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  1. I was able to clean all of bones II and sort them. They are basically all put away now. Now, how will I put Bones III somewhere?
  2. EEEEEE! It's still coming! Hopefully my cheerleading will still help, even in the tiniest of ways. Also, for today's question, I am ashamed to say that lately it is Carl's Jr. I haven't felt like going anywhere non-fast food, and we've only had them in the city I work in for a few months. If you had to say somewhere else that wasn't fast food, I'd probably go with Pho Eastlake. Because they don't put beansprouts in anything by default.
  3. Escape character makes for some interesting notifications. I did not know it was that kind of a happy day.
  4. Alright. Not the best day, but we're going to talk about my grandfather (on my father's side). My grandfather was the kind of stubborn that causes innate magical ability. At one point in time, he decided he needed an air compressor. So he built one. And no, there was no assembly kit. He decided he was not going to pay, $x.xx cad, so he pulled apart the washing machine that was in his back yard, took some gauges from various things he had lying around, a discarded train release valve, and built himself an air compressor. This wouldn't have been so amazing, except that it included welding an emptied propane tank (which is something you never do btw) and that it lasted longer than he. The thing lasted 30 years, at least 15 after his passing. If you've heard that one before.... Optimus Prime avenged his own death twice in G1.
  5. +1
  6. Set microwave to 8 minutes, started, walked away.

    1. Pezler the Polychromatic

      Pezler the Polychromatic

      And what is the exciting conclusion?

  7. RPG: D&D5E with Pezler, so that was embarassingly several weeks ago. Videogame: Breath of the Wild Board game: Sushi something or other, I think it was around my birthday? Party Game: Jackbox something or other. Did I have a good time, yes. But then again, it's pretty hard to ruin gametime.
  8. My willpower is not nearly as strong as my won'tpower. My won'tpower is very, very strong. Most of the time. it doesn't seem to work very well against the constant onslaught of white plastic though. Right now I am having a tough choice between whether I go in for [kickstarter censored] or Bones IV for this years wallet throw. (I suppose you could add the switch as a distant third) I have a feeling that the won'tpower that prevented me from getting a Nintendo Switch from a scalper, and put off buying my last three gaming systems by a few years is probably not strong enough to keep me from not going $400 - $1000 in on 1/2/3 of those things. It's a good thing that next year I am using all this stuff to one day be an event organizer for a thing that people in this area need. One third of the way to being an event organizer for the Expo next year. Whoo! Also, pretty much every time my wife runs the numbers for going to Disneyworld, I cave and we go on vacation.
  9. Take what Talespinner said, but cross out any mention of tomato or tomato growing and put Sriratcha on every item on the list. Basically my summer.
  10. Favorite scene: Episode VII, Pretty much end to end. Lightsaber: Dark purple, grey or red, not properly focused like Kylo Rens. Probably the classic longer model, no additional blades, brushed tungsten rings. Probably with a matching pistol. Probably lost in a giant elevator shaft, along with the gun, and a hand. Pretty sure I watched the original trilogy a lot as a kid, in a VHS or butchered for TBS version. I like everything except episode II. That movie has some terrible pacing flaws. Also, for those who were wondering: I don't know much of the expanded universe, I did not play much in either Kotor, but I did play the Jedi Academy II a few times... and Luke warned me about going to the dark side. Lightning, is just so appealing.
  11. Yes Although I have also learned to use quotes like thieves cant so I can talk to specific people with specific memories in public. My most common source used to be The Simpsons. Now I assume it is mostly post grunge music that no one knows what I am talking about.
  12. M'aidez? Je ne ecoutez pas.
  13. Citation required. My song of the day: It's from Zombies Ate My Neighbours for SNES.
  14. Sorry. Posted in the completely wrong thread. My day is going that well. I too, am terrible company at the moment. I work, therefore I am.
  15. I am having the best Monday.... by virtue of Monday's, today is on it's A game. I might have to take my coffee break to go outside and cry. But who in IT hasn't had that.