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  1. So, I've actually been doing a fair bit of painting lately! This is my most recent piece, finished up tonight, and there's a bit of a backstory to her. So, several months ago I got in contact with StrawberryZombie of Flight Rising fame. I had seen a thread she was offering with custom character adoptables from the website AyanaSolstice, a to-my-knowledge out of play RP, and decided to get in touch to see if she was still willing to do them. Thus began a pretty good little relationship. I commissioned around five character designs from her, and they were incredible - she did a gorgeous job coloring and assembling them! Among them was this beautiful girl: Originally I had intended her to be an ice-witch, but when I saw the beautiful marine colors Strawberry had used, I decided that she had to be something marine. Eventually, I settled on the name Myrqab - the goddess of deep waters in my homebrew campaign universe - and set to designing a character for her. She's been my primary D&D 5e character for several months now - a human swashbuckler rogue. Finally, having reached 11th level, I decided it was time she get a miniature to match herself. It took quite a while to decide on a figure - longer than I ever expected. One of the defining traits Myrqab the PC had was her shortbow, which she uses to great effect - as a swashbuckler, she almost never loses Sneak Attack, so Myrqab is almost always encountered on the very edge of the battlefield, sniping into combat. That is, when she's not being reduced to using her bonus dash action to dive into the fray and carry injured teammates off the battlefield! Finally, I decided that two miniatures from my melt bucket aquisitions might work! I took 14025: Kyla, Bounty Hunter: Who I felt had a good pose for a rogue, and the right hair and outfit for my girl in particular, and I added the almost exactly perfect bow of 14116: Caerwynn, Elven Hero ($5.99): To get pretty much exactly what I was looking for! Then I took of the slotta, pinned the whole thing onto a nice rimmed base from a Bag'o'Crap, and called it a day! So, what we've all been waiting for: here's Myrqab! She's looking ready to go off on a treasure hunt - which, in fact, was the plot of out last session! As a Sailor, she gets advantage on all Survival rolls to steer ships and marine vessels - which helped a great deal while we were trying to pilot our ship around the Red Rock Isles, since she has a +0 modifier on survival checks. But hey! We made it! Here's a better shot of her map - and her eyes! The one thing I hate about this mini is the strand of hair in her face - it makes the profile view look misshapen, but nope, that's an intentional detail, not a miscast! Would be less noticeable with darker hair, to be fair. The back was, admittedly, a little lower effort... the fabric between the armor and bolts was amazingly hard to get to. I'm really happy with how she came out! Now, what goes in with this character, you might ask? Well, there's her portrait, again by the amazing Luciana-Lu (yes, she does do commissions!): And then she has a written biography. I like to take the "background tables" 5e does, where you choose a defining event, two personality traits, an ideal, a bond, and a flaw, and interpret them a little differently: by rewriting them as quotes from the characters perspective, as if they were describing their life story to the reader! I find it gives me a good way to get into the character's voice, and a fast way to get the important details to the DM. So, in my binder of characters, there's one of these, formatted to take a single page: Being a massive lore nerd, I also like to write up a little one-page backstory for my characters, something that gives me my character's life so far and a good explination of where they're going and why, all in a format that's easily digestible - and since I've got it all planned, it's easy to condense into 3-4 sentences when we introduce ourselves at the start of game! All in all, really pleased with how Myrqab came out - she was a lot of fun to design and paint, and she's a lot of fun to play! Any thoughts/opinions/critiques are welcome!
  2. I'll probably be showing up around 12:30 to 1 gotta buy a suit my new phone # is 2039895430 if anyone wants to reach me tho!
  3. So I'll see you all in Groton tomorrow?
  4. good for me!
