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  1. Aard_Rinn

    Metal Trade In Approved Company List

    So, question: Is this still true, or is this, quote from the ReaperCon site: "for the same weight in new metal" More accurate? How do painted vs unpainted vs greenstuffed minis work nowadays? I realize that quote is now several years old, but that's a weight difference for trade of... almost a pound, at this point, for me, so I'd appreciate any clarifications I could get!
  2. So, I've just finished thinning my herd, so to speak, and it looks like I'm going to have between seven and eight pounds of melt credit at Reapercon after tradein. I've got a couple things in mind to pick up, but what I really want to do is up my RPG enemy game. Last time I did a melt (several years ago, someone took the metal for me) I wound up getting tons of cool PC minis that only some of got painted... This year, I think I'm going to try to pick out mobs of enemies and paint them up in groups: one type of enemy per month for a year, or as far as my melt will take me, until I have enough mooks for all my low-mid tier encounters. Partially because I need mooks, partially as a challenge to force me to step up my speed- and group- painting game, since I haven't done much painting this last year... I've already had a few ideas, which I'll toss up as examples, but the basic idea is this: between 20 and 30 figures, some multiples, some singles if that works better, that work to cover many possible iterations of certain types of encounters. For example: This was the set I came up with that'd have everything I'd want for vampires: spawn, weaker vampires, beastshapes, giant bats, bat swarms... quantities will probably change based on how much the minis weigh, but this'd be around 25 minis, so I'm guessing 9-11 oz at most, unless the giant bats are really heavy... Now... If people could help me spitball ideas for eleven more of these, that'd be really helpful! Smaller monsters, preferably - I already have things like ogres, hobgoblins, orcs and bugbears in Bones - and not just types of catagory, but what you'd use with the main enemy? So far, my ideas are: Twig Blights (saprolings and the blighted dryad for sure, and wolves to round out forest encounters?) Kobolds (maybe young dragons? I found these great giant weasel minis from another company, too, but what else goes with Kobolds?) and Goblins ( a nice big group of the PF goblins, plus the riding one... If I could resculpt a few of those w/o the saddle, that'd be great, but IDK what else would go with them) and a month that's a medley of different floating sheets (cloakers, banshee, wraiths)...
  3. Aard_Rinn

    Assistance with tactics

    Derelict and set your 'jammer adrift near the asteroid, wait for someone to come out to salvage it, and jump them? Then take their ship and fly it in with yours in tow?
  4. I'm trying to get a sense of scale on these kids. For the four Young dragons, in metal, could someone who owns them with access to a scale get me their weights? Specifically, I'm trying to find out how big they all are compared to the Temple dragon, who weighs just a hair over 3oz without his column.
  5. Aard_Rinn

    New England Paint Day

    I can do any Saturday in June, if it's at the Citadel.
  6. Aard_Rinn

    Minis we would like to see

    I would love to see another set of Vampire spawn. More minion baddies in general, really, but Vampire spawn in particular are useful for several campaigns - Curse of Strahd and other Ravenloft stuff, mostly, but also for low-level horror adventures where a vampire would TPK immediately so you're just setting up, or high-level stuff where allowing the party to focus fire on the main vamp would action-economy him out of existence before he gets a chance to do anything. I love the two vampire spawn that currently exist, but they're very unique sculpts, and for the size group I'd want (around eight, since that's the largest number you can encounter at once in CoS unless my party was just getting really lucky) it'd mean four guys on their toes and four zig-zag ladies. Another male and female would balance it out nicely in terms of how many of each sculpt. (I don't like using regular vampires, of which there are many, since it makes it hard to keep track of which swishy-cloaked man is the Vampire, and which are minions. Swish swish!)
  7. So, how does one go about finding folks who are looking to split a room for the con? I'm gonna be able to go this year, and the forum description said this is the place to do it, but I dont see a relevant thread. Let me know if there's a better place, I guess? While it wouldnt be the first con I've spent sleeping in the bushes outside the convention center, Texas sounds hotter than CT, so I am currently looking to share, if anyone has a free corner they're looking to fill. So, let me know and we can talk money, I guess? Bonus points if you're flying in and we can carpool to and from together - I pack light and ship well! :)
  8. I... may have just spent fifty dollars on dice. But! Metal dice! "Factory Second Pound of Metal Dice", to be precise... The reviews were all very good, and at around 20 dice/lbs, I figure this will give me a good enough mix to choose favorites, without the stress that comes with keeping track of all the dice in a matched set. Plus, ALL THE COLORS! I have also aquired Wyrmgear, three Iron Cobras, and three Guardian Beasts, as monsters in the campaign I'm running next month - "The Wyrm Engine".
  9. Aard_Rinn

    Happy Birthday Aard_Rinn !!!

