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    I am now retired as of 14 May 2014. I adore painting miniatures, I still do some professional services for free. I love going to my beloved Norway as often as possible, and as much as my relatives will put up with me. I am now Bi-Lingual in Norwegian. I don't look at Television, I read a lot, and now I paint a lot ! I also mix my own colors, I don't use colors out of the dropper. I find it much more satisfying to make my own color mixes. It appears that my normal speed is one miniature a week, though I have been doing more elaborate basing these days. That means that I have slowed down quite a bit. I treasure some of the friendships I have made in the Forum.

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  1. Thanks for the vote Korimar. Forgot that this was Reaper Con Week. Not than many folks will be checking in and out ! LOL Your vote was greatly appreciated. Thank You. Glad you enjoy my humble efforts. Don't know if you have used the function in the forums or not. Under the description there is all this information about mini type, metal, pewter, maker, sculptor, and in my case Jasonator. If you click on Jasonator, you will get a listing of ALL the mini's I have posted. That works on your own as well as anyone else's posting. Great way to see some magnificent work done by friends. Jay
  2. Ditch my vocabulary on this one...STUNNING and FABULOUS !!! Jay
  3. Wonderful work Arc724. Nice blending, freehand, and I really like that "Harlequin" look on the cloak. Good contrasting colour choices ! Nicely Done. Jay
  4. I've always liked the plinth mounting/basing for dynamic sculpts. This one yelled for it . One of these days I will get my carving tools out, and see if I can remember a few tricks. Next mini up is a Golden Retriever! Thanks for the input Patrik ! Jay
  5. Just Magnificent !!! Jay
  6. Love the textures, divergent lines, and the barks on those trees. Roots and limbs are just mind blowing Malefactus ! I can only sit here and marvel sometimes, until my body says.. "Hey, You've got a Miniature waiting, and calling your name. You are "butthead" right ??? Chuckle. Love the Forest.. ! Jay
  7. Joanaas33 Thank You !! Welcome to the Forums. You just landed in one of the most incredible spots on the web. EVERYONE is helpful, and the help is available (either by personal comment, or suggestions/comments/ how to's in the different how do I forums, will blow your mind. If you can't find something, ask, someone will point you in the right direction, or answer your question for you. Note that some of us have additional web addresses at the bottom of our posts. These are links to when we first started, and gives a great deal of information as we fumbled and make mistakes. Keep your eye out for them, they can teach you an incredible amount in a very short time. Good Luck. Jay
  8. Mange Tusen Takk Citrine ! When I joined the ranks of those understanding Norwegian I had NO idea that there were so many of us on the Forums. Must be a hobby that appeals to the solitary soul in us, or just how intense we can be. I have loved this miniature since I got it over a year ago. Just had to work the skill level up to paint it..LOL Your compliment brought me great joy Dear Lady! If we have anyone that is spectacular at basing; it is your esteemed self !!!!! Jay :)
  9. It is a sheet of flowers (many colors and kinds to choose from) that I get from "Scenic Express Model Landscaping supplies, Inc." Its a catalog.. (eye candy everywhere... you've been warned..ROFL).
  10. Very Nicely done. Great advice about the magnification visor. I couldn't do anything without mine ! Keep up the great work ! Jay
  11. Nicely done. You worked those reds like a master, one thin layer at a time, and the Goth black nail added a nice touch. Very very well done.
  12. ROFLMAO !! Thought I recognized a few familiar hands in this piece. Beautiful job, and I am happy to report that I was giggling the further along I went and saw the mini's evolve and take off. Magnificent Job ! Oh So Well Done...chuckle.
  13. Thank You Gitterwolf. Its so fantastic to feel the power in the almighty brush within my hand grip again. Its Ub3r_n3rd's fault that I get involved in basing now adays...LOL I look at them in the pack and say.."can I base this"...BEFORE I think about purchasing them now-a-days. I've grown rather partial to the grren's and deep reds these days... :) Thanks again !!! Jay Du er Nordmann den, eller Dansk? Jeg også er Nordmann, men jeg er født på U.S.A. I hope you can read what I wrote. Thanks for the smile! Jay
  14. Thank You Malefactus; Your kind words and support made me smile to return to the fun things that I love doing. I like mounting some figures on a plynth, though I must admit, I am getting the urge to carve a pillar, rocks with a stream pouring out as a base, or a figure leaving a cave. The basing sometime is almost as much fun as the challenge of painting !!! Thanks again ! Thanks VolksFest ! There are a great many of incredible base creator's online. Citrine does mind blowing things, as does Ub3r_n3rd, just to mention a couple. Check out their WIPs, or their original early work to see their growth. Made my day to see you like what I produced. Jay
  15. Finally have gotten back to painting; what a joy !!! Felt like a major portion of my life had gone away. Poor Alfyn has been sitting on my desk forlorn for over 30 days. I finally said enough, and here he is finished. He is such a majestic Viking I wanted to get him elevated as he reminded me of my beloved Fjords. Well here he is at the pinnacle of a fjord looking at his dragon boat pulled up on the shore. Feel free to make any comments, criticisms, they're ALL appreciated. So here is Alfyn Crowkiller Wilding Captain as I envisioned him. Jasonator.