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    Almaran the Gold

    For the shield, I wanted it to look carved out of wood, and I wanted to play with wet blending some more, so I picked a couple browns and spent some time working them into the wings. For the rest of the model, I just did some basic stuff - gold for the crest on his chest and a blue over the scarf-thing. I used a paint pen to write some runes on the scarf, but hated the result (the paint pen had a nice tip, but the paint was running out and blotched some of the runes, so I had to go back and clean them up - I should have just used a brush to begin with and free handed them. Lastly, I decided to play a bit with OSL and did his sword up with layers of fluorescent yellow, fire dragon orange, and khorne red. After dry-brushing the orange, I drybrushed orange on the figure. You can kind of see from the picture below, the angle I was looking down the figure as I tried to figure out where the light would be hitting the guy. I repeated that step with the red. It looks ok, but I think I was a bit too timid with the effect.
  2. nogardtla

    Almaran the Gold

    Started working on Almaran the Gold this weekend for my son. I decided to play with some new techniques and try and refine some others. I started by covering in black gesso and then cutting of his shield arm so I could work on it seperately. I airbrushed him with gray and then drybrushed with Citadel Necro compound (dry silver). I really like the way this worked for the plate and will repeat this on the next full plate I work on. For the shield, I blended some browns for the wings and have it mostly done. Still need to do the weapon on the shield and the edge. For the body, I did a small amount of the "leather" and blued in the scarf thing. I used a white paint pen to do some runes, but they aren't great. Once they dry all the way, I'll clean them up a bit more. I did the face, but man do I suck at eyes. I tried black lining the eyes, and they are better than my normal, but not by much. I brushed on some bronze to the chest piece and then drushbrushed/highlighted a bit with gold. I still have his sword to work on. I'm planning to do a red flame - white core, flourescent yellow layer followed by orange and red and a hint of black drybrush at the tips. For the orange and red, I'm going to use my airbrush and work the overspray angles to give the figure a nice OSL glow. (sorry for the super crappy pictures)
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    Nogardtla's Reaper Bones Finished

    Just wanted to start sharing some of my finished works. I'm pretty randomly going through and painting things that look interesting at that moment. All were done using black gesso as a primer and mostly Citadel paints and washes. I'l try and note when I used something else. Leisynn, Mercenary Mage This was my first time trying out wet blending and I think the robes turned out decently. I liked how the colors came together (except maybe for the piece around his shoulders). I custom blended a couple of colors to get the "parchment" color for the book (though like an idiot, I didn't write it down). I used a bit of sepia wash around the edges and then "splattered" a little on the pages to give them a "I spilled my coffee on the book" look. I did the writing/runes using a micro marker. Mummies The first mummy was an exercise to show my daughter (who is showing an interest in painting), how a simple paint job can look good with a wash and 45 seconds of drybrushing. It worked out well enough that I found another one of the mummies in my pile and did him up too. Golem This was just an experiement with flesh tones. I don't love how he turned out and I'll likely strip him down, but I got what I wanted out of experimenting. He was based with Rosey Flesh from the Vallejo line after the gesso prime. I wanted to see if any paints I had would work to layer on top of this color (thus leaving a pink tone in the crevaces). My pallette isn't quite right as a match, so I'll be doing some more shopping before my next fleshy guy. Hell Hound / Winter Wolf My son asked that I do this figure as a Winter Wolf, which sounded 100% more interesting than doing a Hell Hound. I mostly drybrushed layers on him and he turned out really nice. Duke Gerard I wanted to play with a Folk Art paint I had - Metallic Pearl. The only real problem with the stuff was pigment density. The stuff is fairly easy to see through on its own, and by the time I thinned it down enough to paint with, I knew it would require a half dozen layers to cover properly (especially hard to use to fix areas that needed touchups). His head was pretty stupid looking. I tried to fix it up a little with some liquid greenstuff and it looks better than before, but still bad. From what I've seen, even the original model had a funny head, but still...