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  1. Live

    They do look awesome, though I think it may cause a bit of confusion at the game table due to the "subtle grid" in the pieces (i.e. hard to see) but the elevation pieces are really nice. That said, this is the first add on that is not even remotely tempting to me simply because as a newbie to DF with a very limited budget, I won't be able to get enough to really do it justice, so will instead focus on the regular dungeon pieces.
  2. Live

    Yeah the classic dungeon core set looks like a really good deal, especially compared to the starter dungeon add on and the core set they have in the store.
  3. b) Yes. Prefer a bit of a fancy bun, but will do regular often enough. c) Mustard. As for ketchup . . . I'm a Chicagoan at heart, even if not technically from Chicago, close enough. Of course, you need to add relish, onions, sport peppers, etc. as well. :) m) Never tried Turkey, but yes to all the others. As well as polish sausages, etc. Quest: May not happen since we have company in town and tonight will be steak night, but will see Essay: Buns, condiments, meat.
  4. Yellow mustard is not mustard. ;)
  5. I'm in the notable minority as I actually kind of liked Enterprise. Granted, it wasn't the best Star Trek has had to offer, but I did actually like it. Also, a bit ironically, I'm much less a fan of TOS. I think I was "ruined" by being too young and having already had a chance to see shows with much better effects, etc. before seeing any of TOS, which of course, made TOS a bit of a let down in comparison -- though I do like the movies with the original crew. As to the original topic, I think that a few episodes thrown in here and there about the damage that Kirk did, etc. could be fun, but not sure I want an entire series about it. I think it would get just as old just as fast. As for the new series, yeah, probably not going to pay to watch it. Sorry CBS, good try, but not gonna happen.
  6. Live

    Yeah the DF have a couple of pretty good spreadsheets that calculate, among other things, table coverage (i.e. square inches). Included are also the costs of the assorted pledges. I think the first thing you have to do is decide how much you have to spend. From there you can then look to your actual pledge and add-ons. For me, since I hope to eventually use my DF in a lot of RPG sessions, I'm initially looking at versatility over "coolness". Doomroller's for instance, looks pretty cool, but really, how often during a campaign am I going to want to set up the rolling boulder trap? As Doug says, you'll get "Oh looky, another rolling boulder." Even though it has a decent number of floor pieces with it, I think there are more economical means of getting said floor pieces. After you have a budget, also think about how easily you could rearrange your stuff on the fly (or if you even want to). If you are comfortable with taking down Room A and then building it onto the back of Room D as your party progresses, then again, you can potentially save a little dough, although you'll lose some of the "ooooh, ahhhh" factor when you have to do that. Finally, don't forget corners! (I can't remember if it was said here or on the DF forums) but corners are often over looked by newbies but its the corners that really let you set up a room and close it off. So when picking out your rooms/add ons, make sure you count up the number of corners. Having a ton of floor pieces doesn't help a lot if you only have 4 corners.
  7. Live

    No, strong with the visuals you are!
  8. Live

    Good to know! I figured there was a decent chance that you could do it. I suppose there's always those thin strip style magnets (not as strong) that you could always cut to fit the undersides of the pieces as well. Only drawback there would be that the piece might sit slightly higher as a result which could make for some transition issues when using both new and old.
  9. Those wings are gorgeous! As for the post showing, you might be able to greenstuff some more vines or somesuch over the post onto the base to completely cover it (though honestly, given what you've done with the wings already, I doubt highly that anyone is going to be looking for a bar showing in the base -- unless maybe you enter it in a competition). Just watching the WIP makes me really glad I have a looong way to go before she shows up in my KM campaign because I know I couldn't do her justice at the moment. :P
  10. Live

    They look pretty dang useful, though not so sure about the grid overlays. I see where they would have their advantages, especially on the stone side leading into the dungeon, but I don't think I would use the overlays all that often. That said, the magnetic tray portion could be super useful for me since we normally game at another player's house, so I could save a lot of time on set up. I take it the older DF stuff is flush on the bottom though, so you wouldn't be able to glue a magnet to it? I agree it would be great if you could, but hey, its still progress! All that said, I'm still waiting for the add-on that I have absolutely no interest in, just to make my decision easier. :P
  11. Live

    From the livestream it looked as though the backs of each of the terrain trays was stone. They of course have not confirmed that there will be a water one, but that would seem to make sense. In fact I could foresee that getting more use than the acid one easily and likely the lava one as well. I gotta say, my wallet yells at me every time I check out the new add-ons because I love them all and want them all. Its becoming increasingly difficult to decide. The PM being a second month's billing will certainly help though.
  12. Live

    Good point. I actually like too the fact that the other side of the trays are supposed to be essentially stone as it makes them pretty versatile in that regard.
  13. Live

    Terrain Trays technically. Pretty sure it will include the lava and the acid (though possibly/probably separate add-ons).
  14. I get an office all to myself, complete with a door and everything! We are allowed to personalize as well: Why yes, I do love baseball, why do you ask? (bottom right on the second photo is a bunch of US Postage Stamps featuring MLB stadiums. My apologies for the crappy photo quality but the lighting in my office is actually terrible, but I was thinking ahead when I chose the grey paint!
  15. +1 for great paint jobs. -1 for silly Swans. :P Seriously though, great job!