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  1. Can someone play a pirate or maritime medley so that it looks more like I am a drunkard and less like I am whatever this emotion is when I am face down on my desk. I think I just got hit with the depression train. Not sure why. Maybe the new meds.
  2. Those are some pretty amazing perks to the cause... having just had some stroopwafels the other day. more foods need to be delivered in waffle format....
  3. Take 388475052482842970801320278964160171426121951256610654799120070705613530182445862582590623785872890159937874339918941 beans and separate them evenly into seven bowls. Pretty much my day.
  4. Weekend Questioning June 23 to 24/25: Hot Dogs... b) Plain buns or something fancy? c) Mustard or Ketchup? m) Beef dogs, Pork dogs, Turkey dogs? ...Brats (Bratwurst)?? I'm about to make several people upset. I like hotdogs, on most types of buns. But there is an important proportion. No mustard or ketchup. BBQ sauce or hoisin, Chipotle Mayo, polski ogorki pickle slices and some de-stemmed hot peppers. If I were less lazy, there might be pickled carrots and cucumber instead of the pickles. But I am always that lazy. I like no-filler hotdogs. I like sausages as long as they are spiced or flavored well. There is a place here that does sausages with chicken and blueberries that are quite nice. ACK: Bonus questions addendum BCM - Bread, Condiment, Meat-like substrate. Also I guess you might say one of the things I hated as a kid was basically anything that my stepdad ever cooked. But the ingredients are quite nice. I like brussel sprouts, chicken noodle soup, green beans, fried potatoes and garlic coil now.
  5. Hello, my name is [redacted] and I work in [redacted] for [redacted] and if you called [redacted] for [redacted] you'd know who I am, [redacted]. Somewhere around 20^2 minis painted and Reaper keeps selling them to me in some crazy scheme to make money. I used to detail that process in a podcast.... but I hear that all good podcasts need an end... so I did. After over a decade as a DM, I can also teach some a few things about how to do groups of monsters for functional gaming purposes and how to store them. Sometimes I even post things that I paint. Though the pictures have not been as easy to post since [boring work gripe here]. Advocate of using metallic paints over NMM. I have taken a few classes in things, but have not developed a mastery over the world yet. Also any mention of being a bard / mime / red mage / blue mage can be safely ignored, but I am nearing the IT equivalent of a general contractor. Having escaped my own death a few times since joining the forum, you'll probably want to watch The Gamer's: Dorkness Rising, and then you will be in on the other half of the joke.
  6. Rum, beer, quests and mead, these are the things a pirate needs. Instead I am the captain of a sinking ship. Happy weekend everyone... I was able to cut all my weapons swaps free of their sprues this week. That was my goal. I now only have to find a good plan for storing my larger bones minis. #wishmeluck
  7. Pretty much my last Monday this month. Then I am driving west for a vacation. And it will get better.
  8. 9300 (incoherant mumblings) on the wall Mrph rphg blergly derg (incoherant mumbling) *falls out of giant pile of Rockstar cans*
  9. Three and a half cans of Rockstar Pure Zero in the desk. Three and a half cans of Rockstar. Take one out, chug it all down, don't pass them around. Pretend like you still sleep at all. *faceplant*
  10. Phones broken. What does 2016 and my golf game have in common? No green time. 2017 appears to not be following the same trend. I daresay, I might be able to take time to breathe today. Must be why I will be on special assignment soon.
  11. *opens drawer of Rockstars* Ok Tuesday, I am prepared for war.
  12. Let me try that again. Hello. I am a person who is totally alive. At least on the outside.
  13. *seen scratching into thread, claws into the ground* Almost there. *carried away by a tornado* *Team rocket lens flare*
  14. Physical books. Right now I have about 60% of Dragonlance. I can't look at my phone for that long, nor commit to a tablet's encumbrance when I can only read one book at a time. It would be different if I had a personal device that was huge and an appropriate container, and everything was available as an ebook
  15. Fulfilling

    Sure have. Confirmed it 3-4 times. Still at the same [house redacted] Hope it doesn't go to my old panorama address again. Had that problem last time.