are a maniac, psychopath, lunatic, murderer, and so on. You worship the four chaos gods (or Malice, but nobody knows broccoli about him), you decorate your room (and your clothes) with guts and limbs, your goal is either just killing and maiming, or achieving demonhood by killing a few billion innocent people. Nice!
  12. That's right next door in western terms. Change of plans though. I won't be coming to visit. The wife helped out after all. Supper's a bit late because I found out I was making it just before we went to the garage. Board is cut nicely and the trim routered ok. Only problem was putting a few slots in it. They ain't pretty but they get filled and covered anyhow. I'm a guy that does most of his carpentry with a chainsaw and large hammer but occasionally can do work that's not embarrassingly ugly. Tomorrow I'll see if it actually fits and I need to stain it before installing. I'm getting good at dragging out a 3-4 hour job into days. Too bad I don't get paid by the hour. @Cyradis Vancouver area is pretty nice. I've only spent a few days there but I've been trying to get the family to go back.
  13. Ok. Driving to you and back may be quicker than waiting on the wife. 2 days travel to upstate New York. How far are you from Buffalo? I've never driven east of Niagara Falls. Say roughly a week round trip. Kids are at a basketball game or I'd get one of them to help.
  14. This is one of those minis I'd never have thought of in a million years but when I saw it shot way up the want list.
  15. I don't know if I've ever seen fresh greenstuff. All of what I've used seemed pretty tough and rubbery when I got it. Throwing it in a cupboard and leaving it for months and years never improved it either. Finally fixing my broken garage door. Tore apart the old piece and figured out what I need to do to make and install a new one. I need someone to help me run a 9' 2x4 through the table saw 3 times. Been waiting for an hour and a half for the wife because she said she'd help. The rest I think I can do myself. Anybody want to help? I got beer, whiskey, vodka, minis, paints! Anything else that might entice you?