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    New England Paint Day

    I'm down, as long as it's in Groton. Mass is a long trek for a new driver, so I'd prefer to meet up w/ someone and drive up together for that.
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    Department of Acquisitions

    Just ordered myself the Koch43 2017 SEXY TRANSFORMERS PINUP CALENDAR. 12 months of sexy sexy robutt goodness! Unlike last year's, which was all Koch, this one actually features several different artists... I'm pumped b/c this year's got pretty much all of my faves! SOUNDWAVE oh man all my love you silent robot dad
  3. Yep! Got them statted and everything: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eDgtdK1rBmq1jSshvx3HnXWEIcoJhufd6IQwSrfguDE/edit?usp=sharing Working on their lore at the moment, and thinking of giving them some sort of hitpoint-sharing move, but they're playable now.
  4. Alrighty! I have PLACED THE ORDER! Thanks for all the help guys - these look a little big for real wolves, but perfect for dire wolves, so I've got some really good encounters planned up for them :D And two of them are going to be fire elementals, which will be fun!
  5. Aard_Rinn

    Department of Acquisitions

    Just ordered a set of GW's Space Wolves: Fenrisian Wolf Pack. They look like they're going to be awesome Dire Wolf standins... Gonna paint three of them up as standard wolves (grey) and two of them I'm going to mod and paint as Fire Elementals. One of the plot-driving NPCs in my campaign world travels around with a pair of fire elementals who take the form of wolves, see... so they're gonna be really useful when I figure out how to add trails of fire burning out behind them. I'm thinking make the coils with a glue-gun and use glue and greenstuff to work them on, but I'll have to see. If these look good and aren't too much of a PITA to assemble, I'll probably grab another set, make sure I have enough for a decent pack. I'm kind of excited - I haven't worked with GW plastics before, but 22$ for five large figures is much, much more reasonable than most of the stuff I've seen from them... Also I got this awesome poster: Oh god, so much transformers stuff this Christmas. My room looks banging. Just gotta get the comforter set I want, and a couple pillowcases...
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    Department of Acquisitions

    Just ordered 6 delicious paintbrushes from Rosemary and Co - their Kolinsky Sable 33's size 3, 4, and 5. Got one each of 3 (a little narrow for my taste, but handy) and 5 (which is prolly gonna be huge) and four of 4 (my preferred brush size). Cost me 50$ almost exactly, so a solid price! I'm pretty sure my last brush purchase was Sophomore Year, so... 2013? Maybe 2014? (EDIT: April 2014, found the thread!) So I've really been needing these. That said, I've been very pleased with how they held up! My 2's and 3's are headed out, and my 4 died an unfortunate glue-related death around a year ago, but they had a good, low-maintenance life!
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    Happy Birthday, Aard Rinn!!

    Yes. Yes it does. Merry Aardmas to all, and to all a good night! Thanks guys - I know it's been a while!
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    Choking themselves out

    So I just got back to my house from my flgs, and I have to say I feel terrible about the way it went. I headed out this morning planning to buy some primer for my day off and maybe look at some miniatures - I'm starting a new campaign on Wednesday so I need a character for that. So I get to the store and find the stuff I want - I don't find a miniature but I find everything else - and I go to pay... "They don't take credit cards," I'm informed. "They don't take debit cards," I'm informed. "They don't take checks," I'm informed. "They only take cash now. So terribly sorry." So, and I hate to say it, I turned around and walked out of that shop with none of the things I had come there to buy. Because at the end of the day, paying them would have been a complicated thing involving me going, getting cash, coming back and then going about my day. I find this incredibly frustrating because I want to support that shop. I want them to succeed. But I'll be honest? I'm probably not going to go back there again. Their selection and what they offer me is not good enough to make it worth my while to go out of my way to pay them. Sorry if this sounds weird, I'm writing it using a talk to text editor and it's kind of a weird experience writing with it. Has anybody else had an experience like this though? I really feel like making it willfully harder for people to shop at your already struggling store is just a good way to kill your business. It's like if an online store started excepting nothing but Bitcoin.... Sure I could get it, but at the end of the day am I gonna bother putting the effort in?
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    New England Paint Day

    Anyone here going to Reapercon and willing to take a pound or two of melt for me? I can mail it to you and send money to get it back, or just wait if you're willing to hold it until the next PD.
  10. Aard_Rinn

    New England Paint Day

    So who's doing RCon this year, OOC? I have some pewter to send if anyone's game...
  11. Aard_Rinn

    New England Paint Day

    Anyone driving through Hamden CT? I'd love to hitch a ride...
  12. Aard_Rinn

    LFMini: Muscular snakeman (with legs)?

