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  1. I watched the first season last year and it's still good. But I have sometimes been known to have questionable taste.
  2. That's the most bizarre thing I've seen in awhile. Liked the girls though. I'm pretty good at Super Mario Kart on the wii but suck at Mario Cart 8 on the WiiU. My mouth is watering thinking about slow cooked pork. Supper was a bit on the lean side tonight and I'm about ready for a late snack.
  3. It's a popular genre now.
  4. I hear you. That's been about the best I've done the last couple of days too. I'm calling it babysitting because the little critter is lying close to me. Kind of got used to lying in bed with the laptop instead of sitting at a table like I used to.
  5. May not be the most practical design but it gets the jobs done. Yet another example of why I think the gods are insane if we are the best they can come up with.
  6. Not gonna argue about the weirdness but it's not all bad. A friend of mine once explained it to the girls this way, we don't have them. So that makes them very interesting. He figured that if he could only grow a set he'd be happy playing with them all day. Or maybe what Mad Jack said too. Plus as guys we get a lot of the enjoyment out of them without any of the hassles. Well other than having to put up with women which isn't always easy.
  7. Was telling the wife about Reapercon and the people here getting ready for it. She likes to travel so she was wondering how far it was. Only 2300 km. So guess we won't be going. Maybe someday but doubtful just because we got a lot of places higher up on the travel wish list. While looking at Google Maps I spotted a town in Chihuahua named Delicias. Delicious chihuahua gave me a chuckle. Don't think I'm ready to add that to my travel list yet. Went to do a bit of hobbying this afternoon. Want to paint my camel riders but just not feeling it right now. Sat there playing with the Graveyard expansion and thinking about Halloween stuff. Eventually got tired of having the camels staring at me begging for attention so I left. If you've never been stared at by a camel you don't know how disconcerting it can be. And there's 7 of them! Trying to decide if I'm enjoying the sleep deprivation too much this afternoon. Brain keeps waddling off in strange directions but at least they're amusing directions. Might need a quick nap before supper.
  8. Shifting gears, or possibly just slipping and grinding them. Only big piece of terrain that I have to paint is the Mausoleum and graveyard expansion. Halloween and all coming up I'm thinking of doing them. My wife likes to set up little seasonal dioramas on our china cabinet in the dining room. Undead I've got lots of and can easily do more. Original October goals; DDS2 ruins - done 6 roman camel riders + bones pack camel - slightly painted 15 goblins wolf riders - 4 done, 3 partials, 8 primed Optional goals ; Mausoleum and graveyard scenery Autumn trees 16 pathfinder goblins Never counted how many cultists from Reaper and Northstar
  9. Yeah, I'm a handy, do it yourself kind of guy but I know just enough about explosives to leave them to somebody with real experience and training. I have a strong attachment to my fingers, hands and other body parts. It's not an area that I feel comfortable with being self taught and experimenting.
  10. I'm assuming it was a break somewhere because the annual flushing was a couple weeks ago and it didn't cause as much sediment as what we have now. This also only affected our area and not even the stuff about a 1/2 mile away. There should have been some sort of notification but because the town is so small a lot of things fall into "call the office if you want to know" category. If you're like me and tend to ignore everything not directly involving me things get missed. We've instituted the boil water advice already. What we drink is filtered and that won't get rid of pathogens but at least it wasn't red. I actually closed off the filter system when the sludge hit so that it wouldn't clog it all. I'll be making a call in the morning to find out what's up.
  11. Finished (maybe) this tonight. Not sure if I want to add a bit of shrubbery or not. After I did the grass and dirt I thought it looked good enough without. Colour is a bit off in some of the pics. The third, fourth and fifth photos are closest to what I'm seeing in hand. Don't know when I'll get around to the dragon but these are usable in games now.
