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    Except the FB post also said that FB wouldn't let them make an event longer than two weeks and that they would update when they could.

    My mother in law claims there is no difference. :)
  3. I'm good to go too.
  4. Heh, I've often joked that I wish days were like 72 hours long provided that I still only needed to work roughly 8 hours (I'm salaried so I rarely work only 8 hours a day). As a practical matter though, 2-4 would work fairly well in allowing me extra time for errands and hobbies while still getting plenty of sleep. Much more than that and I'd just get tired anyway. Now, if I could somehow finagle a two day work week . . .
  5. Several glaze layers will certainly help, though to be fair, I'm still finding that I am terrible at highlights, even if my shades are getting "decent". As others have said, perhaps softening the transition will help too, mix a bit of the highlight color into your midtone and highlight, then mix a bit more and highlight a smaller area (roughly 50%), etc. Finish it off with glazes (sometimes several layers are needed) and it should help smooth the transition. Also keep in mind that it will no doubt look a lot better from table top distance as the camera magnifies the size of the mini so much that even the slightest "error" (for lack of a better word) will look huge on camera. You could also try two brush blending your shades and highlights as that will smooth at the transition too, but I am still really bad in general at 2BB and particularly so on smaller areas.
  6. Yes and No. The fluff, or "feel" of the setting/game/whathaveyou is what gets me interested. However, I don't necessarily devour all the fluff and fiction related to a given setting or game. In some cases, there's just too dang much to devour all of it. In others, the actual fiction (i.e. short stories, novellas, and novels) are just not that well written or edited. If the actual setting has appeal to it though, that is what matters. If the setting is uninspiring though, its a real long shot that I'll play in it. Now, if its an RPG, as a GM, I will generally go with the flow of the given setting (assuming its not a homebrew world), but I have always made it clear to my players that just because the Monster Manual says that a particular critter has traits X, Y, and Z, doesn't mean that they will in my game should the need arise. They will; however, remain consistent as a general rule. Sure, you could have an unusually smart troll but if it is in fact, unusual that a troll is smart, I will let the players know (assuming proper skill checks, etc.). Mostly I do this to give myself room for narrative, and sometimes I will do this to avoid metagaming.
  7. Historically, their source books did contain a fair amount of fiction/story/background/fluff/whathaveyou in them. However, with the advent of their latest edition, they have gone away from including the fiction in their source books, and now are going away from source books altogether. There are also a fair number of novels, novellas, and short story collections that have been published over the years, but nowhere on the scale of Warhammer. I think their greatest problem in that area is that their publisher, Skull Island Expeditions, generally isn't carried in book stores from what I can see and so you have to either get the electronic versions, or order the physical books online. As for the quality of said books/fiction, that is of course subjective but based on both personal experience and talking to other fans, their books tend to be a bit hit or miss. Additionally, you can also usually find a decent amount of fiction in their magazine No Quarter (which is becoming No Quarter Prime I belive).
  8. I would say yes, while at the same time cautioning a potential reader/player/customer that it firmly falls in the subset of Steampunk and is very much a cross between Sci-Fi and Fantasy. In fact, even PP refers to it as "Full Metal Fantasy". I think its more Steam Punk than straight up Fantasy, but it arguably lies a lot closer to fantasy than sci-fi. As for the definition between sci-fi and fantasy, this was always a question my father asked (who ironically was a sales rep for a major publishing company). My answer was always that I saw Fantasy as things that either didn't happen while sci-fi was things that could happen in the future. This of course, is very much an overly simplified explanation, and one that gets blurred more and more all the time. As for Steam Punk being Sci-Fi? I would say yes, but of course its a very distinctive subset of the sci-fi genre.
  9. For weapons, I too would guess something with lasers, they are used for everything else. As for minis, does War machine count? Sort of a cross between sci-fi and fantasy. Have a bunch of those but nothing else really.
  10. Does a lawnmower count? I don't really do any gardening other than maintaining the grass, so that's about all I use.
  11. Funded

    Quite a bit more expensive than just getting one of the two passage add ons, but you could also take a look at Doomrollers. The more I looked at that encounter the more I realized it was chock full of bread and butter. A ton of passage walls, corners and regular 2x2 floors. I'm debating on it because honestly, I wasn't all that worked up about the boulder and ramp since that's a gimmick I'd use probably no more than once a campaign, but the value still seems to be there. For me, its just about deciding whether I want a bunch of bread and butter, or if I want less BnB and some elevation stuff.
  12. Funded

    Yep well below and still will be even after I add a bit in PM. I wanted to spend a ton, but alas, don't have the necessary funds and don't like carrying a balance on my credit cards.
  13. Thanks! That's what it seemed like, but wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy. I actually really like that they broke it for those that don't want to drop the full $80 on the set. Of course, there's a good chance I'll drop the full $80 on the set anyway, but still. :p
  14. Is the Obsidian Crypt the same one shown in the Graveyard Expansion? They look really similar but wanted to be sure.
  15. Never voluntarily. Was in the hospital last year with pancreatitis for about 4 days which required IV fluids only, this eventually lead to a diagnosis that my gall bladder went into early retirement and so required surgery. After the surgery I went about 5 days without being able to eat a thing (not nauseous/throwing up, literally unable to actually eat as I had no appetite) which eventually lead to an ulcerative colitis diagnosis before they could finally figure out what to do to get me to eat. It was a great weight loss plan though. Lost 30 pounds in about three weeks. The total of 8 days in the hospital and multiple ER trips though? Not so much.