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  1. As others have said, it does depend a bit on the person. That said: Fantasy: Weis & Hickman (especially if the person hasn't delved into fantasy yet), or the Belgariad if the person is a kid (since Lewis was already taken ;P) Sci-Fi: Anathem by Neal Stephenson or Jack the Bodiless/Galactic Milieu trilogy by Julian May Non-Fiction: A bit tougher since I don't read a lot of non-fiction but would likely go with Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose or Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes which also contains a pretty good nuclear physics history lesson.
  2. And I'm back from vacation! :( Had been sitting out this thread while I was away enjoying the fact that Irma decided not to coup-de-grace my vacation destination. RPG: I am currently running a Kingmaker game for Pathfinder. Players are level 5 and in the second (of 6) books in the adventure path. RPG: Kinda/sorta playing in an Iron Kingdoms game but we haven't played in quite some time. At the time that we were playing, my character was Cutthroat/Ranger, but that character died in the last session. Looking to make a new character but haven't decided on what yet. Those are two different groups. The first group is an excellent group of veteran gamers, including one who could be considered RPG Royalty if such were a thing. Makes it somewhat intimidating as the GM given the background of the players, but at the same time, they make for great players/roleplayers and don't try to derail the game, etc. Lots of fun. Second group is much looser group and we tend not to stick with any one game for very long. Good thing about that is we get to play a lot of games (have shifted toward Infinity lately), bad side is that we never get very far with any one game. Video Games: Just started playing Destiny 2. Actually got it just before I left for vacation and played a couple hours before leaving, then played most of yesterday afternoon. Not sure how far into the story line I am (though the story is likely pretty sure). NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I mean yeah, as a shooter the story really isn't that huge a part of the game, but I still like to discover it on my own. I'm currently a level 14 warlock.
  3. Dude! I can't even figure out what I'm going to purchase with my kickstarter yet! Seriously though, will likely get an extra Sabertooth Pug because one of my group is a huge pug lover.
  4. No. But likely only because I have so many minis to paint already.
  5. That I have personally cooked for? Probably around 30 or so when we did an pseudo-Open House for our then new home. Said cooking consisted of meat that simply needed to be put on the grill as well as two portabello mushrooms for the two weirdos I invited. :p Largest I've arranged/planned for would be my wedding, roughly 125 people or so, but we only cooked a small portion (read: cookies that were given out to all the guests). Not sure this counts in terms of what you were asking of course.
  6. Not sure "punished" is the right word for it, but simply helping to pick up the slack at work, help cover other's stuff when they were behind, etc., and then it becoming expected of me.
  7. Why? You offering? :p Seriously though, I should use it on a bunch of paint. Have plenty of the Reaper line that I need still. But I also would likely spend it on something like Khanjira or DDS2, etc. and then fill in the rest as needed.
  8. How do you mean? How old in actual age, or how old do I act? I'm old enough to have used a rotary phone and "young" enough to hate that Bush appears on Classic Rock/Oldies stations. I'm old enough to not recall having ever ridden in a car seat and young enough to have completely missed the Vietnam War. I'm old enough to have played an Atari 2600 and young enough to have been shocked that my coworkers didn't know what an Atari 2600 is. I'm old enough that my body feels the need to announce the fact that I am standing up and young enough to not quite have my age equal the ultimate answer to the ultimate question. All of which is a way of saying I'm 40. Elf I feel old.
  9. Sadly I still have to go to work. :( At least now, Mondays are usually busy enough that even when I have a case of the Mondays, its not too bad. When I get home though I am generally anything but motivated. :p
  10. Woohoo! Another victim challenger! You can do eeeeet!
  11. Hiking, reading, TV/Movies (to the extent that counts as a "hobby").
  12. Happy happy burstday! Hope its a great one!
  13. My friend, the local pewter crack pusher, finally broke through my defenses: On the plus side, I did get it for 70% off. Of course that will eventually be evened out by all the future purchases. :)
  14. I experienced eclipse related traffic, does that count? In all honesty, was working but it didn't get particularly dark here. Perhaps the most impressive part is that it didn't get dark despite 95% coverage.
  15. This probably depends on who you ask. Sort of like I've been known to hit a little ball around wide open grassy areas with sticks of various lengths, but most "golfers" would say I don't golf. :p Seriously though, I try to remove as much as I can before hand, but I am not nearly as meticulous as many. I will get rid of the extra flash, try to remove mold lines, etc. Invariably I will miss some, or settle for "good enough" rather than perfection, but then I also just paint for myself, so I can better live with the extra mold line, etc. than if I were painting for show, competition, commission, etc. As for what do I use? It does vary based on material. I use a combination of flash cutters, metal files, X-Acto knives, and sanding needles. Or sometimes just my fingers if its an obvious enough and brittle enough piece of flash.