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  1. Reaper Naughty & Nice Elves WIP

    Thanks, I plan to get back to them after I finish up Sana.
  2. Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Yeah, I tend to fall in this category as well. Makes it very unlikely I can make it.
  3. Anghela, Dwarf Mage

    WOW! I think she came out great. The highlights are awesome.
  4. [Group / Open] Impact Miniatures

    I really need to paint up a few of these this year. No ponies, though.
  5. Dragon's Don't Share - 77381 (Photo heavy!!)

    Great Work! Love the way this turned out.
  6. Yup I pretty much write these down here and forget about them as well. With that in mind.... Finish my Zombicide BP Zombies Start and Finish the 2 diorama's I have in mind. Convert a mouseling. Convert a DS Rabbit. Finish several of the already started projects I have started. Hobby everyday.
  7. Secret Sophie 2017: Rasia, Bladedancer (02970)

    I like the way yours turned out. Your assessments are pretty spot on with the gold. I have mine here I entered in Rcon '16 that I use as a reference. You gold is highlited pretty well and reads nicely as gold. Bikini Top I wanted to create a bit more of a shiney feel for it, so I put a darker color immediately under the highest point (pseudo SENMM). Now for the sword, your highlight placement is pretty much where I put mine. I think the big thing you missing is the mid-tones. You go to quickly to the dark color is the best way I can describe it. Now I'm not the best at NMM or describing how I do things. So if you need anything explained better feel free to ask.
  8. Deadly Grace: Dark Sword Elf Warrior

    She looks quite fierce those photos. I preferred seeing her in person though. A well deserved gold.
  9. Chronoscope Minis we'd like to see, #4

    Agreed or half-orks in sci-fi attire. I've noticed that half-orks have a very not-Earthdawn / not-Shadowrun Ork look to them.
  10. HF Sana WIP

    Well I finally managed to get some more time in on painting Sana up. Then I was struck again with the realization that I should probably have test fitted and drilled pin holes before starting painting her. guess I'll have to give her a protective coat then pin. Well I painted up the inner part of her cloak. I then decided to finish off most of the rest of her. Looking at her, I realized I need to touch up around her right shoulder. Well here is the result of the progress. As always C&C are welcome.
  11. Zombicide:BP NPC's 1 [Picture heavy]

    @LogosToo true. I have similar feelings. I've only managed to look at massive darkness. I just started by working for a little every day on these guys, while a worked on other projects. That way I made progress without driving me crazy.
  12. HF Sana WIP

    Well, I decided to continue my efforts to finish off projects I have on my desk. I realized that the reason I had stopped Sana was that I didn't know how I wanted paint up her cloak. So I did some photo perusal and decided on a bear pelt of a Kodiak bear. I noticed in the photo's that the edges are dark and the larger portion are very light. So I wet blended brown liner into leather brown into linen white. I then highlighted the raised surfaces with a mix of linen white and Leather brown. Trying to decided if it needs some glazes or not. Here is the result of tonight's work:
  13. Shieldmaiden Bust from Nutsplanet

    Wow! She looks awesome! I followed the WIP, but seeing the finished figure is great. (Sry, I'm late commenting as I've fallen quite behind on post in show off)
  14. Reaper Naughty & Nice Elves WIP

    OK, while I wait for my Zcide Abom to be sealed, I thought what should I work on next... Well, as you can see from this post where I made my decision. I thought I needed to finish some projects I started before I start another new one. Then an idea for a diaroma with these 2 ladies and sitting santa dwarf along with the villager mom and kids waiting in line to see santa. Well here is where she stands at the moment. I think the base fits with my idea for the diorama, so I plan to keep it. Just not sure if I'm going pre-paint it.
  15. Silvervane Paints Zombicide Abominations

    Well no more work on the Ratabomination, yet. I will have to wait till the new year I think. I did however almost finish the BP Abomination, minus sealing and blood effects. So it is another few days away from completion. But as a preview, here is a shot of how it looks now.