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  1. Here's my thoughts on mini materials. I have many minis in pewter, pvc, polystyrene plastic and resin. I started with lead minis which got phased out to pewter then moved on to plastic, resin and finally Bones pvc. Pewter - nice details and easy to paint but sometimes multipart minis can be a bit of a pain to assemble. Heavy (which some like and others don't). Easy to break and sometimes tough to fix. Harder to convert. Polystyrene - Details are usually crisp and easy to paint. Can be much cheaper than pewter. Easy to assemble for multipart minis and easy to convert. Light weight. Don't take as much damage when dropped but still breakable. Easy to fix most of the time if broken. Resin - There's a lot of different resins out there with some similarities and some differences. I've got minis from Forgeworld, Mantic, Fireforge and copy bits for myself with Smoothon resins. Generally detail is good but more expensive than pewter. Larger pieces are sturdy enough but small bits can be fragile. Not the easiest to fix when it breaks but not bad for converting. Prepping is usually not to hard but some resins don't seem to like paint that well. Pvc - I've got Bones and Mantic minis in this. Details are poorer and they are trickier to prep for painting. Cheaper than most things except polystyrene but that might be because historical minis seem to be cheaper than fantasy and scifi. Relatively easy to convert and practically indestructible. My choice in minis is like this polystyrene>pewter>pvc>resin. Now what I've been buying is mostly pvc and resin. Why? cheap and durable. I buy most of the pvc minis in Kickstarters and get a ton cheap. The polystyrene minis are usually historicals but I do have some for Frostgrave and GW. They get used and abused but not destroyed. Pewter is fine but it makes up a small percentage nowadays. Resin I try to avoid but buy if I really want the model. I don't buy and paint for display. I want to play with my toys even though sometimes that doesn't happen much. Using Reaper minis for an example the Bones are generally 50% of the cost of metal. Except for a few special choices I tend to go more to the quantity side of things than the quality.
  2. My dad wanted to raise wild turkeys when I was in high school and just after. His plan was to turn them loose on a couple hundred acres of bush we have. Don't know if they were ever native to here. In practice what happened was they lived in the trees behind our house. God I hated those things. They weren't wild at all which is what dad wanted. The gobblers were vicious and attacked us any time we went near them. Never did even eat one in all the years we had them. Dad sold a few live ones and eggs. I'll never forget the last one. Every morning in the winter I went to the barn to feed the calves grain. The gobbler met me behind the house for a fight. After years of it I was tired and didn't have time. I just grabbed him and stuffed him in a 5 gallon pail and left it on it's side so he could get out eventually. After about a month of this the one day he suffocated in the pail. I found him when I was done chores. Hid the body and the evidence so dad wouldn't be mad. He hunted and found the body but never did know it was me that killed it. Don't regret it a bit.
  3. Got reading about this in the Bones enthusiasm thread late last night and wanted to take part but it's already moved on (and not Bones related) so decide to start a thread here. I consider myself a child of the 80s. Born in 74 but don't really remember much of the 70s. Grew up with 80s TV, movies and music. Still like a lot of it. I've been watching old movies I loved with my kids off and on lately. Please add your favourites and least favourites and feel free to disagree. Some things I think have stood up still today. I have all these on DVD Magnum PI. A couple years ago nobody knew what to give me for my birthday. I hadn't seen this in 20+ years but had fond memories so asked for the DVDs. Watched them all. There were better and worse episodes but overall really enjoyed the show. Ladyhawke. Not crazy about the music but like the story and had the hots for Michelle Pfeiffer for years. Conan. Love the soundtrack and some of the story. Some bits not so much but it is THE barbarian movie. Terminator. Still like the original better than all the sequels. Just the right mix of dark 80s mood, suspense and action. Princess Bride. Maybe my favourite movie of all time. We had this memorised back then and I can still quote 75% now. Willow. Nice fantasy story. Doesn't try to do too much. Cringe worthy. The A team. Ok we all thought this was a bit wierd even then. But we still watched it every week. Beastmaster. I thought this was great. Just watched it a couple months ago and changed my mind. Especially the bird men. Lot more things out there but enough for a start.
  4. Just started reading Destroyermen #11 Blood in the Water. It's a series about an out of date WW2 US destroyer that gets sucked into an alternate Earth along with a Japanese cruiser they are fighting. The 2 main species on this new earth are small tyrannosaurs (bad guys) and giant lemurs (good guys). Many battles and many books but it's held my interest for quite a long time.
  5. I was always of the opinion more was better until I saw this godawful thing. <MOD Note>The link below is to the KD Wet Nurse. Linking this does not violate any rules, the image so linked does show images of a mini actively committing acts of sexual violence. As such, click the link at your own discretion. There isn't enough brain bleach for THAT mini, IMHO. TS </MOD Note> https://www.google.ca/search?biw=1366&bih=636&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=kingdom+death+wet+nurse&oq=kingdom+death+wet&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0l3j0i8i30k1.12156.13265.0.16342. Note: Link is NSFW
  6. Me too. This is like the armadilloman in the last one. Never thought of it but wanted as soon as I saw it. Still don't know what to do with him but I've already got plans for the pack turtle. Was already in for Dreadmere but even more happy now. Like the kobolds too. Guess this solves the reptile or mammal debate.
