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  1. Yikes! So, work got hella crazy this month, generally leaving me in no mood to paint by the time I got home (read: I was super tired in the evenings when I would normally paint). That said, I did manage to get in a little bit of painting recently. I tried something a bit different (for me) this time around. I started by dry brushing the metallic portions of the minis. I started with a layer of Reaper Dragon Bronze, followed by P3 Pig Iron. The goal was to try to give a bit of a beat up, weathered look to the armor, figuring that these warbeasts as they are known would not be the best care takers of their gear. It kind of worked but I think I will still need to go back in the end and add in some more specific detailing. The main goal here though was to also test a method of doing a lot of metal quickly. As a table top gamer I have a lot of units of minis that have 10 - 12 figures each and a typical game might have several of those units. As such, I'm looking for a way to crank them out quicker while still having decent results. Anyway, here are Lizzie, Vlad and Dalton (left to right) after getting their skin done as well. This is done primarily in the scheme recommended in the booklet that comes with the box set (though I went with a more magenta look to the growths on their skin. Its not a super job on the skin, but good enough for table top I think. And here is a close up on Dalton's (the troll bouncer) armor to try to give a better look at the beat up look of the armor: Have to tidy up a few spots on the skin, and get the nails done, but then I think it will be time to move onto the leathers and start finishing the assembly. As for the dry brush the metallics first approach: So far I am a bit mixed on it, but leaning toward positive. The biggest problem is of course that it leaves some of the more interior spots to paint after the metallics. Unfortunately I do not yet have good brush control so that may become a problem. However, it did allow me to churn through the metals quickly without having to worry about brush control too much. I don't think I would do it for a figure I wanted to paint really well or that I wanted to really stand out, but for doing a bunch at once, I think it works rather well. As always, C&C is most welcome. Thanks for taking a look!
  2. In terms of personal connections, I'm fortunate in that I have no friends or family that have paid the ultimate sacrifice, though both my father and my grandfather (on my mother's side served). My wife's cousin also did two tours in Iraq and I know many others who have served or are still serving. In broader terms, I simply try to pay respect to all those who have served, but especially to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
  3. Pre-launch

    Of course, they could be taking the Southern Hemisphere route, and thus, Spring is still several months away. I mean, they didn't technically say Northern Hemisphere Spring. :p
  4. I have not. Mainly though this is because I don't go to ren faires, so that pretty much leaves cons (not too many costume parties around here). My biggest reason for not dressing up at cons is simply that I don't have the time, patience, or resources to do the costume justice. If I were to do it, I would much rather do it right so to speak. That said, Mrs. Gargs' cousin did have a Lord of the Rings themed wedding and we did dress up for that. I would have preferred to have been able to really go all out for it, but still did okay with a ranger themed costume.
  5. If it's a party/cookout, pretty much guaranteed that we are hosting, which is why it doesn't happen very often. :( Game night/day is a bit more varied though.
  6. Khel raises a pint to Garon, "Thank ye kindly. How long have they been missing, and how long to this citadel?"
  7. Warmahordes is pretty much the only one I play (though I do have the occasional game of X Wing). I may end up getting into Infinity since I have a friend that really wants to play but tryingt o resist the damage to my bank account. :p
  8. Honestly, I'm new enough that I don't really have a favorite "part" of painting yet. However, I will say, that my favorite aspect is probably seeing it all come together (to the extent that I can get it to all come together). This is especially the case where I can see certain parts of a model coming out really nice (for me).
  9. Annnnnd, the defendant plead guilty, so I won't actually be in trial. :P
  10. This primarily happens at the grocery store, and it happens with waaaayyyy too much frequency. :) We're getting better about checking to see what we still have, but it still happens. Ironically, it doesn't happen too often elsewhere, but that's likely because we are pretty stingy with ourselves when it comes to "entertainment" expenses.
  11. I actually think you did a pretty good job here. Malekus is pretty infamous for some of his issues (i.e. mold lines, gaps, etc.) and the fact that the gaps are not noticeable here is a pretty good sign (you obviously took care of some of them. Your whites are pretty good too (I hate painting white!) so you should be proud of that too. As a final note, while I too am still a beginner, I have found that certain models just run into that "nothing's going right" mode. Personally, I don't think that its because we're beginners, I know even long time painters who run into it occasionally. Try to focus on the parts you like and then just move on to the next model. All in all though, I think you did a great job. I love the book, and the freehand on the menofix is really good (I've tried and tried to freehand menofixes and just can't do them justice). Now take him out and burn some heretics!
  12. Just a head's up, I'm likely going to be in trial next week and as such may not be real quick to respond. I will try to at least check each evening.
  13. Khel takes a cautious sip, grimaces slightly. "Aye, this does taste more like 'Okay Mead', but it'll do." He then takes out a bite of food from his pack and listens carefully as he eats the ration.
  14. I usually have a couple going at once unless I really need to get something done for some reason. For me, a big part of it is that if I have a couple of projects going at the same time, if I am not "feeling it" on a certain project one night, then there's still something else to work on.
  15. Seafood.