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    The Samurai

    Is it from the Exalted line? That had some asian stuff...
  2. I just ordered a set of colorshift paints from greenstuffworld! They're gonna take 15days to a month to arrive from Spain, and it's the only set I could find for minis. I'd be so happy if Reaper did a line of them - it'd be nice to have them available easily in the US.
  3. Just got another half-dozen-odd R&co brushes, and they're phenominal - but everyone knows how I feel about them, I guess! Only downside is they don't take orders under 10P, so you're gonna have to get around three brushes - I quite like their size 4 as a utility brush. If you do, series 33 is the standard point round, and you want the standard handle, not the long...
  4. Aard_Rinn

    Who's on the good team???

    So, Reaper name most of their non-group figures - it makes it a lot easier to keep track of who's who when you're referring to them - and they can be used however you want. That said, if you're looking for groups of simular "good guys", there are a couple good ones: Anhurians, a group of low-ranked human fighters, Vale Elves, differently armed groups of elf warriors, Crusader Knights, high-level warriors, to name a few that sound like they'd suit.
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    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Also looking for a when n were on the meetngreet...
  6. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I are here! Now to find VI...
  7. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Just watched them fling my luggage onto the next plane. Good to see my cargo's gonna make it!
  8. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I think that i shall never see A state more flat than Tennessee to paraphrase a better poet. I have landed. Soon, i shall rise again, like an xman!
  9. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    There are gonna be 70 ppl on my flight... On a 737. So Imma shoot for my own row. Anyone else riding Southwest out of Laguardia, btw? We should hook up.
  10. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I passed out at 8pm and got up at 3, so im #woke... Thru security and at the gate! Of course theres three hrs till my flight...
  11. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Doot doot! The CT Limo has no breaks!
  12. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I AM AN ADULT!!!!
  13. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Hey, I'm wondering - can you take a lot of pewter in your carryon, or do most people check it? I'm just nervous putting hundreds of dollars of pewter in a bag I'm not gonna have eyes on...
  14. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Were the four faction minis and the hotel minis shown?
  15. Aard_Rinn

    2018 Special Edition CAV-CON metal CAV miniature!

    Ooo! Will this be in the Con/VIP bags, or is it it's own thing?
  16. So, how does one go about finding folks who are looking to split a room for the con? I'm gonna be able to go this year, and the forum description said this is the place to do it, but I dont see a relevant thread. Let me know if there's a better place, I guess? While it wouldnt be the first con I've spent sleeping in the bushes outside the convention center, Texas sounds hotter than CT, so I am currently looking to share, if anyone has a free corner they're looking to fill. So, let me know and we can talk money, I guess? Bonus points if you're flying in and we can carpool to and from together - I pack light and ship well! :)
  17. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    I have purchased... SHORTS! Yes, shorts for Reapercon! My twelve identical pairs of jeans are unrivaled NO LONGER! MUAHAHAHAHA
  18. Aard_Rinn

    Fat Wyvern (Conversion)

    Thump! Thump! Thump!
  19. This is a great and wiggly miniature, well worth the 4$ I got it for. It has a lot of great small details, and took washes really well. Originally, I painted it all brown, but that was boring so I changed parts of it to be sort of bluish in the laziest way possible. Still, I feel like adding the splashes of blue ink actually got my point across well: they defined some of the more interesting bits, and added a little bit of cooler color to what was a very brown miniature. And, while I realize that Umber Hulks are typically more cavey than plateauy, this base looks a lot more interesting than the original grey base I did! He's all done, but I photographed before adding the glosscoat, since shiny is harder to take pictures of.
  20. Aard_Rinn

    Nemicolopterus: Deezee Miniatures

    So, these guys were added to the GREAT DINOSAUR PROJECT after they were actually released for 5e, although I was oogling them long before that. They popped out in Beasts of the Jungle Rot, as one of a dinosaur druid's only CR0 options for wildshape - as well as a pretty great swarm to summon; CR2 with flight... I used beading eyelets for the standees - drilled them in, then stuck them in place in the greenstuff. Pretty pleased with how they came out - I made enough to use as swarms for summons or enemies, and then did a solo beeb to represent a sneaking, Wildshaped Cull.
  21. So, these are some little guys I painted for Cull, my dinosaur druid! I prefer floofy beebs, meself, but the little green fellows are very cute, too. I've been using them as dilophodons, since I couldn't find any minis to represent them. The veloceraptor on top of the ruined brick is Little Beaker, my familiar/animal pal/quest reward from Tomb of Annihalation. He did very well, and survived the whole thing. He eventually got Awakened, and finally ended his adventuring career in the loving care of the Silver Dragon from Rise of Tiamat, who needed a secretary smol enough to count her coins. Edit: Added better pictures.
  22. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Anything DDAL is an Adventurers League 5e DnD module. DDALSeason#-Module#, I believe, though I could be wrong on the third.
  23. Aard_Rinn

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    So, twelve new colors in the all-access bag, plus whatever exclusives are in there? That's pretty fantastic!
  24. Aard_Rinn

    Anyone basing?

    I'm gonna be doing a fair bit of base sculpting, yeah; mostly setting stuff up to be painted.