    Might have better luck modding a croc snoot into a snakeface... This guy: isn't too far away from that character round the torso, and some creative greenstuffing might make the neck and tail work. The Darklands minis also have the Krokondar, who are pretty close: Again, as long as you don't mind fiddling. They have snake people, too, but none of them have legs... Lots of good crocodiles, tho. Might be your best bet.
  13. Aard_Rinn

    Randomness IX: Incoherence is our superpower!

    A Møøse once bit my sister... Really??? Those are very big animals... Or was it a young? Have you ever watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail in English? Yes , but it was also subtitled...and a long time ago,,, I guess I forgot about a few jokes. /thread funniest thing that will ever be posted in Randomness we can pack it up and go home Ub3r can see his family again @Xherman1964:
  14. Hey guys! So, I haven't posted as I paint (bad Aard) but here goes: First up for today, the Large Water Elemental! I really, really liked painting this guy! I did a bit of swooshing with a mix of my Secret Weapon Teal and white, and it came out perfect. The innate blue is a bit strong - it needed to be covered at least partially - so what I did is painted the smooth insides of the waves almost fully, and then did some really heavy peaking and drybrushing where it got choppy. I built up the waves in layers to white, and tipped them in Linen White - it took me around half an hour to get a really good-looking tabletop piece. Having done this, and now two Large Fire Elementals, a medium, and six fireballs, I feel confident in saying that this clear plastic is fantastic - far, far less work than a similar piece in white. The one thing I will say is that, for the next KS, I want some really useful smaller water elementals. The snake-in-a-jug is great, but I need this, but smaller - something with no personality to it that I can field a half-dozen of. Basically a fireball- or ice wall- sized water elemental. Same with earth, really. Next up, GNOLLS THE BANE OF MY ME WHY, MERCIFUL PRIMUS, WHY I HAVE SO MANY THEY ARE SO HARD TO PAINT I HATES THEM I DOES But seriously, I hate painting these. These and Bugbears. So many fur. So much strap. It wouldn't be so hard if there were only like these three, but I have two more half-done, and then another seven. These three took like... two hours? But it was aweful. Srsly, Reaper - LE KS so I can just shlock up a bunch of prepaint mooks and be free... But then, that's cheating, and I'd be disappointed in myself. I am trapped. Still, I think they're coming along well - nothing too fancy, just a different kilt-color each and some lazily-done metallics, and I'm not gonna be embarrassed fielding them. The scalemaille redeems them somewhat - it really is incredibly easy to make it look good. Dedicated viewers will know I like to be fast about things, and I've got a pretty good list in the works - four lemures, three ice demons, a whole suite of abberations (mouth horror, mimic, tentacle stalagmite, two eyebeasts) that I'm gonna finish up in the next few days. I'm currently at 26/61 for the box of minis I purchased less than a month ago, so I'm actually on track to finish that before BonesIII gets here - especially considering that 12 of those minis are spiders, so if I make a day of that, it'll be almost 3/4ths done! Look forward to my already finished purple worms, Frog Demon, and Shogoth too, when I'm not so super-tired...
  15. And here's the rest of my crew from the last week. These were all done over the course of a couple days - I'm really happy about how they came out, and they were a lot of fun. First, Shoggoth! Eyeballs: Speedpaint Edition! This guy was a lot of fun. I started by just doing the center eye real quick, and then basecoated the red Citadel Doombull Brown to look like nerves. The eyes went quick - brush white on all of them, then irises on all of them, then pupils, followed by wrapping it in brown again to make it fit the socket. Added some red after, and I think it came out really good. I'm thinking of using this as either a larval eyebeast or an eyebeast controller... Not sure when I'd use it otherwise. Next, Purple Worms! Love love love this sculpt. Huge for the price too - something I had never realized until the first time I saw them in person - and just gorgeous. I figure three gives me a respectable group for Goremaw to command... or players to ride. I decided to go bright on these guys - purple backs and yellow/orange bellies. It was pretty easy to whip out with a moderate amount of blending, and P3 Armor Wash did a nice job of darkening the backs for me. Last but not least: TOAD DEMON! Yes, Jack, there is a Rainbow Claus, and he brings good little Aards presents on the back of his GIANT MUTANT TREE-FROG.
  16. Aard_Rinn

