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  1. Silvervane

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Sigh still waiting as well. and I got in on the KS. Though, as I said I'm in no hurry.
  2. Silvervane

    Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

    Looking great. Some day I plan to get back to mine as well.
  3. Silvervane

    Army Painter Strong Tone

    I have no real knowledge of min wax. I used army painter strong tone for my black plague zombies and as they said it is a shiny finish. I remember watching you tube videos where some one painted up some figures using both min wax and army painter strong tone and there was a difference in the result. I preferred to look of the army painter for my Zombicide zombies. @ced1106 nice. I'm looking to test some paint the toxic zombies for my GH zombies. I might give that a try.
  4. Silvervane

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    I got mine today. Haven't had a chance to inspect all the goods yet.
  5. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    Not exactly language learning 'software', but language learning practice. It just occurred to me again, that those that have Zombicide the rule and such are in several languages. Oh and hobby related reminder to myself. Scale75 products such as smog riders and painting instructions are in English and Spanish. I should study those again.
  6. Silvervane

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    Well mine haven't arrived yet. Sigh, so much for finishing BP zombies before I get all my GH stuff. I mean it's possible.... But then again it's possible I might never back another KS and paint all my mini's as well.
  7. Silvervane

    June Hobby GOALS!!!!!!

    Well left off goals last month, so I thought I would post some this month. * Finish the rest of my Zcide Black Plague Walkers and Fatties. * If I actually manage that... finish the other townsfolk kid I've been working on.
  8. Silvervane

    Female Bard with Lute from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Awesome work. I really like this model and your work on it almost inspires me to make this my next figure.
  9. Silvervane

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I'm doing the yo-yo exercise thing. I start to exercise for a bout 2-3 weeks, then life hits me with something and bam I stop. I actually quite annoying. Glad to here of all the positive and sort of posiitve progress. I'm plan to start again tonight.
  10. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    I'm currently focusing more on German. But I'm also doing a little Spanish so I don't fall too rusty.
  11. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    Awesome, send me a pm of the club.
  12. Silvervane

    Deadeye Walkers

    Nice work! Mine are languishing in their new case, unpainted. I bet they look awesome on the game board!
  13. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    Well, I've recently started working German and occasional Spanish. They have clubs. I haven't tried them. Maybe we should start one? For motivation.
  14. Silvervane

    Night Specter

    hmm... Maybe a thin glaze on the edges that are next to the bones. I kind of like the way the white stands out.