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  1. OK. I left 40k a long time ago, during the start of finecast. At the time, I had CSM and chaos demons. I want to get back in, now that the company appears to be turning around, but looking at my index: Chaos, I'm not sure if Demons are a standalone army anymore. most of them have to be summoned by a character. Thoughts?
  2. Washes are supposed to leave most of their pigment in the recesses of the surface they are applied to. Inks stain the entire surface, although they do also concentrate in the recesses. I'm not sure about liners, but they do have one exceptional use - they're the best primer we have for the water-unfriendly and solvent-porous bones material.
  3. I finally got around to doing my preliminary inventory. While I haven't opened the bags to check for missing individual bits, I am missing one item. Ma'al Drakar Could you put one aside? I don't care about retail box, but I do want my copy of Ms. Five Heads. Edit -currently putting together the blackstar corsairs, and wishing I'd gotten more than two.
  4. I got a metal colander I put in the pot, to keep the minis off the bottom when I boil them. I want them water hot, not heating element hot; my ebonwing's wing has a permanent dent in it from not being careful
  5. Got my package. Haven't done a complete survey, but I'm missing at least one significant item. otherwise, cool. I could be wrong, but I think that the minis are notably stiffer than bones 1 plastic was.
  6. I'm looking at my order, and wondering why I got I got three pieces of paint set b. It doesn't contain anything I believe I'll use in those numbers. Neither of the dragons adjacent to that to that item in the listings are things I'd want multiples of.
  7. me second notice says the parcel should come in tuesday; I'm in vancouver metro.
  8. Live

    went on one of their kickstarters. Nice minis, cost is a little high, slower than bones iii to fulfill. communication very subpar. didn't chance address before shipping despite numerous requests, had to be re-shipped. not doing another KS with them. .
  9. I'm betting that after the first couple waves things will go faster. Not just because the Reaperites (Sophie's?) will have more practice, but because the first couple waves will have been drooling fanboys (looks at self - yep) with huge orders.
  10. Called it. Bryon, did they tell you beforehand that you didn't have to mass-ship the Canuck orders this time, and change their minds(?) when the event came?
  11. If it's that big a problem, you might want to look into getting one of these: Don't get me wrong, it's ABSOLUTELY the wrong tool for a lot of jobs, and it's hard on the thumb, but it would hopefully cut down on your incidents. My work loves them (perhaps more than they should, they're trying to ban everything else. You cannot cut three inches of semi-rigid insulation with them without making an absolute mess of the job.) I'll verify they work as advertised on packing tape and cardboard just fine, though.
  12. My theory is that the shipper pulled another bait and switch on reaper, like last time. Anyone remember this update? S#!t happens. This time it's happening in my favor, so my sympathies go out to those of you who it's affecting negatively. Ladystorm - you'd actually get in that much trouble for communicating? Is what's happening really that sensitive?
  13. Got my shipping notice; not happy it's UPS, I'd prefer USPS or fedex for being (Almost certainly) cheaper once you factor in duty. I'll survive, though. wonder if we should start a new thread for 'got my notice' bragging EDIT ; I'm canadian. re-edit - I'm wave one.
  14. I'm willing to bet that the increase in stats is going to be cheaper in points (If not cash) that it should be. Gotta sell those kits to people who have entire chapters already.
  15. funded

    Backed. One of the great games I wish I could find a group to play.