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  1. Great, Thanks for the answers. I've been working on my layering technique, I may add some liners in to that and see how it goes. I've got plenty of bones to practice with. :)
  2. Ignorant question. What are the Liner paints used for? Are they a thinner paint to shadow an underneath area? Say like just under a fur over a pant leg to create a shadow?
  3. Here's my Tarras.... I mean Khanjira the World Breaker.:)
  4. Great, I can patiently wait. It's not like I have 500 other mini's to paint. :P
  5. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but are there plans to release the Bones 3 Kryphrixis dragon for general sale?
  6. That is a old school Warzone Necromutant from the Mutant Chronicles setting.
  7. Very nice! I'm Buying this mini. It'll make a nice Death Knight on a Nightmare.
  8. oops Posted in wrong section, Mods, please delete or move to Tips/Advice.
  9. Looking at the clear Bones II minis, does anyone have some simple LED recommendations to light them up from a base?
  10. Thanks! I took some layering/shading classes at Gen Con this year and this mini and a few others are my first attempt at it. Still need practice but it's coming along.
  11. The Thief in Red. Starting to work on my layering technique.
  12. Here's another I finsh recently. I used a different shield. The character has been hunting a particular vampire for years and along the way acquired some red dragon armor. It was also my first attempt at paining a gem (his Amulet).
  13. Here's one of the minis I recently finished. Been working on my layering technique.
  14. Awesome Sauce! I've had the mini since high school (20+ years) and just recently pulled him out of storage to start working on it.
  15. I like it as well but see the need to break up the base color a bit, maybe add some scorch marks, paint the pillar ruins that ancient greek white color and add some moss to them. Maybe throw in a skeleton or two.