  7. That's a lot of liner if they can darken the sun.
  8. I'm hovering just on the far side of 100 kg and I might possibly have that many kg of hobby stuff if you count games. Throw in books and I know I do have. The concept of enough is difficult. My wife tried for years to explain it to me. I think it works this way. If you want to buy something your spouse isn't interested in you already have enough. If they want to buy something you aren't interested in they don't have enough. I've spent more on hobby stuff this year than I have in a very long time. It's nearing my idea of enough, at least for awhile. Luckily the wife has been supportive. Newer vehicle for her, hundreds of dollars of paints and minis for me. Everybody's happy as long as I pay for it all.
  9. Well I'm happy that I understood the correct meaning of Fedora. They're kind of cool. Now the pork pie hat... Not one to judge other people's style so I'll just stay quiet.
  10. I already said I'm not buying that much so don't look at me. Aww, who'm I kidding I up my pledge right away... No, no, no. Not yet.
  11. Good voices. Robots can't hurt people. I read that somewhere so it must be true. Cmon, you really think I'm going to take instructions from Elmer Fudd?
  12. And that is part of what I'm kicking myself about with the last kickstarter. I only bought the one set and now really want to get those liners and washes. Soon I guess.
  13. Just as when dealing with people face to face you need to know which voices to listen to. The ones telling you to write or paint, good voices. The ones telling you to run naked down the street with a gun, not good voices.
  14. Madjack, there's a bunch of stuff I like on your movie list. Cranky Dog, I have Porky's on DVD. Got it for like a dollar 8 or 9 years ago and watched it with the wife. I remember watching it with my grandpa way, way back. Dirty old man. Many memories flooding in which is kind of why I wanted to do this thread. Getting some ideas for our movie nights once it gets cold out.
  15. Took a couple pics of what I did. The river was made with a router, some of the bits were bought at Michaels and the rest were just rocks and twigs from around the farm and a little flock and moss from my terrain supplies. I didn't seal the wood before painting but did use a spray varnish after. I'd probably want to use a sealer like Sergeant_Crunch if I was to make another one.
  16. Thought about cases for paint but want quicker access when working on things so went with a cheap MDF rack from China on Ebay. Looked at nail polish holders but they cost a bit more and I couldn't decide what to get. I posted a pic of it in the Aquisitions thread not long ago. Next step I'll probably build something like here I've got enough table space that this style can hold a lot of paint only arms length away.
  17. Had to look that up and found out I've actually eaten it! It is good. We often stay at a friend's house when we're in the city and they don't do normal cold cereal for breakfast. But I often have greek yogurt with honey over a granola mixture there. Pretty similar to what you mentioned. It's late for lunch and now I'm definitely hungry.
  18. Oh it's good. Just think that the build up to the end of season 7(?) was better. I showed that song to my kids not long ago. It's a great tune that doesn't make a lot of sense if you listen too closely. My kids had also never heard Michael Jackson so we watched a bunch of his videos. I'm not really a fan but like some of them. This lead to watching a ton of Wierd Al Yankovic videos which we liked better than some of the original songs. Sitcoms... Other than Alf and Cheers I haven't tried watching any of them but there were a ton. Those two are still decent IMO. On the one hand it's great to be able to communicate with people all over the world so easily. On the other hand we're overloaded with drivel from all over the world.
  19. I was too busy typing elsewhere to look it up. Arguments about historical facts, definitions and such aren't as much fun anymore when you can be proven wrong so quickly.
  20. This is what worries me. I'm climbing towards 200 rapidly and it wouldn't take much to get there if I bought every paint that interests me. I went big on the last one (not compared to some here but for me) because I wasn't able to get everything that interested me in the first two. This time I thought $200-$250 will be good enough. Should have known better. I'm at $200 now and know there'll be more coming. Need to actually try to sell my unwanted Bones from I-III like I've planned. Not sure I'd get much for the 20 or so minis that me and the kids aren't interested in. Our buying habits, 200 minis come in, 5 go out unwanted.
  21. Thanks. I was thinking party but that just didn't seem to fit. I'm fairly well read but lots of things pop up that I have no clue about.
  22. The last season wasn't as good for me because you could tell it was kind of tacked on. The second last season though, I really liked. Still worth watching. I still listen to Queen, Heart and a bunch of other stuff from then. My musical tastes go from some classical to folk to country to pop rock to hard rock. It all depends on the song not the genre.
  23. Umm, what's a junket?
  24. I already have hundreds of unpainted minis, hence the massive paint buying now. But yeah, it'll probably happen because I regret not buying more in the earlier Kickstarters. 40-50 paints was enough for years. Now I'm at over 150 and thinking not enough. I'm not in the buy minis=don't eat category anymore but I know how that feels. I'm in the buy minis=pay bank interest category. I'm all grown up now (theoretically) so I get to figure out whether my interest payments offset the Kickstarter savings while I scrape together more cash. There's not a lot of worry the cash will come just some question about when.
  25. Happy that Baba and her hut are up now. Conflicted about paints. I'm already doing a major buy in of MSP paints this year with over 80 bottles already bought and a few more to get later. They are very cheap in the KS. Set A has nice basic colours that could be useful. Set B has some more unique (well for me anyhow) colours. And how many living statues do I need? Everything else was an easy buy/no buy choice. May what for the after KS pledge manager to grab anything I'm on the fence about.