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  1. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Argentee

    Gratulerer Med Dagen. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope it has been a joy filled day.
  2. Malafactus !!! I honestly don't know if you are rubbing off, or if I am developing my own sense of disfunction and bizarre thoughts. I was looking at your "Mushroom" forest and had an image of all your mushrooms standing in a circle in Horror; jaws agape, and recoiling... there in front of them is a small platter of of bite sized mushroom cheese burgers, with sliced mushrooms falling to the side of the plate, covered in yellow cheese. !!! I almost laughed myself silly thinking of that. I bow and offer my condolences to the forest inhabitants...(but I still think it is funny) Jay
  3. Jasonator

    Carnivorous Plant: The Prototype

    If he is making a list, and checking it twice... ALL OF US should be VERY NERVOUS !! This is just breath taking. Magnificent work my friend. Jay
  4. KAH-T-H-U-D... Help me, I've fallen and I can't get up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D A N G !!! Jay
  5. Jasonator

    1581 Christmas Dragon Hoard

    Simply magnificent. Humorous, and you just want to put it in your shirt pocket, and carry around and place near you as you go about your day. That critter is precious !!
  6. Jasonator

    #03292: Almaran the Gold, Paladin

    VERY nice touch with the green. You handled that contrast and the combined shadow work extremely well. You even managed to down play that flaw in the face if it still exists. Mine drove me nuts when I did it. Beautiful and well painted piece. Congrats.
  7. Goodness Malafactus; I am sitting looking at materials about how I am going to come up with an original circular base for my sword welding gent, and I go to your site and literally flip the hell out !!! Good grief, look at that beautiful figure, its poetry in motion, lethal in its smoothness. The leaf and limbs, the carved spurs are so masterly done. You just knocked this one out of the park !! Great Job.
  8. For those of you that know me, I cut my teeth on Tom Meier carvings, and I have made it a habit of painting anything that he has put out that I can get my paws and brush on. I was given Syrio Forel (DSM-5133) before my move. I started painting him this week, along with another two others Meier Sculpts. I will mount him on a created base when I finish painting him. Meier sculpts are ALWAYS a challenge. They are small and intricate, they also, at times, carry a surprise feature buried in a fold or underneath a caparison to paint. So here is where I am on this miniature, a day after I started work on it. I do NOT use colors straight from a bottle, a color wheel is a close friend. Jasonator.
  9. Jasonator

    Jasonator does Syrio Forel carved by Tom Meier

    Even though I have taken the week off from painting due to surgery, I got back in the saddle and groove this afternoon. It can be rather calming when it comes to miniatures. So Here is Syrio a bit advanced from where he was a while back. I kind of like where he is at now. Some finishing touches, highlighting, and then to figure out what I will make for a base. Fun stuff and it was nice having control over my brush and paints again. Here is a few samples of what I done did.
  10. I am only going to make one sentence my friend... This is so imaginative, surprising, mind bending, it raises the bar on our hobby, and points to the magnificent ability of one person to create a myriad of entertaining, evocative, and spell binding beauty. (I changed my mind)..more than one sentence. Your basing is incredible, as is your use of color. I long to use your "gone with the howling banshee winds" when it comes to your colors. I am (sadly) not made of such bold stuff. I will admire how magnificent it is, but will content myself with my controlled brush strokes of subtle colors. You are a source of amazement to me, and I suspect there is a plethora of others that are of the same opinion. Great Stuff !!! Jay
  11. Jasonator

    DSM7986, Augustus the Emperor Cat

    Extremely well done. creative color choices, beautiful highlighting, and your brush skills are most impressive ! I remember when I painted mine, was NO piece of cake, and your work is superlative. Congrats.
  12. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Marineal

    Happiest of Birthday's. You know that you SHOULD include CAKE along with the celebration. Have a magnificent day.
  13. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Matbar

    Congrats on being gabornded !! :) Hope it was a great day !
  14. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Adept Legacy !

    Happiest of Birthdays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday redambrosia

    Happy Birfaday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Happiest Birthday wishes to You. May it be filled with family, friends, and those that care about you !
  17. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Beagle

    On this day it appears all good bones belong to you ! May you be well scratched behind your ears, and loved.
  18. Jasonator

    Jasonator does Syrio Forel carved by Tom Meier

    Walked by painting table, and saw miniature on plastic vise. Gee...I need to correct that... ONE HOUR LATER !!!! Here are two new photo's...ROFL. Darn things are contagious. I started out with covering over a holiday... which led to ... Le Sigh. Except I love doing them.
  19. Jasonator

    Jasonator does Syrio Forel carved by Tom Meier

    Tis true !!! Never want to under estimate their range of power, or skills.
  20. Jasonator

    Jasonator does Syrio Forel carved by Tom Meier

    I am actually thinking (way ahead at this point) of having him pointing that sword at a Sun Flower, and having the flower shy left or right like it is avoiding the cut. Just how my brain is working this morning. Oh, and this puppy is NO EASY paint..sheesh ! Jay
  21. Thank Goodness that tomorrow is a holiday, and I can unwind. Al, You just made me catatonic. How the heck do you manage to come up with so many different ideas, concepts, critters, bases, and themes. You SIR are legendary in your scope, vision, and accomplishments. All I can say now is "HAIL MALAFACTUS"... you really are incredible. I treasure your works, humor, and vision. I will take the day away and come back on Friday, and you will blow me out of the water again. I have come to expect that. You are magnifico my friend. Veldig Bra. Tre Bien. and Molto Benne! Jay
  22. Gobsmaking the Jay !!!!!!!!!!! If you aren't aware; I have relocated from NJ, to Portland, Oregon. While talking with a waiter two days ago, I found out that there is a Game Store in Portland. (Never been in a Game Store) so I looked them up on line.. Turns out Guardian Games is a sixteen minute walk from my house.. Down Hill !! I went and bought some "Green Stuff".. I ran out while basing my last mini... OMG.. I was NOT prepared to walk into a HUGE Warehouse...Tables and tables of game places. People playing games everywhere. The selection of Reaper and other makers of mini's was mind blowing. Paints, paints, and more paints. So, if anyone is ever looking for me... that is where I will be. I've never seen so many dice, and dice bags in my life..ROFL. Now to start looking seriously at the green stuff. Jay
  23. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Kheprera

    Happiest of Birthday's to you !
  24. Jasonator

    Learning a new language!

    DUOLINGO is the way to go. It's FREE, its self-paced, It works. It includes Grammar, speaking, hearing, translation to and from English.. I used it to learn to speak, read, understand Norwegian. I have been using it for over three years. My brother John used to to be fluent in German (did not speak a word of it prior), he also learned Spanish utilizing it also. ( I receive email and letters written in Norwegian, I also send email ONLY in Norwegian back) I have NO problems comprehending what is written, and writing back in my other language. My cousin that I write to is a Professional Editor/freelance writer. Norwegian as a second language instructor. Jay
  25. Jasonator

    30014: The Grudge

    Simply Breath Taking !! This is so superlative, that I don't even know where to start !!!! Most Excellent. Jay