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    Before Summer ends; I am moving to Portland, Oregon.
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    I adore painting Miniatures.
    I'm a bit like a memory Machine...I don't forget much.
    I don't look at television, but I study constantly .
    I speak/read/write Norwegian, Latin, and I only admit to knowing some of four other's.
    I love Museums (and seen some of the worlds best).
    I also was fortunate to have traveled widely (despite being raised in an orphanage),
    and that has colored my expanded view of the world.
    I would love to teach others to paint miniatures, and may do so in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. The Shrooms are glorious, it's like a riot of color. Wow is that photo rich with color, design, skill, and well, it's simply overwhelming in its glory. Just Dang. You have really capitalized on that color palette. I can't get over the splash and splurge of color (not even taking into account the mastery of creating the mushroom figures). This is witchcraft Malafactus, sheer diabolical magic!!
  2. Wow ! That Rhino is getting the Malafactus treatment. I hope it appreciates that is going to go from being "a Rhino" to an object of vast amazement, creativity, and wonder !!! It may even become the Eighth Wonder of the world. I adore this Al, its amazing !! The Rhino has been waiting patiently for your hand to arrive, and make it remarkable, immortal, and a piece of art ! Keep on going !!!!!
  3. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday, Grumpy Cave Bear!

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !!!!
  5. Jasonator


    GRATULERER MED DAGEN. Happy Birthday ,may your day be full of smiles and happiness.
  6. Jasonator

    Bonny Ann Pirate Queen Bust by Glitterwolf

    Incredible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must have been working on these forever !!! Stunning work Glitter !! Simply gobsmak Stunning ! Great job, and flesh is NOT the easiest to work on. The face work is really excellent also. Jay
  7. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday, Jasonator!

    Mange Tusen Takk Citrine !!
  8. Jasonator

    A New Mushrooms on the Block

    I think I need a conference or six meetings with my SHRINK !!!! Good God do they look frightening, evil, sinister, mind controlled !!! The multiple personalities are so real !!! The colors are incredible. Seeing them all together in a box reminds me to "BACK-OUT-OF-THE-DOOR"!! I wouldn't turn my back on those critters for one second, lest one jumps on your back and sinks his enlarged, crooked teeth in your neck !!! Shudder ! Great job of making a box full of Horror !!!
  9. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday, Jasonator!

    Thank you for all the kind Birthday Wishes. They really are greatly appreciated. Goodness, I don't feel 69 !!! My beloved Son got the old man quite well this afternoon. He sent me an additional Birthday gift of a Magnificent Flower Arrangement. I have never been given flowers before.. greatly moved me.
  10. They are spectacular, and breath taking ! Look at all that personality, and color to go with. They look delectable (However; I suspect THEY would be the ACTIVE eaters) !!! You are AMAZING my friend ! Brilliant work ! I look forward to seeing them deployed !!!
  11. Jasonator

    Happy Mother's Day.

    May all your children wish, and make your special day, one to smile about. Happy Mother's Day.
  12. Jasonator

    Language Software and Websites

    Finished the Norwegian Course this morning. Now I just go in and bring skill levels up, and get experience points to raise my comprehension levels. This is my 3rd Owl, I don't anticipate going for a fourth if they ever offer it...! Good luck everyone. Jay
  13. Jasonator

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    On 5/11/2018 at 12:27 AM, Morihalda said: Weekend Topic: Museums! Do you like going to museums? What were some of your favorite exhibits, and if you could create your own, what would it cover? I am a bit of a Museum fanatic. I adore a "GOOD"/"GREAT" museum. I have been fortunate to have traveled, and discovered The world's great Museums. The Metropolitan, the Frick, the Guggenheim, and the Whitney Museums in New York City were amazing. The Philadelphia art museum, Chicago's Museum of art (they have the Original Portrait of Dorian Gray (Ivan Albright) and his brother on display in the central hall (Creepy), San Diego's "El Prado museums, The British Museum, and the Victoria and Albert are mind blowing. The Vatican is a museum unto itself (as is Saint Peter's Basilica), and the Vatican Museums. The Munk Museum, the Vegiland park filled with statues by Gustav Vegilland, Fram Museum, Kon Tiki Museum, and the Viking Ship Museum all in Oslo, Norway. Whenever I travel; if I am going to have the time, I go to the local museums. It tells you so much about the people, and what they are about. I once took my 17 year old son on a (self created) tour of the Metropolitan if he agreed to go with me. I did the "Bordello Tour"... I got him in front of every nude painting and statue in the building. I don't know if he was impressed with the art, or that I knew where they were all hiding ! ROFL. Museums are good for the soul.
  14. Jasonator

    Language Software and Websites

    If anyone wants to friend/follow me on Duolingo my user name is the same as on here. Jasonator01. I am now down to the last two topics (language and Crown).. 9 lessons for the completion Owl. If I am up to it, I could finish Sunday or Monday. You get worn out when you have done so many. There are a lot of topic areas (117 to pass) in Norwegian. So, look me up and follow if you so desire. Jay
  15. Hmmm... disembodied voice begins to recite and reverb in the hollows: Twas a Dark and Stormy Night !!!