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  1. Ok, so I decided to get back to this figure. The photos came out a little darker than I wanted to, but it shows the progress I've made. In the idea shining light on problems, I decided to make a ding on her a scar. She is a fighter type after all. So scars wouldn't be out of place.
  2. Well, I finally finished up my April Hangouts Goblin. He is a relatively (for me at least) quick paint job. Nothing fancy, well unless you consider basic NMM fancy.
  3. I fall into this mindset the few times I've been on.
  4. I've been looking to pick some up. The effect on translucent bones do look nice.
  5. So I sat down today for a little bit and worked on this guy a bit more finished. Decided to try and experiment use the same off white highlight and blue liner shadow on the gold and steel. the only difference is steel base was RMS stone gray and gold on sword hilt was RMS oiled leather. The results of the NMM gold were ehh in my opinion. Here are the results of today's progress:
  6. Seconded .... errr Thirded... whatever. He must be the quick one.
  7. I agree. When I first started painting again, too stark often translated that I was almost there. Heck even now I have to remember that.
  8. Thanks Uber, I hope I can get the same effect when I get back to my Magister mini.
  9. Yet more progress. I quickly painted up the leather shirt and gloves. Then went about struggling to get paint up the blade. I'll put more work into it tomorrow, along and hopefully finish it up and the metal on the gauntlets. The maybe if time the fur on the collar. I decided no fancy basing for this figure. I want to get it finished so I can move on to start my RCon projects.
  10. Hmm... That DSM are offering critter kingdom might change what I was planning. I've been wanting to paint a few anyways......
  11. Ok, So I decided to practice the blues of my Magister 1st on this guy. Thus accomplishing 2 things at once (progress and practice). So I gave the Captain a blue cloak. Here is the break down of the colors used (For those interested and my record): Base coat - RMS Ultramarine Blue 1st Shadow - RMS Ultramarine Blue + Ultra marine Shadow 2nd Shadow - RMS Ultra Marine shadow 3rd Shadow - RMS Ultramarine shadow + Blue Line Glazed into 3rd shadow - RMS Ultramarine Shadow + RMS Bloodstain Red 1st Highlight - RMS Ultramarine + RMS Ultramarine Highlight 2nd Highlight - RMS Ultramarine Highlight 3rh Highlight - RMS Ultramarine highlight + RMS Maggot white Thanks for looking.
  12. Another +1 to this
  13. I managed to get several of the classes I wanted. Level up your painting Wet blending Shaded basecoat I'm currently debating a NMM class but unsure if my skills are sufficiently advanced enough for the advanced class or not. Unless the classes dissappear before I make up my mind.
  14. Merchant 4th Officer Harper Lin 955974 Age 22 1 term Cr26,000 Skills: Bribery-1, Jack-o-T-1, Pilot-1 Service History: Attempted to enlist in Merchants. Enlistment accepted. Commissioned during first term of service. Chose not to reenlist after first term.
  15. A lovely piece of work you have posted there.