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    Music. I love playing music, listening to music, and music trivia. I mainly play the drums and percussion, but also play a little guitar, bass, trumpet, and a rocking kazoo. My better half (my wife) is the artist/painter in the family. If I post any painted mini's that look good, then she most likely painted them. If they look like you'd say "well, maybe you should pick a different hobby," then they're the ones I painted.
  1. DMYosef

    Against the Kobolds

    Meet Zamil - Human Mage (and heck of a good cook)
  2. DMYosef

    Takhisis, Queen of Darkness (for a client)

    Truly awesome paint job. Also a funny because I recently finished Legend of Huma and Kaz the Minotaur, after having them suggested to me about 20 years ago. Any chance of a Knight of Solamnia on the back of a Silver Dragon to accompany this finely painted miniature?
  3. DMYosef

    77143: Townsfolk: Undertaker

    As a newbie to mini painting, it's hard not to snap my paint brushes and give up after looking at this. Maybe I'll just use it as inspiration to go home and paint more... this time while NOT crying. Great Job!
  4. DMYosef

    2 Spots in a pbp

    I'm interested in joining. I'll have to brush up on the rules of whatever set you decided to go with. I will definitely be able to reply no less than once a week.
  5. DMYosef

    looking for a Sword & Wizardry pbp player!!

    Hello Haldir, Sorry I'm tardy to the party, but are you still looking for another player for your play-by-post RPG? If so I would be interested in joining. This will be my first post/play RPG, but I'm ready and eager! I work a 9-5 desk job 5 days a week, so I feel fairly confident in my ability to reply often. I guess for the purposes of complete disclosure, I'm not too familiar with the version 2.whatever rules. I didn't start playing D&D until about 2 years ago, and when the group we started began playing, we used 4.0 rules because thats what was going around at the time. I know... I can pretty much hear all of the hands slapping foreheads followed by *Ugh... no* all over the internet as I post this. Please don't hate me for this... I just didn't know any better. Thanks, -Yosef