    Randomness IX: Incoherence is our superpower!

    So I'm learning to drive, right? Getting pretty good at it - doing everything but highways at this point. And yesterday my dad calls while he's at work. We chat, and he mentions a crushed front fender... O-O But guess what! It wasn't me! I was really worried for about a second, wondering what I might have hit, until he explains that it was his client's son...
  17. OMG... It's actually BLUE!!! Who are and what have you done with Aard??? Oh, you wait for the Frog Demon, Hatman - it is GLORIOUS
  18. Aard_Rinn

    Reaper Bones 3: Post-Kickstarter Discussion

    Hm... GIANTS! I like the Fire Giants more myself - as the horde of eight that I got makes obvious - but the frost giants are great too... On the other hand, I just painted a trio of purple worms, too - so Goremaw is going to be amazing.
  19. Aard_Rinn

    New England Paint Day

    I'm up for the 13th, if anyone's driving through my neck of the woods...
  20. Aard_Rinn

    Google Hangouts Chatter thread

    Hey. Y'all should get on this with me. Aryanun is gone and I'm lonely... :<
  21. Aard_Rinn

    New England Paint Day

    Is anyone driving through Hamden CT who I might be able to drive with?
  22. Aard_Rinn

    Survivor Game: Microsoft Windows Editions

    Woo! Love these! MS-DOS: 10 Windows 1: 10 Windows 2: 10 Windows 3.0: 10 Windows 3.1: 10 Windows NT: 10 Windows 95: 10 Windows 98: 10 Windows ME (millenium Edition): 9 Windows 2000: 10 Windows XP: 10 Windows Vista: 8 Windows 7: 10 Windows 8: 10 Windows 8.1: 10 Windows 10: 10
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    Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers

    Got em! Except for my extra pair of Hengeyokai... :< ah well.
  24. Aard_Rinn

    Stonehaven Halfling Adventurers

    ...nothing for me still :<
  25. So I've been working on moving my collection from 1's and 2's of things I find interesting to having enough monsters to have a real fight - with everything represented with the right figures, or as near as makes no difference. To that end, I spent yesterday evening after I got back from Cape Cod working on a selection of ratfolk. The filth beast included is the finished figure from NEMPA paint day June. First up, 2x Rats (77016): I figured a dozen smaller rats is a good start for a sewers encounter, as well as to serve as familiars. I tried to represent a wide variety of rats - brown, grey, black, and white, with a couple calicos and a white-belly tossed in for variety. These are great to paint - I went through and did all the pink bits, and then just colored them in. Super-fast and easy, and they come out looking awesome. Next, the Wererat Stalker: He was fun to do, although I kept it pretty basic - blocked things in, and then hit the coat with P3 Armor Wash (a dense grey) and the rest of him with Game Color Umber Shade. Nothing special, but I have another of this guy plus two of the assassin and a beserker to do, too. Plus the Matriarch and the Packrat, when I find them - and I'm working on the Giant Wererat and two sets of the Barrow rats, as well. Finally, the florescent Filth Beast!: This guy was awesome! I was at a paint day with none of my stuff, so I just started messing around - Pat's collection of stuff was a bit bare, and I had been eyeing him for a bit, so I just grabbed him and went for it. This is gonna be the Alpha Filthbeast - the Beta Filthswarm is gonna be a lot lighter, designed more to camouflage, but he's big and colorful and territorial. I ordered three more filthbeasts to do over the next week or two, so they'll be around in a bit. One note - this guy is Really Big - he barely, barely fits on a 2" disc. I love it.