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  1. I agree the eyes look a bit low, I generally don't worry when I'm blocking in the eyes. As they are usually one of my first steps. Easier to fix the lining and shape of the eyes with the skin shadow. And lots of people have bags under their eyes. He could be exhausted from a long adventure.
  2. Marching On: March 2018 Goals

    Well month is nearly over and I hadn't posted my goals. * finish 9 of 18 Zcide BP fatties * Finish my Kid Barbarian * finish Grin then Zcide BP Necromancer
  3. Silvervane's Paints Zombicide BP Necromancers

    I was testing out Hot Leads warm and cool blacks from the 'Painting Difficult Colors' DVD. Was curious how they would look side by side.
  4. Mr Melons "New" Gigantic Orc Bust WIP (Pic Heavy)

    This is coming along great. I'm really liking the lighting effect you've done so far.
  5. With the arrival of Zombicide Green Horde, I realized that I had yet to paint up any of the necromancers for the game. So I decided to start a new thread for these guys. I decided that instead of starting with the one that came with the core set, I would paint up another one called Grin. I had planned on just painting up a base coat today as I waited on the primer of another figure. Then I just kept going. Now the art for the figure has him with a very dark overall feel. The figure's backstory has it that he's half zombie from a failed ritual. So I Went with the zombie skin I had with the rest of the zombies. I then added in a warm brown to try to give him a little more life than a regular zombie. Looking at the image I think I need something else. Well here is the results of today's painting:
  6. Disciple of the Flower Witch

    Lovely work. I'm always surprised by the subtle creepiness in KoD miniatures. The hands on the dress, what looks like teeth under her hat holding it on her head. Not as obvious as on others I've seen. You did a nice job keeping in subtly in the work.
  7. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Thanks been looking at mushrooms to get inspiration on how to paint it
  8. 77553: Crusader Ardent

    Wow! It's seeing works like this that remind me just how far I have to go. Great work. Love the blues and the OSL really takes the piece up a notch.
  9. Yet More Mushrooms, Faerie Folk Types: DONE!

    Awesome bunch you got there.
  10. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Wow! That is scarily close to the scene I had in my head.
  11. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    I would love to but tracking down another copy of the 1st or second mini I ever painted could be difficult.
  12. Chibi Vampiress (Reaper 77595: Tish)

    Love this! Thanks for sharing,
  13. Mile Marker Five: 14058, Lorielle Silverrain

    *Bump* I just have to add, Awesome progress. Glad to be able to witness the progression.
  14. Townsfolk Kids WIP

    Well, moar work on the base. The next step I do is glues and grit. I apply glues to areas that are barren or I feel could use some more interest. I then apply multiple sizes of sand and stones. Starting with the largest then move on to the smallest. If I wanted even larger stones I would probably glue them before this. Though thinking again, I probably should have put down tufts of grass before this. I also cut some hairs off a used up brush to act as tall grass that I put into the crack in the cork between the stump and the Kid (I don't think you can see it from the photos. I should mention that I had hand drilled a hole in her back foot. I than drilled a hole in the base where I wanted her to stand. Now she seems to think there is something behind her..... Oh my, there does seem to be something there... Thanks to @malefactus