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  1. I'm alive! Just stupidly busy! Just returned from a trip and then I'm recovering from a cold. I should be able to start painting again soon, BUUUUT I'm now working on getting a promotion so there's that to add onto the pile. It's the realm of I hope I get it, won't feel bad if I don't but man if I get it that would be awesome!
  2. The Mr has started talking about his Pirate Cosplay for this years con...............which in turn has made me excited to cosplay as a pirate for this con. @_@ Cosplay is back on the menu and I still have to actually finish some projects. @_@
  3. Welp, I have my list of classes narrowed down to 3 must haves and 3 for a 'it'd be fun if I can get it". Not bad, not bad.
  4. Okay, so like I'm not dead, I'm still working on the sculpting it just needed a hiatus. I went to the Dominican Republic and came back with an upper respiratory infection. Progress will begin again next week when I'm not dying! lol
  5. I did some color testing on the tail to see if I can actually paint this. He should be a black/super dark brown dragon essentially. However I went WAY too high with his highlights. I needed to darken them a bit more, probably not even use white/grey but go from black to brown to a grey almost somehow. This is the transition process though but I'll do it again. I started out pretty good but its missing the warmth that I think a brown can help with. Not a walnut brown but something a little warmer I guess. Touch ups down one side, I started second guessing myself here. If he was grey, I would be thrilled. Worked on the bottom. I added brights here because its getting covered with OSL anyway and I was hoping that the more I painted the better id feel about it. Nope abort, abort,l. Hes totally not going to register is black, hes definitely grey. /curls into ball, grabs ice cream, cries.
  6. So I brought up the highlights to their highest with strategically placed white and blended some of the red. Still need to do a little bit more as it looks sloppy in some places but it does look like Lava now! This step I started a sun yellow highlight. I then needed to bring the red down so I blended it around where I put my yellow highlights. After more of this I pushed my highlights to white. I dont think this is half bad for my first time doing lava. o_o I still feel like I need to push the red back down a bit though. I think I got a little red happy.
  7. LOL! Yes, definitely Lava! I took a break from sculpting today to do some painting. I started layering colors lightly on tge base to build up lava. I sprayed orange then orange red then red and like a dope, didnt take pictures during the red phase so heres orange. And yeah, that monstrosity in the back is my attempt at sculpting a jaw with teeth. I needed to make some depth with the lava so I took a dark red and started lining some rocks and edges. I'm still not entirely confident on this step but in hoping that once I go back over and blend, repair OSL and add bright whites and yellows where the lava is flowing the I'll feel better. Painted in the rocks and added a little OSL to them. I wonder if I should pop the rocks more??
  8. :O this is my favorite reaper dragon (Besides Blightfang) super awesome work knarthex!
  9. Definitely goimg to give thr knife a try tonight. As far as the scales, I'm going to try the sculpt the armored plate scales that he has and his tail bladr next. I want to give him extra horns or make his current ones bigger but that may be more than I'm capable of chewing at the moment. (For now). As a hint, I do plan to tackle things like that for an Onyxia diorama paint job in lovingly calling "Watch the Tail". The metal dragon I have for it is slightly onyxia like but needs moar horns and scales in some places. :p
  10. Pretty shade of red!!! Love this bust btw! Excited to see what you do with it.
  11. And I swear to hamsters, the auto correct on my phone hates me. @_@
  12. Today was mostly a sculpting day as there isnt much I can paint until the foundation is done. So I bulked the chest up a bit more and pulled the plates back from his body. I also started on his jaw, While I gave my brain a break I did start airbrushing where I think my OSL will go. The color is a bit too cold but gave me a good idea of where my shadows will fall. The water effects did club as expected when jt cured, however I think that for a chemical error, this one turned out for the better. If I jntend to paint tbis as lava, its pretty close.
  13. Gave it a second go of bulking up the chesta bit more with green stuff. The plates are meant to be split down the middle so I needed to pull the greenstuff back a bit, bulk the slats up so that you can see they are peeling away from the body. This did give him a more barrel chest but that was the goal. My smoothing isnt perfect yet, but hopefully some sanding may help? I want to do one more layer of green stuff to the chest to sculpt on sculpt cracks, dents and screws. A lot of the exposed inside of the chest will be repainted and covered with some water effects so I'm not too worried that I scraped up the paint underneath. Its honestly thr outside plates that I need to work on. I started on his head to give him a large metal jaw. He essentially is not meant to have a lower jaw, buuuuut the odds of me cutting off this models jaw and then sculpting the metal one well is pretty slim. So I dont mind that the greenstuff is covering the models teeth a bit as he isnt meant to have bottom teeth Any way. I have the size of the jaw down, just ha e to add metal teeth and smooth all of this out. Ill likely do another thin layer of green stuff and try to sand it down to smooth it out. Plus, ill also need to add damage and screws too. Ah, and these are my tools.
  14. Nice!!! So I'm sort of going in the right direction! The gloves idea is super nice as yesterday I sort of finished up the day feel super greased up. I have some double ended scupting tools that used to apply but it was a task having things become 'flat'. I get 'flatish' with a side of 'well that's a fingernail imprint'. Bulking up is what I didnt do tjough6. I figured A tiny foundation then build up. I worked tiny piece by tiny piece though ad large pieces ended up dropped or finger printy. I do intend to build up more for the chest, but this was great insight on when I need to do imbellishments to the head, wings and tail. Thanks a bunch! I'm tackling this again tonight!
  15. Its a combination of experiments. The translucent idea for layering colors is what will be used for next yeats dragon as I would like to do an ice one that this will work wonders for. (Yes, that would be my third nathavarr id paint up. I really love this sculpt).