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  1. We found the downside to being on the top floor. @[email protected]
  2. I've no other name. I am.... MissMelons. *something explodes all awesome like behind me or something*
  3. I'm having the absolute worst anxiety right now. @[email protected] its really really bad. Its a combination of excitement and "oh my God, people!!!!!!" So if I'm quiet Wednesday and Thursday, I'm not being rude. The rum hasnt kicked in yet.
  4. /sits in corner /has panic attack I'm fine Totally fine. Yep. /screams internally
  5. Yes I would like to be included as MissMelons and my Avy.
  6. Yesssss
  7. Yeahhhhhhh Badger and Scale 75 are coming, back! And a few new ones too!!
  8. Soooo. I'm still working this out, even more slowly now with my arm down. I'll be happy if I can just finish him. Fortunately the finer parts like his head and 75% of his scales are finished. The blending on the wings are done as well but could use a touch up. Once its done, hes getting wrapped up and put away for Reapercon. He was coated in dust earlier and. I had to give him a nice rinse. I gave in and decided that I cant enter him into Open without actually doing his full conversion so I started sculpting his spine. The spine of deathwing is a pretty big deal. Its slowly getting there. I also got in some Warcolours that I'm experimenting with. By themselves, I'm not entirely fond of them but when supplemented with other paints they're great. What I dont like is where they sit on the color spectrum. I had a nice rant at the Mr about it as he just quietly nodded. I make an example of this in the write up I'm doing for it. Basically if it says red. I imagine it would be closer to red but each one leans towards orange or pink. Using the reds as an example, 1 and 2 are more orange and 3 and 4 are more pink. Theres no actual red. This is the only one that has irked me so much as the other colors I intentionally purchased because I didnt own those types of colors yet. Im almost finished with my darksword entry, though I managed to lose my fabric detail messing around with too thick of paints. I ventured into a new realm and painted a Mousling. I love him. He has a boat named S.S Shipfaced. @[email protected] C&C always welcome. I'm going to put my arm back in its brace before Mr .M yells at me.
  9. To be honest, I'm not sure. I think hes working Saturday and Sunday, which was one reason why it was a big No go this year on Dragon Con. We are nearly out of vacay time thanks to a wedding cruise, reaper con and my birthday in november so he wasnt able to take that weekend off for dragon con. I only just got Friday off from work by pure chance. I still have your number I think and I know the Mr has it too. We arent able to stay out too late though as the Mr turns in to a pumpkin at 8:00pm.
  10. I may be available to go out for lunch/dinner Saturday but definitely wont make the con. With an arm out of commission i need as much weekend painting time as possible but I hate missing dragon con. I'm supposed to go to a bday party that day for my neice so I should, hopefully be avilabke after that.
  11. Or OR bring the niece. She'll be given a brush a few models to paint and welcomed into a great addiction. Uh hobby.
  12. Sooooooo ive injured my right arm. It seems just massively bruised but I wont be painting anything for the next week. No lifting, no painting and i hope I can sleep well on it tonight. Fortunately all of my tiny painting is done so i should be able to finish the dragon left handed or holding the brush in a different way. @[email protected] thats what i get for procrastinating.
  13. Yes.