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  1. Finished my Zombicide S1 runners. That now leaves me the abomination and last 2 survivors to finish up the core Season 1 set,
  2. Wow, thanks for all the positive comments. Today is not a not an extensive update. I managed to base coat the robe, cloak, and hair. I decided to try a different approach with this figure. Before starting, I took several photos of the fig with an above only lighting. This gave me a starting point for highlighting, which I normally just wing it. Using this photo reference, I then blocked in the base color's (RMS Ultramarine Blue) highlights with RMS Ultramarine Highlight. I then blocked in the shadows with a mix of the base color and RMS Ultramarine shadow. Looking at the photo I think I could have gone a bit darker with the shadow blocking color. I also did a image search before posting today of this guy. And the realized that would make a very interesting diorama/base. I think a little bit more than I wanted to go with this figure. But, if I should ever acquire a second copy, I will probably give it a try.
  3. Nice work, I can see the tangled, though only after the reading the reveal. I've only seen the movie once years ago. She is one I've been looking forward to painting up, and love seeing other people take on her.
  4. Wow, can't believe I totally forgot to say how awesome this piece is. Your work is always so creative and the WIP's you write up for them full of such great information.
  5. Excellent work along with an excellent back story. Very creative.
  6. Thanks Mal, the hope is to put a little freehand on the robes. Nothing fancy, just something to add some visual interest.
  7. As typical to form, I managed to get some painting time in finally. Rather than work on something I've already started, I started something new. My new project is Magister from the Forgotten Realms Ral Partha Set that I started a while ago. I can link to my other painted works from this set to give people a feel for my progress over the last couple of years (if anyone is interested). But for now I began with my usual 1st step in painting the face. I also base coated the the rest of the skin (the little bit of it there is). He has been primed and waiting on my desk longer than I thought he would. Here is how he looks at the moment:
  8. They are paying off indeed! This figure is looking wonderful.
  9. Like bombing away...... Wow, I love HF mini's and this is looking great.
  10. This is coming along great! The last few updates have really made it come alive. Well I hope not alive, I'd imagine a reptile with that many heads would have.... issues. Anyway back to cheering. Looking forward to seeing the show off.
  11. I like the idea, and you seem off to a good start. A slightly morbid note, you could have the rat cut in half by the portal opening. The rat still bleeding showing how recently and suddenly it was opened.
  12. I was going to stop by my FLGS tomorrow, but now I might wait a day and go sat.
  13. I don't know about other's, but I still drybrush my rocks and stones on my bases. Lately I have been Base coating then drybrushing. I then put down a glaze and dry brush again.
  14. I've recently had hobby space issues that have severely hampered my ability to make any progress on anything. I've decided on a few single entries, but anything larger, like a diorama, is out for a few months at least. Now I just need to finish up a few pieces I have started to make room for my entries.
  15. Nice! Which reminds me I need to finish mine up.