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  1. Alright, here's the gist of it, still have a few details to fill out but more on the RP side of things. Haldir: I am pretty sure I have everything filled out correctly, but feel free to double check as this is only my second 5ed character sheet. Kheldarin
  2. Honestly, I'm so far from a fashionista that I wouldn't even know how to answer. The fortunate thing for me is I have three women in my life who love to go clothes shopping and I am pretty much the only man for whom they have to buy. As a result, Christmas usually keeps me well stocked in the fashion department. :p
  3. I usually try to have at least an hour available and will generally go anywhere from 1 - 3 hours though with a fair amount of break in between to rest my back, eyes, talk to the wife, etc. For me, I'm a slow painter and I usually like to feel as though I accomplished something when I get the chance to paint, hence the roughly hour minimum that I strive for.
  4. And there goes another $40. :P Even without the full pic I'm already very intrigued.
  5. Hooray for science! As an aside, I finally got a hold of a pot of their Rhulic Gold, and it is absolutely amazing imho. Best gold I've come across so far (though to be fair I do not have any of the Scale75 paints which I know many on here are very high on -- especially their metallics).
  6. Well regardless I think its time to bug @Reaperbryan for another hint for next month. We are clearly past the half way point of the month and its certainly time to start dreaming of our next free miniature and figuring out how we are going to incorporate said miniature into our games, etc. :)
  7. Fair enough Auld. Was speaking from the experience I have had both personally and in speaking with a lot of players. Its also why I said it was debatable as to whether the thinking was correct. I mean heck, even in 3.x there was the whole CODzilla concept (Cleric or Druid-zilla) wherein it was quickly discovered that the single most powerful straight class was either cleric or druid optimized for combat rather than healing. But at any rate I think the idea with 4ed was to get around the stereotypical party "requirement" of Cleric, Wizard, Fighter, Rogue. I absolutely agree with you though that it was rare that any particular class or ability was truly required provided that the GM compensated for the party limitations and frankly most of the time, there was little to no actual compensation required on the GM's part.
  8. Yeah certainly there was an old school mentality of "Somebody needs to jump on the cleric grenade." Obviously not every group did this, but most groups believed that they needed a cleric in order to be succesful and more to the point, most believed that the cleric needed to bring a substantial amount of healing. Now whether or not this was in fact true is a matter for debate, and one that largely is going to depend on who the DM is. With 4ed, the idea was that no one class/role was really needed. That said, as somebody who DM'd 4ed for quite a while, I can still tell you that a group that doesn't have a healer of some sort in 4ed, is definitely at a disadvantage, even when I would adjust the encounters for the missing player(s).
  9. There's no doubting that there was a fair amount of MMO inspiration in 4ed. That said, while in hindsight this was obviously a mistake, I do think its understandable why they went that route. At the time that 4ed was being developed, MMO's were a really big business. I think WotC/Hasbro were really hoping that they'd be able to tap into that market and bring new customers to the table. I mean lets face it, MMO's were already essentially based on D&D. I think they were hoping to cater to both markets (i.e. the MMO player and the long time Pen and Paper gamer). Its certainly easy to say in hindsight that this was just a stupid idea, but if you are WotC and needing to please the Hasbro overlords with increased sales, the only real way to do that is to generate new customers. Personally, I don't think it was a huge stretch to think that D&D could potentially appeal to some of those MMO players. Unfortunately for WotC, it turned out that most MMO players were not at all interested in sitting down around a table for a few hours a week to play something similar to, but not quite, Everquest, WoW, etc. and the old school D&D players were not interested (in large part) in playing a D&D game that was inspired by MMOs. This was then also coupled with Paizo coming out with what was essentially D&D 3.75 and partnering it with free online rules and really great adventure support. As for a Hasbro exec claiming that they were really content with 3.5 and that they didn't want 4ed, I have to take that with a grain of salt. The higher ups always blame those below them. Its like when a sports team has a bad year. The general manager fires the coach/manager because the only other explanation is that the general manager put together a bad team. I have a hard time believing that Hasbro was not fully on board with the transition to 4ed, even if there were individual people at Hasbro that questioned the move. Ironically, in some ways, the biggest failing of 4ed may have been the 3.5 OGL which enabled Paizo to create Pathfinder as a game that was so closely similar to 3.x D&D.
  10. To a kid: The Lion, the With, and the Wardrobe, CS Lewis (first "book" my parents got me). To a teen: The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings or Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie To an adult: Anathem by Neal Stephenson
  11. Though that was back in the 3.x days, it might end up going a bit further than that in 5ed (though as I stated earlier I don't really have any experience with 5ed yet).
  12. Great job, the loin cloth looks really good and your skin tones are definitely solid. Keep it up!
  13. Almost done filling out my stuff, just debating on some things. I'm just going to go with the Standard PHB Ranger with Faction Agent (Emerald Enclave) background. Will use variant human rules. I'll try to get the sheet posted up by tomorrow night assuming that work doesn't get too crazy (no guarantee unfortunately). @haldir if you need something quicker let me know or if you need anything specific from me regarding the background let me know. I will try to write up a quick bio as well but figured that the character sheet was the main thing for now. :)
  14. Awesome job on these little guys. Much better than what I did and I agree that the detail is excellent. Love the OSL which I was too afraid to try. :p
  15. That's what I assumed, but I always prefer to make sure. :)