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  1. This was my feelings as well. Wish I had more to add, but all the advice you've been given was better than anything I could have added. I'm looking forward to seeing how she turns out.
  2. Pre-launch

    Or Ork heroes vs Ork zombies. Put a whole new spin on the setting.
  3. I love looking at your stuff (even though I might alays comment). I especially like how well they fit into the settings you build. This group of fungi are no exception. The freehand used on the tops to distinguish the different shrooms is great.
  4. A little threadomancy. Followed the link in your signature @Thes Hunter. A Nice informative read.
  5. So I'm getting back Amy in my attempt to finish up Zombicide season 1 mini's. Man getting trying to the backpack flair was interesting. Not sure how well you can see them from the quick photo's. Yet I move forward on getting her done.
  6. I have had the same feeling as well. I have a bookFace page, but it doesn't quite feel like one. I'll have to check that out as well. Thanks
  7. Nicely done.
  8. This mini has so much great stuff going on. Lovely work.
  9. Ok Finally got around to taking a photo of my group so far. Each has there own show off somewhere on the forum.
  10. Pre-launch

    Sigh, I had managed to keep myself away from the KS part. I break down and this is what I see. I've been having a blast playing through the core game recently. Havne't even tried the add-on yet either. Ah well. Will probably get in on this as well.
  11. These look great. They make me want to break out mine to paint. I can't yet, must finish stuff before new stuff. Cant wait to see the Minotaur finished.
  12. Hmm, not yet. I haven't finished the group yet. I can take one of the one's I have done if you want. Hah, I hand't thought of that. But I can see it now.
  13. I have another installment in my painting up of Reaper's Boneslyvanian Chibis. Here is Bart. A uncharacteristically bright haired zombie. Enjoy. Thanks for any C&C you feel inspired to give.
  14. Well I haven't been able to stop by the hangouts like I wanted to. I did stop by tonight and get some more work done. The previous one I blocked in the metal highlights. Tonight I basically painted up the breast plate. I seem to be having trouble with the chainmail, I think I'll move on for now. Here is how the commander look at the moment.
  15. I like the direction you are going with the highlights.