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    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I am AMAZED it has happened IIIIIIIIII The move cross country is complete, apartment is mostly set up. My painting table is assembled, paint racks are screwed together, my desk is cleared, AND the new blinds are in place. Once I pick up some new brushes from Michaels, I will begin to paint again, from Portland, Oregon. Kathud. My desk is up against an edge to edge window. LIGHT everwhere. I suspect I am going to be spoiled, and act like a brat again. I am so happy to be able to pick up my last project and move forward with it. 30 days is quite a while NOT to do what one loves. So.. Now I am back!!!! It feels terrific that I could be painting by tomorrow afternoon. Jay
  2. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Chaoswolf

    Happy Birthday Chaoswolf !!!! I hope that someone was thoughtful enough to make you bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner !!! Hope it was a magnificent day. Jay
  3. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Dalth !

    Wishing you a happy Birthday! Dance your two two into a four four !!! Jay
  4. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Aromaticpose !

    Gratulerer med Dagen ! Happy Birthday !!!
  5. Jasonator

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    This sounds like a notify management of harrasment, and potential harm. Use video's to show cause of problems.Then bring everyone together to decide what shall be done in future cases, and pay employee for damage and agony suffered in attack; This is a case of abuse of staff, and management better deal with it, or watch their business close down. Jay;
  6. Jasonator

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I just dropped in to say hello, as I toss empty boxes into a corner, and attempt to make a home out of the former contents of my moving POD. As hard as it is to imagine....at 69 years of age, I have gone from the East Coast (which is facing the brunt of a new hurricane) to living in PORTLAND, OREGON. Once my apartment is arranged I shall begin to paint miniatures again, and get back into the mode of being a contributor to our Reaper fixation. Sooo .... Hello to my new Pacific West Coast Neighbors in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Not used to seeing Mountains in the background of things, Nor people being polite, civil and warm. This is a FAR cry from the East Coast. Jay :)
  7. Oh how fantabulous they really are. I love the way you have grouped them. Shoulder to shoulder (as it were)... They seem so etherial, and the dark fanged evil Morel looks so terrifying isolated on his solitary base.. dripping with venom... Great work my friend. What a joy it is to behold. "Gaudeamus Igitur" Ya done did good !!!! Jay
  8. Jasonator

    77161 Ghost King

    Well Done !!!!!!!!!! Nice choice of colors, and blending ! Brings back many memories from when I painted this figure. Quite the blending challenge ! Jay
  9. The shroomies ARE INCREDIBLE. I can't get over the character in each of them. I would love to see a Morel and company doing a rendition of "Swan Lake", with the rest of the staring/character filled shroomies sitting in theater boxes overlooking the performance. LOL. Gives new meaning to : "Life is but a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage; full of sound and fury, signifying Nothing". Oh, I am connected to my computer, and using my wireless mouse, and keyboard again !!!!!!!!!!!! S00000000000000: "He's BACKKKKK !!!! :) J
  10. Thank you. It will be soon. Just NOT soon enough !!!! Be back soon. Jay
  11. Shroomies !!! In Technicolor !! LOVE them ! One more week and I get my paints, brushet, and miniatures in Portland, Oregon. I'm suffering withdrawals. I will also have my computer again. HURRY please ! Great job Al !! Makes me smile. Jay
  12. Talk about characters ! These are magnificent !!! SWOON !!! Moved to Oregon yesterday this kindle just doesn't cut it ! Soon will have the computer arrive ! Great and incredible work Al. Top rack !!! Jay
  13. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Citrine!

    Gratulere med Dagen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeg er so stor av deg. Har en hygglig dag med familie og venner.!! Jay
  14. Glitter !!! Wow did you kit it on the head (or shroom cap).. Children of the Corn, or the children of Huron..J.R.R.Tolken. They are looking at you, and each other. White really fits them in a mad sense. I look forward to their being painted and based, but multiple basing would be fun, having them check out each others "WEIRDNESS" would be funny. Glad we are such big supporters of Malafactus' critters. I adore his stuff. Jay
  15. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Talespiner!

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !!!
  16. ROFL... I adore it. What a great figure, sculpt, and addition to your madness. Fits right in with all that great figures you have created. Bravo my friend... Magnifico ! Jay
  17. ROFL.. I ADORE them all. So color full. and the emotional natures on display cracked me totally up !! I saw Madness, craziness, jealousy, envy, lust, all the seven deadly sins, humor and Chagrin on a display of mushrooms, and I totally loved the display. Another stroke of Genius Malafactus ! You have just outdone yourself, and another "Level Up"..or down as the case may be..ROFL. Oh so well done. Jay
  18. Mind Boggeling. What a piece of Magic that spooky Shroom is. Its as if he were Gandalf casting a spell, and all critters stare in horror, unable to stop him from doing the unthinkable/and unmentionable... GASP.
  19. These are hysterical !! Not your typical knights and maidens in distress ! They are distressing in their own right ! Great job ! Got me howling right at the git go ! These are splendid !!!
  20. Gosh I am in Portland and I can't believe the progress you have made !!! Love them all ! What colors and imagination is being displayed here! It's mad I say, and so magnificent in its madness. Love what.you have done !! BRAVO !!!
  21. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Spencerjohn

    HIPPO BIRDIE !!! :)
  22. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Ludo

    Happy BIRTHDAY to you !
  23. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday Corporea

    Happiest of BIRTHDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  24. Jasonator

    Happy Birthday hungerfan!

    Gratularer Med Dagen... HAPPY BIRTHDAY...!!! I hope you have been treated as the treasure you are. Hey Glitter !!! Shouldn't you be saying ... "Happy Whelping Day " !!! ??? :>)~
  25. Jasonator

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    I have been so busy that I just dropped in for a quick comment or three. I finally got contractors to tear down and replace my cinder block chimney for my gas heater (OUCH..EXPENSIVE), and finally found someone to power wash my roof, and house outside. They are also going to pressure wash my driveway, steps and railings. On Monday they are going to paint my entire house outside White. It looks like I just got on schedule again. I will be in Portland, Oregon on 10 July and have my surgery soon there after. So much going on I don't have time to complain. Paints are in boxes, and awaiting pack out. Glad everyone continues painting, and being fantastic. I'll be back on and painting once the move is over. I have 20 new miniatures to paint !! Happy Painting !!!!