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  1. Aard_Rinn

    Nemicolopterus: Deezee Miniatures

    So, these guys were added to the GREAT DINOSAUR PROJECT after they were actually released for 5e, although I was oogling them long before that. They popped out in Beasts of the Jungle Rot, as one of a dinosaur druid's only CR0 options for wildshape - as well as a pretty great swarm to summon; CR2 with flight... I used beading eyelets for the standees - drilled them in, then stuck them in place in the greenstuff. Pretty pleased with how they came out - I made enough to use as swarms for summons or enemies, and then did a solo beeb to represent a sneaking, Wildshaped Cull.
  2. So, these are some little guys I painted for Cull, my dinosaur druid! I prefer floofy beebs, meself, but the little green fellows are very cute, too. I've been using them as dilophodons, since I couldn't find any minis to represent them. The veloceraptor on top of the ruined brick is Little Beaker, my familiar/animal pal/quest reward from Tomb of Annihalation. He did very well, and survived the whole thing. He eventually got Awakened, and finally ended his adventuring career in the loving care of the Silver Dragon from Rise of Tiamat, who needed a secretary smol enough to count her coins. Edit: Added better pictures.
  3. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Anything DDAL is an Adventurers League 5e DnD module. DDALSeason#-Module#, I believe, though I could be wrong on the third.
  4. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    So, twelve new colors in the all-access bag, plus whatever exclusives are in there? That's pretty fantastic!
  5. Aard_Rinn

    Anyone basing?

    I'm gonna be doing a fair bit of base sculpting, yeah; mostly setting stuff up to be painted.
  6. Aard_Rinn

    Unpainted Minis from Wizkids

    Finally got ahold of the Beholder - decided to go check Miniatures Market and squeezed into that tiny shop refresh window. Ordered when there were 8 in stock, like 20 minutes later they were sold out... My FLGS owner ordered the last 6 Umber Hulks from his distributor, so I'm hoping to scoop up two or three of them, as well... The one I painted up is fantastic, but I'd like enough for a high level encounter. The Adventurer's Campground is hard to get ahold of, too... I'm expecting the Modrons and Gelatinous Cube will be, too, with this new set. We never even got the Xorn or Slaad... All in all, some great monster sculpts, IMO, but they're almost as hard to get ahold of as the prepaintes for some of them. It's frustrating, a bit - I wanted to be able to grab these as I need them, but I'm having to hunt down ones I want special...
  7. Just managed to get ahold of the Nolzur's Beholder. Really pumped - I've been looking for one for two months.
  8. Aard_Rinn

    Shield Guardians - Iron Golem x2

    @Rat13 Just be advised that these are very large. They're on a 2" base, not a 1" - they're around 4" tall, almost. Mangu Timur is an excellent mini for regular-sized animated armor, as are many of the new "Crusader Knights" from the latest kickstarter. This guy is really fantastic, and I 1000% recommend him (hell, I might get another pair after Reapercon) but he lorge.
  9. Aard_Rinn

    Shield Guardians - Iron Golem x2

    Shield Guardians, for those who haven't encountered them, are easily one of the best magic items in 5e. Controlled by an amulet, they're large enough to carry a character, and can be used to store one spell of up to 4th level in addition to their powerful regeneration and ability to redirect damage away from their controller. My original 5e character had one, and so does a member of my current adventuring party, represented handily by a dice box lid. That said, the Reaper Iron Golem is exactly perfect as a shield guardian, and I fell in love the first time I saw one IRL. I'll be honest, they underwhelmed me in the original KS page - but the sense of scale was the main issue. I was picturing that figure as maybe half again Mangu Timur - which these, most certainly, are not. They're flipping huge - and great, bulky heaps of armor, with it, with no little fabricky bits to get in the way of a nice easy paint job. So, without further ado: I've started these two off with a basecoat of Dark Elf Shadow, which is rapidly becoming my new favorite basecoat under silver. Not too dark, not too blue, it's great. Then, hit the whole thing with a pretty solid coat of Model Color Silver. Washed it all in P3 Armor Wash, and then I brushed silver back onto the flat planes - the gauntlets, the boots, the head: smooth areas that I didn't want too much texture to distract from. With that done, I shaded in the eye, and based up on a tile base I extended from the integral with greenstuff, painted in, and stuck Battlefield XP grass in the cracks, easy-peasy. All together, they're not a great paint job - I can already think of several places I could have put more effort into: smoothing blends on the eyes, neatening paint on the metal, more detail on the bases. But, like most of what I'm working on right now, it's not about that: these will look good on the table, and I'm trying to tidy up the STACK OF SHAME in time for Reapercon, when my huge stack of melt and extensive excel sheet will drag me into the hell that will be THE MONTHLY MOOKSTORM PROJECT! There's a lot of work to go, but the Drow are chugging along, and I'm well on track to meet my goals for this month, so... I'll leave off with a pic of the pair together, and a hearty recommendation of this mini to anyone who plays 5e!
  10. Just ordered my second case from battlefoam, to fly to Reapercon with me! Its a custom loadout, 4 1in trays, 4 1.5in trays, and one 2 inch tray should be plenty of space for my crew!
  11. Aard_Rinn

    Figures you can only get at the factory? (For melt)

    @Doug Sundseth Do you know if we can get the con Sophie with melt? This one is cute.
  12. Aard_Rinn

