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  1. I... may have just spent fifty dollars on dice. But! Metal dice! "Factory Second Pound of Metal Dice", to be precise... The reviews were all very good, and at around 20 dice/lbs, I figure this will give me a good enough mix to choose favorites, without the stress that comes with keeping track of all the dice in a matched set. Plus, ALL THE COLORS! I have also aquired Wyrmgear, three Iron Cobras, and three Guardian Beasts, as monsters in the campaign I'm running next month - "The Wyrm Engine".
  2. Happy Birthday Aard_Rinn !!!

    A... shoe-sale? Aight, Jack... Thank you all! Have a good new year's, and keep your eyes out - I'm just finishing a big project that I should be posting in the next day or two!
  3. Just ordered all of the 5e sourcebooks I don't have - DMG, MM, Volo's, and Xanthar's. Figure I'll need something to fill up my bag... I also got the "reincarnated" screen. I love the art, and I always preferred the easy rule references to the fluff they put on some of the other screens, especially since I'm mainly doing homebrew. Also, new markers for my mats! Huzzah!
  4. Just picked up three of the ThinkGeek Bags of Holding - the rollover backpack, the messenger tote, and the travel bag. I figure I can probably fill the travel bag with foam - at 4" deep, I should have enough trays that fit to fill it - and use the tote for my books and dice, which will be a big help. Might use the backpack for maps and other DM stuff, or as just a regular backpack, I'll have to see. Still, all three and shipping worked out to 48 bucks or so, so they're a really good price. The backpack and tote were just 10$ each... And I really like the lining. Also ordered some minis from Thunderbolt Mountain, and about 80$ in paintbrushes from R&C...
  5. Got around an hour in at paint day today! Really pleased with how shes coming - got all the major colors blocked in, plus the head finished. Still wondering about the cravat/tie; not sure what color to do. Grey? Better pics tho, courtesy of Dilvish!
  6. @Generic Fighter And, upon checking, my mind said DSM but reality said Stonehaven. Fake news! Thanks - edited to fix. And like I said, nothing I'd like more than a KS for these guys. It's such a good style for them, and I've loved their gnomes!
  7. So, one of my personal mini projects atm is working on some of the NPCs my players in my homebrew campaign are encountering. And one of my favorite groups in that world are the Hunts - a loose-bound organization of groups (each called a Hunt) of fighters/mercenaries/warriors, each with their own specialty, who dedicated themselves to maintaining the roads and paths of Fidel during the millenia-long anarchy of the Mortal Wars. Now, what makes the Hunts distinctive from any other mercenary bands? Well, they ride BADASS FLYING MOUNTS. Gryphons, for the most part, although one or two specialize in pegasi, and a few ride more esoteric things... Four NPCs intimately intertwined with the group are members of the Red Hunt - a sort of catch-all for powerful, destructive mages. Faukner, her apprentices Formel and Tiercel, and her wife, Charr. So, I've had the Stonehaven Half-Dragon Duelist for ages. It's one of my favorite dragonborn minis, and I decided it'd be perfect for the swashbuckling Charr... It's a great mini, neat and clean with tons of personality. To give you an idea of who Charr is... Anyways, I've decided to do a WIP of this set of minis, starting with Charr's two forms. This is the thread for her humanoid form, obviously - I'm painting up the Temple Dragon for her dragonness form, and I'll try to do a WIP for that, too. So! I started off nice and simple - hit the face with some red, and decided on a blue-and-white scheme for the cloths. I'm trying to bring out some of the swashbuckler in this mini, so I like the naval colors. That said, I could use ideas for the cravat. Ordinarily, I'd paint my dragonborn's hair simularly to her scales and try to ignore it, but gonna go with dark for these dreads. They're sweet as hell. Wish DSM would give us a KS for these. And there's the face, pretty much finished, TBH! I washed it with Games Workshop's purple wash, pretty heavily so it'd sit well in the mouth and scale cracks, and then highlighted just with pure red. This is a proof-of-concept for the temple dragon, as well as a mini on it's own, and I'm pretty happy with it! Used Palimimo Gold for the eyes - something else that'll carry over!
