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  1. I gave up on GW games 10+ years ago for a variety of reasons. A large one was them seeming to do everything they could to spite their customers. While I'm not ready to return to them yet I'm happy to see the turn around.
  2. Funded

    I got one of each crate and no add ons. I was in on the Dungeon Saga kickstarter and I'm not doing Sci-fi right now so I didn't need those.
  3. Oh, I agree. I'm just getting a decent amount of summer terrain going and while I like the frosty stuff others are doing I'm not making any yet.
  4. Going to the big city for Canada Day this weekend and thinking of hitting Michaels for some painting supplies. I'm getting back into practice painting and looking to up my game some specifically with washes, glazes and wet blending. I already do these techniques with mixed results with water or alcohol. I was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on Liquitex Glazing Fluid and Slo Dri Blending Fluid. Are either of these products suitable for minis like we paint? I'm familiar with their Matte Medium as I use it to help maintain/restore my older paints that are drying out. It's fairly thick so I add a fair amount of water to it. What consistency are the two I mentioned? Do they need to be heavily watered to be usable on minis? Does the glazing medium dry to a high gloss? I'm thinking that a small pot of these would last me for a very long time. Would I maybe be better off buying a smaller bottle of mini specific product from Reaper or Vallejo? The only advantage to me with the Liquitex is that I wouldn't have to order it. Any opinions and advice appreciated.
  5. Here's hoping that things will work out for him, Sirithiliel.
  6. REading One Boot's post made me think of our experiences with side view mirrors. After moving to town we have a decent garage we park in but the doors aren't much wider than the mirrors on our nice pickup. The wife clipped the driver side mirror on the door frame cracking the plastic some but it held together. A couple months later I'm driving out of the garage and we're talking and I almost rip the passenger side one off. I look at her and say, "See, anything you can do I can do better." I still haven't replaced them because they are ridiculous expensive in Canada and the US companies I found don't want to ship across the border. On rural roads it's not so bad missing the passenger side. My sympathies, Sylverthorne. My dad is in the same boat. They don't give him more than a few months. I don't go and see him as often as I should because he has severe dementia and memory loss as well as lung cancer. Lived in the same house as him for almost 30 years. Worked side by side with him for almost 20 years. Our relationship was pretty close to what the ideal should be between a father and son. They're taking good care of him but it's still hard to go and see what he's become and know there's not a thing anybody can do about it. The dementia part seems to be hereditary and that doesn't leave me feeling overly hopeful for old age either.
  7. Hadn't heard about this. He was one of my favourite characters in Babylon 5. True I have a lot of favourite characters from that show. 63 is too young. RIP
  8. I have some old Citadel inks, a couple Reaper washes and the new Army Builder washes. I use them a fair bit but want more variety. What's the difference between Flow aid and Glazing medium? I'm looking at the description of both right now and thinking the sheen. I sometimes have trouble with the paint drying on my brush as I'm doing fine details so that's why I was considering the Slo Dri but I see flo aid slows drying time too. Sounds like if I have to pick just one the flow aid might be what I'm needing.
  9. Looks like your Frostgrave is more like mine than the official version. More of a chilly summer day grave.
  10. Beautiful. I haven't even taken mine out of the bags yet although it's fairly high on my want to paint list.
  11. Yeah, might need to burn the house down to get away from something like that. I was trying to think if we had any TV ad stuff and we do have the magnet screen too as well as some old vegetable choppers. I'm not generally susceptable to telemarketing.
  12. Happy Birthday! Don't know you well but trying to raise my post count.
  13. Saskatchewan's known for it's extremes but we don't seem to get much "average" temperatures lately. Either way hotter or way colder than norms. On the plus side of global warming I was looking at maps of predicted sea levels for when all the ice melts. I live pretty close to the geographical center of North America about as far from the ocean as you can get. My wife is a coastal girl and misses water. Once the big thaw is done and the Mississippi and Missouri basins fill up we'll still be out of the water and near the coast! Feel sorry for anybody living under 2,000 feet of elevation though. This came up because my mother in law saw a show about how the world will flood and got worried about us. All I need to worry about is enough ammunition to keep the lowlanders from moving in.