    Figures you can only get at the factory? (For melt)

    IDK about specifically OOP miniatures, but I will point out that you can also use the melt metal to get ahold of minis that are locked up in sets. For example, I'm going to try to grab a dozen or two of the crab from Aquatic Familiars II to modify onto a couple of large bases as Crab Swarms, and a handful of the Stingrays from Familiar Pack VII to paint as Ixitxachitls. Even stuff like the Tiny Beholder, painted up as Gazers, have a lot of cool potential if you can get them outside of their packs...
  13. Aard_Rinn

    Nagyr - Iron Cobras x5 + Lore

    In the furthest southmost corner of the broad farming nation Kuur, there is a forest much like any other; a deep and verdant wild of elm and spruce known as the Murrain. At its center lies an ancient temple long lost to time - the forgotten home of a dead god. It has been a long time since Kairus walked the halls of his ancient Forge; his body rusts, now, and rots eternal, strewn across the broken artifice of his last and greatest creation. The Wyrm Engine, half-ruined, is silent, now; no longer does it crack with lightning and the souls of dragons. Even the Wyrmgear slumbers, mostly, waking only when Kairus' lesser creations call upon him. The green earth has reclaimed the stones of this forgotten place: ivy lines the walls, and the glass ceilings long ago burst open, letting the rain and sun in to dance across the stonework of the entry hall. The air, once thick with smoke, is now sweet with the scent of dark earth. But there is a serpent in this ancient eden. Not all of Kairus' great works slumber. The Nagyr yet endure, his assassins and spies - slender beasts of coiling metal and blistering venom forged in iron and bronze. They coil through the overgrowth, all but invisible, and weave their age-old paths through the darkened hallways of Kairus' Forge, guarding it as they always have - and as they always will. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kairus' Forge is an adventure for 4-6 players between levels 6-8 that I wrote a while back, and have run several times. The party has to stop a wizard from activating the Wyrm Engine, stripping several dragon eggs of their souls, and using that power to become a god.They've been geased by the mother, and they die if they don't; it's a whole thing. It's got a couple of cool monsters; the Hunters of Kairus, giant metal tigers of murder, a Wyrmgear/clockwork dragon, and these guys: the Nagyr. They're metal serpents, pretty standard, but they do a couple of cool things: - inflict Poison on party members. Not a high DC, but fun for ambushing wizards. - have an ability that lets them become invisible (DC30 to Perceive) in other clockwork - provide the Hunter of Kairus who they're hiding in Advantage because of the Hunter's Pack Tactics They're a great little murderous beastie, and unlike Iron Cobras, they travel in groups, so you can be fighting a lot of them, potentially without knowing it. I got some of the minis a while ago, and have been putting off doing them, so I finally said broccoli it and painted them all this morning. Badabam! These guys were a little weird to base - too large for a 1" round, but way too small for a large, and too small for a cavalry base also. What I wound up doing was just going with the 1" base anyways, and building out to the brocoli, which is quite thick. I stippled in the same texture with a toothbrush, and it looked pretty much perfect once it was primed. The sneks themselves I hit with a basecoat of Dark Elf Shadow, before doing the silver in Model-Color Silver and the belly in Heavy Gear Gamma Shielding Gold. The spines I tapped with Big Top Red, before giving the back a wash in P3 Armor Wash (which is the best wash I've ever used) and the belly and spines a hit of Game Color Umber Wash. Tapped in the eyes and gems, and called it a day - I just wanted them painted at this point, I wasn't looking for anything special. I'm pretty pleased with how they came out - I've still got to re-blacken the bases, but other than that, they look good from a distance, which was the whole goal! I've got a lot to do before Reapercon, so here's crossing my fingers I can have a few more sessions like this where I just bang stuff out!
  14. So I've been painting stuff in anticipation of Waterdeep, and I'm working on a set of six Drow, since they'll probably come up at some point and I'll need them anyways. I want them to be pretty classic looking, but I don't want them to be overtly spider-themed, since there's a couple groups of Drow in Waterdeep that don't worship Lolth. What do you guys think of this color sceme? Just something quick I knocked out - I'm trying not to spend too much time on these guys, just get something that'll look good on the table. I think I like the red sash with the purple; mostly I'm wondering if the purple shirt with the darker armor is too much? I feel like they're not too close, but I'd appreciate any input... Also, P3 Armor Wash is my favorite thing.
  15. Aard_Rinn

    July Goals!

    I have a bunch of stuff for this month, actually... - Six Drow Warriors: five Reaper elves, and a Wyrd miniature. For September, when Waterdeep comes out; I can only assume there'll be some Drow missions, since it's on top of the Drow ancestral city, and is the home of most of the good Drow of Faerun... - Two Village of Kulhaven Box Sets. Now, most of the figures are painted - these are some of the first sets I painted, in fact - I just need to base them and touch up the many, many chips. - Five Iron Cobras. Just 'cause. DONE! -Either my Hobgoblins or my Ogres or my Orcs from KSIII. I'd like to have them all done by Reapercon, just so I can have them out of the way... if I can have one done this month, I'll be satisfied. - Added! Two Reaper Iron Golems, if I can find them! DONE! - Added! Finish GW Fenrisian Wolf Pack as large Dire Wolves! And assorted other minis as the urge takes me, of course. I've been looking forward to the Drow, in particular - it's such a great group, and I've been meaning to do some up for a looong time.