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  1. My best friend has that mini diorama from way back in Rogue Trader days. I think those were the original tyranids, not dinosaurs. Always wanted some of those minis (or even the new ones) but never went for the bugs. Pretty sure they weren't a part of the model anyhow.
  2. Zink

    77022 Michelle, Female Human Ranger

    I'm a sucker for using the Army Painter washes for things like leather. They work really well to give you nice shading fast and have a very slight gloss that to me suits leather. I have 6 different colours but find I don't use the red, green and blue a lot. It's hard for me to not slather on the dark, strong and soft shades all over everything.
  3. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    At night I do kind of a sliding shuffle just in case something was missed. Usually the wife has cleaned good enough to be safe but there have been painful incidents when her obsession for order has failed us. Feeling a little bummed about Christmas. We're going to be heading to Calgary to spend it with some friends. Me I like just having a quiet one at home with my close family. No biggy as it's been years since we did Christmas my way. My #2 son asked me why I don't get excited about Christmas. For me it's a bunch of conflicting emotions about what was, what could have been, how some people are gone and some turned @hole. I tried to explain a bit and he said, "But you get presents from us!" I'm like, "yeah that's ok except I could buy what I wanted anyhow and technically I did. Of the 6 of us living together 1 works for me so I pay him and he buys his presents out of that and the rest I pay for." For me Christmas will be in March when the Bones 4 and Red Alert kickstarters ship. Stumbled across this video and it cheered me up some. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTx-sdR6Yzk Got some good news yesterday. My mother in law has been living with us for years now. A year and a half ago she was supposed to get out of Canada but we applied for permanent resident status (like green card). The way canadian immigration works we basically have no idea how the process is going. We've been wondering if she was even still here legally or not but she can't really live alone so we kept her even so. Got a letter saying that her application was approved and if she meets the next round of requirements she'll get her PR status. Only need to wait another 12-24 months for that. She's 79 so she's been joking that she might not last long enough.
  4. Not your average Santa and elves. I really like them.
  5. The kids have been watching a lot of goofy cooking contest shows lately. Your hill looks like something the contestants would submit when they ran out of time. Looks good. How heavy is sculptamold? I've used different things for stuff like this and sometimes it gets pretty heavy and when using it I can get edges breaking off.
  6. Half month update because I've been doing stuff. Reaver knights finished. Ruined tower built but needing detailing and paint. Mine head finished. Also did. Made a 9" wall piece for my castle but it needs the brick work and paint. Painted all the stone wall pieces from Mantic's Terrain Crate set. Painted a skeleton dwarf and halfling. Almost finished painting a buzzard and panther. Made 3 sets of the objective pieces for Frostgrave Ulterior Motives. Should finish painting the last statue tonight. Still on the list. Mantlets and trebuchet. Hoping to have everything ready so the kids and I can do a big siege battle over Christmas break. More Frostgrave minis than I want to count right now. Thinking about doing more Frostgrave scatter terrain soon too. May try to get some games of it in over the break as well. About 10 elf heroes and wizards. These are lower priority right now.
  7. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Is it better to be the coffee or the coffer?
  8. Still haven't gotten the book but have been playing using the pdf. I'm hoping to finish the last couple of missions in the first campaign this weekend. Everybody's been enjoying it. We'll probably start on Burning Light early in January. I'd like to switch to Frostgrave for a bit too because we haven't played all the supplements for it yet either.
  9. We don't have a tree yet but we alternate between an angel with a candle (white christmas light) in her hand and a big red and gold star.
  10. Zink

    Happy Birthday paintybeard

    Happy birthday!
  11. Zink

    Happy Birthday Argentee

    Happy birthday!
  12. I've had a few games that were big let downs after doing a lot of work to get them going. I enjoy playing but I spend a lot more time on the prep now. Hard to say which gives me more enjoyment but the prepping is more of a long, slow feeling of accomplishment while playing is a quick buzz. I only play with my kids anymore and I can't get them real interested in the games so that takes away some of the fun. But after quite a few years of no games I'll take it.
  13. Zink

    She Who Sleeps With The Dragon

    A lot of the women in my family, including my wife and mother are quilters. That's an awesome one.
  14. I'm almost finished painting my HE army that I started buying then. Just did the last cavalry unit and only have a few character minis left. Decided to try and finish it this year but I keep getting distracted. The Empire army that I started about the same time is only about half painted.
  15. Zink

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    Oh, that won't be a vacation I can assure you. You'll be wishing you were back working in no time where you can get normal hours of sleep. It wasn't so bad when we were about 30. Over 40 and a little baby is a bit harsh. She's worth it but my wife and I are showing some serious signs of sleep deprivation even when she doesn't bother us. Vacation time... I remember having good vacations. While my dad was still alive and healthy I was able to take time off. With livestock you can't really be gone for long and I don't have any backup help anymore. Or money since I took over the farm. Can't really complain because right now I'm not working very hard. As long as the snow doesn't get too deep I like winters. I'm hoping to scrape up enough money so that I can hire somebody to watch things for a couple weeks next summer and take the family to Europe. That's another thing, when I was in my late 20s and had a bit of cash it wasn't so expensive to travel all over. When you have to pay for a family of 4-5 it takes a lot more. Speaking as a person who used to party a little too much I can say that drunk people are much more fun when you're one of them. Now that I don't drink to stupidity it's not as interesting to be around that crowd. Seemed like a lot of fun in my late teens and early twenties. Nowadays it's more fun to sit around and talk about the things we saw. Even then I was rarely the one doing the more spectacular incidents. I was just there watching.
  16. Definitely Armies of Arcana. I replaced Warhammer with it many years ago and most of my fantasy and ancients minis are fit into armies for it. Every piece of terrain I've made and nearly every mini painted in the last 10 years are for it or Frostgrave. I've designed and modded army lists, bought, built and painted (well somewhat) the armies and have been steadily making all sorts of terrain. Want to design my own world and history as it doesn't come with an official world but never get much past a few notes on the nature of each army and a general idea of how the world looks.
  17. Not my first choice when reading but like it when well done. One of my favourite books is Walking Drum by Louis Lamour about a young man from Brittany that travels across all of Europe to avenge his father in the early middle ages (can't remember exact dates). Wish he had written the continuation. I like Bernard Cornwell too.
  18. Zink

    1631 Dragon and Stocking

    Love the expression on it's face.
  19. IIRC it was shortened. The goblin escape and barrel ride were two things that bothered me. I like well done special effects. I don't like over the top pointless, endless roller coaster scenes. There were a lot of them in the Hobbit as filler.
  20. The wife wanted to see all the Hobbit movies so I saw them in theater. Wasn't super impressed. I did watch the Tolkien edit at home and it's better IMO. They basically cut out everything not in the book. I Really liked LOTR but had a few issues. Gimli and Legolas were my 2 major complaints. I loved them in the books. I didn't like Gimli becoming comic relief or Legolas' shield surfing and mumak wrangling. But my quibbles didn't ruin LOTR for me. They kind of did the Hobbit films.
  21. Zink

    Halflings and fantasy friends. By TTCombat

    This. Love the looks of these but don't have any cash and maybe don't need another army yet. Hate passing up such a good deal but kind of have to.
  22. You hit a gold mine there, Beagle. Be very careful because you might have used up all your luck for awhile.
  23. Zink

    Happy Birthday John Fiala

    Happy birthday and my condolences. That's got to be a rough one.