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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but are there plans to release the Bones 3 Kryphrixis dragon for general sale?
  2. Mordarby

    Liner Paint

    Ignorant question. What are the Liner paints used for? Are they a thinner paint to shadow an underneath area? Say like just under a fur over a pant leg to create a shadow?
  3. Mordarby

    Liner Paint

    Great, Thanks for the answers. I've been working on my layering technique, I may add some liners in to that and see how it goes. I've got plenty of bones to practice with. :)
  4. Mordarby

    The Wolrd Breaker Rises

    Here's my Tarras.... I mean Khanjira the World Breaker.:)
  5. Great, I can patiently wait. It's not like I have 500 other mini's to paint. :P
  6. Mordarby

    Introduction and Warzone Necromutant

    That is a old school Warzone Necromutant from the Mutant Chronicles setting. http://shop.princeaugust.ie/tg9513pb-warzone-dark-legion-necromutants-4-figures/
  7. Mordarby

    Bronze Age Miniatures Death Dealer

    Very nice! I'm Buying this mini. It'll make a nice Death Knight on a Nightmare.
  8. Mordarby

    LED Lights Recommendations?

    Looking at the clear Bones II minis, does anyone have some simple LED recommendations to light them up from a base?
  9. Mordarby

    LED Lights Recommendations?

    oops Posted in wrong section, Mods, please delete or move to Tips/Advice.
  10. Mordarby

    Undead Hunter Mod

    Here's another I finsh recently. I used a different shield. The character has been hunting a particular vampire for years and along the way acquired some red dragon armor. It was also my first attempt at paining a gem (his Amulet).
  11. Mordarby

    DSM Thief in Red

    The Thief in Red. Starting to work on my layering technique.
  12. Mordarby

    DSM Thief in Red

    Here's one of the minis I recently finished. Been working on my layering technique.
  13. Mordarby

    Undead Hunter Mod

    Thanks! I took some layering/shading classes at Gen Con this year and this mini and a few others are my first attempt at it. Still need practice but it's coming along.
  14. Mordarby

    Teronus the Ultimate Dragon

    Awesome Sauce! I've had the mini since high school (20+ years) and just recently pulled him out of storage to start working on it.
  15. Mordarby

    Dragon Horde Diorama

    I like it as well but see the need to break up the base color a bit, maybe add some scorch marks, paint the pillar ruins that ancient greek white color and add some moss to them. Maybe throw in a skeleton or two.
  16. Mordarby

    Mordarby's Latest Mini's

    Finished up 3 mini's recently. 2 are gifts to fellow players and the 3rd is an NPC for our game. This is a gift for a friend. He had the Fluer de Lis decals and requested them on it. Tried a few new techniques it. Pretty happy with him.
  17. Mordarby

    Mordarby's Latest Mini's

    Thanks all for the advice.I'll take that into acount and try that out. The first mini is a Dark Sword mini called Male Warrior w/ Bastard Sword. http://www.darkswordminiatures.com/shop/index.php/male-warrior-with-bastard-sword.html The other 2 are Reapers.
  18. Mordarby

    Mordarby's Latest Mini's

    Here's the last one. An NPC for our current campaign. He was a quick and easy one to paint. I tried a new painting technique on the sward to shade with metalic paints. not totally happy with it but it is definantly better than a flat color without shading and reflection.
  19. Mordarby

    Mordarby's Latest Mini's

    Here's another gift for another friend. This one suffered a bad sealer accident that turned parts of him white. I had to repaint him. Ugh!
  20. Mordarby

    Entropes will eat your... face?

    Who's thinking Tremors here?
  21. Mordarby

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    Thanks for the quick replies, Thanks! :)
  22. Mordarby

    Bones Kickstarter #2 Discussion

    New to this Kickstarter thing. I've pledge a $100 but I am trying to understand the bonus items that have additional cost. Do I just go in and up my pledge to $130 and them means I autoamitically get all orange bonuses (the dragon, case, paints, ECT) that are less that the $30 bonus? Help me out, cause I want to get the case, demons, and dragon.
  23. Mordarby

    Here's my 2 minute light box

    I made this with 4 sheets of 8.5 x 11 white paper, tape, and my mini painting lamp. Pictures are taken on my iPhone 4s. There are a couple posts in the "Show Off" section. For those of you on the cheap, this seems to be an adequate solution till better means come along.
  24. Currently I am just using a 20oz soda bottle with a little plumbers tack on top to hold my mini in place but there are times when the bottle is to tall to interfere with brush position relative to my light/mag arm. Plus it doesn't hold larger mini's well, and a few other issues. I've noticed some folks are using wood blocks. Are these just custom made or are these blocks people are buying somewhere? If so, where? I'd like to get my hands on some. Thanks, Mordarby
  25. Mordarby

    Kale Nolan - Warrior

    So here's the latest mini I have finished. I really enjoyed painting this mini with the exception of it's left eye. That was a real bugger to get to. For you old Greyhawkers, you should recognize the emblem on the shield. I'm starting to play with layering and shading more and more and played with steel colors a bit with this one. It was there but not quite. I've seen Dr. Faust's YouTube video on painting metal and going to give that a try on my next opportunity.