  12. Are you getting lonely for other platypi? 'cause that don't look real close to me! Two days ago the town did something which filled all our water pipes full of rusty sludge. Clogged all the taps and shower head. Spent an hour or so yesterday cleaning things out. Today we're noticing that the water pressure is way lower than normal. Not sure if there's some blockage in the lines or if it's because the town's pressure is low. The house doesn't have it's own pump and pressure system. I'm tired and cranky because of lack of sleep and MIL starts in on me about it. I said I can't fix it because I don't think it's a problem in the house. Her: She get's mad and tells me to call the water station and get their opinion on what's wrong. Me:I ask what water station? I live in a town of 500 people. Instead of a water tower we have a tank on top of the hill. Water is automatically pumped up there and from there it runs down to town. Her: Well somebody must be on duty there. Call them. Me: You seriously think somebody is sitting on top of the hill on a Sunday waiting for phone calls? The town only has 2 permanent workers and they get Sundays off. Her: This is serious you need to call somebody. There has to be somebody available for emergencies! Me: Low water pressure is not an emergency. We still have water it just takes longer. If it's still poor tomorrow I'll call the town office and see what they have to say. Her: You never want to complain or yell at anybody to get them to fix things. And goes off in a huff. Me: Nope I hate people who yell and broccoli about everything. You got to be doing something seriously wrong before I scream at you. I'm more about dealing with the problem calmly and efficiently. Just want to have a good sleep and get some work done. I know a good night's sleep is going to be rare for a long time now but don't feel like dealing with other stuff unless it's real important.
  13. When I do paint the dragon I'm going to try and keep him removable. Then I can still use it's base piece as another chunk of ruins. I'll use ruins way more often than a dragon.
  14. Got my minis from RobinH quite awhile ago but keep forgetting to put up a photo. Here's the lovely lady he painted for me.
  15. No pics at the moment but I may or may not add some later. Working on the ruined tower from DDS2. It's about 90% finished. Just need to do the ground and add some shrubbery because all good terrain needs shrubbery. I get a game of Frostgrave in once in awhile and thought the tower would be useful. Not planning on doing the dragon for awhile because I'm already stalled on another one. Which leads me too the collecting dust part. My green dragon from Mantic's Dungeon Saga. Started him in June, didn't like what I was doing, got advice here about paint schemes, waited for new paints, tried again and failed so currently waiting to order some more new paints for attempt #3. Other than that I could write a very long list of partially finished projects some of which have been ongoing for many, many years. I cleared off the shelf of shame (if you don't count large army projects) this year. Painted everything that was partially painted except one GW High Elf lord. If I can maintain the pace I've been painting and building things this year I'll finish all my current projects sometime before 2050. I have a tendency to add projects at about a 2:1 ratio to completing them though.
  16. Sympathy liked, Aryanun.
  17. Northstar Military Figures finally released their new dwarves. There's a sale on them for the next week. The missus loves dwarves so she's good with me buying some more even though I have dozens unpainted sitting here. And because Northstar carries a huge supply of games, terrain and minis I had to add a couple things. Coming to a mailbox near me soon; Oathmark Dwarf Regiment (30 dwarves) + bonus figure Dwarf king, wizard and musician 3 dwarf champions Agema roman velites (1 of 2 remaining must haves for my roman army) 2 packs of Gamers Grass tufts to try out. Got a good sized wish list of paints and terrain materials but been holding off on that until the end of the month. I get the largest part of my yearly income then. Some years we have trouble deciding what to get me for Christmas. This year I've been good boy and I've got enough things picked out to cover the family's gifts to me. And then I'll buy the rest myself.
  18. Painted this quickly a while back because my Frostgrave necromancer needed a warhound.
  19. That makes sense. Goblins have been selling what little morals they have for centuries.
  20. For that "stick to your ribs" cooking.
  21. Happy birthday. Found you a cake. Not sure what style of boot you prefer but this looked stylish, feminine and suitable for stomping at the same time. Just ignore the Loverbean part or at least don't tell Mr Boot about it.
  22. You just need to figure out where you can buy some nice morals. Everything's for sale somewhere.