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  1. Hackmaster / Ral Partha Male Cleric

    Real Nice brush control, and well applied color !
  2. Larry Elmore dragon lass from Ral Partha

    Nicely done. I really like your choice of colors, and some very VERY excellent layering in Red !
  3. Happy Birthday Minibart !

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !!!
  4. I adore this critter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is just amazing, the carving of that head is magnificent, the colors !!! (to die for), I especially like the yellow pants and the red strips.. and those eyes...The give him such a looney Look ! I was checking out those mushrooms to check if he had taken a bit out of any of them...ROFL. Malefactus, you done outdid yourself on this one. Can't wait to see these whole new direction you are going in !!! These are PRECIOUS, and Funnier than Hades.
  5. Crowley's Mason Thornwarden Weirdness

    Good Luck, and the "green" should strip off all the color. Use a brown liner to coat the mini, and begin to paint. Your results will be FANTASTIC. I know you have the skill....just have to put in the time and the imagination! A bark base might be fun to use also. (Good God, I sound like Ub3r-Nerd)..ROFL. Jay
  6. Happy Birthday Goblyn !

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !
  7. Happy Birthday Lidless Eye !

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !
  8. DSM5012 Lannister Lady in Waiting

    Beautifully done !!!
  9. Crowley's Mason Thornwarden Weirdness

    Did you click on the link below my signature ? http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53126-jasonators-wips/?hl=%20sir%20%20titus Then go to page 3 on bottom ?
  10. Crowley's Mason Thornwarden Weirdness

    I painted Mason from the first kickstarter and he is still fine. Nothing slimey about him still. Clueless as to what caused your problem ! My WIP link below has me painting him, as I started out in this hobby. He starts on bottom of page three (3).
  11. Language Software and Websites

    Wow, your "boss" was far too narrow sighted. If I had an employee present me with that, I would send it out to the marketing folks with a note! :Make this part of a marketing campaign. "We are ALWAY'S LOOKING AHEAD TO THE FUTURE"!! FLY or TELEPORT in for a great meal.. and feature that menu !! It would make folks laugh...BUT they will remember the business and the location !! Oh; I forgot to add that there would be a generous bonus for you for providing an excellent advertising idea to enlarge corporate income !!
  12. Language Software and Websites

    There is a hidden feature in the "Crown" practice area. With two completion Owls behind me I went back into a completed lesson when I saw that it was no longer completely filled in (I had done all lessons in that component and the crown showed a "1", I clicked on the lesson and it showed 0/12.. I completed the twelve lesson, and the crown changed to a two. Crown on profile showed an increase of one. I then went back and completed the lessons landing up with a 4 in the crown, and no more lessons!!! The have added a heck of a lot more practice. It used to take me 20 minutes to complete ONE lesson, it now takes me about 4 minutes PER lesson to complete it. Wish you continued success. GRATULERER til deg.
  13. Language Software and Websites

    Has / is anyone been looking at this thread ? I'm still using Duolingo, and have gone through the learning tree 2 1/2 times. Soon will have my 3rd Owl. I did 23 lessons in Norwegian yesterday in a row. Duolingo has been doing a lot of upgrading, and in some cases expanding the breadth and width of their language lessons. Norwegian now has four (4) levels in each component. The learning is more intent, but easier to do. They also have instituted crowns as a tally marker to see how you are doing. My reading and comprehension of Norsk is a bit overwhelming. I'm now at the stage where I can read an unknown article and "sense the meaning of a new/non-familiar word and just roll with the newspaper. Hope that folks are still learning that all important "other" language. Being Bi-lingual gives you a foot up in the market (I bet if you translated a brochure into Klingon, printed it out, and offered it your boss, the marketing folks would go banana's)... Just thinking what a great joke that would be. Jay
  14. Happy Birthday Rahz !

    Happiest of Birthdays to you. Celebrate, and Party as if someone set you two two on fire !!!
  15. I've fallen and can't get up ! My son sent me the "DSM 15th Anniversary Mini's". All 23 of them. Seven packs of goodies all carved by Tom Meirer ! Oh be still my heart. They are all folks from the next edition of Game of Thrones. Lanni Lannister reclining on a tiger headed Lounge Divan is mind blowing. Rather than clutter up the page with barely recognizable photos I just let you go to their web page. You can check them out there !
  16. Went to the local dollar store yesterday. Much to my amazement, in the "stationary" aisle they had plastic boxes (nine compartments of various sizes. Look magnificent for storing bits, and bobs, of stuff for mini mods. And only a dollar each. Here is what they look like: I bought seven to handles my little basing things.
  17. You are on the verge of something EPIC here. Your heads on those bodies are mind blowing !! You have a magnificent skill here. I await seeing these done up when you sort them out. Love the two you displayed. The face on the "Zombie" is totally amazing !! I love that you can put so much emotion and distort features like this. Its like he has the jaw of a Jackass, mule, or rabid horse !!! Great idea.
  18. I LOVE this latest Mushroom. That cap is amazing ! I love the old, wrinkled face that is drooping down ! Maybe I feel it is almost a portrait (ROFL); but so character rich. I think the crowd is yelling MOWRRRRRR MOWRRRRRR !!!

    Happiest of Birthdays to you !!!!! And you combined it with an upcoming weekend. Let the Party Commence !!
  20. Mushrooms For Guindyloo

    We must NOT loose sight of the fact though ! "THERE IS A FUNGUS AMONG US" !!!
  21. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    WOW, I am STOKED !!!! Just put in an hour painting two Tom Meirer elf guards. I usually don't paint on rainy days (ouch); but today was not a problem, and I made progress ! Sometimes its the simple things that matter.
  22. Randomness XIII: Cognitive Dissonance While You Wait

    @ SparrowMarie; I don't know where you live, but COSTCO has a whole line of urns that are around 89.00 each, (for Humans) there is one with a 3 piece set that you might look at, and they ship free. Just log on and search for urns. Hope that helps.
  23. Thrym's Tough Decision Day

    Though I am NOW retired, I had a three year toxic relationship at work with a Vice-President. Guy didn't know my job, but made it a point to insult me at every turn when I encountered him. I worked as a Computer Scientist/Test Directer and Department head. I would go to senseless meeting that took up my valuable time, and cause me to put in overtime to get my reports in. (I did NOT get paid overtime). The last meeting I attended the "Vice-President" said that he didn't care what I thought, didn't like what I did, and would I please just shut up. So I obliged by taking off a shoe, placing it in my mouth, and just glared at the idiot through the rest of the meeting. I took out a pen, piece of paper, and wrote neatly, and clearly... "This is my resignation, effective immediately. and signed it. When meeting was over, placed shoe back on foot, walked into VP's office and tossed resignation on his desk in front of him, walked to me office, took what was mine, and gave the receptionist my keys. I moved , and had another job in five days. That location with the idiot no longer exists. Smartest thing I ever did was walk out of that place. Recommend you do the same, you are being used and Abused.
  24. 03364, Isabeau Laroche, Female Paladin

    Nice work. There is so much fiddly stuff going on it can drive you banana's. Like the basing, and the jewels in the pommel. I painted mine to match a male figure I posted in my WIP when I first started. You did really well !
  25. Mushrooms For Guindyloo

    Beautiful work expressing the Beauty from inside the artist !!! Jay humbly bows in your direction.