  8. I got ahold of a couple of real steals at one of my LGS yesterday. First off, new-in-box, I got ahold of this kid: for 6$, which I believe is less than she was new... I also bought his box-of-popped-boxes, where he's dumped all his minis that have fallen out of their packaging... Kragunk (the older version), six Neskofar tomb guards, the Sea Hag, the Walking Avatar, Pockets the flesh golem, a little bandit, and some other stuff, all for 19$ (the cash I had in my pocket.) Also had some great dino minis show up from England, so those'll be painted up in the next few weeks!
  9. IANAL, but I would say you definitely have Right X, since the SCOTUS ruled you do, and that would take eminence over lower-court rulings; you should look at the conditional in Case D and decide if it seems reasonable based on extant legal theories (for example, could exerting Right X in that situation endanger others, as shouting in a crowded theater would? Could it deprive others of their rights, for example as members of a protected class in a housing or employment scenario?) and weight that case much more heavily if the situation proposed resembled a current legal theory closely. In that case, I would remember that having Right X does not necessarily mean having Right X *always* and *unconditionally* - the law puts many reasonable restrictions on excersizing of rights. Case E I would disregard, since it was ruled without regard for existing precedent - if it was brought up in court, I would expect my lawyer to argue that other cases which were better-considered should have more weight, and, again, that the SCOTUS decision marks the law of the land. But this is only based on a passing interest in US law and several semesters of Business Law, so I have no idea how valid it is.
  10. So, recently I've been taking on several commissions, and of them, this is the first I've finished! One of my fellow players at our FLGS asked me to paint an archer mini for him. I told him to take some time picking one out, and a week or two later, he brought me this guy: Now, first, to address the elephant in the room: this is obviously Tanis Half-Elven, right? I mean, it's not even subtle, this is totally him. I can't be the only person who sees it... The mini itself is pretty solid, but that's a very accurate representation of the paint job: wash everywhere, lumpy colors. I'll be honest, though, even unmodded it's not a bad mini compared to a LOT of the prepaints - anatomy's solid, pose is strong, and the detailing is simple enough that the paint job almost works. But anyways! So, the orders of business, as per my client's requests: - Cloak painted black with green highlighting; not just dark-green - Replace the bow with a better one that's less wiggly (his one was pretty deformed - Copper skin and brown hair; the character is a wood elf I suggested doing some additional sculpting on it, which caught his ear - he was really excited by my suggestion of a black fur capelet to complement the darkened cloak. So, the finished mini! So, first off: The sculpting. I did a pretty simple swap for the bow, since I'm pants at hands - cut off the old one, cut a bow from a Reaper Weapon Sprue in half, glued in place. Ordinarily I'd pin, but with the base mini so flexible, it's actually pretty sturdy - the hand bends away from pressure before there's any danger to the bow. I fiddled with it before I painted - it's definately strong enough for gameplay, even if the mini's lifted by the weapon. Then I moved to the fur. I did the caplet, first - just a simple little thing to sculpt, work the GS in and then texture. I suggested this for two reasons: one, the sculpting on the upper shoulders was a lot weaker than the rest of the cape, more bunchy, and two, the shading I had planned for the cape works better on the billowy bits than the narrow folds, so if I could just paint those, I'd take it. That said, a professional is never less than perfect, so I didn't tell the guy that. I merely said, "Like the King in the North, but with black bear fur," and he was pumped. I also didn't really like the sculpting on the arms, and the decorative tongues on the boots, if we're being honest. So, some thin strips of greenstuff and a Xacto knife later, he was wearing fur boots and gloves. Then, one rebasing later, I was ready to talk color! I did the cape first - Walnut Brown, with Vallejo's Luftwaffe Cam Green highlights, and Pure Black used in thin lines to deepen the folds. Pure black for the fur, too - but then Nuln oil as a wash, to add gloss to the "fur pelt". Once the cloak was done, I realized that changing the color of the cloak meant a complete pallette change, too. I hate brown-on-brown clothing, so I moved to a darker green as a better fit for the cloak, with some brown trim. The pants I took from a khaki white to more of a silver-green - the color is a mix of the green and brown used for the cloak and belt, with white to shade. Although the colors I used are all pretty warm, I tried to give the figure itself a more wintery feel, keeping the palette darker and more subdued.- the sort of ranger you'd imagine slipping through the undergrowth on a cool winter morning, the sun still low in the sky, blending into the shadows of evergreens as he slides towards his prey. But, to bring in some more of the warmness of his hair and skin, I accented him in gold, which makes his weapons stand out and gives them a little more definition against the cloak. All in all, this was a great mini to paint! It was a lot of fun getting to do some of my own sculpting, since most of the minis I've painted lately have been either custom jobbos from places like Heroforge, or more exotic/expensive minis from fancy companies, where the player went and found the *perfect mini* and I just have to get the painting right! And, for the edification of anyone wondering, this guy, with weaponswap/sculpting/painting, took around 4-5 hours, and I charged the guy 40$. I still need to base him, but I'm waiting to do that with the guy, so I can get his opinion; all i've done so far is sculpt a greenstuff "earth" base.