  5. I'm down for whenever!
  6. So, some of my NEMPA friendos may have seen this gal at our paint day last month, and I actually finished her a couple of weeks ago, but I've held off on posting her! She's going to be my new 5e Adventurer's League character! Allow me to present Wysteria Fabaceae, the human druid: The figure I painted for her is 03786: Andowyn Thrushmoor, which is just a phenomenal sculpt - really great detail, gorgeous hair with a lot of really fantastic flowers sculpted in, and a ridiculously cool outfit. The flowers in her hair were very distinct, so I felt kind of bad painting them all into sprays of wisteria - but they came out looking awesome! I may well pick up a second copy of this sculpt to do more traditionally, though. I will admit I was a little unclear on the leg. There's some kind of stitching on it - I think the upper thigh is supposed to be clothed, but I couldn't really tell... I liked it bare, so bare it was! And the back was a ton of fun to paint. Really rich texture, so it came out pretty nice! I tried to get some good highlights and lowlights into the fabric! So that's Wisteria - I'm really happy with how she came out, and I'm writing up some neat Faerunian lore for her ATM. I also took the chance to hire one of my favorite artists, the fantastic Luciana-Lu, to do a bust of her based off of the miniature: I'm just so in love with this picture! What I like to do is print out my backstory and a picture of my character and put them, back-to-back, in a page protector - then have a second page protector for my character sheets and spell-list, and a third for my journal for that character. That way all my stuff is tucked neatly into my binder, and I can easily take the page out of the binder to show other players what my character looks like and let them read the background if they're interested! Deviantart has a ton of artists who work for reasonable prices, and I personally think everyone should look into getting something for their most-used characters or ones that they play with a lot of new groups - it makes such a fast, cool introduction to just be able to show people exactly what they look like!
  7. Huh! Yeah, I'd actually really reccommend this if the price doesn't matter - painted super-easy, REALLY bendy and nice, good detail. Not super high-detail - there's none of the fancy cloth or anything you'd find in a decent metal mini - but that's kind of to expect with the ones you design yourself I think. And thank you so much for the comments and complements! I'm hoping to grab a couple more commissions in the next few days/weeks - one guy says he has a horde of 120 ogres to paint, and he didn't balk at 8$ a figure for a basic paintjob, so I have high hopes for that!
  8. So I finished~! This is a 30$ commission I did for another player in my group - it's his PC from another party. Gonna go today to drop it off with him! I got the figure from him (and the job) yesterday, and a list of how he wanted it painted. I took some liberties, however! For example, he wanted all the armor black, but the staff (a magic item he has in-game) silver with a gold ball - since he gave me artistic freedom with it, I added the red and silver accents to his armor to balance it out with the cloak. The cloak itself was originally supposed to be one color, but I split it up into a fade, which I ran past him before I did it and he loved! All in all, really pleased with how this guy came out. Probably took around 3-4 hrs for everything? So not bad money at all, although I'd've charged a bit more for someone I don't play with.
  9. Really? This one is very flexible... he's got almost a bones-like rubberiness to him which I thought was kind of weird, but I'm pretty sure he did say it was heroforge...
  10. So I've been playing with this game-store group for about 4 or five months now, every Wednesday. For a while I've had folks asking about commissions, and yesterday evening I had my first actual bite! One of the players plays a Paladin (or possibly Cleric, I wasn't sure) of Asmodeus in his home campaign. He got a Heroforge mini printed up for himself, and he wanted me to paint it for him! Black armor, holy symbol freehanded, the whole nine yards. I made a few aesthetic suggestions, and off I went. I started with the face, just the eyes, because I like to do them first: Then I moved on to his cloak and shield: The colors used on him so far are Walnut brown (which is going to be a base for the silver I'm putting on his shield trim, and the base on the cloak), HD Pure Black (field of shield, and the second layer and shading on the cloak) and Big Top Red (bottom half of cloak and freehand on shield), plus Reptilian green for the eyes and Tanned Shadow/Rosy skin for the face.Hair is a mix of Carnival Red and Pumpkin Orange ATM. Gotta say, I quite like these Heroforge minis - the quality is actually quite good - but not for that price! Still, it's painting up pretty easy, so that's great!