    A... shoe-sale? Aight, Jack... Thank you all! Have a good new year's, and keep your eyes out - I'm just finishing a big project that I should be posting in the next day or two!
  10. Just ordered all of the 5e sourcebooks I don't have - DMG, MM, Volo's, and Xanthar's. Figure I'll need something to fill up my bag... I also got the "reincarnated" screen. I love the art, and I always preferred the easy rule references to the fluff they put on some of the other screens, especially since I'm mainly doing homebrew. Also, new markers for my mats! Huzzah!
  11. Just picked up three of the ThinkGeek Bags of Holding - the rollover backpack, the messenger tote, and the travel bag. I figure I can probably fill the travel bag with foam - at 4" deep, I should have enough trays that fit to fill it - and use the tote for my books and dice, which will be a big help. Might use the backpack for maps and other DM stuff, or as just a regular backpack, I'll have to see. Still, all three and shipping worked out to 48 bucks or so, so they're a really good price. The backpack and tote were just 10$ each... And I really like the lining. Also ordered some minis from Thunderbolt Mountain, and about 80$ in paintbrushes from R&C...
  12. Got around an hour in at paint day today! Really pleased with how shes coming - got all the major colors blocked in, plus the head finished. Still wondering about the cravat/tie; not sure what color to do. Grey? Better pics tho, courtesy of Dilvish!
  13. @Generic Fighter And, upon checking, my mind said DSM but reality said Stonehaven. Fake news! Thanks - edited to fix. And like I said, nothing I'd like more than a KS for these guys. It's such a good style for them, and I've loved their gnomes!
  14. So, one of my personal mini projects atm is working on some of the NPCs my players in my homebrew campaign are encountering. And one of my favorite groups in that world are the Hunts - a loose-bound organization of groups (each called a Hunt) of fighters/mercenaries/warriors, each with their own specialty, who dedicated themselves to maintaining the roads and paths of Fidel during the millenia-long anarchy of the Mortal Wars. Now, what makes the Hunts distinctive from any other mercenary bands? Well, they ride BADASS FLYING MOUNTS. Gryphons, for the most part, although one or two specialize in pegasi, and a few ride more esoteric things... Four NPCs intimately intertwined with the group are members of the Red Hunt - a sort of catch-all for powerful, destructive mages. Faukner, her apprentices Formel and Tiercel, and her wife, Charr. So, I've had the Stonehaven Half-Dragon Duelist for ages. It's one of my favorite dragonborn minis, and I decided it'd be perfect for the swashbuckling Charr... It's a great mini, neat and clean with tons of personality. To give you an idea of who Charr is... Anyways, I've decided to do a WIP of this set of minis, starting with Charr's two forms. This is the thread for her humanoid form, obviously - I'm painting up the Temple Dragon for her dragonness form, and I'll try to do a WIP for that, too. So! I started off nice and simple - hit the face with some red, and decided on a blue-and-white scheme for the cloths. I'm trying to bring out some of the swashbuckler in this mini, so I like the naval colors. That said, I could use ideas for the cravat. Ordinarily, I'd paint my dragonborn's hair simularly to her scales and try to ignore it, but gonna go with dark for these dreads. They're sweet as hell. Wish DSM would give us a KS for these. And there's the face, pretty much finished, TBH! I washed it with Games Workshop's purple wash, pretty heavily so it'd sit well in the mouth and scale cracks, and then highlighted just with pure red. This is a proof-of-concept for the temple dragon, as well as a mini on it's own, and I'm pretty happy with it! Used Palimimo Gold for the eyes - something else that'll carry over!