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  1. Sigh, same here. I've tried mixing in surrounding colors as well to hit and miss results.
  2. Non-Metallic Metal, a method of painting metal parts of your miniature without using metal paints.
  3. I don't have it. Amarillo games released game supplements for Starfleet Battles RPG using D20 modern rules.
  4. Excellent additions to the mix. Though this does remind me I had plans the steal the pumpkin heads conversions idea on a few mini's....
  5. Wow! Awesome work. I really like the mix of Raggy and Dressy you have going on this mini.
  6. I've found flow improve in the mix with a little RMS Matte Sealer or Matte Medium help thin the white and give me an extra couple of seconds of paint time before drying. I use very little paint on my brush when I paint my eyes. to prevent the paint from running.
  7. Ok in my ever growing procrastination on painting mini's I've picked the walls back up again. The treasure pile might be completed later this year. Rather than start a new thread, I necro'd this one. With my work on the Hirst Arts Ruined tower I wandered around and found a method for red painting bricks. Now I didn't follow his method exactly, but I think it came out ok. I still want to do more work on the ground work, I don't like the way it looks. I plan to make a few minor changes to my method for the rest. Here was the process: 1) Prime Balck 2) Drybrush White Primer 3) Paint bricks with a mix of SC75 38: Aldebaran Red and Les's Sewer Water Wash. 4) Drybrush mix of RMS Stone Grey and Linen White. 5) Wash over all with RMS Sepia Wash. More to follow tomorrow, I hope. I take a group shot after the walls are done. And maybe a figure or to to set the scene.
  8. A small update, more of a look what I've assembled to be assembled. The lower arches are for the stair leading up to the tower. The upper bricks are for what I'm calling the front wall. More to be assembled tomorrow.
  9. I'm taking a week off at the end of Sept. Need to let friends and family know I'm going to spend it in working on my entries. NOT for babysitting, help with projects they been procrastinating on, or other such work. My staycations are not free labor.
  10. Wow awesome work. I never get tired of seeing or saying how lovely your work is.
  11. Count me in as well. Silvervane / my avatar / all days
  12. I like that idea of the wood. The original plans don't call for them. I have the wood plank mold I use...
  13. completed

    Yeah I was hoping to find a blank template to convert some of the BP exclusive figures. I mean the massive darkness without a not-batmat?
  14. Indeed several of my practice zombies have been recruited in just such a way. After all who doesnt want a board full of zombies in thier game. He does look cool as a zombie. We should start an OPEN thread for our Zombicide zombies to give people ideas who want to paint up their zombies.
  15. Nice to see the experimentation on the skin tone. I'm looking forward to seeing Sajan. With Massive Darkness's arrival I'm fighting the squirrel's to start some of them. Especially now that my NPS's are almost done (6.5 of the 8 models). I'm trying a Bluish/gray for my runner's to see if it help separate them visually on the game board. I meant your pirate.