  11. So of late I've been on a bit of a culinary kick wrt bread - I've been doing a lot of sriracha cheesebreads and the like to help handle something of an outbreak of avacados in the area, and we've valiantly beaten them back. So now, I've stepped on something new, that those of you who do a lot of technical baking may or may not have heard of: a japanese baking method called Tangzhong. Anybody who's made choux pastry (profiteroles, eclairs, and the like) has at least a passing acquaintance with the method. Rather than simply using dry and wet ingredients mixed together, a third step is taken - to heat a part of the liquid and a part of the flour together into a heavy, choux-like paste before incorporating them with the rest of the recipe. Why? BECAUSE IT MAKES THE SQUOOSHIEST BREAD EVER. (forgive the poop photos btw my phone is awful) This is the recipe I used. I will be honest, I am a naughty baker, and didn't measure a gorram thing. Not one. Well, the eggs. I used two eggs. So I measured those. Heck, I barely even read how much I was supposed to use. It fine, friendos. Life is chaos. Bread is chaos. OH MY GOODNESS IT SQUOOSHY. This is easily the tenderest, lightest-crumbed bread I've ever made. One person I encountered while reading up on the technique described it as croissant-like, and that's pretty accurate - it definitely has the directional grain that a croissant does, although obviously without the super-thin layers. More of a tender, dense layering, where the whole thing is easy to pull apart. The bread I made was a pretty typical milk bread - the white soft sandwich loaves you get in Chinese grocers - that I obviously did up as pull-buns, but it would work fine as a loaf as long as you're willing to put the effort into shaping it. And that's the key with this recipe, I think: shaping. You've gotta sort of... roll the dough into a flat rectangle, after it rises the first time, then roll it up into a tube? or else it didn't get flakey. I divided the loaf and then did that to each section, but I imagine there are several techniques. Other than that... When you make it the dough will be WAY TIGHTER than you think it should (but not hard, just tight? if that makes any sense) - it's fine. Slap it and you won't dent it tight. It didn't get much softer after rising, either, the first time. I used an egg wash, you might not - up to you! It will be ROCK HARD crusted when it comes out - THIS IS A LIE. Give it 10 minutes to rest, it'll soften, but DON'T OVERCOOK IT or it won't. Look at this bread: (on it's side to vent steam) mmm thassa sexy brad. pat of cold butter: MMM-MMM i am plating these like gordon ramsay is standing on my shoulder. As another note, this dough can also be used to make tasty Bao, which are really not that easy to make unless you get the dough just right. Hunk of dough: Bao wrapper: Bao filling (in this case, pork & mustard w/ some additional water chestnuts for crunch) The next logical step: Bao: SO MANY BAO: (And then the awkward last bit when you forget to take any pictures of the finished product...) So yes, that was my week in breadmaking! It was tasty.
  12. I just placed my 40$ order to get the Grim Reaper. 09299: MSP Core Colors: Grey Primer $3.29 x1 03255: Callie, Female Rogue with Bow $4.99 x1 03786: Andowyn Thrushmoor $7.99 x1 03623: Finaela, Female Pirate $6.79 x1 02939: Viking Girl $6.99 x1 03718: Ghost Bride $8.29 x1 60052: Almah, Merchant Princess $5.99 x1 Pretty cool stuff. Never saw Thrushmoor before, she's great, and the Ghost Bride's just gonna get painted up as a regular bride. Almah or Finaela are probably going to be my current PC.
  13. woo! cando, i think!
  14. I'm down, as long as it's in Groton. Mass is a long trek for a new driver, so I'd prefer to meet up w/ someone and drive up together for that.
  15. Just ordered myself the Koch43 2017 SEXY TRANSFORMERS PINUP CALENDAR. 12 months of sexy sexy robutt goodness! Unlike last year's, which was all Koch, this one actually features several different artists... I'm pumped b/c this year's got pretty much all of my faves! SOUNDWAVE oh man all my love you silent robot dad