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    I am now retired as of 14 May 2014. I adore painting miniatures. I have been very lucky in some areas of my life. I have worked two jobs since I was 30. I earned my salary to support myself, and my second salary was placed in cash envelopes and dispensed to the poor. Lets just say I was adding to a "future" Retirement fund beyond this life. I still do some professional clergy services for free. I love going to my beloved Norway as often as possible, and as much as my relatives will put up with me. I am now Bi-Lingual in Norwegian. One strange thing about me is that I don't look at Television. It has been over twenty years since I owned a tube. If I am around one it is like a brain magnet, sucking the content out of my head. I don't miss it at all. My news is acquired from five Norwegian newspapers, or other foreign language newspapers. I read a lot, and now I paint a lot ! I also mix my own colors, I don't use colors out of the dropper. I find it much more satisfying to make my own color mixes. It appears that my normal speed is one miniature a week, though I have been doing more elaborate basing these days. That means that I have slowed down quite a bit. I treasure some of the friendships I have made in the Forum. I recently went through a bought of surgery's and medical attention. Seems that is coming to an end, and I am getting better, and healthier. It has been wonderful picking up my brushes and miniatures once again. Missed doing them, and my friends here on the Forums.

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  1. Happy yet Sad. I received my Last order from Thunderbolt Mountain a day earlier. A free mini was included of "The Eye Monster"..Not one of my favorites, but it is a Tom Sculpt. I ordered ten Miniatures from him, and can't believe that it really is my final order (Le Sad)... Here is what they delivered today: 1x #8312 Byzantine Heavy Spearman in Chainmail - Single Figure 1x #8311 Byzantine Heavy Spearman in Lammelar Armor - Single Figure 1x #8310 Byzantine Heavy Spearman in Lammelar Armor - Single Figure 1x #8201 High Elf Moon Spearman - Single figure 1x #8200 High Elf Comet Spearman - Single figure 1x #8011 Wood Elf Archer in Chainmail w/ Plates - Single Figure / Single figure 1x #8010 Wood Elf Archer - Single Figure / #8010 Wood Elf Archer 1x #8003 Wood Elf Spearman in Leaf-scale - Single Figure / Single figure 1x #8002 Wood Elf Spearman in chainmail w/ plates - Single Figure / Single figure 1x #8001 Wood Elf Spearman in Lamellar - Single Figure / Single figure I have the rest of the Knights to finish painting still. So I have plenty of Tom Meirer to keep honing my brush skills. !
  2. Happy Birthday HornedTurtle !!!

    Happiest Of Birthdays !!!
  3. Happy Birthday Argentee !!!

    Happiest Of Birthdays !!!! Jasonator
  4. What a delightful romp in my imagination thanks to you my dear friend. Love all the shrooms, trees, flotsom, jetsom, and Marjorie ! I so look forward to see where you go with the blight, and the rest of your creations. I am bogged down with a tiny little dwarf at the moment. The more I work on him, the more time I am spending on cleanup... Slow Down Time. used a shocking pink, and coated what I wanted nicely, then saw what I did to sleeves and beard...Aye Carumbah" So its not You, its the cold, darkness, damp, all all that goes with that situation my friend ! You are doing fine, I'll be posting anew in a few more days !! Enjoy being zany. Jay
  5. Shieldmaiden Bust from Nutsplanet

    You should be very very proud of this one. Excellent, and beautifully executed !! Jay
  6. LOVE THAT TROLL !!! Great addition. You've got some epic stuff going on !!! Go Malefactus, Go !!!
  7. General Drake: 50147

    Oh So Well Done !! The balance of color, its application, and the brush control are spectacular. I like the balance of the glazing, those highlights, and light on the chest color. Beautiful, time taking work ! You done did great Arc.
  8. Excellent work, and beautifully painted and displayed. Welcome to the the Forums. If you want to learn, this is the place. The most talented and kindest folks are hidden behind all those avatars. you could make a friend for life here very easy. Paint on !!! Jay
  9. Gosh I am sitting here numb with realization. I just purchased TEN (10) Thunderbolt Mountain Elf Mini's by Tom Meirer. I am really upset that this will be the last of his works from his own studio. I hope he keeps on working for Dark Sword Mini's though !!!! I have so many of his works that I have painted, feels a bit like my heart has been ripped out. Oh well, maybe they will toss in a surprise as they are fulfilling the orders... Le Sigh. Jay
  10. Happy Birthday Egg of Coot !!!

    Happiest of Birthday's !!!!
  11. Happy Birthday Last Knight !!!!

    Happy Birthday !!
  12. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    Or you could put in some HORRIFIED/SCREAMING Mushrooms that suddenly realized that the tree was moving on its own, and they were " Aghast and Horror" at the whim of destiny !!! ! I'm sure it will be whimsical, and tough at the same time...lol
  14. From The Bottom Up, Part II

    I will just clap from the sidelines until I catch up !!! Magnificent, and sinister right from the git go !!! Gotta love it.. oh... CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP...CLAPSSSSSSSS.. Jay
  15. ROFL I am only going to applaud your creation !!!! I am visiting my son in Portland, I'm amazed by what I see !!!