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  1. Silvervane

    Female Bard with Lute from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Awesome work. I really like this model and your work on it almost inspires me to make this my next figure.
  2. Silvervane

    Weight Loss Support Thread

    I'm doing the yo-yo exercise thing. I start to exercise for a bout 2-3 weeks, then life hits me with something and bam I stop. I actually quite annoying. Glad to here of all the positive and sort of posiitve progress. I'm plan to start again tonight.
  3. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    I'm currently focusing more on German. But I'm also doing a little Spanish so I don't fall too rusty.
  4. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    Awesome, send me a pm of the club.
  5. Silvervane

    Deadeye Walkers

    Nice work! Mine are languishing in their new case, unpainted. I bet they look awesome on the game board!
  6. Silvervane

    Language Software and Websites

    Well, I've recently started working German and occasional Spanish. They have clubs. I haven't tried them. Maybe we should start one? For motivation.
  7. Silvervane

    Night Specter

    hmm... Maybe a thin glaze on the edges that are next to the bones. I kind of like the way the white stands out.
  8. Silvervane

    Townsfolk Kids WIP

    With Cuthem and Spire finished, it is time to continue with the rock collector. I worked on her skin tone and base coated her hair. I don't usually do eyebrows, so I thought I give it a try with her. Then I took a photo of tonight's progress for posting.
  9. Silvervane

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    I honestly am not overly concerned, as I have such a back log of figures I'm in the middle of painting that I probably wouldn't get around to starting one till later this year antway.
  10. Silvervane

    03681 Nazera Bloodraven, Vampire

    I've also found adding matte medium or RMS matte sealer to be helpfull in thinning paints that turn chalky.
  11. Silvervane

    77290, Mousling Beekeeper

    That's some lovely work. Though, to be honest I read those eyes more of "Yeah, yeah. Are we done yet?" When I first looked. I can see the sad now.
  12. Silvervane

    Cuthem and Spire

    Thank you, glad you liked it. Thanks, I started to notice how you paint the eyes help a lot with this. More experiment might be needed. Thanks, large eyes help a lot with this. Your welcome, and thanks for your contribution. I get my inspiration where I can. Thanks for those kind words and the whimsical mushrooms. I have an idea for the others as well. Soon. Thanks and I agree about composition especially in such a tiny medium.
  13. Ahh, our old minis. I have my 1st and 2nd sitting on my desk. I wanted to add proudly, but it's such a constant mess. The only thing they'd be doing proudly is successfully making stealth checks in full armor. I love seeing people post these. That old mini thread is great.
  14. Silvervane

    02121 Allanah Greyloft

    She is gorgeous. Thanks for all the photos in the WIP to show your process.
  15. Silvervane

    Cuthem and Spire

    Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. The figure turned out to be more than just a quick game piece like I had planned originally.