  11. Eye decals

    Just gotta say, love this cross-hobby stuff. Its how we learn and grow.
  12. Looking for a dominatrix miniature

    Ja, I figured that that needed a bit more than a (NSFW) even if I wasn't hotlinking...
  13. The current 5e AL adventure, Tomb of Annihalation, is pretty great. It's set on the Far Continent, Chult, a dinosaur-island style region rich in Pterifolk, vegepygmies, and, of course, dinosaurs. Thus, when I started playing, I realized that it would give me an ideal opportunity to play something cool: DINOSAUR DRUID. I love druids, but prefer to pick a theme when I'm playing them, and this one had been rattling around in my head for a while - but in AL, you can't turn into dinosaurs until you've seen them in game... So until ToA, I had been out of luck. The recent release of Volo's Guide offered me a perfect base. A lizardfolk druid, wandering the land preaching the True Faith - dinosaur-based ancestor worship! Striving to free his people from the heresies of dragon-worship and other outlander faiths, he's been gifted the divine ability to channel the forms of his sacred, distant ancestors - rather than being able to turn into anything, he can only turn into the as-of-now-eleven CR 5-and-under dinosaurs available in MM, VG, and ToA. He's been great fun! And so, I set myself an ambitious task: paint miniatures for playing him... and most of his possible forms, plus his two primary summons. The two miniatures below are from Acheson Creations, who have a great line of realistically-scaled 28mm dinosaurs. They represent the CR2 Allosaurus, a large carnivore who's pretty great, and the CR5 Triceratops, a huge fighter who's not actually that good tbh. But they're super-cool, so I painted one anyways. First up, the Nanotyrannus/Allosaurus! This is a great mini, a 1-parter with a pretty huge integrated base. I painted it Vallejo's Luftwaffe Cam. Green, and highlighted it up with yellow, then hit the whole affair with a good coat of Game Color's Lavado Sombrea wash. Basing was pretty simple - I glued it to a 2" base, then built up the base with greenstuff to match the integrated base, adding some resin tree stumps; then I primed and painted the whole thing brown. Then I just used a mix of moss flock and Army Painter tufts to add grass, ground cover, and hanging moss! This guy was done in two parts - it took me about an hour to greenstuff and prime, and then around three to paint and base him. Second, the Styracosaurus! This guy was done pretty much the same way! Two inch base, and all I did was paint him in GW Ogryn Camo mixed with a little Ruddy Leather, pick out all the large scales in Ogryn Camo + yellow, and then add a little more Ruddy Leather inside the mask. Hit the whole thing with a wash, seal, and base! Easy! These two look great on the table, and I've ordered three more minis from Acheson: their Ankylosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and Dimetrodon. I've also got a small hoard (18!) of veloceraptors from Khurasan Miniatures, and 11 of the old Ral Partha raptors to paint up as Dionychus, plus the Lizardman himself, so look forward to lots more dinosaurs from me! (And that's not even mentioning what I have cooked up for dinosaur-themed elementals at 10th level!)
  14. Looking for a dominatrix miniature

    If you want to make it a diorama, Brother Vinni's out of Russia has some amazing, crisp sculpts, and they have a whole line of torture victims/bdsm people under their "Victim Girls" line. They did an Indigogo for some sort of BDSM army that should have some options, too, but they don't appear to be out yet. LOTS of nipple, so NSFW for the guy's whole shop...