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  1. Yeah, this is me too. Last year me and the kids did karate all winter and I was in ok shape. This year I was sick most of December and January and did almost nothing physical. February I was lazy and March has been kicking my butt. Way more physical work than normal early this year. I'm tired but I should be back in ok shape for late spring the way things are going.
  2. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Even though I don't play all that often the theory is that I paint to game. And when we do play it's often with unpainted minis included although I'm trying to change that. Like others said the important part is my own pleasure. I rarely do purely display pieces and they aren't usually done to the standard many here would count as display over tabletop. March got very hectic and unpleasant on me. The closest I've gotten to painting anything was taking a few photos of stuff I finished in February. Next up in the queue is the last of my Pathfinder goblins and a high elf catapult that @kristof65 designed and 3D printed. Not sure when I'll get back at it because hectic and unpleasant isn't over yet.
  3. 77134: Hajad the Pirate

    Finished him of a few weeks ago but just got around to taking a couple pics now. He was a test using the dark skin triad. Nothing fancy but I like him.
  4. Had this guy partly painted for a long time and finally finished him in February.
  5. 89018: Sajan, Iconic Monk

    This started as a test of the bright skin triad. To be honest I'm not crazy about them together but they will be getting use with other skin tones.
  6. I got to climb around on one of these and see it doing strafing and a napalm run at an airshow about 10 years ago. Loved it.
  7. I do occassionally, usually when it's just cold enough to be real slippery and I unexpectedly land on my broccoli and thrash around trying to get up. It's sunny here right now but the weather watch is out. Predicting high winds and up to 4" of snow tonight and tomorrow. Really, really don't want much snow. I'm short of hay but have lots of grazing if I can let the cows out in those pastures. Trouble is they're already calving and there's not much shelter where the grass is. And because the grass held snow those spots have way deeper snow than anywhere else. They were just starting to thaw off enough that the cows could eat easily.
  8. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I don't actually name machinery, but I most certainly do talk to it. As most people who work regularly with pumps, boilers, motors etc. will tell you; nearly all mechanical devices work much better if you have a little chat to them and encourage them to behave nicely. If you don't do this they will almost certainly refuse to run properly when you vitally need them. Most machinery has an individual character. You might have, say, 2 compressors, that are the same make and the same age. One will run sweetly whenever you want. The other will be a complete piece of brocoli that refuses to start, wipes its bearings and gives every sort of trouble. I agree with this, paintybeard. Most of my equipment is old and it pays to talk nicely to it when trying to make it do anything. Which is sometimes followed by, "you stinkin bleep!" Rarely name anything.
  9. 77134: Hajad the Pirate

