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  1. Silervane's Minivember

    Yeah, I wanted the runners to have a different look on the board. BP released the core game 1st as well, then the expansions with a later shipment.
  2. Silvervane Paints Zombicide Abominations

    With Minivember going on I decided to start up another one. Here is the Progress.
  3. Silervane's Minivember

    Sigh, I had plans to photo this everyday.... Alas. So I have finished all the Massive Darkness chests (They all have a coating of gloss coating, photos tomorrow). I then finished up 5 of the Zcide BP Runners. Here is a shot of the finished Runners, still waiting their protective coating. That puts finished mini count up to ... 18 (5 zombies, 11 chests, 2 Ghasts) I also made some progress on my Zcide Season 1 Abomination today. Trying to decide on the shirt color. Originally though white, but now I'm thinking it's not enough contrast.
  4. Stonehaven's Giants

    Mine Arrived today. Much different scale from the halflings I have of there's. Very nice looking. I'm glad I pledged for them.
  5. Silervane's Minivember

    Ok I decided to give this a go, with no expectations of actually succeeding. Also, rather than spam @SparrowMarie thread I thought I start my own. Day 1 and Day 2 were me painting up 2 of 5 Bones Ghast in an attempt at using the shaded basecoat method. Each took about 2-3 hours and I didn't clean up one much. I then decided that they need a better base so I threw the 5 on a base and added some sand and stone to the existing base. I then decided that I wont include painting the base in my modification to the challenge. Day 1 and Day 2: Day 3: Today I didn't get much time. And tommorrow I will not get any time. So I started some of the Massive Darkness chest's. I also finished sealing up 8 more chests that I finished up last month and 4 of the last 8 Zcide NPC's I need to finish. Here is all I got done. Thanks for following along in this attempt to force me to paint fast and free.
  6. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

  7. November Hobby Goals!

    Well I plan to try for a modified minivember. Modified in the sense I want to make the 30 but don't plan on could time counting base work. Oh and maybe work on some of my already started mini's if I get ahead.
  8. BOO! October Hobby Goals!

    OK that's about all I got done last month.
  9. Weight Loss Support Thread

    I agree, in the past exercise definitely gives me more energy and reduces my everyday minor aches and pains. I doubt I'll ever finish my 20 miniatures.
  10. Weight Loss Support Thread

    Well it's been awhile since I posted or visited this thread. Mostly cause I fell of the exercise training. So I decided to use this thead to try this whole accountability thing by posting couple goals again. Goal 1 - Work towards a heart healthy diet. While there are several out there, I decided to work my way into the DASH diet. Goal 2 - Develop an exercise habit. I really liked the DareBee site. Yet I also have a total gym that I also liked. I started with one of the basic total gym works today get started then on to one of the DareBee programs. I really want / need to get started and continue. I have 20 minis to paint.
  11. What is the case in the Swag Bags?

    I find they are a nice way to store my Zombicide figures. So I plan to go in on the kickstarter.
  12. 01450: All Hallow’s Eve

    Excellent work. I know the feeling about remembering it's just paint, I can fix it later. It does help me relax more when painting. C&C: From the photos it looks like you lose the middle in the deepest folds in the dress, more in the greens now that I look closer. The blending looks good, just rather abrupt if that makes sense?
  13. DSM Sitting Mage

    Thank everyone, I really wanted to paint her for a long time. I used most of the colors from SC75 greens set, with a little blue liner in the deepest shadows. Hah, she does got look doesn't she. I had initially wanted to make a small seen to explain why she was looking that way but ran out of time.
  14. Wu Ling Shu

    Lovely piece. A favorite of mine from bombshell. C&C I like the way you highlighted the hair. Photos are hard to read, but a very light red glaze on the cheeks really liven up a face for me.
  15. Minivember 2017!

    Hmm... decisions... I think ... hmm... Ok, Zombicide, treasure chests and treasure markers sound like an achievable plan. That or paint for a certain amount of time. I'll aim for the 1st. Time to star prepping.