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  1. Silvervane

    Some old Rats to break my slump

    Interesting you mentioned them. They are next on the photo block. Just waiting on a hit of dullcote. Edit: Spiders are next. I'm staring the bats next.
  2. Silvervane

    Don't Drink and Delve

    Great idea, I laughed out loud when I saw those snakes.
  3. Silvervane

    77279: Tropical Narthrax

    I always love seeing your take on dragons.
  4. Silvervane

    Some old Rats to break my slump

    Not 100% sure they whate they were for. They were from an old GW monster set including some bats, spiders, goblins and a minotaur I believe.
  5. Silvervane

    Dark Sword Female Steampunk Guinea Pig

    Excellent work. I'm really like how you painted up the ribbon on the hat.
  6. Silvervane

    Some old Rats to break my slump

    Totally agree! Wait, is that like a trend setter saying how cool his new trend is? Yeah, Me too. That why I keep one of my 1st mini's on my desk when I think how terrible I'm painting.
  7. Silvervane

    Some old Rats to break my slump

    So I haven't been active much lately. I also haven't been painting much either. So in order to break that I sat down and speed painted these little critters up from my pile of oldies. I probably spent an hour total, including primer and sealing on them. They aren't painted up to be award winners. Just some slump breakers. For a scale they are probably half as tall as sir Forscale. Which I really need to paint up, since I have 2 copies, so I can include him in future projects. I thought I would include a comparison shot, side by side, of one I had painted up years ago for a reality check to me on how far I've come with speed painting. Thanks for looking and any C&C.
  8. Silvervane

    Zombie flesh colors

    I used this for my zombicide zombies. Washed with a brownish shade, then touched up with triad highlights up to linen white in key spots.
  9. Silvervane

    Chibi Skin

    If you had scale 75 paints smog riders has a Web page that has advice on how they painted up Thierry Chibi line. For several of their figures.
  10. Silvervane

    Take a hike!

    Lovely photos. Reminds me I need to get up off my .... and start hiking again. I did it all the time and all over the place in my early years.
  11. Silvervane

    Hasslefree Miniatures kickstarter

    Sigh still waiting as well. and I got in on the KS. Though, as I said I'm in no hurry.
  12. Silvervane

    Zombicide Black Plague Abominations

    Looking great. Some day I plan to get back to mine as well.
  13. Silvervane

    Army Painter Strong Tone

    I have no real knowledge of min wax. I used army painter strong tone for my black plague zombies and as they said it is a shiny finish. I remember watching you tube videos where some one painted up some figures using both min wax and army painter strong tone and there was a difference in the result. I preferred to look of the army painter for my Zombicide zombies. @ced1106 nice. I'm looking to test some paint the toxic zombies for my GH zombies. I might give that a try.
  14. Silvervane

    Zombicide: Green Horde

    I got mine today. Haven't had a chance to inspect all the goods yet.