    Yeah, I need to work on my photo skills. The camera I have now and my lighting setup isn't the greatest. I used to take much better pictures, more easily but that was a different camera and different house. I now paint in a dark hole and am too lazy to move minis upstairs, set up and take down things where the lighting is better for photos. Most of my work isn't fancy enough for me to worry about it. He's not actually glossy, it just turned out that way in the photo.
  10. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes. I have a selection of vehicles for different purposes. Mostly I drive Ford pickups but also have an Escape and Dodge Caravan. I was driving trucks and trqctors on the farm by the time I was 12 and had my learner's permit at 15. Need to think for a bit and may come up with some funny stories later.
  11. Yikes! And here I am worrying that we may get 4" the next few days depending on what forecaster is talking. I'd be real happy to not see much snow from now on but we usually have some until late in April. Was looking through my Amazon wishlist just now and saw that I've saved a set of used colour shapers for the bargain price of $900. They better be made of solid gold! Prices must have gone up a bit after I added them to my list.
  12. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    With me and my cousin it would have continued anyway. He was fearless and I tended to go along and be the one slightly injured. I'm like SparrowMarie. I used to be able to but haven't in so long that I'm not sure anymore. I learned before school years in the house with a tricycle and was outside with a bike for as long as I can remember. Switched to a motorbike at 17 and rode it for about 5 years until I mangled it and my legs enough to decide it was time to quit hill climbing. Closest thing I have to a funny story was riding a cheap, old bmx style bike down a little slope in front of our house. When I hit the bottom of the slope the frame broke and the seat and rear wheel flopped out behind me. I ended up feet on the ground, running as fast as I could holding the handle bars with front wheel attached and the wreckage of the bike dragging along behind me.
  13. So in other words you're saying that they are totally unsuited to being involved in politics?
  14. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes, my mom made sure that all of her kids took lessons at the local pool starting when we were about 5. My brother and sister became life guards but I didn't like it that much. I'm not a strong swimmer but not afraid of water. I have thanked my mom many times for forcing me to learn to swim because I think it's something everyone should know how. My dad and his parent's couldn't swim and were terrified of anything over a few inches deep. I think my mom's dad was part seal. He'd go skinny dipping while there was still ice on the lakes in Minnesota where he grew up. Not all that funny but my big swimming story is from Cuba a few years ago. The wife, 2 kids and I went on a snorkeling tour. The wife is totally obsessed with snorkeling and looking at fish. She's sun burnt her rear a couple times because of floating face down for hours. It was windy and my kids aren't good swimmers and the youngest was 8 years old. To start off getting away from the beach we had to go over some shallow, smooth, round coral. The waves picked me up slamming me groin first onto the coral scratching my thighs a bit. Then the wife got tired of dragging her kid because he was interfering with her seeing the fish. So I got to tow both of them. The oldest could swim but he's not athletic. The youngest kept losing his mask because it didn't fit right. We had to swim about a half mile in a big circle and pretty soon me and the kids were lagging way behind. The one guide was always on my butt saying, "keep up". When we were nearing the shore we were closer to the group but the youngest lost one of his flippers in about 10' of water. I'm floating there trying to figure out how I'm going to get it back when a lady swims up like a mermaid, dives down, picks it up and hands it back to me. I was so grateful. Get back to shore and the wife is all excited about all the fish she and how tired she was swimming that far. I look at her and say, "I never saw any fish and I had to tow both kids. Don't complain to me about being tired. I'm happy you liked the fish." Another snorkelling story but not about swimming. Climbing onto the boat a different time I had a swimsuit malfunction. It ripped all the way up one side except the waist band. It didn't bother me much but my wife was so embarassed. On the ride back to the beach she kept making sure I was covered and had my legs closed. I saw the owner of the boat on the beach almost every day for a week after that. He started laughing every time he saw me and came over to compliment me on my new trunks and ask if the wife had gotten over her shock yet.
  15. There's a Princess Auto in Regina at the east end of Victoria by Peavey Mart, just behind Superstore. Think there's one in Saskatoon too but I haven't been up there for a long time.
  16. That's not natural hair. It's a tribble on a short leash. Last line of defense against klingons, mexicans and other aliens.
  17. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    I've done minor mods on models for years. Before I quit playing 40k I scratch built a griffon mortar out of plastic card using papercraft plans. Kids destroyed it when they were little because it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be and let them play with it. No pics of it on this computer. The last couple of years I've been working on terrain because I'm tired of the junk we used forever and can make prettier stuff now. 2 of my favourite examples are my tavern (no burning it down you barbarians!) I built last winter and a hill I did a few months ago.
  18. My excuse is because I'm married with children. Never had much money before either but at least I didn't have the debts I do now.
  19. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Yes/no. I have lots of old school minis, but I don't have a painting queue; I paint stuff as the mood strikes me. Pretty much this. I'm hoping to paint the last of my GW high elves sometime soon and they'll be around that 20 year mark. I have older but no specific plans for them at the moment. They's been sitting here for 20+ unpainted and I'm working to correct that.
  20. Getting to Know You, Mar 2018

    Sleep in, snuggle with the wife, watch tv, play with kids and hopefully something hobby related.
  21. Happy Birthday Sophie was taken !!!

    Happy Birthday!
  22. I haven't touched a brush or mini all of March. Walked by them 2 or 3 times is the closest I've gotten. Things got busy on me and I haven't had energy in the evenings. Hoping to do something later today.
  23. Happy Birthday kristof65 !!

    Happy Birthday!
  24. You ain't the only one. It's been a hectic week and I haven't been sleeping well. Today I could have slept in but instead I was awake an hour earlier than normal for some reason. Trying to figure out if anybody wants to go tobaganning out at the farm when I go to do chores. It's a beautiful day outside for it.
  25. What's on TV?

    I've read a few of the Shannara books and the Elfstones is one of my favourites. The series seems to be mostly based on it. Not because it's a super book but it's a nice story and one of the first fantasy things I ever read as a kid. The setting was a far future where magic had returned a little bit and there were pockets of hidden ancient ruins of a high tech society. Pretty standard tropes for a fantasy novel and not necessarilly our world/future. The high tech and ruins were only really a part of one of the books I read. The series made me cringe and I haven't watched the second season because of what it did to my beloved childhood characters. Will is an idiot instead of a well meaning but inexperienced young man grappling with overwhelming events. Eretria is a conviving beech instead of a basically decent person trying to get out of a nasty situation any way possible. They took a relatively straight forward young adult level novel about good, evil and sacrifice and tried to turn it into an edgey, adult fantasy soap opera. Just didn't work for me.