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  1. Hmmm, good question! I think I would go with Adam Baldwin (note, not part of the Baldwin Clan that contains Alec, William, Stephen, etc.)
  2. Mrs. Gargs is borderline OCD.
  3. Nope, of course I routinely don't eat breakfast either, but that's a different issue. :p
  4. My coat, can cover all the other needs (pockets for hands, hood for ears), etc. with the exception of feet in a pinch.
  5. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    Pretty sure those who don't confess to the same are lying or live under a rock. My father, in continuing the theme of trouble makers in my ancestry, was stationed in West Germany when in the army. Among his official duties was to submit a weekly report to command (I believe European command or somesuch, I've obviously never served). Nobody ever told him what was supposed to be in the report so the first week he sent a report on how many flies were caught on the fly paper. When nobody said anything he did the same the following week. He was never questioned and told his replacement to send the same report when he finished his tour.
  6. Probably would not buy mouselings on that scale. Though to be fair, mouslings are not exactly my cup o tea to begin with (super secret upcoming project for Mrs. Gargs not withstanding). :p
  7. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    My grandfather's house (and the house my mom grew up in) was on the Antietam Creek and was a stop on the Underground Railroad (before my grandfather owned it, I'm not THAT old).
  8. Don't ask me anything. Tell me something.

    I come from a line of "trouble makers". To name a few in my ancestry: Lucretia Mott (generally not a trouble maker per se but certainly rocked the boat a bit). An ancestor who came from Australia but arrived in Australia against his will at a time when it was a penal colony. Another who was arrested by both the Confederacy and a the Union during the Civil War despite fighting for neither. A result of this is that I now own a ladle that was created from melted down silver dollars given to his wife by Abraham Lincoln. Just to name a few.
  9. I'm not as worried about the mail/absentee voting (though that is subject to security issues too) but I am highly skeptical of electronic voting. I'm assuming by electronic voting (which is what a lot of people are clamoring for) we are talking about more than just "push the spot on the screen" (which has been used with very mixed success already -- i.e. the chosen candidate wasn't always the chosen candidate). I think that anything that makes it easier to scam the voting process is a bad idea personally. Even if we talk about just push screen tech (which has already had issues) and with nothing connected to the internet, we are relying on the people running the elections to not corrupt them. We already saw a large scale attempt by the DNC to rig the primary (albeit in what I think are legal ways even if not entirely ethical) and I've heard plenty of other stories of flat out illegal practices. Last year in Chicago for instance, there were people going around the polling places as people were entering the booths and handing out "voting guides" which listed who to vote for (listing only one candidate for each race -- this was during the primary). If you open it up to allow people to vote from home via the internet (which some are asking for because you know, its so hard to walk down the street to the polling place -- I realize its further for many) then you are just opening up a huge can of worms. You think the Russian interference in the past election was bad, imagine if voting had been done online.
  10. I did not, but only because we literally, had nothing on the ballot this time around. Primary comes in February though which will have me voting.
  11. Colors for painting snow

    What sorcery is this!?!? :) Seriously though, thanks all for the replies!
  12. Okay, so I am going to be painting up this guy soon: I'm curious about what colors to use for the snow on the snowman. It doesn't seem to be a pure white (which makes sense) but I couldn't tell really what colors were used. I know that blues and even really dark blues, are often used for shadows (I know that Nightmare Black is actually a favorite of at least one forumite), but its the "white" that has me unsure. Any ideas? (as for the base, I realize that there are a number of options for putting snow on the base). As always, thanks in advance for any help?
  13. Make me lose an hour of sleep when I had to work on a Sunday. Seriously though, its never really been an issue for me. Plus now I rarely have to work on Sundays.