  14. That does look like a literal ton. So wanted to work on a pond I'm doing tonight. Wife asks if I can check if an order she made a few days ago was charged to the credit card or not. While checking I notice a couple thousand dollars worth of take out, movies, taxis and park admissions on the card. Plausible except the amount and they were for Toronto and Montreal. So I spent an hour on the phone with credit card fraud person going through the bills. I'll get reimbursed but this is the second time in the last few months that I'm getting a new credit card.
  15. In some cases it is. I like me some undead.
  16. That's all they need, Mothra sized hornets. Had frost a couple of nights ago that wiped half the wife's garden on the farm. WTF is with our weather? A couple of days of 30+ then freezing? I know we can get extreme changes here but this is bizarre. I don't remember it ever freezing this time of year. And now it's back up to 30. The wife's kind of upset but I'm actually having a good start to summer. Starting to get nervous because every time I'm feeling good about things I get hit with a craphammer.
  17. I'll keep that in mind from now on. I've been around too many hypersensitive people the last few years. Growing up we teased the hell out of eachother and everybody around. Went a little far at times but it was all in fun. Lately it seems like if someone makes one questionable comment you get years of avoidance and silence at best or nasty arguments at worst. Miss being able to say stupid stuff and not get judged harshly for it. Tired of having to behave like a serious grown up. Happy that my boys are getting to the age where I can relax about what I'm saying in front of them. I'm not usually an offensive person but my humour can be a bit off at times.
  18. The wife has been to the Netherlands and loved it. We have dutch neighbours here too. One family immigrated in the 50's and another just a few years ago. It's high on our wish list of travel spots so it's interesting to see your pictures and here about different things.
  19. Sadly it seems the best way for use to learn is from our own mistakes. People in my family tend to be a bit stubborn (ha, understatement) and even when we get good advice we try to do it our way first. Good on you for keeping notes and continuing. I'd really like to be able to sculpt but have never put enough effort into it. Small conversions I can do but my few times trying to make a whole mini are unique to say the least.
  20. Did these in the winter but seeing as I'm spamming photos of my stuff lately I decided to post them. I have a bunch of Frostgrave and Reaper cultists so I was thinking of running a battle scenario with this as a central part. It's 99% pink foam insulation. Want to do some creepy trees to ring it. Originally wanted to do evil magical energy tendrils but couldn't get the look I wanted so the wife advised going with vines. These are just some fallen walls for any game or scenario. Want to make a few more pieces but wander off to other things.
  21. Two days ago we had 70+ km winds and slight drizzle. We were at the farm where the wife was trying to plant a few more things in the garden and I was trying to fence. At least the garden is pretty sheltered but it wasn't fun for either of us and we came back to town early. Found our trampoline had blown through the clothersline wrecking it, hung up on the pergola (wierd thing almost like a pagoda but with no roof. It came with the house) and has some busted parts. Our back yard in town looks really sheltered but it's surprising how much things in it can blow around. We need rain but keep getting cold drizzly days with wind that make it miserable to work outside but not any real moisture. Yesterday was cool, 15 C and very windy. Normally I like that better than hot but for some reason froze up and wimped out early again. Mother in law found the little vent thingy from our roof lying in a corner of the front yard. Today was beautiful 21 C, almost no wind and sunny. So I gotta go to the next town over for cholesterol medecine and some other stuff instead of working. Bought ground anchors to keep the trampoline from flying away and bent the roof vent sort of into shape and bolted it back on. Played with the kids some and painted a bit. All in all not a bad Saturday. More mini pics coming soon. I'm actually doing a good job of clearing the shelf of shame of almost finished minis. Still have several boxes of shame of unpainted minis but that's another job. I think it's close to 10 years since the last time I painted this much. And it's summer too which is really blowing my mind.
  22. Tonight I won this on ebay 70 Reaper paints at a bit over $2 cad a bottle. Need to make myself a list of what other paints I want and order them from Reaper later this summer. Might try on the other 2 auctions I didn't win as they repeat every week. Trying not to end up with a bunch of duplicate bottles for shades I won't use much. edit: Hmm, photo didn't come through when I posted. Ah well, they weren't that exciting to look at anyhow.
  23. That looks more like a commercial kit than a scratchbuild. Nicely done.
  24. As good or better than I usually do eyes. He looks good.
  25. OOh, and I was worried about being offensive. That's just nasty.